With the coming of the New year, this Fall, we at ZDK have been doing a lot of thinking, and praying, about our growth and future direction(s).

If you have followed us, we first entered the Net in '97 with our focus on the Viking Revival. This rapidly grew into the Nordic Outreach. And from there we seemed to explode into various Ministries and Outreaches.

However, this growth was under the ASSUMPATION that our considerable Family resources would one day be put at our disposal, to put the flesh and meat on this bare bones structure that we have designed. However, as the years have passed, and the legal battles continued, we are coming to the realization that we cannot support and operate all of these Programs. Consequently, we need to go through a downsizing to concentrate and focus our efforts on what can be done.

This, in turn, means a dramatic restructuring of the whole ZDK Organization. And that means a lot of things in our web are going to be moved or deleted in the next few months. Please stay with us through all these moves and changes!


In the original planning for ZDK, we had thought that Astaria would be something that our kids or descendants would eventually be getting into. However, this has emerged as more and more of our current focus, and it appears that the Future is here, Today! Consequently, we will be concentrating more on ASTARIA (and its Cultural Clusters), with its bridge, KOREY, to help us get there (along with ZDK.I's scientific and technological developments that are making all of this become an engineering possiblility right before our very eyes). We trust that God will show you that this emerging priority is really where we (and you) should be.


Moreover, ZDK is rapidly amassing tons of data and information. Far more than our server is going to be able to handle! Consequently, with our downsizing (for restructuring), we will be removing Articles fromt the Net, and placing them on our own computer facilities here--as well as adding new materials here, to save Net space.

As this is done, many of the LITEATURE DIRECTORIES that we currently have will be modified into ARCHIVE LISTINGS, so that you can still have some access to all of our information.

However, this means that many of the Articles will no longer be displayed on the Net. Instead, under the direction of the Archival Listings, you will be guided to contact us for the information. For the most part, this means that all we need do here is push a button and send you a return e-mail with the info attached. Simple!

But, if you need a hard copy, that will take extra staff time, and while we can run you off a photocopy of the Article, we will have to charge you $5.00 for shipping and handing of it. (Be sure that you carefully name and describe the Article you want--and make your check or money order out to SHADDOX SOCIETY. And don't forget your return address!)

TEMPORARY NET DOWNLOADS: If you want a hard copy, but don't want to hassle with snail mail, you can send us an e-mail request, and we can post the Article you want on the Net for a couple of days, for you to download it directly from Our Web Site.


We are sorry for this inconvience! But, it is a move that we must make, to keep up with (and control) our growth and expansion. Please ride with us, through these changes and moves...and pardon our mess as we get re-organized!

Other Contact Routes:

Comments? Suggestions? Not finding what you want? Something not working right? Then try any of these ways below to get word to us.

E-Mail us at zdkf@gorge.net (Mark subject box WEBMASTER!)

Or, regular mail us (snail mail) at:

Z*D*K (Shaddox) Conflux
P.O. Box 44
Underwood, WA 98651 U.S.A.

Our phone number is: (509) 493-1674 (with the Shaddox Clan offices)



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