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KoReY U.F.O. Literature - Parellel Creation?

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SPACE ALIEN ROOTS: Potential E.T. Sources and UFO Origins?

It seems time to concede that the rising tide of scientific evidence fairly clearly shows that our planet is indeed being visited by some kind of extaterrestrial. So, the question now becomes: WHERE DO THEY COME FROM? And, I don't mean in a interstellar navigation sense. Rather, in a more philosophical, and perhaps theological, viewpoint.

Much in the same way that, down through the centuries, we have asked the same question about Mankind: WHERE DOES MAN COME FROM?

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Parallel Evolution

It has long been held by Sci-Fi Fans (and given encouragement from the scientific community), that if Evolution produced Man, here on Earth, then it is quite likely that it produced similar, humanoid beings on other worlds out there. This line of thinking is called Parallel Evolution. And it is quite popular, these days.

However, there is growing recognition in the scientific community that the Theory of Evolution does NOT fit the observable, scientific facts. And therefore, has to be discarded as a valid theory. Yet, unfortunately, this concept is so widely held, and is so popular, that it dies all too slowly. And, all too many stubbornly refuse to give up their belief in this myth.

(For more information on this, see Our Article on THE DEATH OF EVOLUTION.)

So, if Evolution is not able to supply an answer to the origins of E.T.s, then what is?

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While Evolution steadly declines in the scientific community, the views present by Creationism (that God created the whole Universe) is gaining more ground. (Afterall, if you have a watch, you also have a watchmaker. And if you have a painting, you also have a painter. So, if you have a Creation, then you have a Creator. So simple, that even Ocham's Razor can't touch it!)


Well, we have found that there does seem to be a variety of Passages in the Holy Scriptures that indicated Mankind's coming Interstellar Migration and activities out among the Stars! And, they are just too numerous to detail, here. (So, look them up under Our Interstellar Passages, in the KoReY Revival Articles section.) So, Bible Prophecy seems to show that not only will Mankind be out there in Space, but that he will have some kind of interaction with inhabitants out there! (Look them up and read them for yourself.)

Consequently, in Our previous Article on SPACE ALIEN ORIGINS we greatly explored this issue. And, in so doing, found many of the HOLES in Scripture that might allow people from Earth to leave our planet millenium ago, and make their way into Space, settling much of it. Thus, in this view, the so called VISITORS are not actually Aliens (or true E.T.s), as their origins are actually from Earth, long, long ago! Therefore, we tend to refer to such UFO beings as Space Alien People (having been earlier colonist from Earth).

However, for this Article, we would like to turn our attention to true E.T.s! For, the question has now become: IF THEY ARE NOT FROM EARLIER EARTH MIGRATIONS, THEN WHERE DO THEY COME FROM? Yes, and that is no small question!

For one of the biggest flaps about UFOs and E.T.s comes from the Religious Establishment, who dogmatically tend to insist that such things do not exist. (Thus denying plain, observable, scientific data.) And, this rejection of UFO concepts by the churches have been one of the main obstacles to Disclosure of UFO facts. (The government citing that people in the churches are just not ready for such knowldge to be Public!)

Now, I do not know about your Faith, but mine is built on TRUTH. And the conviction that if you pursue TRUTH, you will wind up at God, for God is TRUTH! Consequently, for me it matters NOT what so called church attorities say. Rather, what mattes is what God says, and what HE established as FACT by HIS own Hand in Creation. And, to not pursue the TRUTH in this matter, is to miss knowing and understanding God more fully!

So, don't be lazy, like all too many in the Religious Establishment! Instead, get out your Bible and get to doing some heavy study to see what God really said about this issue. Or, did HE say anything at all?

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As puzzling as this issue may appear, it seems that much of the problem is in how we see God. Thus, it is more a matter of interpretation, than of whether God said or didn't say something. For, sometimes our own ears are plugged by our own thoughts, so that no matter what God says, we are not going to hear it! For our deeply rooted Paradigm acts as a roadblock, rather than an avenue of intellectual or inspirational thought.

In this view, much of the Religious Establishment's thought (or Paradigm) comes out of the Renaissance concept of humanism--that Man is the measure of all things. Yes, this was the same egocentric thinking that insisted that the planet Earth was the center of the Universe, and that the sun and planets, and all other things in the starry-heavens revolved around US! (Yep, Man is at the center of all things, because we want to be the center of all attention!)

Thus, in this mind set, Man is a UNIQUE Creation. That he was only created on Earth. And that there is none other like him in all the Universe. (Egocentric?)

But, was he?

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However, let us get realistic, here. And open our eyes a bit. For, God is not in a box (or in our bottle, like some genie). And HIS Great Hand spread out the whole starry-heavens! Moreover, if you bother to check into science (and especially, astronomy), you find that the same elements and compounds (and laws for them to operate by) that HE Created here, on Earth, are found exactly the same, throughout the Universe.

Thus, scientifically, there are no UNIQUE Creations--rather only UNIVERSAL UNIFORMITY.

So, is Mankind the exception? Not likely! (Despite his ego.)

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Now that our eyes are open a bit, so that we may be able to see, somewhat. Perhaps we can now discern if there was really a UNIVERSALLY UNIFORM Creation of Man or humanoids? Or, is God's Word really silent on this? (Or, is HE screaming, but we just can't seem to hear it?)

Well, one of the more puzzling aspects of the Bible is what is referred to as the Dual Creation Accounts. In the 1st Chapter of Genesis, we have one account for the Creation of Man. And, then in the 2nd Chapter, we have another. Bible scholars have long pondered this mystery.

Most have assumed that God was just repeating HIMSELF for emphasis, as HE does throughout the Scriptures. And, in fact, many of the Passages are written with this sing-song rythme of saying one thing, and then saying the same thing once again. God just repeats HIMSELF?

Perhaps? But, in this case, there may be a much deeper meaning. For, in reading the context of the 1st Creation Account, it seems to be flowing with a Creation of the whole Universe. That all of those patterns mention, were Uniformly and Universally Created by God, throughout the Universe. And, the 2nd Creation seems to have a more specific sense, that of Creation of everyhting on the planet Earth.

Thus, if would seem from context, that God Created Mankind or humanoids Uniformly and Universally, thoughtout the Universe. And, yet, then did a special Creation, for Mankind on the Earth. Therefore, the Dual Creation Accounts DO appear to support God's Creation of a humanoid creature, throughout the Universe! Yes, it looks like the extraterrestials are there, in the Scriptures, if we will only open our eyes and look for them!

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Moreover, in this light, the Great Commision also seems to make much more sense, just as it was written (and not as the Religious Establishment may wish that it says).

For, why would God want us travelling thoughout the Universe, except that there were lost souls there for us to reach? Well, isn't that what it truly says:


Consequently, the Great Commission directs us to seek out these ***CREATURES*** or Alien Life-forms, and preach the Gospel to them.

Now, how can we do that, if they don't exist?

Truly, the extraterrestials are there, in the Scriptures! (Just open you eyes, and LOOK!!!)

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Now, we have arrived at the powder keg! For, on Earth, there are many who claim that Special Creation entitles them to White Supremacy. That God, supposedly, Created the Blacks and Asians to be slaves to the White Race. So, by extension, are Space Aliens or E.T.s suppose to be Created to be slaves of Earthlings?

Well, in the first place, White Supremacy is a HERESY--a clear Scriptural Error! God never said such a thing. Nor does it seem that HE ever intended it. Rather, HE made of ONE BLOOD, all the Peoples of the Earth. So, red, yellow, black, or white, they are all precious in HIS sight! And none has supremacy over the others, in God's eyes.

Therefore, by logical extension, that same ought to be true for E.T.s. Earthlings are no better than them. Nor are they better than us (like some protecting gods or guardian angels). They are just plain people. Folks just like us--with all of those warts, bumps, and blemishes, too! So, don't degrade them to sub-humans or beasts for us to tame. Yet, at the same time, don't allow them to be deified into spokesmen of great enlightenment (for us to be slaves to, either).

Rather, just accept them for who and what they are--God's Creatures (just like us).

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Well, it doesn't look simple. The variety of UFO designs (and markings), plus the differing kinds of Aliens reported seem to indicate that there is more than one source or origin for UFO Beings. And, while some may be of earlier Earth origin, as Space Alien Peoples (as in previous Article), there also seems to be a good possiblity that many of them were Created by God, to inhabit the worlds out there (just as Mankind was made to dwell on the Earth). Parallel Creation does look plausible and Biblical.

Consequently, those in the churches (and the rest of the Religious Establishment) have a long way to go in facing and dealing with the E.T. issue. Hopefully, this brief Article will at least open a few eyes out there. For we definately are not alone!

And, maybe a few of them will get off their duff, and get out there in the Universe, and get to preaching to those that God called us to!


Well, Procyon seems the most likely spot for some of our VISITORS to be coming from. However, the great diversity of spaceship design, as well as the noting of differing markings on many of them, leads to the conclusion that there is just not ONE E.T. Nation out there, visiting us. Rather, there appears to be a multitude! (And information seems to suggest that Zeta Reticuli might be another neighborhood source of E.T.s.)

Well, the more, the merrier! So, let us welcome them all. And extend to them God's Hand of PEACE.

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Whatever you do, don't stop here, with this Article! For, there is more to learn about Our Universe, and to grow into in the Spirit World--and become a good Citizen of Our Realm!

Now, to get more about Our Interstellar Neighborhood, and soon coming migration out to our nearby stars, see Our Article on NEW MANIFEST DESTINY in the KoReY Literature Section, OR, use the handy link, below:

To get Our NEW MANIFEST DESTINY (Click Here): [Mankind's Coming Mirgation to the Stars]

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Well, don't stop now! There is more to learn, about Our Universe, and to grow into in the Spirit World--and become a good Citizen of Our Realm!

To learn more about all of the future technologies that will make Our Realm in Space possible, (as well as scientifically explain UFO operations--along with Reverse Engineering and Dark Projects) see Our Articles in the ZDK Institute Library, OR, use the handy link, below:

To get Our ZDK INSTITUTE LIBRARY (Click Here): [ZDK Institute Library]

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Well, Our KoReY Introductory Literature is just for you! It gives you the details on what Our New World out among the Stars will be like (and why it will form that way). To get Our Articles on Astaria, use the link below:
To get KoReY INTRO. LIT. (Click Here): [KoReY Introductory Literature]

*** NOTICE ***

While some Space Aliens may be set about subverting and taking over the Earth, we MUST learn to deal with Space Alien Peoples as individuals. They should not be hated nor treated prejudically because they appear to be of one group or the other. For, as strange as it may seem, some of them are probably of Earth origin (long ago). And need to be brought back into the human Fold of God-fearing Mankind!

Moreover, if they are true Extraterrestials, we still need to deal with then as individuals. And not be prejudiced by their skin color, unusual features, or place of origin. For, that would be Discriminatory--and against God's Laws.

(*** A.R.M. Policy ***)

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