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...From Global Warming, the New Ice Age, and the Potential Super-Nova Disaster???

F.E.M.A. or Federal Emergency Management Agency was created primarily to save significant portions of the American population in the event of a nuclear attack. And under this Program, miles upon miles of underground tunnels and roads have been built to connect various underground shelters and facilities. Consequently, with such a strong and sure defensive position, FEMA seems to feel that it is ready for anything!

However, as the issues of Global Warming (and their potential connection to the New Ice Age and the Nova Crisis) has come along and grown, there are significant questions to be raised about just how safe the American population really is. Consequently, as we have come across these issues in other matters, we have made some very pointed comments about this troubling topic. So, now it seemed prudent and wise to collect many of these short comments here, so that you can see the run of the dialogue--and decide for yourself if it really is an important issue, or not.

Previous Articles:

[Messianic (Jewish-Christian) Flag]


filed: 04-14-00

In general, underground shelters are just NOT to be considered sufficient nor safe to carry us through the coming Nova Crisis. (This has been discussed extensively, above!)

The two principle reasons are, one, that the underground shelter concept requires the eventual return of the sheltered population to the surface of the Earth for agriculture and continued food production. (And if not, they are likely to turn into some weird, underground society, like the Morlocks of H.G. Wells or A BOY AND HIS DOG!) However, with the nova, we are expecting the temperature to rise around 7 times, so that the equator will be averaging around 700 degrees F--far too hot for any plant life or agriculture to take place! And, secondly, the changes in gravity caused by the changes in the Sun will bring about great Earthquakes, that will most likely crush or bury any underground shelter! Consequently, we have classified them, in general, as too RISKY! (Especially when we are talking about a survival of the species kind of issue, here.)

[Holy Scriptures Shield] However, in my own mind, I would like to concede that there may be a remote possiblity for the survival of one or two shelters in the Promised Land. But, my reasoning here is theological and not scientific! For, according to the Sign of Our Times, Jerusalem is suppose to be in Jewish hands from now on out, until the anti-christ takes over. Thus, I would leave that door open that God may protect one or two Jewish shelters in the Holy Land to keep their claim to the land--so there may be a possiblity that they might survive the Earthquakes (miraculously).

Furthermore, as agriculture will not be possible in the Post-Nova Earth, some other means of business or industry must be developed for any such shelter's survivors, or they will have to be evacuated from the Earth eventually, anyway. However, survivors in the Holy Land have the potential to develop an industry based on tourism and the returning Pilgrims (Jewish, Christian, and Muslim) that would most likely want to come back and visit the place of the origin of their Faith--as is frequently done now. Consequently, a surviving shelter in the Holy Land would have a ready made industry here and could by it earn credit to exchange back for food and other necessities of life. So, there is a chance that they might survive, economically, afterwards, as well.

Therefore, I tend to think that an underground shelter in the Holy Land may work--though this is a very remote possibility and still quite risky! (Consequently, I would NOT recommend it.) The Interstellar Evacuation is simply the BEST policy (especially to insure the survival of the species)! However, if you have no other alternative, in an extreme emergency situation, this might be a risk worth taking.

(For more details and related background information on what may happen in such an extreme emergency, see Our Article on EMERGENCY EVACUATION!)

[Cloud Castle (Admin) Shield]

BLINKER: Underground Shelter Success???

filed: 05-03-00

At the end of this round of debate, we have to concede that the government strategists may have scored a point here. For, if the Sun is a Blinker, then underground shelters would work, of sorts. For, all we would need do is to take the people (or rather a selected minority of the population) into the underground shelter during the Up-Blink (to protect them from the heat and drought). And, then release them back to the surface, during the coming Down-Blink. Simple! Huh?

Well, let's put our thinking caps back on! For, a Blinker does not guarentee that we are out of the woods. For, despite the government's plans to survive a year or two of a nuclear war (or other natural disaster) in those underground shelters, what happens if the Sun goes through another Jospeh scenario and ends up on a 14 year Up-Blink cycle? The supplies in those shelters are going to run out!!! Or, worse, what if the coming Down-Blink actually goes farther and we slide into another Ice Age??? (Rather than just returning to a normal surface environment, as is assumed?)

Moreover, what about the social, moral, and political values of selecting and preserving an elite minority of our population? (Who is going to select? And what criteria are they going to use? Acceptable genetics? Neo-Nazi or White Supremacy values?)

Or even worse, as astronomers know, Blinkers are the most likely to BOOM!

And, to carry the arguement further, that a Cepheid Variables option is not a salvation, but rather has some disturbing down-sides, one of the most disturbing of these is that as the data tends to show, our Sun seems to be rather far along in this process, having had serveral Up-Blinks and Down-Blinks in recent, recorded history. Thus, the odds that it will go all the way to a Boomer are much higher than some think!

Consequently, we still insist that a REAL Nova Crisis is brewing here! And that something needs to be done about it. Moreover, as the Establishment seems to be set in concrete on this subject, it is now up to us, as concerned citizens, and humanitarians (and Believers), to do what we can to save whatever portion of the population of Mankind that is possible!

So, come and join us in the effort--at KoReY!

(For more details and related background information on what may happen in such an extreme emergency, see Our Article on GLOBAL WARMING!)

More Fuel To The Fire:

[Word of God Shield]


Do the Holy Scriptures Really Know What They Are Talking About?

As much as some may like to challenge Bible Propheies, all too often, it ends up happening just like God said it would!

And, if you read in the Word, you will find it prophecied for the End Times, that men will try to hide themselves in the ground:

And the Kings (Rulers) of the Earth, and the great men, and rich men, and the chief captains (military), and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every freeman, HID THEMSELVES IN DENS, AND IN THE ROCKS OF THE MOUNTAINS! (Revelations 6:15)

And, the implications from the Scriptures are that this will be of NO EFFECT! Why? Because the high mountains will be scraped flat--and the deeper valleys will be filled in, under tons of rubble (burying the so called survivors alive)! For, that is what is written:
Every valley shall be exalted (lifted up), and every mountain and hill made low; And the crooked (way) shall be made straight, and the rough places, plain (smooth)! (Isaiah 40:4)

Now, how in the world, could such a disaster be possible?

[KoReY Interstellar Colony Shield]


Is the Polar Cap to Come Loose and Flatten Everything?

Unfortunately, scientific research seems to indicate that these very things have already happened, in the dim record of the past Ice Ages. So, are we to get a new one? And how?

Well, hold on to your hat, for the Holy Scriptures do propehcy of this:

Behold, the Lord makes the Earth empty (flat?), and makes it waste (destroyed?), AND TURNS IT UP-SIDE-DOWN, and scatters aboad (into space?) the inhabitants thereof! (Isaiah 24:1) >P>
Now, if the Planet is to be turned up-side-down, then the Poles are going to be reversed. And, if the Poles reverse (North Pole becomes South Pole and vice versa), then the polar ice caps are going to come loose in a massive New Ice Age, and scour everything flat in their wake! Just as it is written.

[Realm News Shield]


Thus, in the wake of the rising tide of facts concerning the coming Super-Nova Disaster, the efforts of FEMA to hide and protect the population in underground shelters is a delusion and a cruel deception. For they will only succeed in burying their selected population alive!

And, as we have said before, KoReY has the only viable option in this Nova Crisis. So, come along, and join us!

For more on the Underground Shelters Debate, see our Article on GLOBAL WARMING.

[K.R.Y. Interstellar Flag]

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