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ZDK Ministry of Family... (*** PG ***)

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Building Our Greater Family - linking individuals with Family, Clan, and Tribe (Nation?)

Have you had your hug, today? Well, come on it, and meet the rest of Our FAMILY! (Don't be a stranger any longer!)

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Directory of Papa's Hand

Our Realm's Greater Family is firmly based on the Holy Scriptures, and the Patriarchial, Father-Centered model found there. Thus, Papa, as Our representative of God and HIS visible image to the Family, provides many things for us (even as God is Our PROVIDER, using the MAN of the House as HIS channel of blessings to its members). To access these varied Services for Our World, click on the Links below:

[Revival Flame Shield] 1. REVIVAL COURSE -- The simple, basic steps to entering Our RETURN Movement yourself (and making your own, personal Renewal): your life depends on it! (Judeo-Christian theology in a nutshell) ***
[Realm News Shield] 2. FATHERS FIRST PRIORITY -- The Family stucture of Our Realm stands of Biblical PATRIARCHY (not heathen beastarchy)! To find out what good Fathering is all about, take a look at this Directory of Patriarchial Literature! (Suitable for Christians, Jews, and Muslims--who follow in the teachings and traditions of Abraham, concerning the Family.)
[Nordesel Unity Shield] 3. NORTHMEN CHILDREN'S FUND -- Scandinavians have a long history and tradition of being Patriarchial, and in taking good care of their children! (Learn from them!) However, the collapse of modern Russia and the decline of its social services places many Viking and Nordic children at risk! Please do what you can to help! [Transfer to Queen AhQo Ministries] ***
[KoReY Heritage Worlds 
    (Network) /zdkf/Shield] 4. CULTURAL HERITAGE WORLDS -- An explaination of how all of the diverse cultures in Our Realm and knitted into Clans, Tribes, and then Heritage Worlds, to make Our World a United but diversified Realm (i.e. Universal Empire) [Transfer to KoReY]
[Historical Literature Shield] 5. OFFICE OF SOCIAL DEFENSES -- Facing Persecution or Discrimination for your Faith? Well, some of that is just normal. But, there are some very sinister groups out there, who have a decided program and plan for attacking God's People. So, it won't hurt to check them out, and see if one of them accounts for what is happening to you! [Transfer to OSDLIT]
[Cloud Castle (Admin) Shield] 6. ZDK (Shaddox) KoNSVaRa -- The Shaddox Viking Clan and Dynasty the provides many of the Leaders and Officials of Our Realm. Postings of Officers of Our Realm, identifications, jurisdicition, etc. *** (Use the Shaddox Clan Page for now!)
[KoReY Interstellar Colony Shield] 7. AMERICA'S FJORD -- Photo Tour of Our Homelands, the Columbia River Gorge (National Scenic Area and growing Tourist Trap): take a look at what it might be like to become a member of our spiritual Family!
[Divine Enlightenment Shield] 8. MEMBERSHIP REGISTRATION -- Apply NOW to become a Net Member of the ZDK Organization (get to meet other members, be invited to activities, gain status and perhaps get an office, etc.)--become part of Our Greater Family ***
[NORDESEL Unity Shield] 9. REFERRALS PAGE -- Other Groups and Organizations contributing to the General RETURN Movement. (While we would like to take the bows for it all, the plain facts are that there are a lot of groups and people out there contributing to this widespread Movement! Get a look at some of them.) *** (Note: this old Northmen Page is being revised!)
[Information Age (Sun) Shield] 10. CONTACT ZDK.F -- Want to chat a bit, or just get to know us? (Our Greater Family?) Or, have that burning, nagging question that just won't go away? Well, find out how to satisfy those needs, by looking at the various routes that you can contact US by [Transfer to E-Mail Page]). ***
[Women's Issues Shield] 11. WOMEN'S ISSUES -- Our Realm has a very unique persepctive on Women and to help the fairer sex agjust to Our World (and Society), we have collected a variety of articles here that will be of special interest to the female sorts. ***
[Men Issues Shield] 12. MEN ISSUES -- Our Realm has a very traditional view of Men as the Patriarch (and God's ordained leader of the Family): get an understanding of our important concept of the BIBLICAL FAMILY, as well as find a variety of articles especially for Men! ***
[Realm Herald Shield] 13. REALM HERALD -- Here is the link to the Herald's Portal Page (with links back to the ZDK.F Popular Directory Or, on to ASTARIA Cultural Directory): Thank you for visiting us. Come back again! ***

[Viking Ship Shield]

QUEEN AHQO - The Viking Heroine

Ever since we were inspired to write the tragic tale of this beautiful Nordic Princess, some years ago, it also became our desire to do something in her honor. And pursue the charites that were near and dear to her heart. And, now, God has opened the doors to do just that!

And, if you have a soft and bleeding heart, and could help us in this process, please do so! See our QUEEN AHQO MINISTRIES. (*** PG *** Area!)

[Praying Hands Shield]



In association with QUEEN AHQO MINISTRIES, all kinds of really Bad Girls and Wicked Women are finding new hope in God through Our FATHER DONNER OUTREACH!

If you KNOW that is YOU, find help and encouragement in this difficult process of RETURNING to God! See Our FATHER DONNER OUTREACH (*** PG-13 *** Area!).

[Women Issues Shield]



Well, we have debated provinging such a service. But, as yet, none is currently available. However, if you are interested in such a Project, please contact us and see what might be coming down the line. (Must be 18 or older!)

To get CONACT PAGE for Matchmaker Issues (Click Here): [E-Mail Input to ZDK]

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Again, we have discusssed provinging such a service. But, as yet, none is currently available. However, if you are interested in such a Project, please contact us and see what might be coming down the line. (Must be 18 or older!)

To get CONACT PAGE for Family Counseling (Click Here): [E-Mail Input to ZDK]

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