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ZDK Astarian Cultures - KoReY Interstellar Colonization

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Galactic Geology or Astriography Concerns in Locating Our Star-Colonies

In setting up Our Star-Colony Land Grants for K.I.C., We need to gain some understanding of the Galatic Geology or Astriography of the Interstellar spacial (and dimensional) terrain in our neghborhood of the Galaxy. For, if we are relocating People away from the dangers of Our own sun's nova, we don't want to place them in harm's way of something else! So, we need to give some consideration to how the terrain (and sub-structure) of Space is laid out around us.

Moreover, so far, in talking to People about relocation, most would seem to think that a new home about a dozen lightyears from Earth would be good. That would give them easy access to return to Earth to see relatives, if they wished. And, would, seemingly, be in Our COMFORTABLE space neighborhood.

However, we must ask the question, is this far enough?

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Interstellar Dimensions of the Super-Nova!!!

In the normal planning for K.I.C., we have ASSUMED that the sun is going to be a sweller, and simply get larger over time (though relatively soon). However, we do have to recognize that there is a possiblity that it will become a boomer, and explode into a Super-Nova. (For more details on what may happen in such an extreme emergency, see Our Article on EMERGENCY EVACUATION!) Therefore, we need to seriously ask ourselves: HOW FAR AWAY DO WE NEED TO PLACE A STAR-COLONY TO BE SURE THAT THEY WILL BE SAFE?

Well, we don't want to be caught napping by Our ASSUMPTION. And in checking the literature, we have found that in Paul Halpern's book COUNTDOWN TO APOCALYPSE that astronomers have observed blast effects of a Super-Nova extending for about 50 lightyears out from the Star. (Making some kind of Super-Nova Tidal Wave from the blast!) Hhhmmm...so quite clearly, the normal 12 light-year-neighborhood concept that is popularly held is just not far enough!

And given Our normal range of about 100 lightyears for transport (see the Article on OUR ADMINISTRATIVE TASK for more details on this), that would seem to indicate that we need to set up something of a bell shapped curve for Star-Colony placement, with its apex at the 50 light-year mark. In this way, most of Our Star-Colonies (and their land Grants) should be able to survive such a situation. And, give room for a few closer to Earth, for the popular neighborhood effect, as the risk for a full Super-Nova may not be all that great. (But, we don't want to find out the hard way, either!) But, clearly we should encourage Our pioneers to go farther out in Space and establish settlements at the limits of Our coming Interstellar transport capabilities. (Moreover, recent developments may double this practical range.)

Now that we have breached this subject, are there any other concerns that we might need to take into account in Star-Colony placement?

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Well, to grasp this application we need to back up a few steps and consider its background and how it came to be.

When we first began discussing the Star-Bomb and its potential problem with our sun, we set forth the proposal for an International Deep Space Research Station, on out beyond the orbit of Pluto, to be sure that the Earth (and our Sun) would be safe from the blast effects of such a test detonation. For, the disruption from such a blast not only has the potential for igniting the Earth into a Sun, but may alter the processes going on in the Sun, itself! Consequently, we need to be very careful with this. And if we error, let it be on the side of too much safety, rather than not enough! (Or we may see that Super-Nova in our face, and over-night!)

So, when this Space Station was proposed, we also included the need to place it in a lateral (Space-East/Space-West orientation: for more details on Space directions, see the NOTE, below). The reasoning for this is that the D'Stridum Flow (see the Article on the D'STRIDIUM G.U.T.) appears to come out from the Black Hole at the center of Our Galaxy to Our Sun. Thus, a Space-North orientation (between the Galatic center and our Sun) would be most likely to disrupt that Trans-Dimensional Particle Flow, and thus most likely to interfere with the processes doing on in our Sun (hence Nova or Super-Nova triggering).

Consequently, it would seem most logical to extend this zone, into lightyear parameters, for the establishing of Star-Colonies. Or, in more simple terms, to place Star-Colonies on a lateral orientation (i.e. Space-East/Space-West directions) for activity there would be least likely to aggrivate the Sun's instability. And, those placed in Space-South (i.e. from the Earth towards the rim of our Galaxy) positions run the risk of being hit by some kind of Trans-Dimensional shock wave (somewhat similiar to the Super-Nova Tidal Wave, above)--if anything should be set off here, with our Sun.

The question then arises, what to we do concering Space-North Star-Colonies?

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SPACE-NORTH: the Touchy Question!

In setting up the Space Station, we wanted a ban on D'Stridium activity in the Space-North position from our Sun (i.e. towards the center of our Galaxy--near Sagittarius), to protect it from the blast effects of any D'Stridium test explosions. So, do we extend a similiar ban on out into the parameters of lightyears--and ban Star-Colonies there? Might that seem logical, too?

Well, after a lot of thought, since this is such a touchy area to Us (and the rest of humanity), this may be one of those areas that we have to be sure is directly under Our control, with mainly Royal or Throne Colonies being set up here--and with numerous I-Fleet patrols keeping tabs on activities in the area, to be sure that the Sun (and hence the earth) is not damaged by spurious D'Stridium testing in this sensitive location!

Consequently, rather than leaving this area as a vacuum, it is probably one of those areas that we need the tightest controls over, and the best security that we can deliver.

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INTERSTELLAR DIPLOMACY. And, as the Policy indicates, as long as we can live with them in Peace, to allow Peace to reign between us and them. Or, perhaps something along the lines of the Star Fleet concept of the Prime Directive--to basically leave them alone, for we have enough work to do on our own, without bothering or meddling with them.

However, if the opportunity presents itself for them to join us or become members of Our Interstellar Realm, then they should be welcomed and encouraged to participate in Our Culture. The issues of this have been explored in the Article on ALIEN ASSIMULATION OR INTERGRATION??? if you are curious. And, by this, we expect Our Realm to grow, not only by Earth population (that migrates with us to the Stars), but also by any E.T.s or Space Alien Peoples that may join us, there!

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However, the following two subjects now create a nasty third one! With Space-North being such a touchy area for us, what if we should encounter Space Alien activities there? (Yeah, we can really think up the Nightmares, huh?) Well, obviously, this is going to cause conflict!

Diplomatically, we must impress on any E.T.s or Space Alien Peoples that we may find there of the importance of this area to us! And, hope that treaties or active monitoring will keep a lid on the situation, to avoid generating that Nova (or Super-Nova) of our Sun. (Consequently, if there happens to be anyone out there, monitoring our Internet down here, that they can see and understand our rational here--and come to some kind of Peaceful settlement with us over this vital issue!)

Therefore, I think both sides need to be fully aware that this is, indeed, a WAR ISSUE for us of Earth. And we need to be sure, and be careful, and take our time to handle this well--or our peoples will soon be at war over this very issue!

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In conclusion, I think you can see that managing Star-Colonies is no small task. And it came be quite complicated! To attempt that on your own is to invite disaster. Mistakes can be made all too easily, to the total wiping out of all the people you placed in that Star-Colony!

However, we Believe this to be God's Calling for us. And as you can see, from this Web Site, we have become the leading experts in this field. Why go elsewhere?

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Further Contacts with K.I.C.:

Joining us?

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Then try the contact routes below:

E-MAIL us at: zdkf@gorge.net (Please, mark subject box TIDAL-WAVE!)

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Our phone number is: (509) 493-1674

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Would you even just think about contributing, something, to Our Cause? (Even modest donations are appreciated!) Then, please consult Our Page on Giving: ZDK DONATIONS.

And, just volunteering, every now and then, is thankfully received!

Well, yes, we do live in a supernatural world. And the blessing that come from giving are no accident! To better understand this amazing process, consult Our Article on the MYSTERIES OF GIVING.

Thank you for your kind-hearted donation!

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A Quick Lesson in Astriography...


Interstellar Navigation is a very complex subject, often involving some lengthy calculations, that even the professional rocket scientists have trouble deciphering at times! Consequently, the average layman seems more than LOST IN SPACE! Is this destined to always be so?

Well, we hope not! The harder it is for people to find their way around the Interstellar neighborhood, the more likely that they will just stay home, on Earth.

Moreover, in dealing with governments (politicians and bureaucrats), the technical jargon to tell where something is at seems to only block whatever you are asking for. Even standard Constellation association (used by scientists) is well beyond those who we have to deal with here. And, as the bureaucracy of Our own (in administrating all the Star-Colonies) increases, we will have an increasing need for some communication on exactly where things are located. And in non-technical terms that can be readily communicated to most people!

Many years back, I came up with Plan for doing so, which was orginally slated for a Sci-Fi book (that I just seemed to never have gotten around to writing). And, upon occassion, I have used it with great success as it seems to speed communication and understanding of where I am trying to point. So let me explain this Astriographic (Interstellar Geography) technique to you--and make you a junior star-navigator. For, I think that you will find it very helpful in finding your own way around our Interstellar neighborhood.

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THE SPACE COMPASS - 4 Point Direction

Almost every elementary school pupil is taught how to read a compass. Consequently, if the compass is applied to Space, there is a ready bridge of understanding there that can associate it. Unfortunately, most attempts to do so, only end in confusing people more! So, how can this be done?

Well, I have found a good technique that works! Pretend that you are standing on top of the Earth and looking directly towards the center of the Galaxy. That would be Space-North (S/N). Now, Space-East (S/E) is on your right hand and Space-West (S/W) is on your left. Space-South (S/S) is behind you. Once people grasp this simple four point system, they can become amazing Interstellar Navigators. However, to fully use it, you need to understand that Space also has 3 dimensions. So, Space-Up and Space-Down are on a perpendicular line to the plane of the Galatic disc. Or, in the above orientation, Space-North-Up means that you are looking towards the center of our Galaxy, and what you are focusing on is Up, above the normal Galatic disc. (Down would thus be underneath the normal Galatic disc.)

Simple! And it works well for the average Joe to be able to tell just where you are refering to. (And, it can be quite popularly known as the Space Cross!)

However, for administrative purposes, we also need to divide this area up into 4 Sectors. Thus, North Sector would be that part of the Space Compass pie that would be toward the center of the Galaxy. East Sector would be laterally, towards your right, along the curve of the Galatic disc. (See Article, above, for the main reason for doing this!)

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THE SPACE CLOCK - Added Directions

Well, the Space Compass concept works well for general directions, and finding in the sky what you want to look at (or settle on). But, if you want a little more specific direction, it can end up being just too general--an over-simplification (which is why it is easy to understand). Consequently, before we call for the rocket scientists, and their computers, to figure out where we may want to be, there is a refinement of this Space Compass, which refers to the standard clock.

Now, most pilots (and other military personnel) are use to using the Clock to describe what they are looking at. 12 O'clock means directly ahead. 6 O'clock means directly behind you. And high means above the horizon while low means below the horizon.

Consequently, the Space Clock is quite similiar. However, you need to keep in mind that it is not relative to you, the viewer, but is put on top of the Space Compass. Thus, by the orientation session we just had above, standing on the Earth and looking at the center of Galaxy would be Space-12 O'clock (Space-North). Space-3 O'clock (Space-East) is on your right and Space-9 O'clock (Space-West) is on your left. Space-6 O'clock (Space-South) is behind you. And, to deal with the various layers of the Galatic disc, we use high, on, and low as well as the Space Compass Up and Down. Thus, S-3H (Space-3 O'clock High) means laterally, to the right, along the Galatic disc to Space-East and High above the normal Galatic disc. And S-6on means Space-6 O'clock (Space-South) and directly in the middle of the normal Galatic disc (up would be slightly above the plane and down slightly below it).

Yes, I know the Space Clock is slightly more technical. And is probably not for the average layman (the Space Compass works best for him). However, with a little training, most military personnel can grasp this system and find their way about our Interstellar neighborhood with some precision. (Though actually charting those courses and flying them are still going to take rocket scientists, and their computers!) But, for laying out strategy or giving basic orders, the Space Clock works wonders! (And, the regular airplane clock of 12 O'clock being directly ahead can still be used aboard spacecraft! Thus, making the Space Clock more understandable to such personnel, as they would get used to using a relative of it on their spaceflights.)

So, now, you have just had your first lesson in Astriographics! Congratulations, amateur star-navigator!

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