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ZDK Astarian Cultures - KoReY Star-Colony Program

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K.I.C.: KoReY Interstellar Colonization

Our KIC Project for Establishing Space Settlements of Earthlings!

A Planet Earth Evacuation Plan to put Believers among Mankind on Our Star-Colonies

Welcome to the KoReY Office of Interstellar Colonization (or K.I.C.)! We are a collection of sincere Believers in the ONE TRUE GOD and HIS Plan for Mankind (especially the Faithful) to migrate to the Stars. For, we see Interstellar Colonization as Our New Manifest Destiny! And part of HIS centuries old Plan and Purposes, which HE had prophesied about, long ago--and, which should now begin to unfold with the coming of the New Millenium (and Space Age).

Moreover, given the growing crisis over the Sun going Nova (and soon), we feel the urgency to do what we can to save as many People from among Mankind as is reasonably possible (especially those that are of the Household of God)--for surely most of Earth-Life will soon perish in the COMING COSMIC CATACLYSM. It is Time to get ready, pack up, and MOVE!

[K.R.Y. Interstellar Flag]

KoReY Colonization Directory

The Interstellar Colonization Program of K.R.Y. or KoReY (i.e. KIC) has many Articles and Literature. These are all to bring you up to speed on the Future--which is happening, NOW! To access these, click on the Links below (or click on the round SHIELDS at the top or bottom of the Page):

[Engiftment Flame Shield] 1. KoReY REVIVAL -- Articles on the Interstellar RETURN (Getting your own, personal Renewal to God!) The terms, processes, and theology of the Great Interstellar Revival Movement of Our Space Settlements. Make your own, personal, RETURN, Now!

[Literature Shield] 2. QUADRA PHASE PROGRAM -- The Planet Earht Evacuation Plan: The basic outline (of 4 steps) of the KoReY Program for a slow, quiet, and orderly evacuation of the Planet Earth (Finding out what is happening and why) Our Interstellar Colonization Organization in a nutshell! (The failure of FEMA)

[AstrilanZ Galatic Shield] 3. LAND GRANT ALLOTMENTS -- The Establishment of various Colonial Land Grants out among the Stars, for Our future Space Settlements (Who can get one? How?) Is there a place for you, there? (The Interstellar Land boom is on!) Carve out your new home on the Space Frontier in one of Our Star-Colonies

[Celestial Nobility Shield] 4. STAR-LORDS PROGRAM -- The Rise of Our Interstellar Aristocracy (And Our Establishing Passenger Priorities for Evacuation) How to be sure that there will be a seat for you! (Wrangling passage for those who lack resources to pay their own way?) DON'T GET LEFT BEHIND WHEN THE PLANET BURNS!!!

[Cloud Castle (Admin) Shield] 5. OUR ADMINISTRATIVE TASK -- The Scope of the KoReY Interstellar Colonization Program (an engineering project greater than the Pyramids of Egypt or the Great Wall of China!) Issues and concerns for Our Beaucracy and Leadership (Care to join Our Crew?)

[News Alert Shield] 6. SUPER-NOVA TIDAL WAVE -- Cosmological concerns in alloting Land and establishing Our Star-Colonies in secure locations (Grasping the sub-strata of our Galaxy--Astriography) A short spacial geology of our local star systems (And a simple explanation of Space Directions)

[Abrahamic Faith Shield] 7. SCIENTIST ASSOCIATED FOR GOD -- The People who will help US pull it off (Scientists and Professionals who believe in God) The Believers who have (and who will) come to labor on KoReY Projects (Shouldn't you be among their number?)

[Information Age (Sun) Shield] 8. K.R.Y. FAQs -- Answers to the common questions we get asked about US (and Our Realm)

The Common Questions and noted controversies of Our Future World out in Space

[KoReY Futuristic Shield] 9. ABOUT K.R.Y. -- A brief, simple overview of what K.R.Y. is all about

(Meet KoReY)

[ZDK Institute Shield] 10. ZDK INSTITUTE -- Science, Engineering, and Technologies Center for KoReY Interstellar Colonization Programs and Space Technological Innovations (gravity production, hyper-light propulsion developments, etc.) [use Institute Library entrance for now]

[KUFOL Shield] 11. OUR FAROUT FUTURE??? -- Contact (?) and dealing with UFO, ET and SAP (Space Alien Peoples) issues and problems (Government conspiracies?) [Transfer to KUFOL Pages]

[Interstellar Fleet Shield] 12. EMERGENCY EVACUATION -- The Scenario of Reluctant Desperation (Thinking the Unthinkable) Coping with mass panic and the rush of disaster (hard choices - nasty decisions)! [What FEMA is afraid to tell you!] (PG-13)

[Information Age (Sun) Shield]


Obviously, this is no small task! And, KoReY (Our Spiritual Society and Religious Realm) is developing so fast (exploding?) that it is hard to keep up with all that is going on. So, keep checking back for more details and further developments.

And while you are at it, take a good look at the rest of the materials, here in the KoReY Site!

To get Our KoReY INTRODUCTORY LITERATURE (Click Here): [KoReY Intro. Lit.]

Moreover, additonal information, items of interest, and notices concerning Our Interstellar Colonization Program are given in the following Articles, below (down arrow shield). Be sure to look them over. (Use the Directory to find them all.) For some may apply directly to you!

[ZDK Foundation (Sun) Shield]


Is There a Super-Nova Disaster Brewing???

Well, take a serious look at all the data, facts, and educated guesses as to what this growing situation is likely to turn into.

Check them out at Our KoReY Nova Crisis Section (K.N.C. or knock)!

And please, do so with discretion and restraint--DON'T PANIC!!! (Programs and Plans at KoReY are coming into place to deal with it.)

[KoReY Interstellar Colony Shield]

Further Contacts with K.I.C.:

Joining us?

Can't find what you are looking for? OR, have a comment or suggestion?

Then try the contact routes below:

E-MAIL us at: zdkf@gorge.net (Please, mark subject box K.I.C.!)

Our regular mailing address is:

K.I.C. Literature
ZDK (Shaddox) Conflux
P.O. Box 44
Underwood, WA 98651 U.S.A.

Our phone number is: (509) 493-1674

[Fruit Shield]


Would you even just think about contributing, something, to Our Cause? Then, please consult Our Page on Giving: ZDK DONATIONS PAGE.

Even modest donations are greatly appreciated!

And, could you volunteer some time?

Well, yes, we do live in a supernatural world. And the blessing that come from giving are no accident! To better understand this amazing process, consult Our Article on the MYSTERIES OF GIVING.

Thank you ever so much for your kind-hearted generosity!

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