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Establishing Passenger Priorities for the Evacuation

(The Old Medieval Class and Social Rank become the Future Aristocracy and Celestial Nobility)

Welcome to the K.I.C. Office of Passenger Priorities. Amd, for the top of the list, we have the Star-Lords Program. As you should know, KIC is a collection of sincere Believers in the One True God and HIS Plan for Mankind (especially the Faithful) to migrate to the Stars. For, we see Interstellar Colonization as Our New Manifest Destiny! And part of HIS centuries old Plan and Purposes, which HE had prophesied about, long ago--and, which should now begin to unfold with the coming of the New Millenium.

Moreover, given the growing crisis over the Sun going nova (and soon), we feel the urgency to do what we can to save as many People from among Mankind as is reasonably possible (especially those that are of the Household of God)--for surely most of Earth-Life will soon perish in the COMING COSMIC CATACLYSM. It is Time to get ready and MOVE!

[Interstellar Fleet Shield]

PASSENGER PRIORITY - Who Goes First, Last?

Well, the old, traditional saying of women and children first seems to be totally inadaquate here (not to mention being discriminatory against the elderly).

On the other hand, a passenger seat on one of Our Spaceships for the EVACUATION, is going to be at a premium! Considering the size of the task, there just won't be room for everyone of Earth on Our Interstellar Transports!!! So, we are faced with the nasty task of setting some priorities as to who we can go, and who we will have to leave behind, and who may have to wait until we can get to them.

(And also, be something of a social filter for who can and who cannot immigrate to Our future space colonies.)

[ZDK Foundation Shield]FIRST CLASS:
First Priority will be those who are ZDK Officiers, Staff, and Members of Our various Outreaches and Programs. (Yes, we will take care of Our own, first!) So, there is more than an advantage, if you get involved with us, and help us out!!!

[Revival Chapel Shield]SECOND CLASS:
Second Priority will be those of other churches and denominations (synagogues, mosques)--the members of Abraham's Descendants (Jews, Christians, and Muslims) and thus Believers in the One True God (monotheists). (See also, KoReY TRI-UNITY of the Faithful.)

[Nordic Peoples Shield]THIRD CLASS:
Third Priority will be those who are skeptics or honest doubters, who have no religious affilation (and perhaps, see the whole religious idea as somewhat silly), yet either consider the scientific indications for a nova all to real (and hence the need to migrate), or who are attracted to the lure of SPACE--and the Final Frontier.

[WARNING Shield]FOURTH CLASS (Rejects!):
Lowest Priority will be those who are Pagans or Idolators, people who are committed to some false god or demon, or of some religion that is not of the Judeo-Christian Heritage (i.e. from Abraham). For, we have no feeling of responsiblity to rescue these sorts who have defied God and broken the Noahic Covenant--let their own superstitions deliver them from the cataclysm!

These form the basis for STANDARD PASSAGE, for those who can afford to purchase their own ticket and pay for their own way to the Stars. Moreover, be aware that bumping will occur, that if someone with a higher priority shows up, then they will get the seat, and those with a lower priority will be let behind!

So, then, just how do these priorities work? And how can you insure that you can get a seat, or obtain a higher priority? Well, climb the pyramid, below, and work your way up the following lists, to be sure that you are valuable enough to Us to be taken!

[Divine LAW Shield]


Most nations automatically restrict the immigration of anyone who has been convicted of a crime by their former government. However, we have such a demand for manpower, that KIC will tend to review each case, individually.

Moreover, we look back to the British corrections experiment, when criminals in England were shipped out and sent to penal colonies in Australia. And there, given a second chance, most of them reformed and went on to tame and subdue a new continent. So, what could be a better corrections program? (Human life should not be wasted, rotting away in a cell, but should be put to indentured labor, especially in Our increasing demand for manpower!)

Thus, if the person was convicted of a crime that is NOT a crime in Our Realm (nor by the LAWS of God), then there will be no restrictions on them. (Consult Our LAW LIBRARY for descriptions of what Our crimes are!)

However, if it was a crime by Our Realm's Laws, then some restrictions to immigration may apply, depending on what the crime was. And, as an added incentive to immigrate, some crimes may allow for the posting of a bond or sum of money, as a guarentee that the crime will not be repeated in Our Realm--and forfeited if it is (as well as paying any other fines that the second infranction among us may have caused). Moreover, Pardons are also available, and may be applied for, if you have reason to believe that a KoReY Court would not have judged or sentenced as the corrupt secular courts of this wicked world may have done!

(Yes, we NEED manpower that badly!!!)

Perhaps this is God's way of giving you a second chance? However, while this may be just the opportunity you have been looking for, keep in mind that it will not have a very high priority with Us. So, see if there isn't some place farther down on the list that you can get into.

[Information Age (Sun) Shield]


While the seating priorities (above) will be generally in force for STANDARD PASSAGE, occassionally there may be need for exemption of such status, especially if the individual in question has certain skills or talents that we may have good need of, out in Space. Thus, a skills and talents exemption should be provided for and recognized! (Letting you move closer to the head of the class, in a manner of speaking, because of your abilities.)

For, some skills, technologies, and information may be at a premium--in some select cases!

[Abrahamic Faith Shield]

INDENTURE: Realm Service

While it is nice to be so blessed with the money to purchase a ticket outright (or have such notable talents and skills as to obtain a seat on your own merits), some are going to be in the other extreme--impoverished, unrecognized, and unable to pay for their own transport. Consequently, because of Our high demand for more manpower, while WE have space available, Our Realm will pay the transport costs of some healthy workers, provided that they pledge to do service for Our Realm for a period of 7 years (in order to pay us back).

Moreover, Indenture will obtain you First Class priority seating on the Interstellar transport, as you will be counted as KoReY personnel!

Furthermore, for those willing to so labor an additional 7 years of service with Us (i.e. 14 years total), may earn for themselves the Right to claim a parcel of land--subject to land availability. (See LAND GRANT ALLOTMENTS, in the previous Article.)

(Yes, this is set up much on the lines as Jacob did, to labor to earn Rachel for his Bride! And the same for some of our fore-fathers, who came to America as servants, in order to at least get to the Land!))

[Realm Security Shield]

ENLISTMENT SERVICES and Enforcement Personnel

Once the Star-Colonies begin to be built and settled, there will be a great demand for security personnel to patrol and monitor these lands (as well as defend them, in case of an attack--as a kind of local millitia). Consequently, those with law enforcement or military service or skills (and who are willing to use them for US and put their life on the line for Our Realm) can get their transport costs paid, if they sign up to join Our Colonial Guard (or other branches of Our Security or Military Services).

Normal enlistments for this Program are for 10 years, with Colonial Guard assignments typicaly being one week on and the next off, so that you can spend half of your time tending to your own land or pursuing your own enterprises in the local community (if you should have such funds as to undertake these on your own).

In addition, those tough enough to commit to a block service of 20 years of this, will also usually be awarded land in the Star-Colony where they are stationed to serve--subject, of course, to land availablity. And such Land Allotments are for larger plots than indentures. Moreover, such land is usually allotted out in proportion to the rank that the individual earns while serving Our Realm--higher rank, more land. (Also, special awards for distinguished service can easily result in additional lands being given to the individual of achievement.) So, earn your land, while you serve Our Realm with pride and distinction. (See LAND GRANT ALLOTMENTS, in the previous Article.)

Also, not only will Enlistment give you First Class priority seating on the Interstellar transport (as you will be counted as a KoReY Officer) but you will also have priority over even regular First Class passengers (because you will be considered essential personnel).

And for those with the right stuff and tough enough to hack a full tour of duty for 30 years (with a clean and distinguished record), you may earn to yourself a Noble entitlement, with all of its resultant priviliges. (See, below, under Celestial Nobles.)

[Women Issues Shield]


If you consider the lessons of history, most frontier settlements tend to fill up with lots of men, who are rough and rugged enough to carve out a place for themselves in the new lands. Consequently, there tends to become a shortage of marriagable females there. (And lots of very lonely men!)

In an attempt to help socially balance this, KIC will offer a limited number of seats (space available) to those marriagable ladies who would like to seek a husband on Our Frontier, giving them Frontierette priority.

In addition, some FREE seats may even be given to single young ladies of the prime reproducing years (18 to 28), in an attempt to socially balance this male over-population. (Some of these may be paid by the Star-Colony that will then become their destination.)

So, ladies, if you are looking for a good husband, what better place is there to find one!!!

[Fruitful Vine Shield]


While it is usually not possible to just directly purchase a ticket for evacuation, Our REALM also realizes that there are individuals out there with notable Treasures or prize Artworks, which Our Imperial Museum Staff would love to have. So, in exchange for the gift of some of these worthy items to be preserved in Our Museums, limited passenger priority may be granted to the donating collector (and their family).

(NOTE: generally, Our Realm frowns heavily on bribery, but some of these items are more than worth the exchange, so they will be considered a fair purchase and acquisition by Our Officials, in such cases!)

[Celestial Nobles Shield]


Given that certain, specialized individuals may be needed, as above in Priority Exemptions (or have served Our Realm sufficiently to deserve special recognition), KoReY sets forth an honorary entitlment program, where selected individuals may become part of Our Celestial Nobility for Our Spiritual Society and Religious Realm (or then, future Astridons of Our Interstellar Nation and Future Aristocracy--the coming ASTARIA out among the Stars).

This is modelled after the typical Mediavel system (Medieval Class or Social Rank), which in turn, was based on the Judeo-Christian Teachings (I Peter 5:6). Correspondingly, they will be accorded special priviliges in Our Interstellar Migration Program (as well as in Our Realm, in general)--i.e. most notably, easier access to Land Grants and larger tracts of land. (See LAND GRANT ALLOTMENTS, in the previous Article.) As well as passenger priority over and above Our Enlistment Forces (see, above).

For the honorary titles that KoReY uses, see the list below, in ascending order of rank:

  1. Star-Knight (Dame)
  2. Star-Baron (Baroness)
  3. Star-Vis-Count (Vis-Countess)
  4. Star-Earl (Oreless)
  5. Star-Margrave (Marchioness)
  6. Star-Count (Countess)
  7. Star-Duke (Duchess)
  8. Star-Arch-Duke (Arch-Duches)
  9. Star-Prince (Princess)
  10. Star-King (Queen)
These are the honoray ranks of those who have earned appropriated recognition by Our Realm.

Given Our Realm's attachment to Mediavel Culture, those Europeans of Christendom, especially Nordics or Northern Europeans, who already have a bonafide Title of their own, or are of such an Entitled Family, may apply for an honorary title with KoReY for one step or rank below that of their father (as is accorded by KoReY Laws of Noble Title Inheritance). However, please note, that this is a temporary provision, due to the Our current need for Manpower at this time and may be suspended, without warning, at some future date!

[English Peoples Shield]ESQUIRE (British Peerage):
Those of British Peerage, who are of a Family with a Noble Title, but who did not inherit it (as their older sibling recieved it), may also apply using the above rule. Moreover, those whose entitlment rank would then fall below the last rank of Knight, may also apply for noble enserfment (see below), to re-earn a similiar Title with Our Realm, provided that no other member of their Family has claimed that Right in Our Realm.

[Holy Scriptures Shield]


In order to keep the bloodline of Our Realm's Aristocracy alive and functioning well, Celestial Noble Titles automatically degrade by one rank for each generation. Consequently, for inheritance in KoReY, normally a Nobleman's sons (or daughers, Heiresses, if he has no sons) are only entitled to one rank or step below that of their father. (NOTE: Primogeniture, where only the eldest descendant receives the Title is not recognized, according to KoReY Law.)

Thus, to keep their honorary title stable, most aspiring descendants of Noblemen will enter some Service for Our Realm, where their good and loyal service will earn them back the full rank of their father. (See Enlistment and Enforcement Services, above.)

[Cloud Castle (Admin) Shield]


Certain Nobles in Our Realm may receive an additional award in Our Realm to be Overlords--teachers and trainers of new nobles.

Consequently, the first-born son of a Celestial Noble (or Heiress, eldest daughter) may apply for service with such an Overlord, by which to give his service to Our Realm to re-earn his father's full title, after 20 years of faithful and loyal service in that capacity.

However, if there is an Abatement of Honor on either the father or his descendant, then this privilige may not be used!

[Word of God Shield]


Let it be remember by all Celestial Nobility that their primary duty is not to be served nor honored, but rather to be a servant of Our Realm, and a loyal subject, honoring Our Throne, which holds Our Society together. For, without that, they will have no place nor position! (And Treason, Treachery, and Rebellion are highly frowned on by Our Realm--and severely punished!)

[KoReY Interstellar Colony Shield]

Further Contacts with K.I.C.:

Joining us?

Can't find what you are looking for? OR, have a comment or suggestion?

Then try the contact routes below:

E-MAIL us at: zdkf@gorge.net (Please, mark the subject box STAR-LORDS!)

Our regular mailing address is:

KoReY Star-Lords
ZDK (Shaddox) Conflux
P.O. Box 44
Underwood, WA 98651 U.S.A.

Our phone number is: (509) 493-1674

[Fruit Shield]


Would you even just think about contributing, something, to Our Cause? Then, please consult Our Page on Giving: ZDK DONATIONS PAGE.

Even just volunteering, every now and then, is greatly appreciated!

Well, yes, we do live in a supernatural world. And the blessing that come from giving are no accident! To better understand this amazing process, consult Our Article on the MYSTERIES OF GIVING.

May God bless you for your kind generosity!

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