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KoReY U.F.O. Literature - Kolob UFO Conspiracy?

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The RANI (E.T.) Invisible Government in Western America!

A Clandestined Invasion of E.T.s from Kolob? Really! Just how could this be??? Is it reasonable that the Resident Alien Nation (or RANI) now has an invisible government in Deseret?

Well, in Our earlier Article on THE RESIDENT ALIEN NATION, we examined the historical record, going all the way back to Ainu Japan, and then saw the rise of the RANI civilization here in Western America, up untill about World War II. And, then, in Our previous Article on THE KOLOB (E.T.) INVASION, we examined the more current history from the end of World War II through the Cold War to see how this Neo-Axis Powers Alliance has spread, and especially through the UFO Conspiracy (and its invisible government)!

Now, in this Article, we will try to assess just how extensive this Kolob Dominion of Desert really is, in Western America. However, hold onto your hats. For the actual figures may startle you!

But, first, since Kolob is bound up in Mormonism, we might need to take a look at what has been going on, out there in that Desert of Utah.

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MORMONISM: Lost in the Fog?

Secular history of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints is fairly well established. Joseph Smith reportedly discovered ancient golden tablets in Palmyra, New York (near the Catskill Mountains) in the early 1800s, and thereby became the official founder of the Mormon Faith. Under his leadership, they first attempted a Utopian settlement at Kirkland, Ohio, but then had to move to Nauvoo, Illinois. There, in 1846, Smith was killed in a riot over Mormon teachings and practices. Following his demise, Brigham Young became the main leader and took the main body of Mormons out to the Great Salt Lake in Utah, where they set up their New Zion in 1847.

However, the theological history is much more tangled, with various claims and counter-claims! For instance, not all Mormons migrated to Utah after Smith's death. One group, known as Missouri Mormons, continued to spread throughout the Mid-West. Even worse, they claim to hold the ORIGINAL teachings, which are more in line with traditional Judeo-Christian doctrines. Yet, on the other hand, the Main Church in Salt Lake City does NOT hold traditional church doctrines (but supports Occultish type teachings and lessons)--and in fact, attacks the traditional churches as being of the Devil! Not to mention that they seem to pursue RAS or Radical Anti-Semitic Programs of eradicating anything that is Hebrew: Jews or Jewish symnpathizers--i.e. church goers! (So, who was the original LDS church, here?)

Deepening this storm come the so called Fundamentalists. While this is hard to sort out, Joseph Smith apparently held teachings that allowed for what most Christians would call adultery--the ability to marry other men's wives (somhow connected with the mystery religions of Egypt and Freemasonry?). But, when Brigham Young took over, he seems to have taken a more Biblical view, and allowed men to marry multiple wives (but not have women who were already married). Then, with the arrival of the Statehood issue in the late 1890s, the U.S. Government enacted various laws that forbid BOTH of these Mormon practices or polygamy (or whatever you choose to call it)! Consequently, while the Main Church holds to the laws that forbid any kind of polygamy, various Fundamentalist factions have blossomed that claim either the Young teaching of multiple wives or the Smith view of communal marriages. And, while the rest of us laugh at such nonsense, the Mormons are very serious over these issue and frequently kill one another over them, depending on which faction has the upper hand, at the moment.

So, why did we review this? To give you a good idea of what the major items are in the minds of most Mormons. For, they tend to be a very closed minded, cultish group. And fixed more on themselves and their own teachings. (More concerned with rumors or gossip over who is sleeping with who--and what that might mean?)

Moreover, their leadership is very secretive and oligarchal--and totally authoritarian (dictatorial)--FACISTS.

Thus, the average, every day Morman hasn't a clue as to what is really going on in his organization. (Or how it spends his money and donations!) So, if you should ask a common Mormon about the Danite Dominion of Deseret, he is likely to call you mad (or filled with anti-Mormon progaganda). Or if he does know anything, he'll keep his mouth shut, and lie, out of the fear and terrorism that they bring to their own people!.

Even worse, mention KOLOB to them, and though it is an official Mormon doctrine, and they will think you are speaking Greek (or lost your marbles)!

Sorry, but they are seriously lost in the fog of their own teachings and propaganda! And haven't a clue as to what is really happening out there, in their own land of Deseret! So, don't expect them to be experts on these issues. They will probably be as suprized as you are, about them. (Since their own church has kept so much about it hidden from them!)

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So, how do we know (when they don't)? By extensive infomation gathering, research, and intelligence work--examining official records and official testimony before Congress and other federal government bodies (plus the indivudual testimonies of eye witnesses)!

And, what we have found is quite impressive (if not frightening)!

For, the official government record shows that since the beginning of World War II, there has been a MASSIVE MILITARY BUILD UP in Utah! And, in fact, much of America's current research and development for its military defense either goes on in Utah or is connected with Utah companies!!! As a result, anything new that America comes up with, the Mormons have it, too. (Security breach?)

Don't believe this? Then follow the trail of FACTS of our survey:

Brigham Young University was the site of Cold Fusion research, and one of the major competitors with ZDK.I in that nasty crisis, back in the Spring of '89.

Once again, Brigham Young University is the prime location for these federal organizations to recruit their personnel from. (Even worse, once these recruits get trained and highly skillled, they leave the federal government and join the Mormon Security forces! So, what do all of these big, tough guys do all day--sit around and play tiddly- winks?) Which raises some big concerns, for if a crisis errupts with the Mormons, whose side will these agents be on: America or Deseret? (Not to mention, clearly showing that they have the manpower for an invisible government--and possibly the MIB.)

3-HILL AFB: (northish of Salt Lake City)
The site of one of Golka's super-secret and very destructive ball-lightening experiments (EMP)--see more below (under Wendover).

4-TOOELIE ARMY DEPOT: (S.W. of Salt Lake City)
No body seems to know what goes on there!

One of America's most frightening places! Here is the site of America's research and development (and deployment) of CBW (that is Chemical and Biological Weaoponry). Yes, chemical warfare! Now, isn't it coincidental that many UFOs have been just recently been spotted with comtrails or chemtrails--long vapor trails (as if spraying our population with something)? So, is this clandestined work out of Dugway? (And what kind of bugs do they have growing, over there?)

6-MICHAELS AFB: (even further S.W. of SLC)
The landing site of America's military space shuttle. (Didn't know we had one, huh? Well, while NASA was ohing and ahing the public with the regular space shuttle launches, the military was up there... ) Yet, we now must wonder: Is it ours or Deseret's? (And is Deseret in control of America's military space program? The American Public sure isn't!) Moreover, Morton-Thiakol, the company that builds the space shuttles is based in Utah! So, what else is connected, here? Well, even worse, some have suggested that this is the spaceport for Kolob? (Well, the reports persist of some base in Utah where Space Aliens and humans are working together!)

7-WENDOVER AFB: (mostly westish of SLC)
This old, abandoned Air Force Base in the Bonneville Salt Flats became the site of Robert Golka's attempt to replicate Nikola Tesla's work. (And rumors persist that a Tesla Tower, similar to the one built at Wardenclyffe, New Jersey by Nikola himself, has been errected out in Utah, somewhere--firing bursts of ball-lightening or EMP that can down aircaft or spacecraft!) So, was this what shot down the Roswell craft? Moreover, many have held that Golka's attempt at using Tesla's ball-lightening technology may be the best way for controlled fusion. (And surpizingly similar to ZDK.I D'Stridium Spherical Reactors!!!)

8-CEDAR CITY: (deep south and westish in Utah)
The site of one of America's most extensive bio-medical research centers. And like Dulce (Ne Mexico), rumors persist of experimentation on HUMANS here, producing some absolutely ghastly result of half-humans (and something else)! Now, this is definately contrary to Nuremberg International Law, which forbids experimentation on humans! (As the Nazis were so fond of doing! So, are the Neo-Nazis getting away with it, here?)

9-WHITE SANDS: (far east in Utah)
The site of America's rocket research and development? Well, the official site where the ICBMs and ABM systems were put together and tested--and probably the Patriot, too--was in New Mexico (though there is a place in Utah by the same name--a delibeate cover?). But, the Mormon claim for Deseret also extends to New Mexico! Dulce and White Sands (and Roswell) are considered within their control! So, has ICBM and Anti-Balistic Missile technology fallen into Danite disposal? (Now, can they load them with nuclear warheads? Yes, probably! See, below.)

10-AREA 6413: (adjacent White Sands, above)
The propaganda on this place refers to it as the New Area 51!!! And, it is reportedly the lauch point of the military shuttle (space bomber?). (Moreover, some have suggested that this is the site of the Tesla Tower, perhaps disguised as a launch tower! See Wendover, above. And, coincidently, the Roswell craft would have passed very close to this place. So, was it shot down by an EMP burst from there?)

11-MX SYSTEM: (undisclosed--Utah, somewhere?)
The government specificaions on this Project (for a Land Mobile ICBM Launching System) call for an extensive complex of about 5,000 to 10,000 miles of underground roads!!! (Now, many abductees report being taken to some kind of extensive underground complex. So, is this what they are experiencing? Moreover, rumors persist that Cedar City is connected to Nellis AFB [and Area 51] by an underground road! So, just how big is this complex? And is it America's or does it belong to Deseret?)

12-DARK PROJECT: Independent Nuclear Reaserch: (Utah? Nearby?):
Rumor persists that Deseret has a super secret Dark Project of Independent Nuclear Research. Apparently funded by US tax dollars (?) this Program is giving Deseret the ability to develope and deploy nuclear arms of its own. Now, one cannot always believe rumor. (And among Mormons, rumors fly like mosquitoes! Seems like some of them just love inventing things to say.) However, considering the hard evidence we have encountered thus far: Cold Fusion Research at BYU, Golka's Ball-Lightening Fusion (and Particle Beam Research), ICBM and ABM Research, Military Space Shuttle, etc. Certainly, it is more than a possiblity that Desert now has nuclear arms of its own!

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Now, while people are screaming that we have lost our marbles in talking about Kolob's rising (E.T.) power in Deseret, the foregoing more than raises serious military concerns for any military analyst, studying Utah.

So, stop and consider for a moment, if Deseret should choose to succede from the Union today, Kolob's Dominion would be ranked as about the 4th largest World Nuclear Power, slightly ahead of China and perhaps nearly equal with Great Britain. (Only Russia and America would still be ahead of them! But, for how long? After all, particle beam weaponry development has been ascribed to Area 51. And though in Nevada, across the border, the Dominion claimed by the Danites would easily reach that far!)

Moreover, think about the Danite's (Mormon Mafia's) avowed goal: overthowing the sovereignty of the U.S. government over its own soil. And establishing the independent totalitarian theocracy of Deseret in Western America! (And, incidently, if you have never seen them, maps of Deseret show their dominion extending from the Mississippi River Westward over all the rest of continental America, and parts of British Columbia, as well.) So, do you think that it is just a pipe dream? Sure looks all too real, to me! Not only could it happen. But, they seem to want it to happen! And they are rapidly gaining the means of doing it!!!

So, do you want to live under Deseret's totalitarian theocracy? (With its RAS or Radical Anti-Semitism?) Or its Gestopo like Police State (run by the Danites through their buddies in the local FBI and CIA), that tramps on God given Human Rights? (And proclaims that ALL the churches should be done away with!) Not me!!!

[WARNING Shield]


Now, by just looking at those cold facts about Deseret, itself, we can see that we have a SERIOUS national security issue here! (Not to mention its SERIOUS challenges to those of us of the Judeo-Christian Heritage!)

But, what if we also include Kolob's secret alliance with the Ainu of Japan and the Nazis of Germany (as well as the old allies of the Axis Powers, like Italy, Spain, and several of the Latin American Countries)? Clearly, this is a world class union, worthy of serious threats to world peace, perhaps on a par with the old communist scare (that the Marxists were going to take over the world). Well, don't laugh. For Kolob looks like it is getting very close to doing just that! And, Deseret is only part of their international picture. This is an International UFO Conspiracy that may never end!

And, now that you can grasp some of the seriousness of the situation, we need to add in yet another factor. That of the Kolob E.T.s themselves. In World War II, Nazi Germany always had the technology edge. Now, we are learning that this may have been due to the Kolob E.T.s supplying them with advanced techology. In this regard, dare we even think what Kolob is delivering into the hands of the RANI for their Deseret Dominion? This could be a very serious challenge to the national security of the U.S.

And, if push comes to shove, and we do end up in a Civil War here, who will be on whose side. Well, certainly, most of America's defense research will fall into Deseret's hands! For all of these facilities (above) are in Utah (or within its orbit) and will be there when Deseret succedes from the Union!

Hey, we (of the Judeo-Christian Faith) have some very serious reasons to be concerned with what is going on, out there in the deserts of Utah!!!

So, what are you going to do?

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Obviously, Our bias is plain! We are calling on people to make their RETURN to the Culture and Life-style of the Judeo-Christian Heritage. (The Heritage that is wrapped up with the History and Culture of Earth--and most notable Western Civilization! And not something of E.T. origin or Mormonism!) So, come along with us! Our Realm Revival Course will give you the basic details of the main concepts of the Judeo-Christian Faith. You can access it through Our Revival Chapel, or use the handy link, below:
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However, whatever you do, don't stop here!

To get the next Article in this UFO Literature series on dealing with Kolob's Interplanetary War, use the handy link, below:

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