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KoReY U.F.O. Literature - Space Foreign Policy?

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E.T. RELATIONS: Dealing with Space Alien Issues

When the USA first became a Nation, many European Powers had designs on the territory that the US thought belonged to them. Consequently, to defend the claim to their territorial lands, sea to sea, the Monroe Doctrine was issued, that basically said hands off of our lands! In a similar manner, we are faced with a parallel situation concerning KoReY (and the coming Astaria) over Outer Space.

Unfortunately, most governments of Earth like to ignore the issues of Space Foreign Policy and Interstellar Diplomacy for dealing with Space Aliens and E.T. Relations--prefering to stick their heads in the sand (and instead add more fuel to the debate that perhaps U.F.O.s do not even really exist)! However, playing ostrich (and ignoring reality of UFO Beings) does not solve any diplomatic problems. Nor will it make this growing issue (and crisis?) go away! Rather, what is called for here is cold, ration Space Foreign Policy that deals with the increasing issues that U.F.O. Beings raise.

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PRIME DIRECTIVE: Non-Interference?

Into this vacuum, have stepped Sci-Fi writers and futuristic speculators. The infamous Federation PRIME DIRECTIVE of non-interference is now well known. But, how good is it, in reality? Our experts think that it is totally inadaquate as an effective Space Foreign Policy for handling UFO Beings and E.T. Relations. (Especially when we now appear to have an aggressive SAP or Space Alien People, in the form of the RANI of Kolob, who now seem to be bent on making a colony out of our own Country of America--and our whole planet!)

Rather, what we need is a new Monroe Doctrine. A comprehensive policy covering the range of relations possible with the Close Encounters of various UFO Beings. And, a policy based upon the time honored values and programs of the Judeo-Christian Heritage. This, then, is what we are putting forth here, for Our Realm. A workable policy for Extraterestial Law and E.T. Relations.

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In laying out a Space Foreign Policy, we need to keep in mind that there are four basic types of relationships that can be formed with any foreign power (whether it be of Earth or of E.T. Relations). And, thus, we should provide for the main contingencies that each one will make available to us (or confront us with). In this way, we are preparing to not be taken by surprize--nor be taken advantage of (by whatever we encounter out there).

These four are:





Each of these presents its own unique opportunities. And each also has its own unique, disasterous pitfalls that we need to watch for and avoid. So, let us examin each one. That we may set forth some good guidelines as to what should be done (so that we will know what to do when they show up).

And, so that they will have a good idea of what to expect from us, as well (in return). [KUFOL Shield]

1. Discovery and Exploration

A close examination of the historical record tends to show that various E.T. and SAP groups have visited our Planet from time to time, down through history. Most of these have been benign visits of simple curiousity or scientific examination of what is living here, on our Planet. (Even, perhaps, some vacationing or joy riding?)

How have we responded to these? Well, not as good as we ought to! Usually, such Visitors are confronted with shock. And all too often, public panic, if not open hostilities! This is NOT good for developing long-term relations. So, how should we deal with them?

[Word of God shield] A. OFFERING OF PEACE:
In the Judeo-Christian Tradition, we are admonished by the Holy Scriptures to:

If at all possible, as much as lies within you (God's Love), live PEACEABLY with ALL Men! (Romans 12:18)
Moreover, we are also warned to treat all Visitors with kindness and respect, showing them our best hospitality. Even as it is written:
Be not forgetful to entertain strangers (Visitors); For thereby some have entertained angels (dignitaries) unawares (or unknowingly)! (Hebrews 13:2)
So, any of these Visitors who show up in PEACE, should be returned with PEACE and given our best hospitality and entertained with our best graces. (That they might take such a warm welcome back to their world and encourage trade and commerce to be engaged in with us!)

We are NOT and never should allow the dispicable incident of Roswell to occur again (where the E.T. Visitors were apparently killed, or murdered, by the government--and then mutilated)!

[ZDK Institute Shield] B. DISEASE?
While the possibility of contamination is there and the fear of plagues can not be denied, we should NOT approach Visitors expecting this. Most likely, if they have the technology to make it to our Planet to visit us, then they also have sufficient medical technology to deal with the issue of biological contamination. (And have, no doubt, explored our Planet for dangerous bugs, before they even set down!) Moreover, if any kind of contagion should break out, the odds are better that their medical technologies are more prepared to deal with it than are ours! (So, we would need their help--which friendly contact would encourage.) However, caution should be urged with anyone who comes across a substance that they may believe to be of extraterrestial origin--for we do not know what its effects on humans may be! (Report it to authorities, at once!)

[Divine Enlightenment (Book) Shield] C. PUBLIC EDUCATION:
Given these forgoing facts, it becomes absolutely essential that the general public become well informed of this information. And prepared to deal, PROPERLY, with E.T. and SAP Visitors! DON'T PANIC! Keep you head. And be as nice and pleasant as you can.

(Meanwhile, do your best to get a hold of the proper authorities! Let the trained diplomats and government officials deal with it.) [Interstellar Fleet Shield]

2. Free Trade and Commerce

The potential here is absolutely mindboggling! For, if an E.T has the power and technology to reach our Planet from other worlds, no doubt they have all kinds of other technologies (or medicines) that would be of great benefit to our own world! Thus, we would be more than fools to turn such activity away--or do stupid things that would block it being established!

The dimensions to be covered here are vast and way beyond the scope of this short work! However, let us set a few guidelines so that we will have some handle on this vast field.

[Divine Law Shield] A. HONEST COMMERCE:
One of the issues that we must absolutely insist on is fair commerce. That our merchants deal fairly and honestly with any Visitor that may come along. For, nothing destroys commerce like distrust brewed from being stung by bad deals or being cheated! (And, correspondingly, that E.T. merchants treat us fairly and honestly, too.)

However, this is such a complex subject, we can't deal with it all here. Rather, we encourage you to look up the Commerce Laws in Our Divine Law Library to be sure that your dealings are proper and respectable. (And, to properly evaluate theirs, strange though it may be.)

[Holy Scriptures Shield] B. CULTURAL EXCHANGE:
One of the best benefits about conducting Trade and Commerce is that it allows us to export our Culture. Or more specifically, to spread the Judeo-Christian Heritage. For this is Our Main Mission in Life, even as it is written:

Go ye into ALL the world (Kosmos--Universe) and preach the Gospel to every living creature! (Mark 16:15)
Consequently, the establishing of Congregations among the E.T. and converting as many of them as we can to the Belief in the Cross is a high priority with us. Moreover, we would strongly desire to see the spread and adoption of God's Laws by as many E.T. Societies as we can. This kind of Cultural Exchange is worth a lot to us!

However, this could easily be a source of friction between our Peoples, as the best analysis shows the E.T. Societies to be Pagan and Idolatrous--which would be patently offensive to us, and thus NOT importable to Our Realm. Hopefully, they will come to understand Our views on this and respect Our feelings here. [Realm Security Shield]

3. Clandestined Operations and Subversion

As socially disgusting and distasteful as it is, Intelligence Gathering Operations are part of the normal relations between two Powers. Thus, E.T. Visitors can hardly be faulted for their curiosity. (After all, aren't we curious about them?) And, simple, scientific or informational gatherings about us and our Society should be of no concern--and treated as Discovery and Explorations (as above). However, active Espionage activities must be met, toe to toe, with the standard Reply-In-Kind Doctrine! (See, below.)

[KUFOL Shield] A. FLY-BYS:
While control over air-space and territorial waters (or spaceways) may be a sovereignty issue for the diplomats to argue about and protest vigorously, the mere appearance of U.F.O.s constitutes no serious threat. However, caution needs to be pursued to clear air traffic (or space lanes) to prevent congestion and potential collisions. On, the other hand, if they are flying-by us, then we certainly ought to be allowed to fly-by them and to follow their movements in our space with sensing equipment or chase planes (or spacecraft) to photograph them and gather whatever scientific measurements we can from their craft.

However, once E.T. begin investigating military facilities, troop strengths, weapons availablity, etc. their peaceful intentions should automatically become suspect--for such data is NOT needed for the conducting of Peaceful Commerce. Correspondingly, E.T. discovered to be engaged in such activities should be directly refered to A.R.M. (or other appropriate agencies) to counter what military potential they may be attempting to develop (or assess themselves)!

[Realm Security Shield] C. ACTIVE ESPIONAGE:
Theft of military secrets or senstive devices, sabotage of military equipment or operations, abduction of military or governmental personnel, or other acts that indicate a direct attempt to interfere with the proper functioning of Our Armed Services or Government are Espionage acts that should be reported immediately to A.R.M. (or other appropriate agencies) for appropriate counter-measures. They should not be ignored nor left unchecked!

[Spiritual Engiftment Shield] D. OPPRESSIVE SUBVERSION:
The use of clandestined Chemical-Biological Weapons (CBW) upon Our People, or the assassination of Our Officials (or their abduction, torture, or bribery--extortion), moling of Our heirarchy or authority structure, etc. should be seen as they are--veiled attempts at overthrowing Our Sovereignty (or autonomy) over Our own Realm! And will, therefore, be debated and considered by Our Authorities for possible War Issues and appropriate covert reply to what has been done to us. (Why should we just roll over and play dead for them?)

[Fruitful Vine Shield] E. ECONOMIC WARFARE:
Economic destruction of businesses or companies of Our People, destructive theft of their economic patents or trade secrets (so that they cannot continue to do business), monopolistic influences pressuring them to have no busines or no job, continued inheritance or estate pillaging and plundering, spiritual wifery (wife stealing and family destruction), etc. are veiled warfare and aimed at destroying the ability of Our Realm to provide for itself and Our Families. Consequently, they will also be debated and considered by Our Authorities for possible War Issues, and appropriate covert responses. (These cannot be ignored and left unchecked!) [Information Age (Sun) Shield]


The Auinu lost their Invasion of Japan because of the massive war reponse of the Japanese. Moreover, the Axis Powers lost their bid for world domination because of the massive war response of the Allied Powers. Therefore, do NOT be afraid--E.T. are defeatable! And such hostile elements need to be made aware that their violent actions will be returned upon them in massive reply! (This, in turn, ought to force any subversive E.T. to come to grips with dealing with us on terms of Peaceful Commerce, rather than face the reply of a massive war effort!)

Consequently, it needs to be pointed out to any potential E.T. aggressor, exactly what Our War Issues are, so that they will not make the mistake of crossing those lines!

[Viking Ship Shield] A. HOSTILE FIRE:
To open fire upon Our Officials, military personnel, facilities or equipment, or populace with death dealing weapons will be considered an Act of War! (Whether that War has been officially declared or not.) Any E.T. or UFO attempting such a foolhardy action will be meet with the standard Reply-In-Kind Doctrine, below.

[Divine Law Shield] *** REPLY-IN-KIND DOCTRINE ***
This standard principle of foreign policy (and justice) comes from the Time of Moses, when it was set forth in the Holy Scriptures:

And, if any mischief follow (as a result), then you shall give (take) life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, burning for burning, wound for wound, and stripe for stripe! (Exodus 21:24)
For, it basically covers the Promise that God gave to Abraham, even as it is written:
And, I (God) will bless them that bless you, and curse him that curses you! (Genesis 12:3)
Thus, God, Himself has written the Reply-In-Kind Doctrine and will defend His People, returning upon others even what they have done to His People! Consequently, it has been a Time honored principle of Godly government and military action, ever since those Days. (Though, in more technical terms, it is often refered to as Proportionate Response.)

Therefore, any KoReY (Astaria) Commander or Official is authorized to return fire, if fired upon (to Reply-In-Kind). And, any E.T. or UFO engaging in espionage or subversion can expect to have that done exactly back to themselves!

[Scandia Faith (Crusader) Shield] B. CRUSADES - WAR ISSUES:
War Issues are those activities that may not appear to be exactly Reply-In-Kind, but they are such vital issues to US that War seems the likely outcome of them being done to US. For instance, Oppressive Subversion and Economic Warfare may not be open military combat against US, but they vitally affect Our survival, and can easily lead to a Call for War, if such activity is sufficient to merit it. Thus, any E.T. or UFO aggressor needs to be well aware of this potential!

America has long had a policy of preventing the spread of nuclear arms to those powers that did not have them. In a similiar manner, KoReY (Astaria) takes a strong stand to block the spread of advanced nuclear weapons (i.e. D'Stridium Energy Weapons) not only for the sake of preventing unstable powers from getting them, but because of the rising problems with our Sun, the unathorized or unlicensed use or experimentation with D'Stridium Engery Flows have the potential for Cosmic Nuclear Disaster! (See Article on Our Sun and D'Stridum Explained for more details.) Therefore, theft of such materials or attempts to replicate them (or develop new ones) is a very serious act, warrenting first strike considerations!

The attempt of any E.T. or UFO (or any Foreign Power) to interfere with the normal and natural succession of the KoReY (Astaria) Dynasty is, without question, a War Issue! And, along these same lines, any E.T. or UFO (foreign power) attempting CBW or other techniques to block or prevent Our populace from breeding or reproducing would also be a War Issue! (Exodus 1:15-17) (See Our Article on PRO-POPULATION POLICY for details.)

While medical science may need volunteers or paid subjects to help research save other lives, to experiment on Our People without their knowledge or consent (or to use force to coerce them against their conscious will into such experiments) rapidly approaches a War Issue, as this is what the RAS did in Nazi Germany--and it will NOT be tolerated, again!

The abduction or kidnapping of any of Our People is a gross violation of basic Interstellar Human Rights. And, if such activity is continued, it has the potential to become a War Issues, as Impressment of American Citizens to become seamen for British ships became one of the main issues in the war against Britain! Let the E.T. be well aware of this. Or as one A.R.M. official put it: Toucha ma People--and we'll send da boys over for a visit (to breaka yar arm)!

When God made Man, HE made him to have free-will: the ability to chose to do good or evil (to follow God or not). This ability to use our conscious mind to choose is a fundamental Interstellar Human Right (Joshua 24:15). Therefore, E.T. telepathy control and other mind control techniques are patently offensive to US. And use of such on Our People (and especially upon Our Officials or military personnel) can easily become a War Issue!

The functional or operational seizure of Our Lands (Planets among the Stars) or territories (airways or spaceways) belonging to Our Realm (even if done covertly or clandestinedly--and espeically withtout compensation or even negociation) are, without question, War Issues! Let no E.T. or UFO think otherwise. (Thus, if you want land or territory, negociate for it!)

[Realm News (Announcement) Shield]


It is our sincere hope that this simple document will lay a firm foundation for the preparation of KoReY (Astaria) Officials and Members for further Close Encounters and in dealing effectively with E.T. Relations--UFO Beings and SAP (Space Alien Peoples) situations, as they are bound to present themselves. (And more and more so, as time progresses and Our Realm expands out among the Stars.)

And, give any inquiring E.T. or SAP a good idea of how and what kind of E.T. Relations that they can expect with us. It is just simply good, Space Foreign Policy!


While the contents of this Article are primarily for KoReY (Astaria) and its Members, we would like to take this oppurtunity to invite any and all Countries and Powers of the Earth (and beyond) to join with us in affirming, upholding, and enforcing this Policy! For, if the E.T. or SAP see a united front, they will think less of engaging us in hostilities and be more inclined to deal with us in Peace--and for commerce. So, don't put off developing Interstellar Foreign Policy any longer. It is time for it to be in place! (The rising tide of U.F.O. activity more than shows that the E.T.s and SAP are here.) Ally with US, now.


Before some of you have your eyeballs burst out of their sockets, and we get accused of armed violence or jingoism, let me clarify that at this point KoReY is merely a Religious Realm (a Spiritual Society). We have no Armed Forces! Nor are any weaponry or military equipment fielded. Therefore, when we encounter a War Issue, we will be pressing appropriate Officials of the US Federal Government for action. For, their defense of US, is also a defense of themselves! Moreover, we encourage Our members to support the US Federal Government (while we are on Earth), as Our defense of them, is also a defense of ourselves! However, let no E.T. or SAP think that because of this, the War Issues we have given herein are inconsequential. For, most US Officials agree that they are vital issues of War and Peace for them, too!

[Divine Law Shield]


Decided that you'd like to know more? Well, we have lots of information about God's Laws! Such as God's Laws for War and Combat? Or, what about those Laws of Godly Commerce and Peace? You can look up these and the other Commandments in the Our Law Library, or use the handy link, below, to find Our LAWS:
To get Our DIVINE LAW LIBRARY (Click Here): [ZDK LAW Library]

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However, whatever you do, don't stop here. There is more to learn, and to grow into in Our Spirit World of the Faithful--and become a good Citizen of Our Religious Realm! so, to get the next Article in this UFO LITERATURE series on Alien Assimilation or Integration into Our Realm, use the handy link, below:

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Well, Our KoReY Introductory Literature is just for you! It gives you the details on what Our New World out among the Stars will be like (and why it will form that way). To get Our Articles on Astaria, use the link below:
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*** NOTICE ***

While the authorities and officials of Earth cloud the issue of E.T. and SAP operations on our Planet with questions and debates, we need to develop a policy for dealing with Space Alien Peoples and their relations with us, in a rational, logical, fair, just, and yet ASSERTIVE way--to insure the we are not subverted nor taken advantage of by their superior technologies. And to build a network of alliances among the current Countires to stand against any UFO aggression (Collective Security).

(*** A.R.M. Policy ***)

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