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KoReY U.F.O. Literature - Visitor Immigrants?

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KoReY's Cultural Diversity and Astaria's Interstellar Human Rights allow for E.T. Settlers in Our Realm (and Star-Colonies)?

One of today's popular Science-Fiction TV Programs portrays an E.T. Civilization known as the Borg, who terrorize the Galaxy by conquering weaker Peoples and reducing them to a zombie like status as human robots or cyborgs--a process that they refer to as ASSIMILATION! Such a policy is in gross violation of the basic Interstellar Human Rights that We at KoReY believe that God has given to all of HIS creatures (Alien or human). Consequently, We would not be in favor of a Borg approach to whatever Aliens We may eventually come to encounter in Space.

But, what do we do, if we really do encounter any kind of real E.T. or Space Alien Peoples out there? Well, that issue has been tackled, somewhat, in Our previous Article on INTERSTELLAR DIPLOMACY, so look this topic up there, if you are curious.

Moreover, the main objective for allocating or placement of Our Star-Colonies is simply to avoid planting them in areas where there are already Alien settlements. (Hey, Space is big enough for all of us, isn't it? We will just go around them! And find a good spot, elsewhere.) Now to get the details on this Program, consider Our guidelines for placing Star-Colonies, in the previous Article on SUPER-NOVA TIDAL WAVE.

However, what if the Aliens actually want to join Us? Perhaps even settle with Us in Our Star-Colonies? Well, that is a very heady subject that We will try to deal with here.

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KoReY Cultural Diversity

In contemporary times on Earth, the political science thinking has emerged to where the popular form of government is the nation-state. Here one group of people emerges as the dominate influence in that particular state or country and its culture becomes the dominate theme for all its citizens. Consequently, minorities and sub-cultures tend to get surpressed--or in the America version of the Melting Pot, those of different cultures and ethnic backgrounds tend to lose their past and become one (American), or thus assimilated into our modern Society.

However, KoReY draws more on the Mediavel World (and even further back, to Ancient Times). And here we find the culturally diverse multi-national (or universal) Empires. Correspondingly, Our concept is not to smash everyone into one mold and one culture to forge an assimilated People or Nation. Rather, we recognize the value of cultural diversity and welcome a variety of Peoples into Our Realm. (And, we expect Our Future Astarian Nation to be composed of many Peoples--and thus be quite cosmopolitan.)

[KoReY Heritage Worlds Shield] Now, not only is this cultural diversity given lip service, but we have set forth formal plans for integrating the more potent major cultures of the Judeo-Christian Heritage into the Primary Culture of Our own Realm. For more details on this, see the Article on KoReY Heritage Worlds. For, by this, the dozen or so main God-fearing religious cultures of Earth's history can be forged into a central cultural theme for Our Realm--giving us a good sense of Unity (and an appreciation for Earth's Cultural past). As well as gluing or bonding the various parts of our varied society into some reasonable fashion of unity!

However, this model does not stop here! It also serves as the framework for integrating a variety of other Peoples, as well. Some indications of this have been made in the Primary Design. And, it should not be assumed that only those listed can be brought into Our Astarian World. Consequently, we hope that others, of different sub-cultures, will find an appropriate place for their Peoples within Our larger Imperial Design. Now, for sure, We will give support and focus our attentions on Our Primary Culture (i.e. the Judeo-Christian Heritage and its Divine Culture of the Mediavel World) and seek to keep its status as being chief. But, this is NOT to mean (nor be interpreted as) the eradication of other sub-cultures within us! Rather, we hope that the branches of Our broad Cultural Design will grow and divide out enough to include those that are willing to become part of Our World.

Consequently, while we are thus very tolerant and open to various sub-cultural groups of Earth, we now have to extend this a bit, and also be open to whatever Alien Cultures that we may encounter, out there.

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OUR DOORWAY: Gateway or Garbage Can?

Unfortunately, all too many people seem to think that if you are open minded, that means you are to be their garbage can--and accept whatever they want to throw your way. So, don't be mis-led. While we are very open to cultural diversity, we also intend to be somewhat discriminating and selective about who or what enters Our Realm. Thus, we see ourselves more as porters or gatekeepers, being sure that those who pass through to Our World have the appropriate ticket or papers.

Some of the concepts of this have already been set forth in Our Previous Article on STAR-LORDS PROGRAM, where we went to great lengths to lay out passenger priorities. (And establish who could and who could not get passage to Our Worlds in Space.) For, though Our Doors are open, they are not wide-open (nor unattended).

Now, what might this mean, specifically, for an Alien Peoples (or E.T. individual) who might want to pass through those Doors, to settle with us?

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FOUNDATION: Pagan or Believing?

Well, as a normal requirement for the members of Our Realm (and hence, as a prerequisite to entering one of Our Star-Colonies), we ask for an Oath or Pledge of Alligence. The exact form of this, and its full meaning, are detailed in Our Previous Article on the VARANGIAN PLEDGE. However, the gist of it holds that you vow NOT to worship any other god, but the ONE TRUE GOD. Thus, the oath is acceptable to Jews, Christians, and Muslims. Even skeptics and honest doubters can take it, for though they dis-believe, they will not be worshipping any other deity. However, specifically excluded are Pagans and Idolators, who do worship some other kind of deity, devil, or demon.

Now, for the Abrahamic Peoples of Earth, this presents no problem. However, based on what evidence that has come forth claiming contact with so called Visitors from other worlds, it would appear that these Peoples are vastly Pagan! For more details on this, see Our previous Article on E.T. MORALITY AND ETHICS. So, there are likely to be some difficulties here.

Thus, if a Body or group of Aliens should want to settle in Our Star-Colonies, then they would corperately have to accept the Pledge, and whatever government that they may have, would be expected to endorse it. (Similiar requirements are made of Peoples and Nations of Earth. See Our previous Article on OUR ADMINISTRATIVE TASK.)

However, despite whatever their own government may do, if individual Aliens (or groups of individual E.T. settlers), should want to settle with us and WILL take (and uphold) the Pledge, then they are to be admitted--and welcomed. And, their own culture, worked into the Network that we set forth in Our Primary Cultural Design.

Now, does this mean the annihilation of the Alien Culture? Destruction of their Religion? Not necessarily.

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THE GOSPEL: Annihilator or Enhancer?

Some of the more vocal critics among the Pagans of the Earth try to assert that the Gospel (and its Scriptural Teachings) destroys Cultures--and the Religions of Peoples. And, therefore, they try to cast it into a bad light as not being tolerant. But, is this a valid complaint?

Well, in the first place, we have no intention of being the garbage can of other people. And just because they have swallowed something, doesn't mean that we want it spit into us! Consequently, this looks more like the pot calling the kettle black routine. For, just what are their historical records of being tolerant?

On the other hand, the historical record shows not the destruction of a Culture, but rather its transformation into something more vital that lasts for centuries. When Christianity tried to move out into the Greek World of the Eastern Meditarranean, the Pagans responded with intolerance and the slaughter of Believers! But, once the Christians came to power, the Greek World took on new life and became the Byzantine Empire that lasted for another thousand years (and Hellenistic Culture was preserved and spread all over to known world by them)!

[Cloud Castle Shield] And, when Christianity tried to enter the Roman World of the Western Mediterranean, the Pagans again responded with violent persecutions--even with the death of Believers being public entertainment in the arenas! But, when the Chistians got hold of Rome, it became the Latin Empire and Culture of the Middle Ages, that dominated Europe for nearly a thousand years (and Roman Culture was spread and revered all over Europe, long after the Empire was dead)!

Moreover, when Christians tried to go to Britain, the Pagans responded with slaugher and masscre (is this tolerance?). But, when Christianity finally got a hold of Britain, English Culture exploded world-wide and the British Empire built a domain spanning the globe! And English Culture (such as Shakespeare) has been so enhanced by the Gospel (and its Scriptural Teachings) that the English Language is now rapidly becoming the single Language of the whole globe, through the Internet! Is this Cultural destruction?

Furthermore, I challenge you to do a body count, today! Just how many Believers have been killed and murdered by Pagans and Idolators in just this past year? (In the past few years?) Is this tolerance, which they so forcifully claim that they are? BALONEY!!! And do not forget, the blood of those martyred is screaming up to God for justice! And, do you think HE is just going to sit up there and ignore it??? (Guess again!)

Consequently, the historical record shows that not only is the Gospel a Cultural enhancer, but that the record also shows that the Pagans are the ones who are grossly intolerant.

Therefore, We stake Our Realm on the Judeo-Christian Heritage (and its Gospel) that Our Realm will expand and become the dominate one in Space, for following generations.

[Divine Law Shield]

DIVINE LAW: Bondage or Liberation?

In this same vein, acceptance of the Varangian Pledge also means that you are currently keeping a Godly life-style. For exactly what all this entales, consult the previous Article on NOAHIC RULES OF FELLOWSHIP. Yet, why keep them? Well, not only is this the Cultural Heritage of all the Abrahamic Peoples, but We also believe that this is one of the main reasons that God is going to destroy the Planet Earth in the coming nova--just as HE did to Sodom and Gomorrah. For, the Pagans and Idolators have openly rejected the basic tenets of God's Law! (See the previous Article on the COMING COSMIC CATACLYSM.)

[ZDK Library Shield] Moreover, the end of the Pledge is a vow to obey the Laws of Our Realm. Not only does this include keeping the Noahic Rules of Fellowship, but also observing and following the 10 Commandments (and their related Scriptures). And, for more information on what all this deals with, consult the Articles in Our DIVINE LAW LIBRARY. And, basically, it means living a Holy and sanctified Lifestyle (i.e. with appropriate morals and ethics).

Or, most pointedly, the avoiding of Paganism (worship of other deities) and Idolatory (use of forbidden images--magyck, idols, symbols, etc.)--which is part of the Pledge.

So, is it surprizing that the evil and wicked of the world have come to see God's Law as too restricting--blocking them from doing what their twisted passions may urge. But, for the Believer, God's Law is true liberation! For, on the one hand, it protects him from the foul deeds of others. And on the other hand, it provides guidance and restraint from stumbling into doing things that he is going to regret, later on (and suffer for)! Therefore, is it any wonder why we so firmly embrace it?

Consequently, those Alien Nations that endorse the Pledge, to allow their People to settle among us, will also be expected to undertake steps of legal reform--so that their own laws would come more and more into conformity with God's Laws, as the days pass. Thus, Our Peoples and Cultures will grow closer and closer as the years go by. And in this way, they will be Integrated into Our Realm and Cultural Network (and allowed to retain much of their own civilization)--not forcibly assimulated (and stripped of their Heritage) as with the Borge approach.

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ALIEN PAGANS - the Holdouts

vs. the Yahlite Phenomena

Now, while the evidence suggests that the vast majority of Visitors to our world have been Pagan, it can be hoped that some of them, out there might be Yahlites or God-fearers (even if they may not quite understand or know, theologically, who or what God is). Something along these lines existed among the early American Indians (or Native Americans). Some of these Believed in a Great Spirit (as the Creator of all things) and held to morals and ethics that were compatible with the Judeo-Christian standards. So, we may run into something like this in Space--and they would probably be completely acceptable to Our Realm.

However, as the vast majority of Visitors that have been indicated as being here so far are Pagan, then we are going to have to assume that a lot of the Aliens will be excluded from Our Realm (unless, of course, they Convert). So, if you happen to be a Space Alien cruising Earth's Internet to find out what is going on, then you really should read those Pages on the Gospel, so that you can better understand where we are coming from, here. For starters, see the Article in this Section on U.F.O. Literature, concerning the U.F.O. GOSPEL. Other Articles on the Gospel can be found in Our Revival Chapel United Gospel Directory. [Realm News (Announcements) Shield]


The Cultural diversity of Our Realm, desiged to integrate and incorperate a variety of Earth Cultures into Our Interstellar World, also has room to include the Cultures of Space Aliens as well, provided that they will follow the design and requirements that we have set up for it.

In this way, not only can the various Peoples of Earth be included in Our Realm, but the door is also open to whatever Aliens may wish to join in, too!

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Whatever you do, don't stop here, with this Article! For, there is more to learn about Our Universe, and to grow into in the Spirit World--and become a good Citizen of Our Realm!

Now, to get more about issues of Our Interstellar Neighborhood, read about our attempts to populate the Stars with Believers from Earht and Astaris PRO-POPULATION POLICY (PG-13) in Our KUFOL Section, OR, use the handy link, below:

To get Our PRO-PLPULATION POLICY (Click Here): [Astaria's Pro-Population Policy]

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Well, don't stop now! There is more to learn, about Our Universe, and to grow into in the Spirit World--and become a good Citizen of Our Realm!

To learn more about all of the future technologies that will make Our Realm in Space possible, (as well as scientifically explain UFO operations--along with Reverse Engineering and Dark Projects) see Our Articles in the ZDK Institute Library, OR, use the handy link, below:

To get Our ZDK INSTITUTE LIBRARY (Click Here): [ZDK Institute Library]

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Well, Our KoReY Introductory Literature is just for you! It gives you the details on what Our New World out among the Stars will be like (and why it will form that way). To get Our Articles on Astaria, use the link below:
To get KoReY INTRO. LIT. (Click Here): [KoReY Introductory Literature]

*** NOTICE ***

While a few Space Aliens may be set about subverting and taking over the Earth, we MUST learn to deal with the majority of E.T. or Space Alien Peoples as individuals. They should not be hated nor treated prejudically because they appear to be of one group or the other. For, as strange as it may seem, some of them are probably of Earth origin (long ago). And need to be brought back into the human Fold of God-fearing Mankind! And, even it totally extraterrestial, they should still be treated fairly, according to Our Interstellar Human Rights.

(*** A.R.M. Policy ***)

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