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And Our Realm...and Organization(s)

Curious? What is ASTARIA? Join the crowd! We are new and unique! (Not not much to compare us with!) So, some find our concepts of an Interstellar Realm or Space Society hard to grasp. Not to mention a Religous Realm or Spiritual Society--Greater Israel! Thus, hopefully, this simple presentation of a few basic facts will help you understand us. [Realm News Shield]

1. Descriptions Of ASTARIA:

ASTAIRA is G-D's expression of a Future Greater Israel! Our role is to primarly help G-D, in HIS Plan and Purposes for Mankind--for the migration of the Faithful to out among the stars (according to HIS Promise to Abraham). And secondarily, to build the Society and Divine Culture for HIS New Nation out there. (Meanwhile, organizing HIS various Works and Charities, here, to help HIS People.)

(These would include those that are of the traditional Judeo-Christian Heritage--not Pagan nor Idolatrous ones.)

[Scandia Faith Shield] A. ASSOCIATIONS:
We view oursleves as a Mystical Body of Believers or a Spiritual Society or Religious Realm (and God's expression of a Future, Greater Israel out among the Stars). Thus, we are a non-profit religious organization, presenting God's Plans and Programs to the world. We focus on Works that are of the more traditional Judeo-Christian Heritage (and teachings) and provide some help to a variety of differing denominations, ministries, charities, and organizations. (See Referral Page).

[ZDK Menorah Shield] B. PRIORITY:
Yet, as Meshianites (Hebrew-Christians) we favor Messianic (Jewish-Christian) activities, and especially those of the Levites (the Descendants of Aaron), and most especially, those of Holy House--the Shaddox Konsvara (or Viking Clan). For, as the Descendants of Zadok or TsaDoQ, they are the representative of the High Priests of Israel. Thus, forming a Greater Israel about us (and Our Family Clan).

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2. Our Basic Philosophical Concepts:

(Traditional Judeo-Christian Teachings and Values)

What we say, teach, and do comes right out of the Holy Scriptures! For We are a Holy Realm, based on God's Word.

(Jewish-Christian) Shield] A. PRESENT FOCUS - CULTURAL OUTREACH:
At the present, the bulk of Our Work and Support tends to center around the development of the RETURN or ShuVah of a Holy Israel. And this through a variety of Cultural Outreaches, such as the NORDESEL or Nordic (Viking) Return, Emuspatel or Messianic (Jewish-Christian) Return, and APPIRU or the Arabic - Ishmaelite Return (Isaiah 19:24-25). Moreover, we attempt to blend these 3 Main Branches of the Coming Holy Israel into one United Spiritual Realm--a Greater Israel. (See, Tri-Unity, below.)

To get Article on Tri-Unity (Click Here)!

For, the Dispensation of the Messianic Kingdom (or Greater Israel) has begun!

[Abrahamic Shield] B. FUTURE VISION--OUT IN SPACE:
And for the Future, we look forward to the rising of an Interstellar Empire of Israel (Astaria) out among the stars, when Our Spiritual Society and Religious Realm shall become a real government and nation out in Space. (See KoReY, below, for details.) And, to the End Times of the Second Coming, when Christ shall return and we shall turn the Spiritual Throne of Our Holy Realm (and Nation) over to HIM to set up HIS Millenial Reign over all the earth (and Universe).

To get KoReY HOME PAGE (Click Here)!

And, for the Space Sciences and emerging Interstellar technologies that will make this all possible, consult Our ZDK Institute (below).

To get ZDK Institute (Click Here)!

[Divine Enlightenment (Book) Shield] C. OUR 3 CORE TEACHINGS:
In this pursuit, we spread the Full Gospel, containing the two main teachings of 1) the Blood Atonement of the Cross to pay for sins and 2) the giving of Spiritual Gifts by the Holy Ghost to Believers. Moreover, 3) we teach Our Followers to be Holy and Sanctified, obeying the 10 Commandments, and following God's Law. (For Our Basic Teachings, see Our Revival Course.)

To get REVIVAL COURSE (Click Here): [Revival Course]

Moreover, we foster the development and spread of the Divine Culture, such as was found in the Ancient Northern Kingdom of Israel (and extensively recorded in the Holy Scriptures). And, which, We believe, was put forth in the Gahtsk or Gothic Realm of Scandia and Northern Europe by the early Vikings. And this, in turn, led to the rise of the popular Mediavel Culture of Feudal Europe. And, of course, the Reformation World that followed on its heals, with the discovery and colonization of New Worlds. And the foundation of America, by our fore-fathers. For, these all are an expression of the Holy Judeo-Christian Culture that G-D honors (Proverbs 14:34 and Isaiah 60:12). And the Heritage that Our fore-fathers walked in. (See Our ZDK Library, also, for such Cultural Resources.)

To get HERITAGE WORLDS (Click Here)!

[KoReY Tri-Unity Shield]

Furthermore, recognizing God's Love for ALL of HIS Peoples, we seek an atmosphere of understanding and mutual cooperationg between Jews, Christians, and Muslim (Ishmaelites - Arabs). For, we find such tolerance among the Vikings and Varangians (Viking Christian Russia). And, also, among the Peaceful Era of the Crusader States, when all the Descendants of Abraham, got along reasonably well (despite the blooshed of the Crusades). For, we see that this is PEACE and UNITY AMONG BROTHERS is pleasing to God, for Our Times! (See TAD, below.)

For Further Study:

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The ASTARIA is committed to finding avenues of understanding and mutual cooperation (PEACE) between Jews, Christians, and Muslims. In this capacity, our members often serve as a bridge in the gap between Synagogue, Church, and Mosque. For we are all Descendants of Abraham and members of his Belief in the ONE TRUE G-D (monotheism)--and stand against the Pagans and their false gods and idols. (Thus, we, of the Faithful, are all Hebrew Peoples, from our descent from Abraham!)

This philosophy is reflected in the construction of Our Library Complex, with separate, independent (though CONNECTED) Towers for each of the Main Faiths by Abraham: Jews, Christians, and Ishmaelites (Arabs - Muslims). We sincerely hope that the materials that you find in these storage places will encourage you (and others) to enter this atmosphere of brotherly co-operation. And may they give us better understanding of one another (and foster tolerance for differences of the same basic Belief--Monotheism). And, indeed, there are many basic Teachings that are common to all the Hebrew Peoples--from the Tribes of Abraham's Descendants (TAD). Consult Our Library for details.

To get ZDK Library Complex (Click Here)!

Moreover, to better understand this imporant concept, we have put together an Article on what we refer to as the Tri-Unity of the Faithful, which is an attempt to bring together the Faithful of the Jews, Christians, and Muslims. For sure, it is no small task! But, every little bit and ounce of effort helps. So, consider this new concept and its expression of God's Will for Our Days.


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SHADDOX: That Weird Name???

The Shaddox Konsvara (or Viking Clan--Family) came to America from Scotland (which was a Viking colony for centuries). Moroever, legend holds that the Family Name Shaddox actually comes from the Hebrew TsaDoQ or Zadok (Greek: Sadduk or Sadoc), who was the High-Priest back in the days of King Solomon. Hence Our use of the abbreviated Name ZDK (and Our adherance to Gothic or Northern Hebrew Culture and Nordic Christianity).
To get Legends of HOLY HOUSE (Click Here)!

To get our administration: SHADDOX KoNSVaRa (Viking Clan) (Click Here)!

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G-D's Scriptural Promise to ZDK:


Further Contacts:

Can't find what you are looking for? OR, have a comment or suggestion? Then try the contact routes below:

E-MAIL us at: zdkf@gorge.net (Please, mark subject box ABOUT ASTARIA!)

Our mailing address is:

Shaddox Space Society
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Our phone number is: (509) 493-1674 (with Shaddox Clan)

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