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Our Dependable Sun - Soon to Go Nova???

One of the popular themes of Sci-Fi Disaster Movies in recent years has been the catastrophy of a planetoid collision with the Earth. These we have seen in ASTEROID, DEEP IMPACT, and ARMAGEDON, which have been fairly popular movies. And Public interest has been aroused as to what to do, if such an apocalypse should strike! Could it happen?

However, these are not just the domain of theaters and the makers of Sci-Fi Disaster Movies! Some scientists within the Academic Community have beem raising their eyebrows, too, over the potential for such an apocalypse! For, as best as scientific theory goes, it is most likely that a massive comet hit the Earth in the Days of Noah (producing a massive, global wide flood) and wiping out the dinosaurs. And the tag of E.L.E. or Extenction Level Event has been passed around (and seriously discussed) in more than one Ivy League Hall. For, the potential is there, and real, and scientific. A Cosmic Catalysm is more than just possible! It does appear to have happened, long ago!

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APOCALYPSE? (Our Shield Of Faith)

However, for those of us who foolishly (?) have Faith, a repeat of the Noah scenerio is not of concern for us. Why? Because we have God's Word, that:

"And I (God) will establish MY Covenant with you; Neither shall all flesh be cut off any more by the waters of a flood; Nor shall there any more be a flood to destroy all the Earth!" (Genesis 9:11)

Moreover, this Covenant is made with Noah and his Descendants--those who Believe in a One True God (Genesis 9:8-9). So, for US, all the worry about another comet strike (or perhaps a humungus asteroid collision), seems rather pointless. God can be trusted to do as HE said.

For, there are more important things to be concerned about. Like doing what God told you to do! What is that?

[Holy Scriptures Shield]


Now, Covenants are not free and clear gifts! Covenants are basically contracts, with terms, provisions, and conditions. In other words, you get the benefits of the Covenant with God, so long as you keep up your part and fulfill its conditions. So, what were the Conditions of Noah's Covenant?

Ever since the dim days of history (long before Moses), the Hebrew Peoples have maintain what they referred to as the Noahic Rules of Fellowship. And, consequently, these Rules have been adhered to by ALL of the Descendants of Abraham (Jews, Christians, and Muslims), down through the centuries (though many probably did not know their meaning, nor their origin). But, still they have been Faithful and obedient to God.

Now, if you don't know them, they are rather simple. There are 4 basic things that they prohibit: 1) idolatry, 2) sexual perversions, 3) eating blood, and 4) eating strangled meat. These simple rules have not only been held up by Jewish Synagogues, but the Great Council of Jerusalem also established them as the standard for the Christian Church, too (Acts 15:28-29). And they are part of Muslim morality, as well. (For more details, consult Our Article on NOAHIC RULES OF FELLOWSHIP!)

So, what is the problem. here?

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COVENANT BREAKING - Popular Pagan Practices

Unfortunately, as the saying goes, WE are not alone! There are other Peoples here on Earth with us of the Faith. And, while the Believers (and monotheists) have been obedient to the Covenant, the Pagans and those committed to other gods (polytheism) or spirits have NOT!

As you tour the globe, you find lots of violations! Most of the Peoples of the Earth are Idolators and have set up images or held other gods, rather than being Faithful to the One True God! And, many do not take the time to cook their meat (and eat it raw and bloody). Some, even relish eating meat of strangled animals and enjoy wringing the neck of the poor creature. Even worse, sexual immorality and perversions are rampant! (Just listen to the evening News!)

Now, it is bad enough that these things go on in the world among the non-believers. But, in more modern times, both the Synagogues and the Churches have forgotten their pledge to keep Noah's Covenant. Consequently, the corruption of the world has now come to the People of God (the Greater Hebrew Community), who now seem to relish wallowing in it! And the Holy Covenant lies in tattered ashes at our feet.

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Now, those who are really foolish will try to say that there will be no consequences for breaking God's Covenant with Noah. However, such people do not know God. HE is just! And HE will demand a price for not keeping HIS Covenant.

Thus, it would seem that Our Times parallel those of the Days of the Messiah. As the First Millenium began, Jewish Leaders were gathered in Jerusalem, excitedly awaiting the coming of the Messiah (and their rise to power). But, when HE came, and they did not keep the Messianic Covenant that God had established centuries before through Moses (and the Prophets), HE destroyed their City, demolished their Temple, and set them into the hands of the Romans who dispersed them throughout their Empire. Truly, it is a frightening thing to fall into the Hands of an angry God!

Well, then, is God going to wipe us out in another flood? Is that comet strike really coming? Or, is it Deep Impacts BIG Brother?

[Enlightenment Shield]


As much as the wicked of the world would like to depict God as a madman, with fits of uncontrollable rage, the truth is that God has long told us what the consequences of breaking the Noahic Covenant would be. This has been recorded in the Holy Scriptures. And long proclaimed throughout the world. It clearly states:

"Behold, the LORD makes the Earth empty, and makes it a waste (void), and turns it upside down--scattering abroad the inhabitants thereof!...The land shall be utterly empty (wasteland), and utterly spoiled (unfit for farming): For the LORD has spoken this word! The Earth will mourn and fade away; The (whole) world languishes (wanes) and fades away--The haughty people of the Earth will languish, too! For, the Earth is DEFILED under the inhabitants thereof; Because they have transgressed the LAW, changed (MY) ordinances, and have BROKEN THE EVERLASTING (Noahic) COVENANT! (Isaiah 24:1-4)

Consequently, after reading that, and seeing what is done in the wicked world today, is there any doubt that God will soon destroy the Earth?

Now, how will that be done?

[Information Age (Sun) Shield]


As it does not appear that God will Flood the Earth again, what is HE likely to do? Well, there are lots of accounts of the Earth perishing in flames or great heat--an Apocalypse. And, many have assumed that this meant a nuclear holocaust. However, there may be a clue, from Scriptures, that something quite different is up. Consider this Passage:

"Moreover, the light of the Moon shall be as the light of the Sun; And the light of the Sun shall be sevenfold--as the light of seven days!... (Isaiah 30:26)

Now, to ancient peoples, this phenomena was probably not clear. But, with modern science, we have a better understanding of what is about to go on here. For, we know that as suns or stars form, they burn for a time and then seem to get cooler. But, then there comes a time when they burst out with renewed energy, light, and heat. This is called a Nova. (If the sun or star gets too much renewed energy, it explodes. That is called a Super-Nova.) Consequently, from reading that Passage, with the sun having a renewed burst of energy, it sounds like God is going to cause our Sun to Nova. And probably soon! And, as a direct consequence of the inhabitants of Earth breaking the Noahic Covenant (just as HE destroyed Sodom and Gomorah).

Moreover, in the last few decades, scientist have been noting a rather alarming trend. The Earth seems to be heating up. This is called Global Warming. (For more details, see Our Article on GLOBAL WARMING!) And it has been blamed on atmospheric conditons. However, in light of God's Word, this appears to be a warning that the Nova is soon to occur. How soon? Well, a lot sooner than most scientists suspect! And, certainly soon enough that we had better get busy preparing for it! (See Addendum, below!)

Now, while the dead Religious Establishment ignores their Sin (and turns to Pagan indulgences) and tries to tell everyone not to worry, for the Messiah will come again, SOON, to rescue them (just as the Jewish Leaders had taught), God has different Plans. Instead, soon, our Planet will be destroyed, our cities ruined, and perhaps we will even be given into the hands of another empire, to scatter us off this Planet into Realms beyond (as the Romans did)? Yes, a repeat of the past seems most likely! Apocalypse is surely coming!

So, where are you going to go?

[Interstellar Fleet Shield]


As in the Days of Noah, the Great Flood fell upon the Pagans unawares, for they would not listen to the warnings from God. However, Noah and his family listened. And, now, hopefully, you are listening, too!

If you follow the Ways of the Pagans of the Wicked World, then you will be destroyed with them! It is that simple. For the Word of God openly declares:

For the Nation (or Peoples) and Kingdom (or Country) that will not serve THEE (God) shall perish! Yes, those nations (or individuals) shall be utterly wasted!" (Isaiah 60:12)

On the other hand, if you RETURN to God and serve HIM, then you shall escape. A New Ark shall be provided for you and your family to carry you away to safety. The only question now is, what are you going to do? Serve God (and find safety), or follow the Pagans (and perish with them)? And, unfortunately, the only one who can answer that question is YOU!

[The Revival Flame Shield] However, we have more than done our part in getting this vital information to you. And, as we have given you this alert, so too do we offer a way of escape. But, first, you need to get your life right with God. You need to either be RENEWED or REGENERATED! (Return to the One True God!) To do that, turn to our section on the Revival Course. Or, follow the links below:

To get Our REVIVAL COURSE (Click Here): [Our Revival Course]
And, if you are already Regenerated or Renewed, then you need to get in here and join us in the effort to make a way for God's People (Jews, Christians, and Muslims) to escape the destruction of the Planet Earth! For, it will be a group effort. We expect the talents and efforts of ALL to come together in Unity to help carry out this Holy task. Consequently, the Future Studies here at KoReY will become very important to the survival of Believing Mankind!

Don't hold back! Do your part. Contact us today.

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ADDENDUM: Nova Coming!

Since the writing of this article, scientists have released recently in the USA Today that the Sun is, indeed, going through some unusual changes. It is burning brighter in recent years (indicating increased photon production--such as we find in a Nova)! And that its magnetic field is greatly intensifying, too (so we may be watching it prepare a massive EMP burst, such as would be found in a Super-Nova)! And, unfortunately, in light of D'Stridium Theory, all of these tend to indicate the development of a pre-Nova state for our Sun, today!

So, surely that Nova is coming! But, when, may be open for question. However, most assuredly, it will come a lot sooner than most scientists are willing to think! Therefore, it is more than time to begin to prepare for the evacuation of Earth.

Truthfully, this is a very serious condition that needs a lot more intensive monitoring! Hopefully, our Scientific Community will wake up in time. And get on the case!

(filed: 8-7-99)

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UPDATE: Nova Linked to Bible Codes???

Since the posting of this Article on the Net, we have been getting a variety of feedback.

Perhaps the most noteworthy is that when those who first started analizing the Bible Codes came up with the message NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST 2004/2006, being in the era of the Alas Babylon scenario, they assumed that this refered to some kind of man-made nuclear disaster or World War III. However, in light of the developing Nova Crisis, some have begun to ask if this was not a referance to the Nova (as a Natural or God-made Nuclear Disaster) and not a nuclear war? I am not sure we have a firm answer on that yet, but it is beginning to seem amazing how much correlation we are finding that there will soon be a Nova (which would, indeed, be a very BIG Nuclear Disaster).

Isn't it time we started making some serious, scientific prepartions to investigate this more completely? And to begin putting together some evacuation plans, in case such may be needed?

(filed: 8/9/99)

[ZDK Institute Shield]


As 1999 comes to a close, the Sun begins to enter one of its classic and historical Sun Cycles, where solar flares and electro-magnetic disturbances become common. This periodically occurs every 11-12 years and the year 2000 should see the peak of this activity. Is there any relationship here to the coming Nova?

Consequently, the ZDK Institute has decided to publish on the Net a brief Article detailing the more technical aspects of what D'Stridium Flow is and how it affects our Sun. And, perhaps, even more importantly how distrubances in that Flow from unathorized D'Stridium testing (or advanced nukes) may interfere with this Natural Flow at a critical time for our Sun--thus hastening its development into Nova.

To get the D'STRIDIUM G.U.T. Article (Click Here): [Nova Warning from D'Stridium G.U.T.]

(filed: 12/8/99)

[Future Studies Literature Shield]


KEEP YOUR COOL! As startling as this news may be to some, rest assured that we, at KoReY, are making reasonable and rational preparations for dealing with this crisis situation. So, read the rest of the Articles in this series, which will give you all the details on what We are doing.

The next Article in this series is on the Exodus Of the Earth. For just as in Moses' Time, the Hebrew Peoples escaped the destruction of Egypt, so too will God's People--the Hebrew Peoples (monotheists: Believers in the ONE TRUE GOD)--escape the coming destruction of the Planet Earth, now! So, look up the next Article in Our KoReY Into. Lit. Or, use the handy link, below:

To get EXODUS OF THE EARTH (Click Here): [Exodus Of the Earth]

And, if you happend to know people who are inclined to PANIC then give some serious consideration to our Medical Info on the Nova Trauma. In this section, here, we have dealt more with the social and spiritual issues that are associated with the coming crisis. But, people are also going to need medical attention, too--and help to cope with the stress and shock of the APOCALYPSE! So, consider reading Our Article on NOVA TRAUMA.

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Since we first put this Article on the Net, we've gotten a variety of responses. (Some of those you see discussed above, in the Addendum.) But, now, someone has pointed out another Passage of Scripture that sure seems to sound like that coming Nova. Consider Revelations 16:8-9:
And the Fourth Angel poured out his vial upon the SUN!!! And Power was given unto him to scortch men with fire. And Mankind (upon the Earth?) were scortched with great heat--and blasphemed the Name of God, which had Power over these Plagues; And they repented NOT, nor gave God the Glory (due HIS Name)!

So, other Bible Prophecies may be found, as well, if you bother to look.

(filed 12-27-99)


Someone has put into Our hands a rather interesting book. It is COUNTDOWN TO APOCALYPSE by Paul Halpern from Plenum Publishing, 1998. Chapter 8 discusses the Nova issue, if you'd like to read it.

(filed 12-27-99)


Is This What Will (or HAS) Set Off the Nova?

Read this startling Article! Find it at CLANDESTINE D-NUKE TEST? (filed 06-15-01)

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Is There a Super-Nova Disaster Brewing???

Well, take a serious look at all the data, facts, and educated guesses as to what this growing situation is likely to turn into.

Check them out at Our KoReY Nova Crisis Section (K.N.C. or knock)!

And please, do so with discretion and restraint--DON'T PANIC!!! (Programs and Plans at KoReY are coming into place to deal with it.)


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