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E.T. ORIGINS: Where Do the UFO Beings come from?

The numerous UFO sightings recorded, and the variety of Close Encounters with a diversity of UFO Beings from them, that have been well reported, seems to strongly say that we are indeed being visited by some kind of Extraterrestials or Space Aliens. WE ARE NOT ALONE! So, just what are we going to do about it? PANIC???

NO! What we need are some calm, clear, controlled guidelines and directions, in how to deal with this situation. And, for more on how to cope with this crisis (?), see Our the other Articles We have on PRO-POPULATION POLICY and INTERSTELLAR DIPLOMACY. Then, you should clearly realize that this is exactly what we are doing in this Section of Our Web Site--setting down firm Policies for Our Future Society to deal with the Space Alien Peoples issues!

CONSEQUENTLY, you (and they) must realize now that a large part of what we do depends on just what the Aliens decide to do. For, We do not have War declared with them. Nor do we hold any bias or animosity towards them, that might pre-dispose us to conflict. (However, neither are we going to just sit back and allow them to run all over us! Nor make us their slaves!)

On the other hand, just sitting around and waiting for their next move is not a good idea, either. We may wait for centuries! So, what We need to do is to come up with some good, rational solutions on relations with them. And possible policies to pursue in dealing with them. Thus, we could take a more active, than passive, role in dealing with his crisis. Moreover, as time passes, this we will have to do. We will have to take the initiative.

Now, what we decide to do, has a lot to do with exactly where do these guys come from! And, not just in terms of the interstellar neighborhood. But, in terms of philosophical and theological origins. So, let us take a look, calmly and rationally, at some of the options here for people of Faith to consider about these UFO Beings.

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E.T. Origins - Parallel Evolution

Given what we know of the Universe, that Astronomy shows the chemical composition of the Stars is relatively the same as what we experience here--and the widely held popular theory of evolution: it appears possible that some other species of human type being or life-form may have evolved separately, on its own, out there in the dim recesses of Space. This sub-theory is referred to as parallel evolution.

Moreover, some have asserted that this kind of E.T. Origins have allowed them to evolved long ago--and that they have been visiting our planet for centuries (and perhaps are responsible to the great remains of some of our ancient civilizations?). Furthermore, it has even been advanced by some of this school of thought that Mankind, itself, is the result of one of these ancient visits or colonizing attempts!

Correspondingly, given this line of thought, it seems only logical that we should welcome again, with open arms, what was once our fore-fathers. And, thus the popular movement afoot to adopt Alien Ways and Culture (with its anti-God values and magical or Paganistic practices). For, that seeems only natural, too, in this line of thought.

But, is it for US? OR, is this merely part of the Alien subversion and propaganda? To just accept them, and go along with what they want? Well, it is the most popular view being held--and promoted in the Media! So, who is financing that line of thought?

Yet, even more pointedly: IS THIS THE LINE OF THOUGHT THAT THE BELIEVER SHOULD HOLD??? Or, would Interstellar Migration Theory be more compatible with Judeo-Christian Theology?

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While evolution is widely held in the scientific community (and popular in the media), its scientific basis is waning. But, on the other hand, the views of Creationism (that God created the whole Universe) is widely held in the religious community (and by the majority of the U.S. population). And, is gaining more scientific ground, as Evolution comes under more and more scientific criticism.

So, for us who Believe, the question boils down to: IS THERE ANY MENTION IN THE BIBLE OF SPACE ALIEN PEOPLES?

Well, if you care to look, there does seem to be a variety of Passages in the Holy Scriptues that indicated Mankind's Interstellar Migration and coming activities out among the Stars! And, these are just too numerous to detail, here. (So, look them up under Our Interstellar Passages, in the KoReY Revival Articles section.)

However, for the scope of this Article, let us just stick with limited issue of the Origins of UFO Beings. So, are there any indications of other peoples existing, besides those of Earth, in the Scriptures? Well, as those Passages (above) seem to indicate there will be some kind of interaction with INHABITANTS THERE! So, how did they get there? According to the main view of the Creation account, God only created one type of Mankind or humanoid creature. And that was done here, on Earth. (Or, is there an alterantive? If you are curious, see the next Article on PARELLEL CREATION as an exploration of this mind bending concept! But, for brevity sake, let us just stick with this single Creation account for, now!)

So, where did the Space Alien Peoples come from--EARTH? What are the true E.T. Origins? Is it possible that they came from here? Well, there does appear to be three Biblical possiblities, in this line of thought.

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In the account of the first family (which God had made on Earth), we find that Cain rose up and slew his brother Abel. In punishment for this crime, God banished him from the rest of Mankind (Genesis 4:11-14). And the Scriptures say that he was to be a fugative or one who wavers--a wanderer. And, most curiously, this same description is also given by the ancients to planets as wandering lights in the night sky among the background of more fixed stars. Thus, the implication is that Cain became a wanderer of the night sky--a moving light in the lower heavens and thus, perhaps the original UFO Being.

Now if this were so, then the Space Alien Peoples would not be true E.T.s, but would be of Earth origin--yet of our dim, dark ancient past. Thus, these KayNeyM or Kanim (descendants of Cain), would be the original Space Alien Peoples, as stellar colonist, driven out of the Earth. (Basically, the reverse of the Alien colony idea for Mankind's origin, as put forth by the evolutionists.) Consequently, in this context, we tend to refer to the UFO Beings as Space Alien Peoples and not E.T.s, as they are not true Extraterrestials (but came from Earth--long ago).

As added support of this idea, the Scriptures further tell us of Cain having a distinctive mark set upon his person, so that others could see who he (and his descendants were), and thus not kill them nor destroy them. This distincitive mark is sometimes held to be the greyish-green skin of some of the Space Aliens. For, while all the other 3 human races or Earth are also found among the Visitors and UFO Beings, this distinctive Mr. Spock like group (or 4th Race), is not. Perhaps this is the explaination? (Or, was it the pointed-ears or mouse-ears that was the mark? Or, perhaps the combination of both?)

In any case, this is a plausible, Scriptural explanation of the origins of some of the UFO Beings--they are Space Alien Peoples and early exiles or star colonist from Earth. (And, certainly just as plausible as the wild explanation of parallel evolution! Or of the Star Seed Theory, that Mankind supposedly comes from E.T.s, who left his ancestors here long ago!) And as such, we sometimes refer to it as the Scriptural Interstellar Migration Theory.

Thus, as long lost brothers or relatives (and fellow humans), the Kanim should be more than welcomed into Our Fold--like the Prodigal Son!

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Most people have heard of the story of Noah and the Ark and how Noah saved all the animals alive in the Great Flood. Moreover, it has also been set forth that Noah's 3 sons: formed the foundation for the main 3 races of Mankind--Whites, Asians, and Blacks. However, what is NOT covered in the account in the Bible is whether anyone else got off the Earth and into Space during this great catastrophe! For, it was only the living things that were on the Planet Earth that died in the Flood. So, what if some of them managed to get off the Earth and flee away into the recesses of Deep Space? The Scriptures are strangely silent on this issue!

Consequently, through this loop-hole it becomes possible that the 3 similiar races of Mankind that are seen among the Space Aliens are in fact, descendants of the 3 main races of humans on Earth. They just escaped the Great Flood by soaring off to the Stars. And, then probably ignored or even forgot about their Earth origins--and are only now starting to check back to see what happened to the rest of us.

Thus, as this Noahic Escapee Theory also suggests the UFO Beings or E.T. Origins as being one of our long, lost brothers or relatives (and fellow humans), these Space Alien Peoples should also be more than welcomed back into Our Fold--like the Prodigal Son and the Kanim, above.

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One of the most puzzling stories of the Bible is about the account of the Tower of Babel. So, what was it. Some have suggested that it was just a Pagan Temple or Zigguret. But, has it taken until our modern technology for us to figure out this riddle? For, now some have boldly suggested that this structure was actually a launch tower! (And the destruction of it was an attack by Aliens in an attempt to defend themselves from an invasion from Earth?) But, perhaps this was only half-true. Was it rather some kind of trans-mat machine or Star Gate that allowed Earth humans to beam throughout the whole Universe? (Thus, perhaps even accounting for human type beings potentially to be found all over the Universe? What an Interstellar Migration this would have been!)

Again, the Scriptures are strangely silent on this issue. Perhaps the Bible is just waiting for us to get out into Space and discover the truth of this for ourselves? Has Earth already populated the Stars though the Babel Star Gate? If the types of Space Aliens found among the Visitors are any indication, then this may, indeed, be the case! For, most of them sure look like us.

And, once again, as long lost brothers or relatives (and fellow humans), these Space Alien Peoples should also be more than welcomed back into Our Fold--like the Prodigal Son and Peoples, above. (For more details on assimilation of these Space Alien Peoples, see Our Article on ALIEN ASSIMILATION OR INTEGRATION.)

Afterall, isn't that what the Interstellar RETURN is all about!

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While the foregoing UFO Beings look so similar to us, that they could be our bothers, what are we going to do with all the other, more bizarre critters?


Unfortunately, the Dragon is often viewed in the Scriptures as a Devil like figure. And Replitles or snake like creatures, as being sources of evil. Moreover, the destruction of the Dinosaurs in the Great Flood of Noah is usually seen by the Faithful as a triumph over evil--not a tragic loss (as most evolutionist see it). So, we seem to start out on shaky ground, here.

Moreover, the use of abduction by the Saurians and their servants, the Grey Mutes (or little green men), is a violent offense to our cherished beliefs of human rights. (And, in fact, becomes a War Issue! See Interstellar Diplomacy. For, impressment of American citizens into the British navy was one of the big issues that set off the American Revolution!)

Even worse, many of these abductions seem to be for the purpose of obtaining female eggs that can be used for cloning in test tubes to produce new batches of the Grey Mutes for the Saurians to use. This production of hybreds or human mules (or sub-human slaves) is patently offensive to the Biblical concept of the Divine Human Right to natural procreation! (And is tantamount to legal rape by Our Laws! And probably the gross sin of bestiality as well!) Moreover, though the Saurians may even be from Earth as our earlier Dragons or Dinosaurs, the Grey Mutes are certainly an off world product (and not really of Earth origin) and thus more of the true Extraterrestials.

Consequently, the Saurians, as should any Alien Power that is beligerant or violent towards humans, must be turned away (and handed over to A.R.M. for appropriate counter-measures). For we MUST defend ourselves and our People (and especially our women from these abductions or medical rapes)! No SAP should be allowed to think that they can get away with that!

However, the Grey Mutes, as innocent victims in all of this, might be enouraged to leave their Saurian masters and enter Our Fold, for though they are mutants, the human spirit appears to dwell in them. And we should attempt to save as many of them as we can! (Though, for Population Policy considerations, there may be some restrictions with them marrying among us. See Our Article on PRO-POPULATION POLICY!)

Moreover, other humanoids or mutants should be given the same considerations, out of respect that they may have come from true humans of Earth. And, probably other life forms, as well. For, the Scriptures do set forth Rights for animals, and though some of these Space Alien Peoples may be rather beastly, such Scriptural Rights would be theirs, too! (Deuteronomy 22:6-7, 10 and Proverbs 12:10)

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Union of Japanese Ainu, Aryans (Nazis), and America's RANI

Now, here, we have a hard choice! The Japanese Ainu, the Aryans (or Nazi RAS of Hitler's Germany), and the American RANI certainly appear to have a common origin--and work together in the Kolob Network. (See Our Article on THE RESIDENT ALIEN NATION!) Moreover, because they appear to be so human, the odds are good that one of the three above Biblical avenues accounts for their true roots! Or, perhaps they are even from some Nazi colony, deep in Space, yet near Our interstellar neighborhood? (Yes, it would be very surprizing if they were, indeed, true E.T.s!) So, as humans, they have the potential to be welcomed into Our Fold.

However, their beligerant and violent activity (abductions) towards humans sets a road block to this! Moreover, their common adoption of RAS (Radical Anti-Semitism) and racial bigotry make them social and morally unacceptable for Our Fold. In addition, their active espionage and subversion of our world to the Culture and Ways of E.T. Paganism and magyck cause an alarm to be sounded--and a War Issue considered over them! However, should they drop these (and especially their Paganism and Occult practices), they would be acceptable for Our Fold. For, it appears that some of the Finns and some of the Hungarians have similiar Ainu like origins, yet they have adopted the Judeo-Christian Faith and have peacefully integrated into our world (as our history clearly shows).

So, perhaps there is hope for the RANI, as well?

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While it would be nice if there was only one theory of origins for ALL the UFO Beings, as you have seen, above, there are several, Biblical ones.

Moreover, as UFO accounts describe a variety of Aliens or Visitors, then it may be that some are of one origin, while others are of another. (Yeah, just to complicate matters!) Consequently, we need to learn to treat Space Aliens as individuals and not as sterotypical monsters or prejudical hate groups. And, while it may be policy to deal with them, as they set out to deal with us--we must also remember the Desires of God, for us to live in PEACE and to win as many souls (Earthling or otherwise) for HIS Kingdom as we can (Mark 16:15).

And, if possible, sweep these Space Alien Peoples into Our Realm with God's Move of the Interstellar Revival! For, this is what the Interstellar RETURN is all about!!!

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Whatever you do, don't stop here, with this Article! For, there is more to learn about Our Universe, and to grow into in the Spirit World--and become a good Citizen of Our Realm!

Now, to get more about the E.T., and where they may really come from, see Our Article on E.T. PARALLEL CREATION in the KUFOL directory, OR, use the handy link, below:

To get Our PARALLEL CREATION (Click Here): [Parellel Creation of E.T.?]

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Well, don't stop now! There is more to learn, about Our Universe, and to grow into in the Spirit World--and become a good Citizen of Our Realm!

To learn more about all of the future technologies that will make Our Realm in Space possible, (as well as scientifically explain UFO operations--along with Reverse Engineering and Dark Projects) see Our Articles in the ZDK Institute Library, OR, use the handy link, below:

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Well, Our KoReY Introductory Literature is just for you! It gives you the details on what Our New World out among the Stars will be like (and why it will form that way). To get Our Articles on Astaria, use the link below:
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While some Space Aliens may be set about subverting and taking over the Earth, we MUST learn to deal with Space Alien Peoples as individuals. They should not be hated nor treated prejudically because they appear to be of one group or the other. For, as strange as it may seem, some of them are probably of Earth origin (long ago). And need to be brought back into the human Fold of God-fearing Mankind!

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