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DIRECTORY for the Future Fantasy World of...

[Astrilanz Galactic Shield]


SHADDOX SPACE SOCIETY and Science Fiction Worlds!

ASTARIA is a Futuristic Science Fiction World based on the historical Judeo-Christian Heritage of Earth. We serve as a CONFLUX or gathering (collection) of various Cultural, Education, Scientific, and Charitable Organizations. And we are dedicated to the migration of the Faithful of Abraham to the Greater Israel out among the Stars--an Interstellar Realm (AstrilanZ).



(Explainations and Notes, below)...

THE ASTARIAN GOVERNMENT PORTAL is a graphics Interstellar Map of icons for you to click on to get our various Branches (and main Ministries). For a more detailed explanation of what those icons mean, consult the following verbal directory.


[Divine Law Shield] 1. ZDK DIVINE LAW LIBRARY -- This is a Directory Page with notes and links to the various LAWS and Rules and Regulations of Our Realm. Our legal structure is based on God's Word, with its Foundation in the Ten Commandmensts or Decalogue. From there are links to various Passages on most major legal issues. These are to be used in the Adminstration of Our Realm, as well as in the Daily Life of Our Memmbers. (Directory to full listing, above link, or abridged version and simple explanations at KoReY INTERSTELLAR LAW Article. For Inter-Cultural LAW interpretaions, see Our Article on GOD'S LAW IN VARIOUS CULTURES.) Also:
c Inter-Cultural LAW of God ,
^ Interstellar Diplomacy,
+ Pro-Population Policy,
* KoReY Cultural Tri-Unity,
# Law Library DIRECTORY
[Historical Literature Shield] 2. OFFICE OF SOCIAL DEFENSES -- Here you will find a Directory Page to Our Persecutions Monitor, with notes and links to the various sub-office and information on dealing with Religious Descrimination (and the rising tide of Anti-Semitism in America). And, get a look at some of the ugly, and dispicable things that have been done (and are still being done) to People (especially to those of Jewish descent). Take a good look, and help us FIGHT BACK!


(Plus info on the various Cults and Groups that are involved in spreading this HATE.) Also:
o ACTURIAL DEFENSE (Detecting Pogroms),
c Porphyria Scam (implied insanity),
^ Personal Testimony of Harrassment,
+ RADICAL ANTI-SEMITISM * Relocation Policies

[Cloud Castle (Admin) Shield] 3. SHADDOX KoNSVaRa (Hebrew Viking Clan) -- Here is a humorous introduction to Our Personnel, Staff, and merry-makers that try to keep the wheels of Our Realm's Administration turning.

(Be prepared for some unusual laughs!)

And, on a more serious note, there are a variety of links here to various other Projects and Programs that Our Administration is working on. Also, see:
c The Sadducees,
^ Realm Membership,
* KoReY Star-Lords Program.

[Flaming Sword Shield] 4. REALM SECURITY -- This is a link to Our Portective Services Branch, to help you not only with your own, personal securty, but to provide intelligence and law enforcement against various unsavory elements that attempt to come into and take undo advantage of Our Realm, and its members. (If you are having problems with some particular individual or group, this is who you need to contact to get those issue properly resolved!)

(Don't just sit there--and be their victim!!!)


[Flaming Arrow (E-Mail) Shield] 5. Realm ARMED SERVICES -- In Planning for Our Future growth, there will have to be a variety of Armed Forces to provide security and defense of Our Colonies. As these Programs develop, they will be linked to here, for you to find them (an perhaps, join up?).

(SPACE -- Above and Beyond!)


[Abrahamic Faith (Stars) Shield] 6. K.U.F.O.L. -- The Super Secret and ultra controversial areial phenomena investigative group within Our Realm.

(Not for the faint-hearted or skeptic!)

At last, the real truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth--if you can stand it!

(And absolute MUST for those preparing to enter into our Plans for Interstellar Colonization--and what we may encounter, out there!)

[Information Age (Sun) Shield] 7. ASTARIA F.A.Q.s -- Here are the common answers to the top dozen Frequently Asked Questions of Us and Our Realm. Not only are there basic, informational questions, but some of the hot issues and controversies are also covered. So, take a closer look at what we are--and what we are NOT (PG)! Also:
[AstrilanZ Galactic Shield] 8. ABOUT OUR REALM -- This is a short Article presenting the basic facts of what Our Realm is, and how we intend to govern it. This, in turn, is based on Mediavel Philosophy, and the traditional Judeo-Christian Culture. And, consequently, follows the Royal model of Divinely appointed Monarchy.

For more social and historical details, see Our ABOUT ASTARIA Article.

[ZDK (Sun) Shield] 9. ZDK COMPREHENSIVE DIRECTORY -- Want to see our whole Realm, laid out in Organizational Structure, with links to the various Ministries, Branches, and Sub-Departments? Well, here it is! (The whole ballgame!) A whole maze of places for you to navigate through Our Web site! (Comprehensive Directory, above link, or use the more popular, abridged version at ZDK POPULAR DIRECTORY.)



[K.R.Y. Interstellar Flag]

Further Contacts with US:

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E-MAIL us at: zdkf@gorge.net (Please, mark subject box ASTARIAN GOVERNMENT!)

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ASTARIA Government
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Our phone number is: (509) 493-1674 (with Shaddox Clan offices)

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