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KoReY Space Realm - Kolob UFO Conspiracy

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Kolob UFO Literature:

Mormonism Deepest Secret???

(E.T.s, Space Aliens, Flying Saucers, and UFO Conspiracy Details)

The teachings and doctrines of the Mormon Church are a twisted and tangled web. And, unfortnately, the average, everyday Mormon hasn't a clue as to what his churches real beliefs or practicies or activities really are. And those of us of the Judeo-Christian Heriage, who have attempted to monitor the LDS are amazed at what we find! And perhaps most shocking of all is the hard core Mormon teaching about Kolob. That there is a mysterious planet, out there in Space, somewhere, from which extraterrestials are migrating to Earth, and settling in or among the LDS communities! Older Momons remember that this was a strong and open teaching back in the 30s, but with the recent UFO controversies, less has been said in public about it, though most Mormons tend to believe in UFOs, readily take up the Occult practices associated with UFOs, and hold that there are, indeed, Aliens living among us.

Now, as bizarre as all this sounds to us Non-Mormons, we have taken the time at KUFOL to collect all the data we can on this phenomena of Kolob, and have presented our findings in the following works. So, consider the assembled facts.

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Kolob UFO Info Directory:

Find these fascinating facts, fast!

Linking the knowledge of the Universe on the Mysterious Planet of Kolob and its UFOs, E.T.s, Space Aliens, Migration to Earth, extraterrestial colonies among the Mormons (RANI), and government conspiracies (cover-up) in relation to all of this!

[Historical Literature Shield] 1. RESIDENT ALIEN NATION
-- KOLOB Clandestined Activities (Pre-Invastion?) The rise of the Space Aliens' colonies out West, among the Mormons (RANI) And an assessment of what that may mean for US National Security.

-- The Development of the E.T. Intelligence Network (Danites or Mormon Mafia) and their links to the Nazi ABWEHR and Japanese YAKUSA, forming an International UFO Conspiracy along the lines of the old Axis Powers Network (Government Conspiracy!)

[Realm Security (Flaming Sword) Shield] 3. KOLOB'S DOMINION OF DESERET?
-- R.A.N.I. Activity in Western America! The mysterious collection and concentration of America's advanced research and Space related programs in Utah (or nearby areas) with an assessment of what this power base may enable them to do in revolting or overthowing the US government! (The Coming Civil War?)

[Abrahamic Faith (Stars) Sheld] 4. KOLOB INTERPLANETARY WAR???
-- Is KOLOB (and their RANI among the Mormons) now fighting other E.T.s? A review of flying saucer crashes and the mysterious UTAH NO FLY ZONE! (Implications of Tesla style weaponry being used.)

[Flaming Arrow (E-Mail) Shield] 5. KOLOB'S SECRET SERVICE
-- The E.T.s Intelligence Network seems to dominate the Danites and the so called Mormon Mafia (*** PG ***) Review of their methods, goals, and techniques that are all too similar to Nazi and Gestapo type groups!

[Future Age Religion Shield] 6. THE MAJESTIC MYSTERY
-- KOLOB's use of this DEEP DARK Organization to monopolize e.t. and space related technologies (and its nasty association with the Nazi ABWEHR Intelligacne Network) And apparently using faked US Presidential authority, as well as skimmed off tax payers dollars!

[Realm News Shield]7. MEDIA SECURITY ALERT
-- Modern Mind Control Techniques (They work!) And Kolob's and Mormon involvement in their development and deployment (as well as Nazi technologies, too)

[KoReY Futuristic Shield] 8. KoReY FUTURE SPACE REALM
In contrast to this Occult orientated Space Religion and philosophy of Mormonism and the LDS (from Kolob), we of the Judeo-Christian Heritage have put together a more Godly, Futuristic Space Realm. One where the Faith of Abraham finds expression--rather than the Occult and Paganism ofthe Kolob's E.T.s!

[KoReY Tri-Unity Shield] 9. KoReY TRI-UNITY
Is it possible that Jews, Christians, and Arabs or Muslims can be united in ONE SPIRITUAL BODY??? (Well, Emuspatel believes so, and our cousins over at KoReY agree!) So, take a serious look at this Miraculous Move of God to UNITE all of HIS People, the Descendants of Abraham together!

[ZDK Foundation Shield] 10. OUR ZDK WEB
-- The ZDK Foundation Popular Directory, with links to Shaddox Konsvara (Hebrew Viking Clan) Organization; And Holy House (the Parent Organization for KUFOL)

[Revival Chapel Shield] 11. OUR TEMPLE OF RIGHTOUSNESS
-- get info here beyond the Occult and Mysticism and on into Hebrew Pentecostals and Church Charismatics and their Teachings on the Judeo-Christian Faith (and especially centering on its Abrahanic Roots that built up ALL the Hebrew Peoples) Catch the Wave of the New Move of God and its dramatic Messianic Outpouring! [Transfer to Revival Chapel]

Didn't find what you wanted? Then, write and ask us!

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(Yeah, who are you guys???)

As KoReY (Our Futuristic Space Realm) grows, and expands into Astaria (Our Future Nation out among the Stars), the so called FUTURE of dealing with Space Alien Peoples falls upon us, today! And how do we rationally and reasonably cope with that? And all of the other issues related to UFOs?

Hey, does that make us a Flying Saucer Cult? No! KUFOL is not only associated with KoReY (and traditional Judeo-Christian teachings), but we also serve as a Think Tank for ZDK.I (the ZDK Institute). Thus, what we are doing here is to wrestle with the scientific FACTS of Our Future out among the Stars. And, as there seems to be a growing body of solid research evidence to suggest that our World is, indeed, being visited by a variety of Extraterrestials, the question becomes just what should be our official, governmental response to them? For, as Our own Realm of KoReY expands and moves into the Interstellar arena, the odds will become even better and better, daily, that First Contact of some sort will be made, somewhere, and at sometime (if it hasn't already). So, what do we do then?

That is the question we are trying to answer here. And, to lay in some policy decisions that will guide US (and Our Realm) in Our relations with whatever E.T. or Space Alien Peoples we may come in contact with. (And, perhaps give them a good idea of what to expect from us, as their new neighbors, too.)

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Well, yes, we do live in a supernatural world. And the blessing that come from giving are no accident! To better understand this amazing process, consult Our Article on the MYSTERIES OF GIVING.

May God bless your other Fruits for your kind support of us!

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