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Fusion By Non-Thermonuclear Processes?

ZDK.I's past work - and the political firestorm it set off!

As we are rounding the millenium, the events of the past decade or two seem to fade into obscurity. And, those things that were once hot items and major controversies seem to just fade away (like old warriors). However, some of those things are still hot items. And, though the Media is tired of them, and now tends to ignore them, they still have a major impact on your life.

Consequently, we feel compelled by the moral, ethical, and religious issues involved here to inform the average American citizen of the basics of some of the important decisions that their government needs to be making (or appear to have made, in secret)! For, without a well informed and watchdog citizenry, the government can take up whatever unGodly pursuits that it may have a fancy to. And, how can that glorify God, if we just sit back and let them destroy themselves (and us along with them)?

So, this Article is set to recall and remind us all of what all went on back in the Spring of 89, during the Cold Fusion Crisis. And of the moral, ethical, and religious issues that seemed to have been burried, with all the shouting that went on and the Media hipe that seem to lose focus on what was really happening. For, how else can we, as good citizens, demand that our government be accountable--and pursue Godly justice where it is needed? (Morevoer, this is NOT a revelation of America's nuclear secrets--though some indication of those technicalities need to be hinted at to give you ar grasp of just what this horrendous situation is dealing with.)

So, let us take a good look at this Crisis, how it developed, and what its implications are for the average Believing citizen.

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How did all of this mess get started? Well, at around the turn of this last century (early 1900s), a Jewish scientist in Germany, Albert Einsten, came up with that famous formula E=mc2. This opened the door for the nuclear world, as every scientist began to realize that matter could be turned into energy (and vice versa). And, the nuclear race was on!

Albert Einstein, and his collegues (many of whom were also Jewish), set to work, trying to find out how to access this atomic energy. One of the means that they hit upon was the so called fission reaction, where heavy elements decompose and release neutrons, which help decompose other heavy elements in a cascade or so called chain reaction. However, because of their religious orientation (and heavy Jewish association), these scientists were denounced for quackery by the RAS (Radical Anti-Semitics) of Germany and much maligned in the Press and Media of Europe for this kind of research. And the Jewish Atomic Bomb was laughed at as the modern Jewish fable! Finally, Albert Einstein was harassed by the RAS so much that he fled Germany and immigrated to the U.S. (Where, ironically, his letter to President Roosevelt became the key that set up America's Atomic Program, that eventually destroyed the Axis Powers in World War II!)

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While this atomic line of research is more historically traceable, we have also picked up bits and pieces of the discoveries and research of other individuals that may have a bearing on the development of non-thermonuclear processes--and D'stridium. So, let us take a brief look at the two most notable ones in this field of invention.

John Ernst Worrell Keely:
In around the late 1880 and early 90s, Keely came up with what he claimed was a hydro-pneumatic pulsating vacuo engine, which the press labelled as a perpetual motion machine. According to Keely, harmonics were involved (as they are in the D'Stridium G.U.T.), which he read about in F.J. Hughes Harmonies of Tones and Colours. However, as he could never explain exactly how the machine worked, the Public eventually turn against him and he was denounced as a fake and a fraud. Moreover, someone discovered a container of compressed air, claiming that this secretly power the engine, but Keely said that it was only used to carry of the exhaust gases (particles?) that would collect and choke out the process (as they would in a primative D'stridium reaction). Others found a battery, claiming that this kept giving the motor its energy, but Keely claimed that it was only used to start the engine, much as a battery starts an automobile these days but doesn not run it is going (and indeed, this would be similiar to some D'Stridium style reacitons--such as Cold Fusion). So, did Keely discovery the D'Stridium process? Well, it seems a distinct possiblity! Moreover, since science was not up to a level to understand TDPT (or Trans-Dimensional Particle Flow) at that time, Keely could not explain what was happening nor apply the principles to produce other engines. Consequently, now, perhaps we ought to lift the brand of MAD SCIENTIST that the Press tried to hang upon him!

Nikola Tesla:
Now, in learning my basic science, I had been taught some about Tesla and his electrical discoveries. However, the Media had long since labeled him a MAD SCIENTIST, too, so in coursework, we hardly did much related to him or his discoveries. However, once we began to publish Articles on D'Stridium on the Net, we began to get a variety on notes suggesting that what we were discussing might be related to Nikola's private research. Thus, for the past several months, a limited search has been made here to see if there might be any carry-overs. For the results of that, get our Article on The TESLA PARALLELS, for he carried on some most interesting research from about the days of Keely, all the way down to World War II!

Robert Golka:
Following Tesla's lead, Robert Golka of Wendover, Utah has attempted to use many of Nikola's concepts. He has been aided in these attempts by Robert Bass of Brigham Young University. Most notabley, they (in Post-World War II) have atempted to use Nikola's ball-lightening generation for a so called Fireball Fusion Reactor (apparently without success?). Morevoer, it is reputed that they are having considerable trouble obtaining adaquate government funding for their research! Or, are they??? (Gee, what is going on out in Utah? See, Cold Fusion in the Media, below.)

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Meanwhile, in the midst of all the above, the HIDDEN official government record shows that, in 1932, a Swedish scientist made a very amazing discovery. With the then current hot discussion going on of how to get atomic energy, he happen to combine heavy water in a battery like aparatus (or fuel cell like device) and was amazed to find that he was producing far more electicity that he used to charge the system with. Thus was born, the so called Cold Fusion or Fuel Cell Fusion. (Which was predicted, though unknown, in the development of the D'Stridum Theory.)

However, somewhere in the process, ABWEHR (the Nazi Intelligence Network), had gotten wind of this amazing "battery" discovery. And they carried his invention to Nazi Germany, where it became the foundation of Hitler's Nuclear Program and wonder weapons! For, as the German scientists analyzed what the "battery" was doing, they found that it had, indeed, stumbled into some process that fused the heavy hydrogen elements in heavy water together! Thus, Cold Fusion became a much guarded Nazi secret in World War II! (And, indeed, may have been the motive for Hilter's suicidal attack on Russia, where he mistakenly thought he could gain Cold Fusion materials, from.) And, reputedly, even a fuel cell fusion or cold fusion submarine was partially built by the Nazis!

Correspondingly, when the German government fell to the Allies, the surrenduring Nazi leaders gave the German Nuclear Program to America. But, as America now had its own, functioning Atomic Program based on the (Jewish) fission concept (and then on the thermo-nuclear fusion process), the Swedish Cold Fusion process was held as not needed--and was thus placed on the back burner for decades. We had all the nukes we needed (or so the government thought). However, this logical route was also aided by some clandestined backroom politics. (For details on this potential Government Conspiracy development, see Kolob's Invasion???!)

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Then, in around 1966, another budding Jewish (or rather Messianic or Jewish-Christian) amateur astronomer, Daniel Shaddox (and founder of the ZDK Institute) stumbled across another amazing scientific discovery, related to astrophysics. His work led to a slight ammendment of Einstein's classic formula:

E = m(d)c2

And generated the development of the Trans-Dimensional Particle Theory (T.D.P.T) or more commonly known as the D'Stridium Theory--and further produced all the D'Stridium sub-theorems and technological spin-offs (such as D'Stronics) For more on these concepts, and in simple terms, see Our Article on the D'STRIDIUM EXPLAINED.

Moreover, at around this time, it was discovered that D'Stridium Flows (or Trans-Dimensional Particle RAINS) could produce Cold Fusion, as a by-product. And, an appropriate fusion forge was even designed at that time to take advantage of that power. However, the powers released by the Cold Fusion process hereby were held to be too small and insignificant--and compared to the nuclear power available from D'Stridium (and its astronomical parameters), they were miniscule, ideed! Consequently, Cold Fusion research was abandoned at that time in favor of the more potent D'Stridium processes!

However, also shortly after this discovery, apparently ABWEHR (and other Neo-Nazi and Radical Anti-Semitic groups) learned of the Shaddox break-through, and began a campaign to discredit the process. And, despite its advances, the D'Stridium Theory was shouted down as voodoo physics and shoved out of the scientific community (much in the same way that Keeley's and Tesla's discoveries only got them called MAD SCIENTIST in the Press). Consequently, this major discovery has been surpressed, and kept away from the American Public!

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In the meantime, the ZDK Institute began to come together privately, and research was continued in quietly and out of contact with much of the scientific community. (Much of Our discoveries from this, are presented here, in this Library!)

In the intervening decades, science also made more progress, and the dimensional physics concepts upon which TDPT is based became more widely accepted in the scientific communuity!

In addition, ZDK.I private research had advanced the D'Stridium Theory considerably, too. One of its main concepts was the development of the so called Star Bomb, a D'Stridium event so strong that it would ignite the Earth into a sun--and probably suck the rest of the Solar System down in on top of us, in Black Hole fashion! (The ultimate doomsday weapon!) But, there were also some interesting small applications, that could prove beneficial (and profitable). So, some of these smaller uses were prepared for a joint project with the U.S. Government.

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In the Spring of 1988, in cooperation with the local Economic Development Council and the Small Business Administration an application was made to DARPA (Defense Advance Research Projects Agency) for an SBA grant to do a small D'Stridium Project.

At first, all seem to go well, then, suddenly there was a burst of terrorism unleashed, and Mr. Shaddox nearly lost his life, more than once (and at this time, his Dad turned up dead, and under very mysterious circumstances, too). Obviously, someone was trying to keep these nuclear processes hidden. But, who? Why?

Moreover, at this time, a formal charge was filed with the FBI discrimination officer, concerning the mis-treatment and religious discrimination that Mr. Shaddox seemed to be going through at the hands of U.S. government agents--in their apparent Neo-Nazi and Radical Anti-Semitic attitudes and actions! (But, the beginning clues and hints to Kolob and their RANI, with its clandestined activities were over-looked. Purposefully?)

Even worse, the Star Bomb Plans turned up missing, around this time! And, at a time when growing indications from D'Stridium research began to show more and more clearly that our sun was entering an unstable condition--where a mis-placed Star Bomb test might set this building nova condition off all too easily!

So, with, the seriousness of this situatation (potential nuclear solar-system wide cataclysm), coupled with the lack of co-operation from the U.S. Intelligence Community (gross discrimination!), it was decided that because of the moral, ethical, and religious implications of what was going on, this Project could not be kept secret any longer, but that the Public needed to be warned of the dangers of this kind of D'Stridium experimentation (i.e. the Star Bomb). As a result, the members of Congress were notified of what had transpired and the issues invovled, and as they took a deaf ear to the problem, the Press was contacted and even the members of the U.N. alerted to the potential for solar system wide nuclear disaster that unathorized Star Bomb research could produce! (And, indeed, as the evidence continues to come in as to the Sun's instability, THIS IS STILL A MAJOR CONCERN! See Our Article on the Coming Cosmic Catalysm.)

The silent Cold Fusion Crisis exploded into the Public!

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Catching wind that something must be up (to be causing such a fuss), the Media got tuned onto the Cold Fusion Crisis in the Spring of 1989. And, there was simply too much published at that time to review here, though it is more than notable that much of the news centered around events occuring in Utah. See the various major news sources for articles on these issues, then. (Or, take a serious look at Our Article on Kolob's Dominion of Deseret, and its related Articles.)

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Faced with the public accusations that agents of the U.S. government (or agents masqurading as offical agents--DANITES???) had basically stolen the D'Stridium Process from the ZDK Intitute (much in the same way that ABWEHR had stolen the orginal Swedish Cold Fusion), the U.S. government appeared to cave in and the Project was set back on track (or so we were led to believe)--and we were expecting to fill out the grant forms and get our money to begin the research.

Then, the lights went out! Mr. Shaddox came down out of the clouds several months (almost a year) later, wondering what had happened. Then, as things began to be pieced together, it became clear that rather than settling the accusations justly, that agents of the U.S. government (DANITES) drugged him, abducted him, and tortured him (for more info), and then left him to die! (For more details on how this clandestined subversion has affected others in this field, PARA-MILITARY ABDUCTIONS, and its related Articles.)

However, he did not!

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Then, as he began to recover, protests were made to various officials of the U.S. over the nasty way that he had been treated! And the Human Rights abuses and Intellectual Properties theft here is truly abismal! (Not to mention the gross religious discrimintion that he had to endure from Pro-Nazi and Radical Anti-Semetic elements in the U.S. government [KOLOB?]).)

In an apparent response, he was then assualted with a Vanadium cloud (which seems intended to strangle him to death--as it rots your lungs, like asbestos). And, when that did not work, the old DMSO-Pesticide routine was used, lacing the doorhandle of his car with goop that sent him to the hospital--and resulted in his current disabled status! Not to mention the numerous other acts of harassment that he has had to endure.)

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Now, the main thrust of this Article has been to inform the Public of the significant issues involved here--the notable moral, ethical and religious issues central to this injustice. And to call upon the citizens of the U.S. to ensure that Mr. Shaddox receives proper justice for all that he (and his Family) have had to endure over this.

Or, more specifically:

If REAL U.S. government agents were responsible for these actions, then they surely need to be disciplined so that it will not be done again, to someone else! (And, appropriate compensation should be made to Mr. Shaddox, and the ZDK Institute, for their injuries!)

Moreover, if the U.S. government is, indeed, using the D'Stridium discoveries or any of its related processes or sub-theorems, then clearly the ZDK Institute surely deserves to be proper compensated for such use! (And, certainly should not have them stolen from us! Nor, denied that the process works!)

On the other hand, if these were not official U.S. agents (and, indeed, they appear to have been double agents, working mainly for KOLOB and the RANI--or ABWEHR), then the Public and the rest of the world needs to be alerted to the fact that these Neo-Nazis and other allied RAS (Radical Anti-Semitism) groups DO now have Star Bomb technologies (threatening us all with nuclear doomsday)--and appropriate counter-measures need to be demanded and undertaken! (Preferably, by joint, Allied action!)

Truly, this is no small issue! (Especially since it seems so closely tied up with the moral and ethical issues raised by the return of a Secret Axis Alliance!) Don't over-look it! And, don't forget it! Instead, let your voice be heard!

Related Issues - below:

LOOK HERE! For more Articles and other matters on this troubling topic.

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To learn more about D'Stridium and the various processes and technologies of the Trans-Dimensional Particle Theory (T.D.P.T.) see the next Article in this series on D'Stridium Explained in the ZDK Institute Library, OR, use the handy link, below:
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Well, Our Office of Social Defenses Literature has some surprizing new developments that it has been monitoring. If you think that the Nazi programs and policies are dead, think again. And take a serious look at what the rising tide of info seems to suggest! It is time to be on the alert!
To get Our OFFICE OF SOCIAL DEFENSES (Click Here): [Office of Social Defenses Literature]

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KOLOB, and its secret new Axis Alliance (and their RANI) are one of the most serious threats to world peace that there is, today! And, their tangled web of political corruption and oranized crime in America (and especially in our CIA and FBI--through their DANITES) make them a serious threat to U.S. National Security! Certainly a group that the average U.S. Citizen should not be uninformed about! (Not to mention the serious Religious issues involved, here!)
To get Our Article on the RANI (Click Here): [RANI Subversive Activities]

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