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ASTARIA Ministry of Government...

[Cloud Castle (Adm-Gov) Shield]


Our Judeo-Christian Political Theology...

The Holy Political Philosophy on How Our World is Run and Governed!

As much as we may all like to live in the fantasy world of the free spirited (where anything goes), the sad facts of life are, that in order to have a society (and its benefits), we also have to have rules and regulations on how it runs and operates. And this means, in turn, that there have to be people who decide what those rules and regulations are--and how to enforce and maintain them.

Now, that may not be profound philosophy, but it is that pragmatic reality of where the Our world is at.

[Divine Law Shield]


The Lord as the Supreme Authoprity in Our Land!

God is officially our sovereign. And the Laws that HE has ordained, and has written into the Holy Scriptures becomes the Constitution and Supreme Law of Our Land. We are truly People of the Book (the good book or Bible, that is)!

And if you have any doubts as to what that Law may say and mean, we have put together the LAW LIBRAY which is organized around the 10 Commandments, and the Scriptures that are related to and support each Commandment. For this provides us with the main body or code of Our Rules and Regulations for Our Realm.

[Gray Wolf (Star Crown) Shield]

Medieval Monarchy:

Our King as the God Ordained Governor of Our Realm

Being based on Scripture, Our Realm is a Mediavel style monarchy, with a hereditary ruler or King as the one God appointed to run Our World. (And who, in turn, is a visible symbol of the invisible God, who is Our King of Kings--and true Ruler.)

And while for the moment, we are but a Religious Realm (and Spiritual Society), we look forward to the day of ASTARIA, when we shall be a formally recognized govenement our among the Stars. Consequently, we tend to organize Our World as if we were already there.

[Revival Chapel Shield]

Our Spiritual Sanhedrin:

The Great Council and Legislative Body of Our Realm.

While Our Spiritual Monarch is mostly counter-balanced by God's Law, he is also held in check and balance by Our Great Coouncil, modelled after the Sanhedrin (or Great High Council of Israel).

Our Chancellory or Steering Commitee (King's Counselors) is composed of the 12 (13-14) Princes of the Tribes of Israel, plus the 12 Apostles (or those appointed to their seats).

A futher sub-committe of 12 is appointed as Our Supreme Court, to deal with legal matters that do not require all the Great Council to vote on and decide.

The full Great Council, according to Scriptures, is composed of 70 High Elders--the above 36(+) with about 34 others as Members-at-Large (and representatives of the Nations or Peoples of God).

[Celestial Nobles Shield]

Celestial Nobles:

The Mediavel Model of Bureaucracy with an Aristocracy of Servants

To assit Our Monarch, there are also a variety of Nobles and officials to help run and organize Our Realm. And on the Mediavel model, they view themselves as Servants to the Throne (and thereby, as servants of God)--not as tyrants or petti-rulers, in themselves.

And this is how most people will encounter them, as holy workers about their Divine task of running Our World, for God's glory.

[Shaddox Clan (Messianics) Shield]

SHADDOX KoNSVaRa (Viking Clan):

The Holy House of Zadok or ZDK (and the Sadducees)

Looking for links and Pages of the Shaddox Family (founders of ZDK)? Look no farther! And get a good peek at the photos of our leaders and fore-fathers (as well as some of their mystery men?).

HOLY HOUSE traces the Hebrew Roots of the Shaddox Family, all the way back to King David--and the Family's loyal service to him, and his descendants. This, in turn, led to their rise into the Aristocray of Israel, and even into the office of the High Priest (and the founding of the Sadducean Party).

SHADDOX KONSVARA (or Viking Clan) deals with the Family's more recent Scandinavian Heritage. And, be prepared! For the Mediavel mirth and merriment is just around the corner, here! (And will strike when you least expect it!)

So, come on in, make yourself at home, and enjoy yourself, with the Rulers of Our Family.

HOLY HOUSE (Click There!) or SHADDOX CLAN (Click Here!)


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