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The POPULAR DIRECTORY and Internet Entrance to...

[ZDK Foundation Shield]



The ZDK CONFLUX is a GATHERING or collection of various Cultural, Educational, and Charitable Organizations...

Now, explore Our amazing Realm and Web Site, below:


Explainations, Notes, and Links, below:

Find Our Major Ministries and Their Branch Departments, Here:

* * * * * * * 1. MINISTRY OF CULTURE:

[AstrilanZ Galatic Shield] 1.0 MINISTRY of CULTURE -- Cultural Union for Our Futuristic SPACE World of Astaria (and its various KoReY Heritage Worlds).

1.1 KoReY (ASTARIA) -- Future Interstellar Israel (Home of the Sci-Fi Believer).

1.2 VIKING REVIVAL -- Scandinavian Israelite RETURN (Northmen Outreach).

1.3 NORDESEL -- Nordic Israelite RETURN (Northern European Outreach).

1.4 EMUSPATEL -- YeHuDeyM RETURN (Messianic [Jewish-Christian] Outreach.

1.5 APPIRU -- Egyptian RETURN (Ishmaelite [Abrahamic Bedoin] Outreach).

1.6 TRI-UNITY -- the Merging 3 Branches of the Israelite Return (Jews, Christians, and Muslims).

* * * * * * * 2. MINISTRY OF RELIGION:

[Revival Chapel Shield] 2.0 MINISTRY OF RELIGION -- Z*D*K is a Spiritual Society and Holy Religious Realm. So, here you will find Our main Teachings and Beliefs through Our ZDK Seminary. And from its more popular Revival Chapel, you will find some simple lesson to help you get you life on track with God! Find out the details on the Gospel or Good News (and how to get SAVED or born again).

* * * * * * * 3. MINISTRY OF FAMILY:

[ZDK Menorah Shield] 3.0 MINISTRY of FAMILY -- Our Realm Papa: Fellowship Facilitator uniting members into Families, Clans, and Tribes (Nation?).

3.1 ZDK HEALTH CENTER -- Future Medical Hospital and Research Clinic (use Medical Center Library for now).

3.2 MEN'S ISSUES -- Fathers First Priority (Patriarchy and God Ordained Male Leadership).

3.3 WOMEN'S ISSUES -- the Old Fashioned, Feminine Female ideal.

3.4 PRO-POPULATION POLICY -- Our expanding Realm in Space demands production of more manpower: larger Families! [Transfer to KUFOL]

* * * * * * * 4. MINISTRY OF EDUCATION:

[U.ZDK Shield] 4.0 MINISTRY of EDUCATION -- Future ZDK.U (Our Educational and Academic Programs).

4.1 ZDK INFORMATION COMPLEX -- Our Library and Media Center.

4.2 ZDK INSTITUTE--Science and Technology Departments of ZDK-U (use their lib. entrance for now)

4.3 I.S.A.G. NETWORK--(Interstellar) Scientists Associated for God Network (Science Nerd Fellowship: Professional and Social contacts)

4.4 ZDK Seminary -- developing!

4.5 REVIVAL CHAPEL--Training and Guidance in the Judeo-Christian FAITH.

* * * * * * * 5. MINISTRY OF ECONOMICS:

[Fruitful Vine Shield] 5.0 MINISTRY of ECONOMICS -- Our monetary and financial programs.

5.1 Z-MALL -- Shop the Universe (suppor those who support us)

5.2 INTERSTELLAR COLONIZATION -- Development of settlements on other Stars

5.3 ZDK Treasurihouse -- Please consider a donation?

5.4 BLESSINGS OF SOWING -- God's Program of favoring those who help!

5.5 ZDK INSTITUTE -- Economic alterations from Science and Technology (use their lib. entrance for now)

* * * * * * * 6A. MINISTRY OF GOVERNMENT (External):

[Realm Security (Sword) Shield] 6.0 MINISTRY of GOVERNMENT -- access to Our External Government, Defense (Safety & Security), and Community Liason Authorities.

6.1 ZDK's OSD Lit.--Foundation's Office for Social Defense (Radical anti-Semitic Monitor)

6.2 REALM GUARD--Realm Security Services

6.3 INTERSTELLAR DIPOLAMCY -- Future Realm Relations in Space?

6.4 UFO CONSPIRACY??? -- Dealing with the International Intrigue over UFO issues!!!

* * * * * * * 6B.(7) MINISTRY OF GOVERNMENT (Internal):

[Cloud Castle (Admin) Shield] 7.0 MINISTRY of GOVERNMENT -- Get to Know some of our Leaders and shakers (their bios)!

7.1 ZDK KoNSVaRa--The Shaddox Viking Clan (Officers and Leaders of ZDK--their PHOTOS)

7.2 DIVINE LAW LIBRARY -- Our Laws (the Laws God gave to Mankind).

7.3 ZDK MEMBERSHIP--What it takes to be a ZDK Member (or Member of one of its Programs or Outreaches).


[Historical Literature Shield] 8.0 ABOUT ZDK -- Understanding Our Realm (simple overview and some descriptive details).


[ZDK Foundation Shield] 9.0 MAIN DIRECTORY -- Our Comprehensive Directory (with outline and overview of all Our structure and Organization).

[Cloud Castle (Admin) Shield]

SHADDOX KoNSVaRa (Viking Clan):

Looking for links and Pages of the Shaddox Family (founders of ZDK)? Look no farther! And get a good peek at the photos of our leaders and fore-fathers (as well as some of their mystery men).

And, be prepared! For the Mediavel mirth and merriment is just around the corner! (And will strike when you least expect it!) So, come on in, make yourself at home, and enjoy yourself, with the rest of Our Family.

SHADDOX CLAN (Click Here!)


[Information Age (Sun) Shield]


ZDK is destined to become a Leader among Judeo-Christian Organizations and Our Inter-Cultural Ministries and Outreach Programs are more than innovative and on the cutting edge of the Israelite Return Movement of God!

HOWEVER, much of what you see listed here, in Our Web Site, is only the structure (outline) or skeleton of what ZDK is to become. (Our VISION, if you will!) Consequently, we hope that you will join us--and enter in to building up Our Realm into all the dimensions that God may wish us to grow to.

Help us put the flesh on this bare bones skeleton!


ZDK Associations???

ZDK is a Hebrew acronym, whose meaning and origin has been associated with Our Family since Bible Times and it has no connection whatsoever with either the Asian Heritage marital arts of Zendokai or its ZDK--nor with any German manufacturing or products using a ZDK lable! Nor, do we want you to think that their longstanding use of Our Family Name implies that we run their organizations nor approve of what they may be doing! So, to help you avoid the confusion, with them, we have begun referring to Our Family Foundation or ZDK Foundation not just as ZDK, but as ZDK.F (or zdkf) to help you keep our distinctiveness clear in your mind.

(So, if you happen to be here looking for martial arts or German products--YOU ARE IN THE WRONG PLACE!)

[ZDK Foundation Shield]

Other Contact Routes:

(Getting to know us better?)

Comments? Suggestions? Not finding what you want? Something not working right? Then try any of these ways below to get word to us.

E-Mail us at (Mark subject box WEBMASTER!)

Or, regular mail us (snail mail) at:

Z*D*K (Shaddox) Conflux
P.O. Box 44
Underwood, WA 98651 U.S.A.

Our phone number is: (509) 493-1674 (with the Shaddox Clan offices)

[Messianic (Jewish-Christian) Shield]


As the most notable of Judeo-Christian Orgnaizations, we offer the BEST Programs in Inter-Cultural Ministries for the current Israelite RETURN Movement! And God's "vision" for us is beyond comparison! (For, WE have a Future that is truly out of this world!)

COME, and enjoy Our Programs! COME, and learn Our Teachings! COME, and RETURN to God with US!

Growing? No. EXPLODING!!!

Pardon Our dust, but we are in the process of an EXPLOSION!!! God is moving by HIS Spirit through Our Work in a mighty way. And Our Web Site seems to have taken on a life of its own--as Our growth is constantly making us change and expand Our Net Presence. So, please keep checking back. See us grow. (And have a little patience until we can get your pet Program up and running!) Watch what the Lord does through us!

(Perhaps HE will soon MOVE through you, too? And bring you to JOIN the RETURN with us?)

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