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KoReY Interstellar Society - Our Future Age Religion

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Bible Propehcies Speak of Our Coming Interstellar RETURN!

Here, the Traditional Judeo-Christian Theology becomes the New Faith in Space (or Future Age Religion).

YES, THE SPACE REVIVAL AND INTERSTELLAR RETURN IS HERE! For, over the centuries, our fore-fathers have watched the Full Gospel (and the Judeo-Christian Theology) sweep the globe of Planet Earth. Now, the Faithful are on the threshold of making a new leap--into the starry-heavens...

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KoReY Revival Pages Directory

The Revival Literature of K.R.Y. or KoReY (and the Interstellar RETURN) has many Articles (and a variety of Teachings). To access the main ones, click on the Links below (or click on the Interstellar Portals or Round SHIELDS at the top or bottom of the Page):

[Abrahamic Faith Shield] 1. KEY TO HEAVEN'S GATE -- Explanation of the supernatural process of transforming from a mere, natural, mortal human being into an immortal, spirit being (and a personal testimonial of a voyage of afterdeath experience and spiritual rebirth); What Star Born and Regeneration (i.e. Born Again) is all about! (The Core and Focus of Our Faith in Space)

[Spiritual Engiftment Flame Shield] 2. MIRACULOUS SPIRITUAL POWERS--The Wonderous Gifts that God Gives to HIS Star-Children (So, get your Engiftment and Supernatural Power, today); Review of Pentecostal and Charismatic Gifts! (Become a Star-Child and Put the supernatural Power of the Holy Ghost into your heart and life--with Powers way beyond E.S.P.) The FORCE of Our Great Stellar Revival!

[KoReY Interstellar Colony Shield] 3. HEAVENLY GUIDANCE -- Understanding God's Will for your life (Examining the Natural Laws of the Universe and gleaning Spiritual Guidance from them--Our Star Laws!); Simple list of the Rules of the Universe, established by God, and forming the Royal Rules and Regulations of Our Realm (based on the 10 Commandments)

[Praying Hands Shield] 4. KOSMIC PRAYER -- Learn supernatural speech, and to talk with God, and get to be HIS Friend, like Abraham [transfer to Realm Revival Course] (Other related spiritual issues are also discussed there, along with some simple teachings on this Faith in Space--from traditional Judeo-Christian Theology)

[Interstellar Fleet Shield] 5. INTERSTELLAR PASSAGES -- the Bible Prophecies that clearly show Mankind's coming Interstellar activities (YES, believe it or not--predictions of Space Adventures are in the Holy Scriptures! Well, don't just sit there, being shocked! Look them, up and see for yourself!!!); Review the Bible Prophecies of the Great Stellar Revival and Our Interstellar Israelite RETURN--and the rise of ASTARIA!

[KoReY Tri-Unity Shield] 6. KoReY TRI-UNITY -- Our Realm's overall spiritual goal of bringing understanding, mutual co-operation, and Unity to the Descendants of Abraham (the Hebrew Peoples): i.e. ALL the Peoples of God (Jews, Christians, and Muslims); The coming Interstellar Unity of Believers!

[Women's Issues Shield] 7. SPACE FAMILY -- The Holy Scirputes set forth a model or design of what Family Life should be like, but what will happen in Space? (Various articles on Patriarchy and MEN ISSUES, as well as addressing the NEEDS OF WOMEN.); Will the radical changes put forth by Science Fiction writers come to pass? Plus links to other Family Issues (*** PG ***)

[Realm News (Announcements) Shield] 8. CURRENT MESSAGES -- Recent Sermons and Messages on Our Revival Movement, and its spread though Nordics, Jews, Arabs, and on into Outer Space (Our Faith in Space--and the roots of the Interstellar Return) Hot topics in Our Realm for the NOW! ***


[Divine Law Shield] 9. DIVINE LAW LIBRARY -- God's Laws for Our Realm, clearly and plainly DETAILED for ALL of the Hebrew Peoples, to learn and obey [transfer to LAW Library]: The Royal Rules and Regulations of Our Realm!

[Futuristic Literature Shield] 10. INTRODUCTORY LITERATURE -- Detailed Articles presenting the foundational concepts of KoReY or K.R.Y. thought (Bible Prophecies, Plans, and Program explanations) and Our activities (The social, cultural, economic, political, and religious organization of Our New Realm in Space); Basic Astarian Philosophy

[Realm Herald Shield] 11. I.S.A.G. NETWORK -- Our (Interstellar) Scientists Associated for God Organization (meet, greet, and share activities with other Scientists who are Believers in God); Yes, Science and Faith can mix, and mix well! Here are the people who will help make Our Science and Faith come to pass

[Celestial Nobles Shield] 12. OUR RULER -- KoReY's Leader's Biograhy (and Personal Testimonial): How we can me to be and how we were guided into this Conflux (Plus, links to other biographies--Find out more about Us, and Our officials, and administration)

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