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ZDK Family Ministries - Future Home Economics (*** PG ***)

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ZDK Women Issues

Mothers of Biblical Women Rights--and Our Women Ministries

This is the cozy Home of the Women of the Faith. The place where real women (Judeo-Christian Women) can hang out. And dare to be feminine, in the traditional Scriptural sense of what God intended Woman to be. But NOT in the ways of wicked, worldly women, who denounce God, and HIS Plans and Purposes (and would just as soon see all the men in the world exterminated). Rather, we encourage women to revel in their femininity and to be the softer, gentler sex (responsive to men) that God intended for them. Come and join Our Family! (And learn about this Future Home Economics.)

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Our Women Issues Literature Directory

Our ZDK Women Issues Pages has many Articles and Literature to help you deal with Our Future Home Economics, the facts of Biblical Women Rights, and the needs of Women Ministries in Our Realm, as well as helping the traditional Judeo-Christian Women fit into Our Futuristic World. To access these, click on the Links below (or click on the round SHIELDS at the top or bottom of the Page--Navigation Bar):

[Messianic (Israel) Shield] 1. FALLEN WOMEN
-- A Scriptural look at how God Plans to bless and heal defiled women by HIS Calling of backslidden Israel to RETURN to HIM! (Understanding and inner healing for the hurts of women of lost virtue.) God's understanding (and help) for women in deep troubles or those merely afflicted with modern trials. (*** PG-13 ***)

[Appiru (Arabic) Shield] 2. SUBMISSIVE (Abrahamic) WOMEN
-- Holy women of Ancient Days (Sarah, Rebecca, Leah, etc.) walked in the Ways of the Arabic Family Lifestyle, led by our fore-father Abraham. And God amazingly blessed them for their obedience and feminine submission. (In sharp contrast, the wicked women of the world now want Faithful women to take up Feminism and depart from this time honored rule of God's Bedouin Patriarchy!) Thus, the modern woman MUST evaluate her current role and consider the wisdom of her grandmothers in the Faith (PG)

-- A Scriptural look at God's provisions for recognizing when the love of marriage turns toxic and destructive (While some churches deny the realities of divorce, Our Realm faces those hard and cruel facts of life.) However, divorce is not a thing to be pursued lightly--see if God favors or might question yours? [Transfer to Law Library]

-- That tempting, forbidden fruit that some women cannot resist: A look at God's provisions for the sanctity of wedlock, and the good reasons of the Scriptures for why adultery, or wife defilement, is such a mortal sin (and capital crime). *** DON'T DO IT!!! *** [Transfer to Law Library]

[Divine Enlightenment (Book)
-- Sexual purity is a serious issue for Believing women! These women of the Faith have banded together to support one another (and call on God for each other) in FIRST retaining their virginity until they find their husband and SECOND to keep their fidelity to him, so that their wombs will be pure and holy, for God's use, in blessing them with an abundance of good children!

[Realm Herald Shield] 6. FASHION FOLLIES
-- The Holy Scriptures supported old fashioned manners of dress and modesty among women; But modern feminism puts forth a variety of fashion statements, that we might begin to have second thoughts about, in light of what God says about them. Give some serious consideration to this Divine Dress Code!

[Abrahamic Faith Shield] 7. THE MENSCH
-- Nothing seems to drive the modern woman up that wall as does trying to understand her man! this Article gives help here. For, we need to grasp that God designed Man to be a unique individual--his own person (This has found expression in the Hebrew Community's concept of the Mensch--and Britain's acceptance of eccentrics.) But, how does the average wife cope with the uniqueness of her husband (especially since the wicked women of world wants his conformity to the image of the emotionless robot)? Well, find out, here! [Transfer to Fathers First - Men Issues]

[Spiritual Engiftment Shield] 8. PRO-POPULATION POLICY
-- God's Command to Procreate Seen as Guidance to fill Our Important Need for Adaquate Manpower for Our Interstellar Expansions (*** PG-13 ***) Thus, the importance of the woman's role as mother--sacrificing her own life (career) for her children, their future Family, and our coming Nation (MATURE, scientific reading) [Transfer to KUFOL Pages]

-- THE MYSTERY OF THE RESURRECTION BRIDE! An age old mis-interpretation of Scripture, now made clear in Our Times. And a peek at the little understood role of women in the Afterlife (What treasure and pleasures in Heaven does God hold especially for the Faithful wife?) (PG)

[Praying Hands Shield] 10. WOMEN CHALLENGES
-- God's Kingdom has always been the Champion (and Protector) of women, with its Biblical Women's Rights, and Our current Women Ministries! However, modern Judeo-Christian woman are facing all kinds of modern problems--especially those put forth by the popular religious feminists! Consider this collection of Articles and Issues! (PG)

[Viking Ship Shield]

Queen AhQo - the Biblical Aholah

Fallen Woman and Backslidden Israel

Hear God's Heart's cry for today: COME BACK, ISRAEL!!! (Hosea 14:1) For, HE wants her as HIS Bride, again! So, make your own personal RETURN to God, today! Don't delay! (Be the Israel HE needs!) God's recycling of women thought worthless! *** PG-13 ***

To get Our FATHER DONNER MINISTRIES for Fallen Women (Click Here): [Revival Course]

Help for Bad Girls and Wicked Women! (Patterned after the Viking Heroine!)

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Take a peek at what the Men are discussing over in Our Fathers First Priority Section. Are they just out to make slaves of us--or is there more to their story?

To get Our FATHERS FIRST PRIORITY (Click Here): [Men Issues]

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Well, the point of the whole ZDK Outreach is that there is going to be a Great Interstellar Revival through our Realm. However, this is just not a far off Future thing. You can get in on the RETURN, today. All you have to do is get Regenerated or Renewed. You can find how to do that in Our Revival Course (in Our Revival Chapel). Or, follow the handy link, below:

To get Our REVIVAL COURSE (Click Here): [Revival Course]

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