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KoReY U.F.O. Literature - Kolob UFO Conspiracy?

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History of the Rise of the Resident Alien Nation (RANI)!

(And the Development of the Secret International UFO Conspiracy.)

In Our previous Article on the RANI, we traced their development from all the way back in the days of Ainu Japan, and then on up until modern times, around World War II. And, as you can see there, the historical record rather clearly shows the rise of this Kolob Dominion of Deseret. (See Our Article on RESIDENT ALIEN NATION for more details.) Now, in this Article, we will look more at the Current Events surrounding the activities of the RANI. And see how Kolob has gotten Deseret deeply involved, through its Axis Powers Network, with the current International UFO Conspiracy. Yes, and this will mostly be history that you won't find in the history books (because they won't allow it to be printed there)!

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The defeat of Hilter's Germany was heralded as ushering in a new era of PEACE. That the world would now be safe for democracy! However, within a few short years, a new conflict broke out called the Cold War, that was to plunge our Nations to the brink of nuclear war on many occassions over the next generation. What went wrong?

How did the former Allied Powers, so successful in defeating Nazi Germany, fall apart into such a destructive competition for world influence?

As we noted in the earlier Article, Plan A for Kolob and its take-over of our world, was the Axis Powers Alliance. And, much of the Nazi objectives and strategies for world dominion appear to have come from their Kolob masters--via channelling and the Black Sun Organization. (Plus, apparently, a good deal of technical advice on weaponry development and deployment.) But, when Plan A failed, Kolob appears to have had a fall back a Plan B! (Whose success you can assess in Kolob's DOMINION OF DESERET!)

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Previous generations had always been suspicious of Mormons (and their Nation of Deseret), because of its anti-Christian attitudes and teachings (and condemnation of the traditional churches), as well as a good recollection of what had actually gone on with the MOUNTAIN MEADOWS MASSACRE (and the Mormon ABDUCTION of the women to be their harem slaves). And, of course, there was always the Statehood Flap, when federal troops had to be sent to Utah to quell a rebellion there against the U.S. federal government. Not good memories!

However, with the outbreak of World War II, the American government threw its cautions to the wind, in an attempt to gather every resource to fight the Nazis! As a result, during the War, many new bases and military facilities were constructed in Utah. The secret Deseret build-up had begun...un-noticed!

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Or, do they??? (Only Majestic Knows!!!)

Throughout the War, Americans always seem to note that the Nazis came up with WONDER WEAPONS, and always appeared to be ahead, technologically--giving their troops an edge on the battlefield.

As a result, once the war ended, there was an organized effort to PILLAGE AND PLUNDER this military technology, and bring it to America--but where did it go???

The Nazis had an active missle program in development and designs on the drawing boards for ICBMs (Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles). This Program was packed up and carted off to America--and ended up at White Sands, New Mexico. (Within the Realm of the Dominion claimed by the Mormons as their Deseret!!!)

Hilter's Germany also had an active nuclear program, which appears to have been tested in the forests of Poland. However, rather than pursuing the fission bomb (which the Nazis called the Jewish bomb) as we did among the Allied Powers, Germany was rapidly developing a fusion bomb--using Cold Fusion techniques discovered in Sweden in the mid-30s. This info went DEEP DARK, and it was only much later, in the Cold Fusion Crisis, that the trail of this technology showed that it went to BYU. Yes, Utah, again!!!

Even more curiously, when Nikola Tesla died in the middle of the War, the FBI (or Majestic?) packed up many of his inventions, and declared them Top Secret (supposedly to keep them from falling into the hands of the Communists). But, somehow, they made their way to Robert Golka--and his test facilities out in UTAH!!! (The heart and homeland of the Deseret Dominion!)

Moreover, American Airmen were always surprized at Nazi aircraft. For, Hilter had an advanced jet plane program, that if it had not been politically bungled, would have swept Allied Planes from the sky with superior jet speeds and fire power (including radar directed missiles), very similar modern jet fighters! Now, tracing these is hard (for some of them probably accounted for the first flying saucers seen over Mt. Rainier in 1947), but the best guess seems to show that most of the rest ended up at Nellis AFB in Nevada (at Area 51)--and with its current undergound complex with Cedar City, seems to show that those in Utah are in control of this Program, as well!

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ABWEHR's Clandestined World-Wide Transport

Now, one of the most puzzling aspects of Nazi technology seems to have been their lack of develoment of helicopters. Many aerospace historians have wondered at this, especially since the Nazis were so advanced, in so many other areas!

Well as the years passed, this mystery has come to light. For, rather than developing rotar power helicopters, as we have done in the West, the Nazis developed a spinning fan helicopter, with a disc shape fan that spun round its body, giving it helicopter like lift. However, rather than depending on the disc to power its flight, as normal helicoptes do with their rotars, a jet engine was installed that gave the craft great speeds! Moreover, being in a rounded, saucer like shape, this helicopter like craft took on many stealth characteristics and were hard to track by radar. Making them ideal craft for espionage and clandestined activities!

Thus, it seems that Nazi Germany developed the classic flying saucer!

So, where did they go? DEEP DARK is not even the word for it! But, if the evidence of the amazing Utah No-Fly-Zone is correct, these craft have been shipped off to bases in Utah, where they are being used extensively by the Danites to further Deseret's Dominion by various espionage and clandestined like activities, around that Zone of Control! (And seem to account for many so called Alien Abductions, which in reality, are Fascists abductions and continued Nazi experiemtataion on humans, under the disguise of Alien Medical exams--just like the old disguise of Indians for the Mountain Meadows Massacre routine!)

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The Era of the International UFO Conspiracy Begins

In 1947, shortly after the War, Keith Arnold saw the first reported UFO in America in recent times. However, rather than being the classic flying saucer, as is commonly reported, his testimony describes a bat-wing like craft (sting-ray shaped) travelling at just over about twice the speed of sound (1200-1600 mph). And, amazingly, Germany had a program to develop supersonic bombers, using a bat-wing shape (looking all too similiar to our current stealth craft). Moreover, as this sighting was near the super secret Hanford Plant (nuclear facility), not to mention the DEEP DARK Yakima Ridge Facility, it was most likely NOT a true E.T. craft, but rather an advanced design that was brought over from Nazi Germany, and perhaps finished in America.

However, with this sighting, the Popular Press took up the drum beat of FLYING SAUCERS, and people began reporting seeing them all over our skies--and even in Europe, too. (Moreover, whatever contact was then had with those driving such craft seemed to show a Nordic Type Alien, similar to the Nazi super race. So, who had really won the War?)

Thus, it appears that the original reason for covering up the UFOs by the government was simply to keep it quiet about their advanced research with Nazi aircraft. However, with the coming to the stealth copters, and the CIA being formed at this time (1946), there also seems to have been a motive to keep flying saucer activity quiet--as it might indicate actual CIA (or Danite) operations, which used them. It looked like Kolob had the bases covered, keeping their secrets concealed.

But, the picture was soon to go crazy!

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Kolob's Apple Cart Runs Away From Them!!!

Now, a thorough examination of the historical record shows that our world has been visited by various UFOs and E.T.s for centuries upon centuries. However, such visits have been sporadic, and usually spaced with lots of time in between so that mostly people would forget about them.

However, in the air war with Germany, numbers of balls of light began to follow American planes around. The Airmen just thought that they were some kind of advanced Nazi aircraft, since they had seen other advanced types of craft in the air. But, once the war was over, a search of Nazi files revealed no such program for these so called Foo Fighters. Even worse, in talking with Nazi Airmen, it was discovered that these strange lights followed them around, too. But, in neither case, was anyone attacked--only watched, as if on some kind of E.T. intelligence information gathering trip!

Now, with Tesla's death in World War II, the government (under heavy Danite influence), confiscated most of his works. And, then, somehow, they made their way out to Golka in Utah, where he continued to experiment on Tesla's discoveries. And, it appears that it was through this line of research, in Utah, that the EMP beam was developed, there. Thus, when the true E.T. showed up, to make a routine visit to our Planet (probably after analyzind the data from their Foo Fighters--or the first Atomic explosion), they were met with a horrendous suprize. For it would appear that UTAH SHOT THEM DOWN WITH THAT TESLA PARTICLE BEAM PULSE! (Hence the Roswell Incident.)

Now, one crash could have been written off as an accident, but as they returned in greater numbers, spacecraft after spacecraft was downed in the Utah No-Fly Zone! And if rumors are reasonably correct, about a half-dozen such craft were recovered from these crash sites. All within reach of this Deseret No Fly-Zone.

So, where did the technology from them go? Well, as you can see, the pipeline was already set up to bring all the new technology into UTAH! And, the issues of reverse engineering exploded, here, but the cover-up of the stealth copters was alrady in place, so it was just accelerated. ETI discoveries and reverse engineering went DEEP, DEEP, DEEP, DARK as Kolob attempted to monoplize this information for its own Axis Powers Network!

The International UFO Conspiracy had begun in earnst!!!

(And, it became so DEEP and DARK, that much of America's government even lost track of it! See The MYSTERY OF MAJESTIC for details!)

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Even worse, with the medical discoveries of the Nazi experiments on humans also pouring into Deseret medical experimental stations, the surviving aliens of these crashes were not taken prisoner--nor treated with proper international human rights (as International Law prescribes for POWs). Rather, they were subjected to gruesome medical experiments (TORTURE!) and then disected once they were dead. And this right under our noses in America! What happend to our Civil and Human Rights? What happened to the Nuremburg Laws that we had just signed on as agreeing with? Well, Kolob obviously does not recognize any of them!

Even worse, the question now is: WHAT HAPPENED TO THE MEDICAL INFORMATION OBTAINED FROM THE ALIENS? Is it now being used to develop all kinds of weird, Alien bugs for some super sercret bio-chemical agent--and clandestined weapon? (Don't laugh! Remember Ceder City, Dugway, and Dulce ARE OUT THERE! And nearby!)

But, worst of all, how did the Aliens react to all of this?

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The UFO Show of Force!!!

In 1952 the skies over D.C. were filled with all kinds of Foo Fighters! Government official after government official saw them. And began to ask what was up! The official government investigation of the UFO matter was begun.

Now, realizing that the jig was about up, Kolob moved quickely! And, as Eisenhower moved into office, the forces of Kolob seized control of the American government in a silent coupe! Eisenhower had taken office, expecting to do some good for the Country he had loved and fought for. But, soon found his hands tied! And, upon leaving office, he remarked that the greatest threat to American national security was not Communist, but what he called the MILITARY-INDUSTRIAL-COMPLEX! Unfortunately, no one had a clue as to what he was refering to, at that time! (i.e. Majestic!!!)

Thus, since then, despite the constant election by the American Public of officials that promise to take us more and more back to God (and those old Judeo-Christian values), the Country continues to march on towards a society that is more consitent with Kolob (E.T.) morals and values! (See Our Article on E.T. MORALS AND ETHICS for more details on this.) Thus, showing quite clearly who is really in control of our government, now. (We have an invisible government, being run by Kolob through its Danites, with their control over our CIA and FBI!)

Don't think so? Well, just try to get information on any of these DEEP DARK PROJECTS! You will find that Congressmen can't get it! Nor can even the Presidents in the Executive Office, who are suppose to be our Commander and Chief! The Kolob military, under the influence of the Danites (through their CIA and FBI) keeps all this stuff under their hand--with growing facilites in Deseret.

Truly, the Kolob Invasion is here!!! (And nearly complete.)

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Exchanging Historical Importance of Contact for the Communist Scare!!!

Therefore, as the lid to all of this DARK PROJECT stuff was about to be blown off by the sudden appearance of all the real E.T., Kolob hit upon a solution. To get people's minds off what all the UFOs meant, the MILITARY-INDUSTRIAL-COMPLEX launched the Commie Scare! (Where, coincidently, many prominent Jews were falsely accused of being Communist, when they weren't--and of being disloyal to America, which was not so, either. But, it removed many Jews from Public Offices and advanced research!)

And, th Public seemed to buy it (loving the media circus)--forgetting about the UFO and E.T. issues!

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Will the Real Alien Abduction Please Stand Up!!!

About a decade passed, with the government shuffle wearing evryone down, and convincing them that they would never get to the TRUTH about UFOs or E.T.s!

Then, in 1961, Betty and Barney Hill were abducted, though they did not realize it for a year or two later. This was soon followed by Betty Andreason--and then a flood tide of dozens of others. In fact, just a couple of years ago, a major magazine (with a circulation in the millions) asked its readers to write in if they had been Abducted by a UFO. Well, they thought that they might get a dozen or two letters, but at last count, the got over 2,000!

Clearly, something was contining to go on with UFOs and the E.T.s! But, what? Are the E.T.s really preforming medical experiements on us? Or, are the old Nazis, through their Axis Powers Alliance with Kolob only resuming their nasty experiments on humans that caused such a public outcry world wide? (Yeah, the Alien Abduction thing would make all too good a cover! And with all the DEEP DARK stuff going on, who would ever know--or be able to find out for sure???)

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Where do we go from here???

Well, having looked at the historical evidence for the Resident Alien Nation and then reviewing, here, the current events surrounding the UFO issue, it sure looks like Kolob is in control of things, so far.

Moreover, following this, with an assessment of the POWER that Kolob has concentrated in Deseret, it doesn't seem long until that totalitarian, theocratic state is publically announced. (See Our Article on Kolob's DOMINION OF DESERET for more details on this.)

So, are the Days of American Freedoms and Civil Rights gone? Is American about to be destroyed in a Religous Civil War? Will the Judeo-Christian Heritage (with its Hebrew Roots) perish in the coming RAS (Radical Anti-Semitism) purge as Neo-Nazism re-assertes itself through Kolob?

These are very disturbing questions! (And a very direct and nasty challenge to the Judeo-Christian Culture!)

But, the only one who can really answer them is YOU! (So, what are you going to do about it?)

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Obviously, Our bias is plain! We are calling on people to make their RETURN to the Culture and Life-style of the Judeo-Christian Heritage. (The Heritage that is wrapped up with the History and Culture of Earth--and most notably Western Civilization! And not something of the Occult or E.T. origin--as is found in Mormonism!) So, come along with us! Our Realm Revival Course will give you the basic details of the main concepts of the Judeo-Christian Faith. You can access it through Our Revival Chapel, or use the handy link, below:
To get Realm REVIVAL COURSE (Click Here): [Realm Revival Course]

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However, whatever you do, don't stop here. There is more to learn, and to grow into in the Spirit World of God--and become a good Citizen of Our Realm!

To get the next Article in this UFO Literature series on dealing with the rising E.T. Power of Kolob, use the handy link, below:

To get Kolob's DOMINION OF DESERET (Click Here): [Kolob's DOMINION OF DESERET]

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Well, Our KoReY Introductory Literature is just for you! It gives you the details on what Our New World out among the Stars will be like (and why it will form that way). To get Our Articles on Astaria, use the link below:
To get KoReY INTRO. LIT. (Click Here): [KoReY Introductory Literature]

*** NOTICE ***

Now, before someone out there looses their cookies, and starts making wild accusations, let us make some things perfectly clear. We are NOT Mormon bashing here! The average, everyday Mormon hasn't a clue to all this stuff, for not only is it burried from most of the American Public, but the elite in the Mormon Church keep it from the masses of their membership, as well. And, rather than being an attack on the Mormon Church, our aim is at the DANITES or MORMON MAFIA! So, to say that in attacking them, we are really attacking Mormonism is like saying opposing the criminal activities of the Sicilian Mafia is an attack on the Catholic Church. Get real! In both case, the pairs, though closely related, are quite distinct and different. Moreover, if you bother to check the facts, most Mormons are not Danites. The Mormon Mafia is only a small percentage of their populace! Furthermore, not all Danites are Mormons, either. Some come from allied or related backgounds (such as various White Supremacy groups).

So, let's stick with the facts, folks!

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