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Interstellar Rush, Disaster, PUBLIC PANIC, and...

(Thinking Those UN-Thinkable Thoughts!!!)

The foregoing Plans of KoReY (which we have presented above) are for a slow, steady, and systematic relocation of Earth's population to Galatic environments that are safer from our own Sun's nova.

However, this is based on the ASSUMPTION that our Sun will be a sweller (regular nova) and will merely grow in size, slowly over the coming years (giving us ample time to relocate). But, now the nasty (and very troublesome) question becomes, what will happen if this is not the case? Suppose the sun becomes a boomer (super-nova) and explodes rapidly, and without much warning? Or, goes through other dramatic changes before we can get much of the Earth-life off this Planet and onto other Planets about other Stars, where they might be safe?

Well, part of disaster preparedness is thinking some of these horrid thoughts, and trying to come up with some reasonable solutions or at least some rational guidance as to what to do when the crisis hits and everyone's heads turns to rock (and wanders around, trying to figure out what to do). Being prepared is a large part of coping with disaster. So, in a worse case scenario, what will we need to do?

[WARNING Shield]


Well, unfortunately, if the Forces of Nature are cruel to us, and our Sun explodes, and without warning, then frankly we can kiss it all good-bye! Not even with advanced D'Stridium Technologies can we hope to shut down the explosion of a sun. So, if it blows, then the whole solar system is gone. And we will have nothing to worry about--because there will be nothing left.

However, Believing in God makes me skeptical that this would ever happen. For, God would not be that cruel to us. Even when HE went to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah, HE sent Angels before HIM to warn the people there of what was about to happen. (Unfortunately, they just refused to listen to the warning.)

[Spiritual Enlightment (Book) Shield] Consequently, I tend to think that God IS warning us all here! KoReY has been led across some very disturbing Passages in the Holy Scriptures that seem to more than indicate the coming nova of the Sun. (See the Article on COMING COSMIC CATACLYSM!) And, therefore, HE expects us to use our brains to prepare for it and do what we reasonably can to survive it.

Hence, the detailed Plans of KoReY for an organized and orderly evacuation (above).

But, what if we missed something? Suppose, instead of just swelling (or blowing), the sun goes through something of a third option or compromise scenario? What if there are some dramatic changes (solar flares?) first, that might also dramatically alter the Earth's environment, climate, or even its geology (with extensive Earthquakes)? And, things that would be so noticeable to the General Public that governments could NOT keep it quiet--and a wide-spread Panic errupted among the Poeple?

Yes, thinking the unthinkable!

[Realm Security Shield]


Well, when we first came up with this scenario, back with the concerns over the Star Bomb and what it might do to our sun (See the Article on the COLD FUSION CONTROVERSTY!), at first the government refused to believe it or even react. But, at our insistence, the response was simply to keep it ABOVE TOP SECRET and then, if need be, just abduct the personnel needed for survival--and try to get by with hiding in the underground bunkers built for nuclear wars!

Needless to say, the ZDK Staff found this Program to be TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE!

In the first place, not only does it violate International Intellectual Rights, but by keeping it classified and undiscussable, then the brainpower of the Earth would be cut off from even knowing about it--and thus not be able to work out some alternate solutions (which, might, indeed, be able to save some of humanity). Which is why the ZDK Staff have defied the U.S. government over this, and made certain portions of the information accessible to the intellectual community of the world (i.e. on the Internet). Perhaps someone out there will come up with some good solutions that we haven't?

[Cloud Castle (Admin) Shield] Secondly, sorry, but underground shelters just will not work! Why? Well, first of all, undergound complexes were built to survive a nuclear war. However, the assumption here is that the people in the shelter will eventually (2 or 3 years) return to the surface and begin rebuilding, and especially return to agriculture for food production. But, if that nova comes and the temperatures rise by about 7 factors, then the average temperature at the equator will be up around 700 degress F. Consequently, there is no realistic hope of returning to the surface for such survivors (and agriculture and crop production on the surface will be out of the question)! Thus, these people will then be trapped in their undergound shelters and either eventually starve to death when the food supplies run out, or they will have to be evacuated to other Planets (which is what we have been planning on all along, anyway).

Moreover, along with this defect in shelter planning is that changes in the Sun are also likely to bring gravinamentric changes as well, which in turn will have a sever impact on Earth tactonics. Or, in layman's terms, there are going to be a heck of a lot of Earthquakes, which would probably crush and collapse most underground shelters! So, underground shelters are just NOT recommended! (See the potential exception, below.)

Furthermore, this is just not the opinion of the ZDK Staff. Paul Halpern in his book Countdown to Apocalypse holds a similiar view. If there is a nova situation, the only logical solution is to get the heck off this Planet and as far away into Space as we can!

(For more details see the UNDERGROUND SHELTER DEBATE.)

[Divine LAW Shield] And thirdly, abduction of needed personnel is a gross violation of basic human rights, and smacks of totalitarian style bureacracy! (Even worse, it seems to strangely reflect what some are claiming is going on with the UFO Phenomena?) Consequently, ZDK has put forth a more voluntary approach--that those who desire to go will have a reasonable chance of doing so (with the others being left to burn, if they so choose). Isn't that God's Way, to give people the LIBERTY of a choice?

Consequently, the Military Option has a very low place priority at KoRey!

However, as distasteful as it is, would there be a situation or circumstances that might force us to fall back on it?

[Realm News (Announcemtns) Shield]

THE MEDIA WATERSHED - the Flood of Panic

Well, we have discussed one such possiblity above--that there would be such dramatic changes in the Sun, our climate, and Earth's geology that the General Public could not ignore it--hence, PANIC!

Another would be an unscheduled Media Publicity blitz. For, ZDK is taking a very big RISK through KoReY. The governemnt would like this subject to be ABOVE TOP SECRET and not discussed in Public. ZDK counters them with the view that the Intellectual Community of the world needs some of these basic facts in order to undertake proper scientific studies and conduct related research to help deal with this developing crisis. And, while ZDK has many potential solutions, we certainly don't claim to have them all! (And how many millions of people will die, that might have been saved, if others out there had known about this, and would have prepared or worked out alternative solutions?)

[Information Age (Sun) Shield] Unfortunately, the downside of this RISK is that some studious investigative reporter may stumble upon Our work and concepts that we have so openly displayed to the Intellectuals of the World, here in Our Web Site. If this should be you, USE YOUR HEAD! If you print this story in your newspaper or magazine OR run it on the air in the evening news on TV or radio, WE ARE ALL IN TROUBLE! The Public Panic that would most likely occur would throw us into the Military Option (which is so dis-tasteful). Millions will die in the Rush--and we will have to use totalitarian, police-state kind of tactics to get and protect Our personnel! So, be wise and keep your mouth shut!!!

(If you have to tell anyone, tell only your close friends and relatives--and help them get ready to move in Our migration efforts.)

Anything less will be on your conscience for the rest of your life, for the disaster that you helped to create by the Panic that this news brought!

And, for the rest of you, what do you think God gave you a brain for! USE IT!

[Celestial Nobility Shield]


Well, as revolting as it may be, we do have to recognize the true facts of history--that we are not in total control of things. Consequently, Our best laid Plans and good intentions can all be swept away overnight by either the Sun doing something dramatically weird (perhaps fulfilling that Bible Code prophecy for some kind of nuclear holocaust in 2004/2006?), or the media trying to make its next million on the scandals of Our concepts, here.

So, like it or not, we do have to have something of a fall back position--and an emergency plan.

Therefore, as distasteful as it may seem, we may, indeed have to fall back on something along the lines of of that Military Option.

Consequently, in planning KoReY facilities, we have had to take some elaborate security precautions. In the worst case, we will be able to blow-up any or all of Our facilities, rather than see them be taken over by mob violence (and the D'Stridium Technologies used for nefarious purposes). However, before we may have to do that, some rather unusual and exotic D'Stridium style security systems are being considered for deployment, which should more than take care of any intruder (including mobs of them). So, despite the PANIC, we should still be able to operate. However, as an added precaution, though these facilities are NOT secret, We reserve the right to NOT give out their location nor divulge any details about their operations--except to those that we consider Need-To-Know.

[Realm Herald (Introductions) Shield]

EMERGENCY PERSONNEL - Recruiter's Delight

If there is a Public Panic, most governments will probably be swept away in the flood of Chaos. However, as long as there is a government, and a reasonable amount of Law and Order, KoReY will continue to use its voluntary recruitment programs. And, even if floods of new request for migration swamp Our system, those who have already filed with us will be processed along to their conclusions.

However, if Our facilities should be swarmed, or surrounded, or cut off from Public access, then we will probably have to switch to the Military syle of recruitment, and draft people (or abduct?) those that we need. In such an event, two main groups will be given top priority.

  1. PROFESSIONALS: scientists, researchers, medical doctors and nurses (to deal with the masses of injured that we are likely to face), and other intellectuals who would help to keep Our fledgling Star-Colonies from degenerating back to the Stone Age technologies and life-styles.
  2. PHYSICAL STOCK: as the foregoing group is most likely to be made up of middle-aged (or older) men, we are going to need a good genetics pool of females to biologically balance them. These would be women in the prime reproducing years (18-28) and of some kind of atheltic achievement or sports minded enough to be physically fit, to be able to produce multiple off-spring of good human stock to re-populate the species at Our Star-Colonies.

Sorry, but extreme situations sometimes required extreme measures!

(And, yes, I just heard that scream of all the women out there! And, before you sharpen you axes for sexist war over this, let me point out that this is only a worst case scenario. If the situation is so bad enough to require an emergence evacuation program, then the circumstances are bad enough that it is a survival of the species issue--in which case, such extreme measures are what is rationally called for.)

And we hope (and pray) to God that we never have to use it!

[Viking Ship Shield] However, as distasteful as it may appear to some, now, we need to take a bit of a more historical viewpoint and recall what the early Vikings were like. Yes, when their early survival required it, they raided the settlements of Europe to get adaquate females to reproduce with. Now, was this practice (and policy) historically functional? Well, yes. In following years, it supplied Scandinavia with an abundance of population, that led to their later invasions of the West and the East in the common Viking Era. Consequently, as weird as it may seem (especially to modern women), history may repeat itself, here, once again, in this coming disaster situation.

For, once we get most of Our People off the Earth, and the Sun (or the Media) should create a Panic scenario, it might not be surprizing to see some of Our Viking men fall back on the old ways of their ancestors and come back to Earth to rescue what women that they may want or can find. (And, if Viking capture or being burned to death by the Sun's rising heat are your choices, ladies, I think you might find the Northmen abduction attempt rather gallant and heroic!)

However, at this point, such things are wildly speculative--and are certainly not planned nor organized for this to occur. It is simply Fantasy at this point! (Though it might, indeed, be interesting fuel for some good Sci-Fi novels!)

For, it is the sincere hope of KoReY that this plan NEVER will have to be activated (for it will mean that the worst has occured)! Rather, we are hoping that the K.I.C. Program will work adaquately enough!

Won't you came--and help us make it work!

[Women Issues Shield]


Well, KoReY has opted for the natural reproductive process, rather than bio-tech means. (For more details on this see Our PRO-POPULATION POLICY.)

However, as technology advances, and the human cloning or invitro options become available, that might be one option to pursue, in order to attempt to save and transport a good segment of the Earth's population off to the Planets of other Stars. For eggs or even ovaries (or cloning tissue) are a lot less in weight and bulk than whole humans!

Unfortunately, though, this does not get us out of the woods here, but perhaps even more lost in the forest?

For, once again, the KoReY preference would be for voluntary human donars (i.e. women willing to give up their eggs or even ovaries) to be used in this manner. And, this has to be balanced, theologically, against the value of the human soul. Is the live and living individual more valuable, or are the future generations in the eggs and ovaries or greater value to God in this Operation? I think the whole, live individual would be preferred,

However, thinking the horrible, what if we were thrust into a PANIC situation? Then, conceivably, it might become necessary and expedient to use the cloning and invitro options. Yet, this raises some moral and theological questions. For, if this option were used, we would most likely fall back on the above priorities, PROFESSIONALS and PHYSICAL STOCK, which raises questions of: Are we becoming eugenicists and genetically engineering people? Well, we have to keep the People (human race) alive, don't we?

Or, worse, if PANIC is spreading, the systematic collection of eggs and ovaries would probably collapse. And we would be left with the very nasty option of just taking what was available, and what we could get our hands on. Wow! But, this raises the complicated moral issues: Is it rape to take a woman's eggs or ovaries, (most likely without her consent) and transport them to other Planets, for the survival of the children that those items would produce? And, in the process fertilize them with who knows whose seed (perhaps someone she would rather die than marry)?

And, while we are at this topic, is it ADULTERY to take a married woman's eggs or ovaries and then have them fertilized by some man's seed, other than her married husband!!! Would we be saving Mankind, only to produce a generation of mis-cegenates that would degenerate Mankind back to the level of the Stone Ages, from such an extensive perversion?

Heavy thoughts! But, now, while we have the time, we need to give them some serious consideration, to think them through--BEFORE we are thown into the PANIC, and do just whatever is available!

Well, personally, and perhaps because of my Scandinavian Heritage, if I have to choose, I prefer the VIKING RAID option, above, rather than all of this techno stuff, here. However, in a disaster (and in a PANIC), you have to do, what you have to do to survive!!!

Well, while we are thinking nasty thoughts, someone has presented to us the idea that perhaps the best option of all would simply be to do this all undercover and with stealth (i.e. egg and ovary snatching). And then transport them out from secret bases to other worlds, without anyone knowing about it!

Well, cloak and dagger is not the KoReY style. We prefer the quite public, systematic operation (and voluntary co-ooperation). But, then, in a PANIC situation, this may be the best way to keep our people and facilities safe--and yet insure that a large enough segment of Mankind would survive to make it worth the effort.

[K.R.Y. Interstellar Flag]

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This short thought AND ANALYSIS has been moved to the larger Article on UNDERGROUND SHELTERS.
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