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AFTERLIFE: an Eyewitness Account of Reviving from Death!

Gruesome Description of Hell Points Way to Becoming an Immortal Starson

While the modern, mundane world likes to think of itself as being only material or physical, the facts of life are that Man has a Soul or a non-material Mind (spirit). And, that Soul will live on after the death of the physical body. But what will that Afterlife be like? (This question is on the minds of many people--especially as they near the end of their physical life!)

Into this void of understanding have stepped many of the New Agers. And their presses have published many accounts of people who have died and then been revived. They tell us of descending to a pleasant place or garden, before they were brought back to life. And others have insisted that we will just sleep there until we come back in some other life (reincarnation?)! Can this really be so?

However, not all the accounts of revival after death have been pleasant. For, others have given a vivid Description of Hell and warned us of the Bottomless Pit and the Lake of Fire that burns forever to consume the wicked for all eternity. Yet, these unpleasant experience have not been picked up and published by the popular presses. So, which view is accurate?

Now, into this ring of controversy, it is time that I cast my own hat, and detail my own personal Afterlife experience (and give an accopunt of my own return from Death).

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AFTERLIFE: A Disturbing Eyewitness Account

My Parents had went to church in earlier years, but by the time I came around, they had gotten out of the church going mode. So, I was raised pretty secularly, without much thought to the Spiritual World or Religion. (The worldly philosophers were my main mentors.)

And in my teenage years, I slid into dabbling in the Occult. Then, I began to encounter some rather bizarre and weird health problems, that the doctors could just not explain. Thus, it came to pass, that in my Junior Year of High School, I walked into my U.S. History Class, sat down, felt a little dizzy, and promptly passed out--dying, having no heart beat and no respiration for a long time, that they could find! Without doubt, by all accounts I WAS DEAD!

However, I recall it all very vividly: I woke (from collapsing), floating up above my body, and looking down on it, which was laying on the classroom floor, with lots of people gathered around.

I then felt a sinking feeling and began going down some dark tunnel or passageway in the direction of the center of the earth (or so it felt). (Ecclesiates 3:21 and 12:7)

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Shortly, I woke up, lying on the grass of what appeared to be a pleasant tropical garden. The sun was out, though I could not clearly see it as it was so misty and foggy everywhere. But, then I came to myself and remembered an old saying about Hell being downward--so I woke up a bit and asked myself: how could I be in a pleasant garden when I had fallen downward, towards Hell? (And, how could there be a sun, if I was underground???) So, I got up and began to search through the garden, which only got more misty and the fog rolled in even thicker, so that I could only see less and less! (II Peter 2:17 and Revelations 9:2 i.e. smoke or fog) And, strangley, this seems to also match the Viking accounts of Death and its visits to the Land of Mists!

As I ran through the mists, I began to hear and then see these shadowy figures also moving through the fog. I could not see them clearly, but I could tell the general direction that they were going, so I decided to follow them. And, I noted that the land seem to slope more and more downward, like I was headed down a hill that got ever steeper and steeper.

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As I went deeper into this hidden Valley (Psalms 23:4), I began to smell the most awful smell that I had ever sniffed! And, then, suddenly, I was out from under the cloud cover and looking down upon a great chasm (like the Valley of the Shadow of Death). Running through the midst of this Valley was a great open fissure, like the Grand Canyon. It was very wide, but I could see across it to its distant side and hills beyond. And, up out of this Pit rose vapors that looked like very fine smoke and rose up to make the cloud cover all over, above the Valley.

I could see lots of these dark, shadowy creatures carrying bundles to the PIT, like ants milling over an ant hill. So, I decided to go down and take a look, to see just what was happening.

As I got to the edge of the PIT, I began to hear this awful groaning and moaning--the worst sound that I had ever heard. I looked over into the PIT and saw that the vapors made it dark and dismal below--and the blast of the great heat hit my face, like the air coming out of a furnace! But I could still make out the bodies of people, bound hand and foot, and slowly sinking or floating deeper into the PIT (Luke 16:23-25). And, about that time, I realized that these shadowy creatures were bringing people, bound hand and foot, and casting them over the edge of the cliff and into this Bottomless Pit! (Or, Hebrew: Sheol Psalms 28:1, 30:9, 88:3-7; Proverbs 1:12; John 15:6; Revelations 9:1-3)

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At about this time, there was a shout behind me: "You are still attached, you must go back!" I turned and saw this white, gleaming creature behind me. And he pointed down to the ground behind me, where I saw this white or bright colored cord attached to me and trailing back up behind me and on back up into the mists, above (Ecclessiastes 11:6). This angel came and tried to lead me back up the hill, but I grabbed him and began to wrestle with him, to make him tell me where I was and answer my questions (Like: if I was in Hell, where was the Lake of Fire?)--or I wasn't going to let him take me back! (Not without a fight, anyway.)

Suddenly, a Voice from above the clouds boomed: "Take him!" And, then, I found myself standing almost immediately on the edge of another great fissure, only this one was like the mouth of an open volcanoe (blazing bright with reddish light--and hot as an oven--whereas the Pit had been dark and murky: without light), with firy lava moving about, below, in that Valley. But, it also spread out for miles (but larger than the Great Pit), and yet I could see its distant shores (I thought) and the (blue?) hills (flames?) beyond, just before the far away horizon. (Lake of Fire: Revelations 20:14-15)

"Now I must take you back!" said the angel. "No! (I shouted!) Where are all the People? If this is Hell, why aren't people being cast in, like at the Great Pit?" And, we began to wrestle once more. (Levels of Hell: Psalms 86:13, 88:3-7; Ephesians 4:8-10; Revelations 20:14)

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Once again, the Voice from up above the clouds spoke: "Bring him!" And before I could say more, we went up and I found myself laying on this polished and smooth floor in some kind of great room or Hall (Gatehouse?). But, there was no strength in me and I could not get up nor hardly even move. I twisted my head and saw this gigantic clock, several stories high, nearby. And if I read it correctly, it was somewhere around 11:00. (Time was about up, I thought?)

"Yes, Time is about up!" the Great Voice spoke. "And, I may have given you the key to great power, but you have not found the key to enter in to here. GO BACK AND FIND IT!"

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I found myself slowly coming to, in the school's sick room, with an oxygen mask attached to my face. The school had apparently call the ambulance and as the attendants had found me dead, they had begun to work feverishly on reviving me. And, they were successful! (Even though I had been medical dead for quite some time!)

However, the full experience was still in my memory. And, I began to tell people what I had seen. And I began asking and searching all over for that KEY. But, then people started saying that I must have been on drugs and it was just an hallucination! Worse yet, as I kept asking about the KEY, others started saying that I had lost my marbles. So, I quit talking about it. (Though I certainly wondered a lot to myself about it!)

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While the wicked of the world had shouted me down about what I had experienced, and silenced me, I did not give up. I kept on that intellectual and spiritual quest to find out the TRUTH--what this KEY must be. And, it wasn't until years later that I found it!

As I was reading through the Bible, I found this Passage clearly recorded, and it was plain that THIS was what was being talked about to me in that Afterlife expericence:

"Woe unto you, Lawyers (Pharisees)! For you have taken away the KEY OF (Spiritual) KNOWLEDGE! You entered not in (to Heaven) yourselves, and those who were (attempting) to enter you have hindered! (Luke 11:52)

Nor is this the only clue that God has given about this great spiritual KEY--the KEY of Spiritual Knowledge! We find HIM saying more:
"MY (God's) People are destroyed (perish in the PIT) for lack of (Spiritual) KNOWLEDGE! Because you have rejected (MY) KNOWLEDGE, I will also reject you!... " (Hosea 4:6)

So, seek God while there is still time to find HIM! And don't let yourself be bound hand and foot and cast into that Great Pit! Find that Spiritual Knowledge that will be your KEY to Heaven's Gate!

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Hey, don't tell me that you know better! I have been there! I saw the Great Pit with my own eyes! I smelled the terrible stench with my own nose! And I heard the screams and cries of the people there with my own ears! So, until you have an eyewitness experience yourself, you can't possibly know enough to criticize what I saw! And as far as I am concerned, it was, ideed, a very clear Description of Hell! (And, if you doubt it, look up those Scriptural Passages that also describe what I saw!)

So, let's get down to business! It is time you faced what your Afterlife is going to be like. And, it is time that you got that SPIRITUAL KNOWLEDGE that will be your KEY to Heaven's Gate! Now, we aren't just talking about head-knowledge here. We are talking about heart-knowledge or rather wisdom (experience). It is time that you experienced God and got to know HIM better (intimately)!

So, just repeat this following prayer with me. It forms a kind of Spiritual Covenant or contract between you and God. And, be sure to say it out-loud, so that God will know that you agree to it!

Father God, I confess to YOU that I am a sinner and have done wrongs in YOUR SIGHT--and deserve to be cast into HELL as my punishment.

But, I plead with YOU to forgive me of my sins, because of YOUR Son, Jesus, who died on the Cross, shedding HIS Blood to pay for my sins--as my death by proxy (that I might enter Heaven and be with YOU upon my death).

I now renouce the Devil, his followers, and all of their wicked ways and command them, in Jesus' Name, to be gone from my life!

Instead, Heavenly Father, send YOUR precious Holy Ghost into my heart and life--to lead me and guide me in following the Ways that are pleasing to YOU.

Great! You now have the Key to Heaven's Gate in your hand. So, use it! (Put it in your heart!) Come, and enter this Spiritual REGENERATION, with the rest of us! (For this is how you get STAR BORN--or Reborn or Saved. Or, as some say, Born Again.) For, by taking God's Spirit into your heart, you become a new spiritual being (II Corinthians 5:17 and Colosians 1:12-15)--a Starson! Therefore, don't just sit there. (At least go tell someone else about it!)

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