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Bible Prophecies of Mankind's Future Space Activities

(And the rapidly approaching Apocalypse?)

Before America was discovered, most of civilization thought that the world was flat! But, after the discovery of New Worlds, they had to revise their thinking, and accept the Earth as a globe or sphere. Moreover, the Religious Establishment of their day insisted that God had said nothing about America (or New Worlds in the Deep Sea)in His Word (the Holy Scriptures). It was only later that they conceded that the Isles of the Sea would be such a fitting reference.

Consequently, now, as Mankind stands on the brink of Interstellar Travel, the dead Religious Establishment insists that God said nothing about Space Travel. (And we have gotten an abundance of criticism from our brothers of the churches over this!) Or, did HE? Well, over the years, we have uncovered numerous Scriptures that seem to indicate to us, Mankind's Future Space Activities--and as part of God's Plan. To us, Bible Prophecies do, indeed, support our views on the coming Interstellar activities for Belivers! (And activities that will be forced on us by the coming Apocalypse of the Earht!) So, look them over (below) and see what they say to you!

1- Genesis 22:17
Israel's Seed or descendants are to become as numerous as the stars--because they will multiply and go and settle there. (See also: Genesis 26:4 Exodus 32:13 Deuteronomy 1:10 I Chronicles 7:23)

2- Deuteronomy 2:25
All the Nations of the starry-heavens are to come to fear the presence of Israel (or the Coming KoReY and then Astaria).

3- Deuteronomy 4:32
Admonition to ask or inquire from one side of the starry-heavens to the other (concerning the giving of the Ten Commandments). So, how is this Scripture to be fulfilled, unless there is Interstellar Travel to make it possible?

4- Deuteronomy 10:14
God declares His ownership of ALL that are in the starry heavens and the Planet Earth. Thus they are subject to HIS Plans!

5- Deuteronomy 30:4
God's promise to regather Israel (the Coming Interstellar Revival) from the outermost parts of the starry-heavens. (Also, Nehemiah 1:9)

6- I Chronicles 29:11
God is the owner of all in the starry-heavens.

7- Nehemiah 1:9
God's Promise to Regather Israel (The Interstellar RETURN), from one end of the starry-heavens to the other! (Also, Deuteronomy 30:4.)

8- Nehemiah 9:6
God made all the starry-heavens--and all their hosts. (Also, Pslams 33:6)

9- Job 26:7
The Earth hung on nothingness--Space. (Pictured centuries before space travel made it so!)

10- Pslams 33:6
God made all the starry-heavens--and all their hosts. (Also, Nehemiah 9:6)

11- Isaiah 13:4-5
God promises to muster an army from a "FAR COUNTRY"--at the far flung ends of the starry-heavens.

12- Isaiah 24:1-6
The Inhabitants of Earth thrown off the Planet and scattered abroad into Space! APOCALYPSE!

13- Isaiah 30:26
The Sun to go Nova! strong>APOCALYPSE!

14- Isaiah 34:4
In the END, the Armies of the starry-heavens disbanded--and the starry-heavens rolled together as a scroll. (Also, Revelations 6:12-14.)

15- Isaiah 40:22
God sits above the circle (sphere) of the Planet Earth--makes the starry-heavens as a tent for Mankind TO DWELL IN! (The Earth as a globe revealed in the Word, long before Earth explores found it to be so! Consequently, the last part of that Passage will become true, also--that Mankind will dwell in the starry-heavesn!)

16- Isaiah 45:18
God's Purpose for making the starry-heavens--that they be INHABITED! (God's Will for the Universe--that we settle it. The New Manifest Destiny!)

17- Isaiah 51:6
Planet Earth to wax old, like a garment--our current environmental collapse. APOCALYPSE!

18- Isaiah 51:16
God promises to plant the starry heavens--with the flora & fauna of the Planet Earth (the coming KoReY Space Ark Project).

19- Jeremiah 4:16
The Publishing that watchers are to come from a Far Country--deep in Space (UFOs?) at the time of the rebuilding of Judah's cities (Israel 1948?).

20- Jeremiah 4:24-28
The Coming Desolation of the Planet Earth. APOCALYPSE!

21- Jeremiah 51:53
The Coming Babylon (of the anti-christ) to be found in the starry-heavens. (Also, Revelations 13:1-4.)

22- Daniel 7:27
The Saints of God are to be given a Kingdom or Empire in the starry-heavens (the Coming Astaria or Northern Kingdom of Israel in Space).

23- Daniel 8:10
The Dominion of the anti-christ to extend even into the starry-heavens! (Also, Revelations 12:3-4.)

24- Obadiah 1:4
Edom, the Descendants of Essau, to be found among the starry-heavens.

25- Zephaniah 1:2-3 and 3:6
Planet Earth to be made uninhabitable! APOCALYPSE!

26- Matthew 24:31
At the Second Coming of Christ, the Believers are to be gathered from one end of the starry-heavens to the other. (See also Mark 13:27)

27- Mark 13:9
The story of the woman's deed (washing Christ's feet with her hair) to be told all over the KOSMOS (Universe) or starry-heavens. (Also, Matthew 24:9.)

28- Mark 16:15
God's Great Commission to go into all the WORLD--Kosmos or Universe (starry-heavnes)!

29- Ephesians 1:10
Jesus to bring unity to all Believers, both to those on the Planet Earth and to those in the starry-heavens (the Coming KoReY or Interstellar Religious Society).

30- Ephesians 3:10
The Wisdom of God (His Word--the Bible) is intended by Him to be carried unto the authorities in the starry-heavens by His Congregations.

31- Colossians 1:20-23
The message of Reconciliation to God by Jesus is for both those on the Planet Earth and for those in the starry-heavens. And the message of Salvation is to be preached to every creature in the starry-heavens--as the ultimate goal of Paul's ministry.

32- Revelations 4:1
The Open Door in the starry-heavens and God's Call to come up into Space--the Coming Interstellar Era!

33- Revelations 6:12-14
The Great Cosmic Collapse--the starry-heavens rolled together as a scroll, in the very END. (Also, Isaiah 34:4.)

34- Revelations 8:10-12
WORMWOOD--the coming meteor strike, destroying one-third of the Planet Earth (after it has been rebuilt from devastation?).

35- Revelations 9:1-11
The Plague of the Alien Invasion--insect-like creatures that torture Mankind.

36- Revelations 12:1
The vision of the mysterious "Woman with 12 Stars"--the prophecy of a Future Israel in Space (the Coming KoReY - ASTARIA).

37- Revelations 12:3-4
The rise of the dominion of the anti-christ over one-third of the starry-heavens! (Also, Daniel 8:10.)

38- Revelations 12:12
The rejoicing of the (Future?) dwellers or inhabitants of the starry-heavens.

39- Revelations 13:1-6
Rise of the anti-christ in a dominion in space--see 12:3-4, above.

40- Revelations 14:6-7
The "angels" or messengers of the Gospel "flying" or moving about in the starry-heavens--hence the coming of Interstellar Travel (And spread of the Gospel out among the Stars).

And these were only the ones that I could readily find. There are probably more, if you care to dig them out for yourself. Happy hunting.

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