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Those who have read something about the International UFO Conspiracy, have probably heard of the Majestic Controversy. And, while this article does not promise to be the end all in that debate, we do set forth here some very startling and revealing facts, that tend to support that Majestic actually exists. And even worse, that it is gathering these new technologies into the Deseret Dominion for a renewed expansion of the old Axis Powers!

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For those not familiar with it, in 1984, twin documents were leaked to the Public about a super-secret organization connected with the Presidency of Harry S. Truman. These documents indicate the existence of a crashed flying saucer, and a super-secret organization in the American Intelligence Community to deal with it and related matters. Moreover, President Eisenhower is also implicated as participating in this UFO CONSPIRACY (and government cover-up).

However, in the years that followed, a parade of evidence and witnesses came forth, asserting that the Majestic Documents were FAKES! And, most people now seem to feel that the Majestic stuff was just all a hoax. (And the laugh is on those who may think they are real.)

But, in all fairness, we need to keep in perspective that nearly all of these so called witnesses were government officials, and if the Majestic evidence was FAKED, then, logically, so could the proof that labled them frauds. Moreover, asking the government for the TRUTH is somewhat like asking your son, who has chocolate smears all over his hands, if he was the one who ate all the chocolate chip cookies before dinner--so that none are left! (Hey, and who else is around to eat them?)

So, what is the TRUTH?

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The Secret Records of the Rise of American Intelligence Operations

President Franklin D. Roosevelt died in April, 1945, just about a month before Nazi Germany collapsed in May, 1945. (Rumors persist that he was poisoned on one of his diplomatic trips as the War was winding down!) Truman stepped in, mid-stream, to carry the War to its conclusions.

In 1946, the Nazi Intelligence Network in Europe made itself (largely intact) available to the US government, to help fight Communism in Europe and Russia. Consequently, to capitalize on this rare find, Truman pushed through Congress the Act that established the CIA (and provided support for the operation of the Nazi agents).

However, less well known is the fact that Truman also signed a secret executive order that authorized the NSA or National Security Agency (which is now, larger than the CIA). However, for years, the existence of the NSA was publically denied, with the letters being held to mean No Such Agency (rather than a functioning, govenment organization). Meanwhile, in the DARK, the NSA continued to grow and expand, unnoticed.

The first flying saucer to crash (in America), came down near Roswell (New Mexico) in 1948--during Truman's administration. (And near America's First Atomic Bomber Squadron.)

The Majestic documents indicate that in 1948, Truman signed into existence some super-secret organization known as Majestic, though it is apparently also known as Majority--with documents also marked MAJIC (with Magic being a common intelligence term referring to electronic surveillence, and especially computer decryption)--allowing the organization to function under cover as a mis-spelling. Some are also marked MJ-12.

However, the government handwriting analysts insist that Truman's signature on the document is a FAKE, being a direct copy of one of his signatures on another document. Now, hold on! Often in intelligence operations, Presidents DO NOT SIGN sensitive documents, so that it cannot be traced back to them. (This is referred to as "plausible deniablity".) Consequenty, what seems more likely the case is that Truman, himself, never actually signed the Majestic document, to keep the Presidency out of it. But, perhaps, some file clerk, in order to make the document official, as all knew it came from the President, even if he did not actually sign it, copied his signature from another document, so that it would appear correct. This scenario seems to fit the facts better and is very plausible. (Or, is there yet more from these facts?)

So, did Majestic really exist? Well, can we find any of its functions? Or, trace its operations?

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In 1943, the advanced electrical reseracher Nikola Tesla died. And in the confusion, many of the notes for his new works disappeared, along with one of his most peculiar and interesting devices! The FBI has been blamed for this confiscation (to keep his work from the Soviets?), but they hotly deny it. So, was this one of Majestic's operations, before they were officially signed into existence? Plausible.

Earlier, the advanced works of T.T. Brown (who invented a device to convert electricity into gravity) also disappeared. Thus, we either have a very active Foreign Powers Intelligence Group operating in America (stealing our secrets from us), or the domestic Majestic actually existed, before it became official, under Truman. (Or Both?)

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In 1987-89, during the Cold Fusion Crisis (brought on by ZDK.I), the government finally admitted that Cold Fusion had been discovered in 1932 by a Swedish battery maker, who was looking for an advanced battery or fuel cell like device and stumbled on the correct combinations. This discovery was then quickly found out by ABWHER or the Nazi Intelligence Network and taken to Germany to become the focus of their attempts to produce an atomic (fusion) bomb.

Thus, with the capitulation of Germany, this information then became available to the US Government in the Truman Administion, who apparently classified this information as ABOVE TOP SECRET (ita), where it has been concealed from the American Public for decades. This would seem to indicated the existence of Majestic, to handle these matters, too! (And is that who we are seeing operating in the movie: CHAIN REACTION? And are they the ones responsible for ZDK.I's Project Crash?)

However, this is extremely ironic, as on the eve of the discovery that Russia had the A-bomb, Truman spoke, saying:

I believe the American Public, to the fullest extent consistent with National Security, are entitled to be informed of all the developments in the field of atomic energy. That is my reason for making public the following information: We have evidence that within recent weeks, and atomic explosion occured in the USSR.

So, what went wrong with his policy? How come the American Public is still being kept in the DARK about Cold Fusion? Was Truman really that much of a liar?

Or, horor of horors, did Truman really and sincerely NOT KNOW ABOUT MAJESTIC'S OPERATIONS? Was it that the documents were not faked to be a hoax on the American Public, but rather faked by some clandestined subversive organization, to be a deception on the US government, itself--to allow a massive foreign intelligence organization to operate on American soil as our own quasi-government agency??? And, since it was so super-secret (or Deep Dark), no one would ever know!!!

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Did E.T. Supply Nazi Germany With Advanced Technologies?

As Nazi Germany fell, their advanced research works fell into the hands of America. And official after official has gone on public record as to being shocked and amazed at just how advanced and how far along Nazi technologies were!

Coupled with this is the rise of several UFOlogists, who assert that Nazi Germany had a very active flying saucer program. And, that this technology was brought to America--probably by Majestic. Now, as we have seen in the earlier Article, this transfer built up Deseret (Mormon Utah) after the War. Thus, it seems that Majestic concealed and took those advanced technologies not to help us in America (for our National Security), but rather to build up a Neo-Nazi Ally--Deseret (and their super-secret Danite intelligence organization)!!!

Even worse are the claims of the existence of the Nazi Black Sun Organization (whose emblem also appears to be the black 5-legged Swastika, with its 2 legs pointed in the air, like the horns of the goat of the typical 5-pointed Satanic star--and which is euphemistically referred to as SPIDER). This was (is?) a super-secret Occult society (of Aryan Superiority), that held they had spiritual contact or channeling with Space Aliens. And that these E.T. supplied Germany with advanced UFO style technologies. (Very similar to Mormon beliefs of Kolob.)

But, perhaps more plausible is the report that, like Roswell, there was a flying saucer crash somewhere in East Germany or Poland in the 1930s. However, unlike Roswell, the rumors persist that the E.T. pilot survived, and that under inducement (torture?) he helped provide the Nazis with very advanced technologies. So, what did Majestic do with these, at the end of the War?

Well, the UFO literature is full of stories about the Nazis building a secret underwater base in Antartica at the end of the war, and escaping there, by submarine, with most of their flying saucer technology.

However, almost nothing is said about another trail, which looks like it involves MAJESTIC, and ends, most mysterious, in Mormon Utah!

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ALBERT SPEER - Captive Alien?

One of the continuing mysteries about the end of the War was the disposition of Albert Speer. Heralded by the Nazis as one of the main architects of Germany's technological successes, when the Allies finally captured him at the end of the war, THEY WERE TOTALLY SHOCKED! And Albert Speer was locked away in solitary confinement at Spandau Prison, until his death--with no one ever allowed to visit him. Why?

Rumors persist that he had pointed ears, and a pasty greenish-gray skin--looking like Mr. Spock on Star Trek!!!

So, was he the Alien Pilot that crashed? And, what else did he tell Majestic about E.T. technologies? And why has Majestic not released some of these facts to the American Public? Are they saving (monopolizing) these technologies to empower their own coming Totalitarian Theocracy of Deseret? It sure looks that way!


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MJ-12 Organization in the Cold Fusion Crisis

Unfortunately, we do not have to go digging around so far back in history to find evidence of Majestic's operations.

With all of the things that went on in the storm of the Cold Fusion Crisis that ZDK.I was involved in, there are clear indications that some kind of Majestic Organization exists--and the it is very powerful and influential! And that it is very active in supressing advanced technological developments on anything related to space travel (UFOs or E.T. technologies)!

Of particualr note was their fascination with the spherical D'Stridium Reactor of ours. And, later on, we learned that it was very similar to the reactor of the Roswell spaceship! No wonder they were running such interference with ZDK.I work!

And even more curious was the atomic battery that we were asked, off-handedly, to look at, to see if there was any D'Stridium technologies involved. No doubt now, that it came from some crashed flying saucer, somewhere! (Russia? Tunguska?)

So, what else does Majestic know about Alien technologies? And just how closely do they really match our discoveries in D'Stridium technologies? (I bet we were right and on the correct track all along!)

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The old fairy tale talks of the princess who lost her first born child to a crazy little man, who insisted that she give up her baby, unless she could tell him his name.

Consequently, we see how Majic remains concealed behind Magic, and people alternately refer to it as Majestic, Majority, and MJ-12. So, what is its real name? Considering what we have seen it doing, I think its real name is close to: MANUFACTURING JURISDICTION OF THE SPACE TECHNOLOGIES INFORMATION CENTER or M.J.S.T.I.C. (Any takers willing to bet on it?)

Moreover, its goal seems to be to maintain a monopoly on all advanced technologies related to space travel--and to collect all of these industries into the Utah vicinity (under Desert's Dominion)!

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Did majestic just evaporate back in those decades, or is it still around?

Well, consider the BIZARRE incident of Dulce, New Mexico (a bit north of Roswell and above Los Alamos). As the reports go, first one and then two E.T. ambassadors from the little grays showed up. And in the process struck a deal with the government (or Majestic?) to suppy certain technologies, in exchange for cover and protection of their ABDUCTIONS Programs. Thus, the Dulce facility then rapidly expanded under government funding--and appears to have gone into some kind of Neo-Nazi experimentation on humans program. The blow-up of these operations being when round 60 some security guards were reported killed by the Aliens as these guards attempted to help trapped humans escape the tortures going on in the facility's human experiments!

Even more bizarre, when agents of the US President showed up, to investigate what went on, they were told that the President did not have enough security clearance (Majestic?) to inspect the facilities! (Hey, it was tax payers money that funded the thing! So, our President had better have accesss to what that money is used for there!!!)

And, what is this: that the US President does not have enough security clearance???

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The DEEP DARK Mystery!!!

In the aftermath of ZDK.I crash in the Cold Fusion crisis, we have managed to come up with may startling pieces of the puzzle of what brought down our advanced scientific work.

However, none is more shocking that the fact of DEEP DARK. For, while the American Public is used to National Secrecy for security reasons, and the existence of various DARK PROJECTS under that shield of National Security (and, indeed, our secrets DO need reasonable protection), almost totally unknown to them is the existence of DEEP DARK, which are Projects that the govenment even hides from itself!

And when the US President does not have access to a Project, because it is that DEEP DARK, then you know something is seriously WRONG!!! (Moreover, Intelligence Chief's around the world have confided that they are also powerless to supervise, monitor, or even penetrate MAJESTIC, and its international UFO Conspiracy!)

Consequently, what seems to be the case is that M.J.S.T.I.C. is DEEP DARK (and then some)!


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The Rise of a Neo-Nazi Fourth Reich?

Well, in W.W. II, the FBI was in the face of the American Presidents, warning of the rise of a Soviet Agent Network in America. And, in the days that followed, in the Cold War, many Soviet spies were, indeed, caught! So, it should not be surprizing that we do have foreign agents operating in America! And some of them with very extensive intelligence networks.

However, what is totally shocking is the FBI's lack of mentioning any ABWEHR (Nazi Intelligence Network) activity in America for this same time period! In fact, the Bureau is on record as boasting that they were so good, that the Nazis could not establish agents in America! (Yeah, sure!)

On the other hand, we have the historical facts that show vast numbers of Nazi agents were taken into the CIA by Truman's Act of Congress! So, Nazi agents are unquestionable here, now. (The question is: were their buddies here before--and operating Majestic?)

However, the real rub now comes: whose loyalty do these Nazi agents serve? America? Highly unlikely! The rise of a new Nazi Germany? Quite likely! Or at least, their Neo-Nazi allies of Mormon Utah, where Majestic has been busy building up all of America's advanced research and military secrets!


And its religious issues are staggering, too--as all of America is coming under Black Sun like occult influence. And an occult influence that the Mormon Church teaches and supports! Truly, nothing like it has arisen before to challenge the Judeo-Christian Culture (except, perhaps, the Nazi extermination of the Jews in Hitler's Germany--and their plans to do away with the Protestants, and then the Catholics, in turn, later on!)

Consequently, those of the Judeo-Christian Faith need to be aware of this growing danger. And wake up to its implications!

Before it is too late!

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Obviously, Our bias is plain! We are calling on people to make their RETURN to the Culture and Life-style of the Judeo-Christian Heritage. (The Heritage that is wrapped up with the History and Culture of Earth--and most notable Western Civilization! And not something of E.T. origin or Mormonism!) So, come along with us! Our Realm Revival Course will give you the basic details of the main concepts of the Judeo-Christian Faith. You can access it through Our Revival Chapel, or use the handy link, below:
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However, whatever you do, don't stop here!

To get the next Article in this UFO Literature series on dealing with more of President Truman's work, PROJECT SIGN, the beginnings of Project Blue Book, and the government's policy of debunking all UFO reports, use the handy link, below:

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