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KoReY U.F.O. Literautre - Astaria Manpower Need (PG)

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Interstellar Expansion Demands An Increasing Population

ZPG out! But what of alien hybreds, clones, mutants, invitros, and e.t. marriages?

As KoReY moves out among the Stars and transforms into Astaria, there, the expanding frontiers of space will cause a tremendous demand for increasing manpower!

Now, in looking back through history, in the past century, on the American Frontier (the wild, wild West), the need for manpower meant that no one blinked an eye if you had ten or twelve kids. And motherhood, for woman's main role (with many children), was looked up to. Consequently, something along these lines will most likely occur in Astaria.

However, in more recent years, there have appeared many mysterious spokesmen of doom--who have thrown everyone into a PANIC that there will not be enough for their kids. (The Earth's resources are running out!) Thus, ZPG (or zero population growth) is being popularly promoted, so that most everyone (even Believers) is now trying to have fewer and fewer offspring.

But, such prophets of doom are short-sighted, and have not considered the vast resources of Space--which we at KoReY will be able to access. So, ZPG may be good for them. But, it is not a good policy for Our People!

[Divine Enlightenment (Book) Shield]


Now, this policy for more and more descendants is not just a political or economic thing, with us. For, there are also many moral, ethical, and social (and theological) issues involved, as well. For a growing population is a good sign of a healthy God-fearing Society!

Moreover, God's Wisdom for good government has always asserted:

In the multitude (abundance) of people (population) is the King's honor; But in the want (lack) of people is the destruction (downfall) of the Prince! (Proverbs 14:28)
So, quite clearly, a government desiring to follow God's Word, such as KoReY (or Astaria) does, would want to promote having an increasing population. So, here we stand!

[Holy Scriptures Shield] And, while the spokesmen of doom (and puppets of Kolob) seek to deceive the Pagans and Idolators--and bind them to this Planet (and its dwindling resources)--we want no part of that. For those of us who truly Believe God's Word, let us take off to other worlds among he Stars--and populate those Planets with Our descendants. For, yes, this is God's Will! HE wants to see the whole Universe inhabited with the descendants of Abraham (Isaiah 45:18 and Genesis 15:5-6), even as HE Promised, centuries ago.

Thus, clearly, it is God's Call to US and Our Members is to reproduce--and reproduce in abundance! For it is clearly written, even from the very beginning:

And God blessed them (man and woman), and said unto to them: Be fruitful (fertile), and multiply (reproduce), and replenish the earth (lands) (with people)...! (Genesis 1:28)
Nor was this just something for the Days of Adam, way back in Ancient History. For, centuries later, God gave the same command to the descendants of Noah, saying:
And God blessed Noah and his sons, and said unto them: Be fruitful (fertile), and multiple (reproduce), and replenish the earth (lands) (with people)! (Genesis 9:1)
And, centuries after that, HE gave a similiar command to the remnant of the Kingdom of Judah, for it is written:
Take ye (you) wives, and beget sons and daughters; And take wives for your sons, and give your daughters unto husbands--that they may bear grandsons and granddaughters; THAT YOU BE INCREASED (in numbers) THERE, and not diminished! (Jeremiah 29:6)
Nor did that command just apply to Old Testament People, for the Apostle Paul said basically the same thing, in the Days following Jesus Teaching on Earth:
Nevertheless, to avoid fornications (perversions), let each man have his own wife--and let each wife have her own husband (monogamy)! (I Corinthians 7:2)
Thus, while the wicked of the world encourage you to be single or childless, God commands that (if you can) you should marry and you should reproduce and bear offspring! It is not an option. It is the Godly duty of all able-bodied adult Believers.

[K.R.Y. Interstellar
  Flag] Consequently, it becomes a firm policy of KoReY to promote marriage and the production of children!

Let the slaves of Kolob be barren, if they wish. Or, sterilize themselves, that the numbers of the Idolators dwindles! Or, remain single and childless, if they so choose--then, wickedness will come to nearly die out, as it will not have any descendants.

But, don't let that be so of US, as Believers! God needs Our offspring. And Our New Nation out among the Stars needs the manpower of the abundance of your descendants. So, don't neglect to reproduce and bear children! (Don't let that spokesmen's doom delusion rob you, and your Family, of your descendants!)

[Women's Issues (Heart) Shield] Moreover, because of this Pro-Population Policy, as Religious Societies and Holy Bodies go, KoReY is to be quite tolerant of matters of the heart, love, romance, and mating. So long as it eventually ends up in reproduction--and producing healthy population! Thus, as the old saying goes, basically all (pretty much) is held fair in love...and will usually be tolerated and over-looked (if it is Family orientated and child producing). For, we believe that there is to be a great deal of liberty in what goes on between man and his woman--as husband and wife, or even as spouses to be (Hebrews 13:4).

*** However, while we are on this subject, let me also issue a few notes of caution. As well as some words of wisdom and warning on what appears to be coming our way! DOWN THAT PIKE OF THE FUTURE. *** [WARNING Shield]


E.T. Marriages with Humans? (SAP Intermarriages?)

As surely as CONTACT will come (if it hasn't already) with Aliens, the natural attractions (especially of SAP or Space Alien Peoples, who seem, so much like us) will no doubt have a biologically attractive effect upon the desires of Humans. Or, in short, it is not beyond belief to soon find people falling in love with Aliens. (After all, there are rising reports of sex with Aliens and even increasing accounts of Aliens even fathering babies with human females!)

However, this presents some extreme challenges to KoReY Pro-Population Policy! (And the Teachings of Our Judeo-Christian Culture!) And, thus, present some heavy problems for the individual smitten by this kind of LOVE. So, let us consider the cautions, beforehand, to head those problems off! Before they get a good start.

[Abrahamic Faith Shield]


Chief among these problems is likely to be the issue of Religion! For, as Scripture clearly sets forth, marriage (and associated intimacy) with Pagans or Idolators is directly FORBIDDEN by God (I Kings 11:1-4 and Ezra 9:11-12 and Nehemiah 13:26). And, as from what we can gather, most E.T.s and SAP fall into that category and are Pagans or Idolators. (See Our previous Article on E.T. Morality and Ehtics for details) Consequently, marriage with them, in that state, would be forbidden! (Sorry, despite the numerous abduction reports of some women having babies by Aliens--this would not be approved of!)

[NORDESEL Unity Shield] Unless the Alien were to convert, and become a Believer:

which is what the KoReY Revival is all about--bringing ALL Peoples, even Aliens, into God's Kingdom.

Problem solved?

[Divine Law Shield]


Well, we have yet another problem, here! For are they human? The SAP or Space Alien Peoples appear to be. But, the Aliens that have been reported in the various UFO incidents are NOT all of this sort.

So, let's consider the major groups.

[Nordic Peoples Shield] A. NORDIC TYPE:
The largest group (or most numerous sightings) of Aliens are the so called Nordic Type--a human Ayran or Ainu sort, with fair to golden skin and fair hair (blonde, red, sandy, etc.) Intermarriage with them would be okayed, as they appear to be human enough, PROVIDED they were APPROVALABLE according to the above principle (i.e. non-Pagan). But, what of others?

[Information Age (Sun) Shield] B. MUTANTS or CLONES - GREY MUTES (Little Greys?):
Anyway, the next largest group (or perhaps even catching up with and surpassing the Nordic Type) are the grey mutes or gremuts (known also as little greys). Now, there is a problem with them, as well as any other humanoid or anthropomorphic (half-human-half-animal mutant) group that may be out there.

For one thing, Grey Mutes appear to be a cross or mutant hybred between Saurians (reptilian lizard beings) and humans. And as such, the Scriptures would prohibit marriage with them (Leviticus 18:23 and 20:15-16) or with the dinosaur-like creatures that apparently have produced them. Now, as is usual in Nature, mules or mutant hybreds are sterile or infertile, so Our Pro-Population Policy would be block such marriages, too! (As they would not lead to the production of more, healthy population.) Consequently, the same judgement would probably hold true for other mutant groups--who might be capable of love, but would not be able to reproduce, naturally. (And as we seem to gather, Greys are produced by cloning, not natural processes, anyway!) See Invitros, below.

[Cloud Castle (Admin) Shield] C. ANDROID AND ROBOTIC MARRIAGES:
Well, Mechanical Men are seldom reported among the UFO sightings, but if we do encounter some out there, it wouldn't exactly be forbidden, but then it woundn't be advised, either. Such relationships would probably not further reproduction (and hence be questionable), but they may hold some redeeming social value in providing a temporary release for libidonal pressures. (I Corinthians 7:9) However, it would really seem more advisable for you to seek a more permenant solution--find a suitable mate, and reproduce, naturally! (Despite the fact that every man's dreams and imaginations seem to end up at the female android as the perfect mate!)

[Holy Scriptures Shield]


According to the traditional Judeo-Christian teachings (from the Scriptures), the womb is to be kept sacred and holy (or dedicated to one man's use, only). Consequently, adultery or the defilement of another man's wife has always been held as a great evil.

This is mainly because offspring born of such wombs tend to become mis-cegenates or ill-concieved children (though this term has been mistakenly used in recent years to refer to mixed racial marriages), who have a greater natural tendancy to evil and mischief. So, we would want to avoid producing such children (Hosea 2:4-5, 5:7).

Thus, care must be taken with artificial insemination, as it runs the risk of being adultery, unless only one donar is used--the father. (For more details on this, see Our Divine Law Librray Section on ADULTERY.) Yet, for infertile couples, seeking offspring, this may be an approvable means to that proper end. Single mother insemination? NO! The child needs a father-figure and to raise it as a single parent Family from the beginning, would also be against KoReY's Pro-Fatherhood or Father's First Policy! (For more details on this, see Our section on FATHERS-FIRST.)

[KoReY Heritage Worlds]

INVITROS: Test Tube Babies - Clones?

KoReY's Pro-Polation Policy supports the use of the most natural means of reproduction as a main priority. And, we must stay by this standard, despite the fact that the Aliens (and especially the Grey Mutes) apparently use full INVITROS or test tube babies (conceived and brought to birth) completely outside the mother's womb.

Now, while Invitro factories, or the mass producing of humans or humanoids by use of artificial wombs would NOT be approvable by this KoReY Policy, some latitude could be offered to infertile couples to use the Invitro process, to give them their own natural children, if the mother's womb would not support such reproduction. (Much in the same way the surrogate mothers or concubines have been used down through history, by the Hebrew Comminity--Genesis 16:1-2, 30:1-5.)

Moreover, because of this, CLONES (or children from skin graphs--thus basically producing identical twins) would be restricted. (Yet, this seems most likely what is used to produce the Grey Mutes!) Consequently, Cloning factories would also not be legal in Astarian Lands, though, again, some latitude would be allowed infertile couples, who may be able to make use of this technology, to reproduce a natural child of their own!

For, KoRey maintains that the more natural forms of reproduction should be followed! And we are NOT to become a Nation of Test Tube or Invitro reproduction (though infertility may make this a consideration for some barren couples). Thus, even though we do have a lot of liberty to reproduce, we are NOT libertines, without restrictions--but have clear directions from God! The Laws of Adultery are still in effect! (And so are those against bestiality--for mutants!) On the other hand, what the wicked of the world tends to frown on for reproduction, we tend to tolerate, and perhaps even encourage it, if God should favor it. (And, especially if it ends up producing acceptable offspring.)

[Realm News (Announcements) Shield]


Now, because of God's Command to multiply (above), the Right to Repoduce (and multiply naturally) is considered by KoReY to be a Divine Human Right or part of Our Interstellar Human Rights for ALL!

Consequently, unapproved medical experiments (or Alien Abductions of the same) that result in sterility of Our People, OR clandestined CBW that produces impotency in our men or infertility in Our women, etc. becomes a War Issue with us! (See details on War Issues in the following Article on Interstellar Diplomacy .) For such limitation is a gross violation of Our Divine Right to Repoduce! (Exodus 1:15-17) And, thus, an issue worth fighting for! Moreover, it is exactly what the RAS tried to do in Nazi Germany, to sterilize the Jews (and God's Peoples) and reduce their numbers by stopping or interfering with their reproducing! (See Our Articles of RAS Polices in Our Office of Social Defenses Literature.) This is truly a ghaustly and criminal thing to do to others! (Deuteronomy 25:11-12) And we must oppose those groups that would allow only certain individuals to reproduce (or clone), or allow only certain groups (i.e. races) to procreate--to the exclusion of others. For the Right to Reproduce is a basic Human Right and one of Our Interstellar Human Rights for all!

[Women Issues Shield]


Perhaps no other area of our Family Life is so messed up by Kolob subversive thinking as is the role or purpose of woman. In E.T. and SAP Compatible Culture, women are held to be independent of men--and being single and unmarried is considered as a virtue for women! Rather than marrying and producing a family, they are suppose to have glowing careers (and conquer the world)--and forget what their Family may need!

Obviously, God has a different view of why HE created woman, as HE did. And this HE sets forth very clearly, in HIS word:

That they may teach the younger women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children (reproduce); To be discreet, chaste (undefiled), KEEPERS AT HOME (housekeepers), good, and obedient to their own husbands--that the Word of God be not blasphemed! (Titus 2:4-5)
In God's design, woman is the keystone in HIS repoductive Plan. She is to marry, bare children, raise them in the teachings about God, and care for her husband and his home (housekeeper). Her primary task in life is NOT world conqueror, but rather offspring producer. This concept is also seen in evaluating her life, as was done with widows who were to receive congregational support (or become congregational officers):
Let not a widow be taken in (to congregational support) until she be 60 years old, HAVING BEEN THE WIFE OF ONE HUSBAND; Well reported of for good works: IF SHE HAS BROUGHT UP (Godly) CHILDREN, if she has lodged strangers, if she has washed the Saints' feet, if she has relieved the afflicted, if she has diligently followed every good work. (I Timothy 5:9-10)
However, modern women tend to run about under the delusions of Kolob (and E.T. or SAP) subversion. Marrying and reproducing are viewed by them as lower (undesirable) things to do. They must pursue the higher goals of a career, making money, and conquering the world (not to mention, indulging themselves with every whim). AND DESTROYING THEIR MEN IN THE PROCESS!!!

But, because of Our need for increasing Manpower, Our women need to fully remember their orginal, God given design--that they were to be the HELPER for some man (their husband) and to be suitable for his needs (and help him meet them)--especially that of reproducing! (Genesis 2:18) For, the rise of modern civilization has come about by the sacrifices of mothers in the Faith, who gave up their desires for a self-indulgent lifestyle to produce for their husband, their children, and our Future Nation!

The Kolob seems to clearly understand this, and violently oppose it. Rather, they would like to see Our women independent of Our men, so that they will not reproduce--and Our numbers will diminish (making us easier for them to control and dominate). So, is it any wonder that we see this as a SURVIVAL battle? And, if we lose the war over the womb, surely we have lost Our Future Nation (for there will be none to populate it).

[KoReY Tri-Unity Shield]


Now, in a similar vein, the delusions of Kolob subversion try to make people think that the elderly should just be done away with or exterminated, the Holy Scriptures teach us to honor the aged! (Leviticus 19:32) And have RESPECT for the needs of your elders!

Moreover, while the wicked of the world have the view that older men are too old to reproduce--mating is supposedly only for young athletic types--God's Word presents a different picture:

Now, Israel loved Joseph more than all his children, BECAUSE HE WAS THE SON OF HIS OLD AGE! (Genesis 37:3)
Thus, as it shows, older men tend to value and care more for their children, while young men tend to neglect or ignore them. Moreover, Abraham was 86 when he had his affair with Hagar. And, he was 99 years old when Sarah bore him a son! And, to top it off, he was well over 100 years old when he married Keturah, that sweet young thing that bore him half-a-dozen sons! (Now, wouldn't that make heads spin today--and the gossips' teeth fly right out of their mouth, telling it!) Consequently, we need to have RESPECT for the need of some elderly to still bear children! Moreover, Ruth's claim to fame was that:
And he said: Blessed be you of the Lord, my daughter; For you have shown more kindness (wisdom) in this latter end (marrying Boaz) than at the beginning--inasmuch as you (have chosen) not to follow after young men (whether they be poor or rich)! (Ruth 3:10)
Thus, Ruth's marriage to a much older man was highly fovored by God! (And honored by furthering the Messiah's lineage.)


Because of Our expanding Frontiers in Space, Our Realm has a rising demand for more and more manpower. Thus, we need Our People reproducing to keep up with that demand! And, as a result, we establish, uphold, and maintain a Pro-Population Policy in Our Realm. Let Our Members understand it, and pursue it.

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*** NOTICE ***

While the puppets and spokesmen of the Space Aliens cry for limiting our population growth to ZPG (Zero Population Growth), by restricting couples to two children (or some one or none--or only alowing prefered members to multiply), we encourage ALL Our members to marry and produce many children so that we will have the Manpower needed to tame the vast new lands that we will discover, explore, and settle out among the Stars (rather than being confined and penned up on our meager Planet Earth, as Kolob seems to prefer for us). Thus, the Right to Reproduce should be a fundamental Human Right for ALL!

(*** A.R.M. Policy ***)

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