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KoReY U.F.O. Literature - Kolob UFO Conspiracy?

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KOLOB'S Intensive Space Alien Espionage in Western America!

If you bother to examim the historical records of Earth, they tend to show that our Planet has been visited numerous times in the Past by a variety of Space Alien Peoples (SAP) or Extraterrestials (E.T.).

Most of these appear to have been benign visits of simple scientific curiosity--to find out who was living on this backwater Planet. And, what, if anything of significance, was going on here. Or, perhaps some were just here, vacationing or joy riding? (For a discussion on the potential origins of such Visitors, see Our Article on SPACE ALIEN ORIGINS? and its companion Article PARELLEL CREATION!)

However, this record also has indications of that something far more sinister may be going on!

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If you dig in the historical record enough, you will find the nasty tale of the Ainu (E.T.) Invasion of Japan. In about the 400s A.D. the Ainu showed up in Japan--FROM SPACE! They were a Nordic Type EBE (Extraterrestial Biological Enity): a People with fair hair (blondes and red-heads), but with a golden skin that appears somewhat Asian. But most noteworthy, even the Ainu of today can point to the exact spot where their spaceship first landed and let off the first wave of their colonists!

Subsequent to that, the Invasion of Japan by this E.T. Power was on. And the Japanese responded with maximum force (and apparently even enlisted the aid of other Asian Powers) to stop this Ainu Invasion. The results were apparently rather like the Vietnam War--a massive super-power with high (E.T.) technology (seen as magic by Japanese) was not able to overcome the masses of the more primative peoples of Japan (and their Asian Allies), at that time. Thus, the Ainu lost to the Japanese and had been quiet for centuries, since then.

But, apparently, something in the late 1800s happened in their world to motivate them to come to our world again! Yet, rather than attempting an open invasion against our massive (and increasing numerous) population of humans (as they had in Japan, earlier), they now appear to have wised up a bit. And, rather, have launched what appears to be a massive clandestined organization for espionage style operations here. (An International UFO Conspiracy to the Max!) And their subversion of our world to their E.T. Culture and Ways (Paganism and its Occult or Magyck), while originally slow, is now gaining considerable momentum and strenght. And turning into a very serious challenge to those of the Judeo-Christian Faith! (See Our Article on E.T. MORALITY AND ETHICS for details.)

So, what all appears to have gone on in this modern, clandestined E.T. operation?

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As best as we can piece the facts together, they (AINU--Nordic E.T.) seem to have returned to Japan in the late 1880s and built a network of Warlords and Ninja (and the so called Japanese Mafia or Yakuza), who drew the rest of the Japanese onto the side of the Axis Powers in World War II.

But, that was apparently, only part of their Plan. They also seem to have gone to Germany in about the 1880s and using the concepts of the RAS (Radical Anti-Semitism), they built up the extensive Aryan Model of White Supremacy and its Nazi Party (along with its clandestined ABWEHR organization), which took over Germany prior to World War II. And, since they were so racially close to the Aryan Model or Nordic Type E.T. themselves, these Ainu E.T. easily infiltrated and mixed unnoticed into German Society. Moreover, as many UFOlogists have reported, some of the German wonder weapons of World War II appear to have come from this E.T. source! (Hence, the stealth coper or flying saucer helicopter--discovered to closely match early German designs in WW II!) And, various other UFO Groups have noted this connection of FACISM (and the Axis Powers) with UFO Activities (with some of the UFOs seen even bearing Nazi insignia)! Even worse, a few have traced this back to the Mysterious BLACK SUN Organization, which was a secret Occult society that led many of those in the Nazi Government (claiming that they were channelling or in spiritual contact with E.T. Beings--much as many Mormons claim).

But, luckily for us, their Plan for world domination through the Axis Powers in World War II failed!

But, that was Pan A. What about Plan B? Yes, did they have an alternative Plan as a back-up? Unfortunately for us, as the facts begin to come in, the answer to that question appears to have been, YES!

[For more information on the RAS (Radical Anti-Semitism) Policies used in Nazi Germany, and their apparent replication in modern America, consult Our Office of Social Defenses Literature.]

So, how did this come about?

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Now, as best as we can piece together, this Ainu or Nordic Type E.T. appears to have also come to the isolated Mormon colony in the western desert of America in about the 1880s (just as they did with Japan and Germany). And, being defenseless against such superior technologies, the small colony of original Mormons seems to have been easily subverted and taken over to this Nordic E.T. Plan. And, using similiar RAS Policies as with ABWEHR (in Nazi Germany) and the Yakuza (Japnaese Mafia), they built up their clandestined secret police as the DANITES (or Mormon Mafia) there, too. And through their interconnection with ABWEHR, have extensively moled and subverted both the American FBI and the CIA (since the modern CIA was built upon the ashes of ABWEHR in Europe at the end of World War II). Thus, laying the foundation for a massive Interntional UFO conspiracy!

Consequently, the constant complaints from those that have had some kind of Close Encounter with UFOs as to subsequently being harassed and suppressed by the so called invisible government (and the famous Men In Black), are probably true and being done by double-agents within the US Intelligence Community (in an attempt to cover-up and keep quiet, this E.T. subverstion and takeover--and its current activities).

Moreover, it also explains many of the unnecessary government hassles that UFOlogists encounter, in trying to unravel the mystery of government secrecy concerning UFOs! (See Our Article on The MYSTERY OF MAJESTIC for details.)

Furthermore, under this government cover of silence (and its International UFO Conspiracy), this Nordic Type E.T. appears to have built up quite an extensive network and colony here in Western America--AMONG THE MORMONS! Hence our use of the name Resident Alien Nation or RANI to describe them. And, it would seem that, at this point, they appear to have nearly total control over the Mormon Church--and through their DANITES (or Mormon Mafia). And, hegemeny over most of the local governments of the political entities out here in the West. (Thus, effectively overthrowing the sovereignty of the US Federal Government over its own soil!)

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THIS IS CRAZY! What evidence could there possibly be to support this wild, tall tale? (Isn't it just Mormon bashing?)

Well, let us add it up.

1-There are numerous reports of so called Airship crashes in Western America during the late 1800s (indicating intensive UFO activity out here then).

2-Moreover, in the 1890s, when the federal troops invaded Utah over the Statehood issue, the army doctors noted a large number of so called mouse-eared or pointed-eared people among the Mormons. (This was attributed in the medical journals to the practices of polygamy, and genetic defects from it, but in reality it appears to be a strong indicator of numerous Nordic Type E.T. genes and an extensive interbred Space Alien hybred population among the Mormons.) And, also noted at this time was that many of the people when they tanned, turned more golden in skin color, like Asians. (Despite the claim of the Mormons that they are INDIAN, and thus should have a more red or copper colored skin!)

3-In addition, Mormon historians, themselves, point to the 1880s as being a time of radical social and cultural change among the Mormon colony. What they were before the 1880s seems to be quite different from what they had become after the 1890s! Though they are puzzled to explain this, except, perhaps as just changes in administraion?

4-Furthermore, the historical record and reputation of the DANITES has become infamous, especially in recent years, when we are beginning to get a peak into just what this organization is all about! And, though the Mormon Church hotly denies their existenct, the documents continue to pile up that tell us about what they have done, and who they are! (And their extensive ties to the CIA and FBI!) The means of UFO Conspiracy are certainly there!

5-And, even more so, we recently uncovered another link! For, there is an apparent connection between Nikola Tesla's research out West and potential RANI influences with his electical research and discoveries! The great inventor even claiming, himself, that he had been contacted by so called MARTIANS while out West! (See our Article on the NIKOLA TESLA PARALLELS.)

6-However, perhaps most convincing PROOF of all is out of the mouth of Mormons, themselves. For their doctrine, itself, claims that the Mormons are NOT of Earth origin, but are migrating to our Planet from some other Planet out in Space called Kolab! Yes, it is in their doctrine! Look it up for yourself! The Mormons actually claim to be of E.T. origin--just like the Ainu!

Thus, the RANI or Resident Alien Nation are held to be more than a reality among the Mormons!

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Now, under that Nordic Type E.T. Plan B (of slow, world-wide subversion and eventual domination), the RANI (through their Danites or Mormon Mafia) have been slowly taking over more and more areas, in the U.S. and elsewhere (almost unnoticed) through their hidden Axis Powers Network.

And with their increasing influence, have been putting more and more pressure on our Modern Society to become increasingly compatible with Nordic Type Society (and its Paganistic E.T. Morality and Ethics)--and, in turn, to get our people to give up and abandon the old WHITE MAN WAYS of our Judeo-Christian Heritage. Yes, the Mormon Church has now becomE amazingly compatible with Popular E.T. Religion and its use of the Occult and Dark Arts--and noticably holds anti-traditional church values and teachings (as well as promoting other immoral Pagan practices and beliefs among Mormons). And, even more suprizing is that Mormon teaching and practices so closely resembles that of the BLACK SUN Society that dominated the Nazis! (For more details on these Cultural Changes, see Our Article on E.T. Morality and Ethics!)

This, in turn, presents us, of the Judeo-Christian Culture, with a stern challenge--and especially KoReY! Not only are Our Plans to evangelize the Universe (and convert as many Space Aliens as we can) threatened by this activity, but the very security of our own Planet may be in question. So, you had better be making up your mind which you want. RANI Society with its relativistic morals and totalitarian theoacracy of the Occult (like Facism and the Nazis). OR, the traditional Judeo-Christian world, with its Political Freedoms and God ordained morals and ethics of fairness, justice, and Human Rights.

We know which one we will chose! But, the question now is: WHICH ONE WILL YOU CHOOSE?

For they are here! Now!

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Obviously, Our bias is plain! We are calling on people to make their RETURN to the Culture and Life-style of the Judeo-Christian Heritage. (The Heritage that is wrapped up with the History and Culture of Earth--and most notable Western Civilization! And not something of E.T. origin!) So, come along with us! Our Realm Revival Course will give you the basic details of the main concepts of the Judeo-Christian Faith. You can access it through Our Revival Chapel, or use the handy link, below:
To get Realm REVIVAL COURSE (Click Here): [Realm Revival Course]

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However, whatever you do, don't stop here. There is more to learn, and to grow into in the Spirit World of God--and become a good Citizen of Our Realm!

To get the next Article in this UFO Literature series on dealing with the Current History of Kolob's E.T. clandestined activities (and especially, their involvement with the International UFO Conspiracy), use the handy link, below:

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Well, Our KoReY Introductory Literature is just for you! It gives you the details on what Our New World out among the Stars will be like (and why it will form that way). To get Our Articles on Astaria, use the link below:
To get KoReY INTRO. LIT. (Click Here): [KoReY Introductory Literature]

*** NOTICE ***

While the puppets of the Nordic Type E.T. (and Space Alien Peoples) debate the UFO phenomena, and their allies (as skeptics) cry that no such thing exists, there is a good deal of evidence to suggest the an active Intelligence Gathering and Espionage Network of a Space Alien colonization attempt upon our Planet Earth is going on, under cover, among the RANI, here, in Western America. Such activity MUST be met with active Dipolmatic, Intelligence, and if necessary even military force for the protection of ALL Mankind!

(*** A.R.M. Policy ***)

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