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Social Defense Literature

ZDK Office of Social Defenses

Unfortunately, the history of the Hebrew Peoples is filled with discrimination, persecutions, and even offical pogroms. And, while for a time, Our Days may be relatively free of such sufferings, the odds are good that such miseries will come again. Consequently, we need to know how our ancestors delt with such things--and how they survived it all! For, in that, we can learn to protect ourselves, and our children. [Messianic Flag]

OSD Literature Directory

OSD has many Articles and Literature. To access these, click on the Links below (or click on the round SHIELDS at the top or bottom of the Page):

Radical Anti-Semitism (RAS)--The Risks of the Haman Gambit (God watches over HIS People) ***

Ethnic Cleansing--The RAS Relocation Policy (A modern re-play in the Gorge?) ***

The Porphyria Scam--The Resurgance of Genetic Inferiority? (Are you its next target?)

RAS Harassment--A Modern, Personal Testimony (Unfortunately, the RAS are returning!) ***

Actuarial Defense--Developing the Statistic Shield that will expose local RAS activities ***

LIBRARY (West Tower)--Special Collections on Jewish, Hebrew, and Middle Eastern Peoples and the Heritage and Culture of Abraham's Descendants (ZDK Media and Information Center) ***

DIVINE LAW--Recodification of TORAH, God's LAW from the Holy Scriptures (based on 10 Commandments) ***

ABOUT EMUSPATEL--Brief description and simple overview of what WE are all about ***

EMUSPATEL FAQs--Answers to the Frequently Asked Questions of us (and Our Realm) ***


Pardon our dust, but the OSD LIterature Page is in the process of expanding and moving (and up-grading) some of its resources. So, we are in the process of considerably changing many things! Please have patience. If what you want is not yet there and functioning, please check back in a few more days. It is coming!

* Those items marked with a single star are in planning, so it may be a bit before they get out to you on the Net.
** Those items marked with double stars are in development. We are working on them, so they should be available on the Net in a few days.
***Those items marked with tripple stars should now be on the Net and functioning as a Link from this Page. If you have trouble getting there (or at that Page), please let us know. (However, Individual Pages from there, or linked from there, may still be in progress.) Otherwise, kindly hang in there. We will get it out on the Internet as soon as we can. THANKS!

Further Contacts:

Can't find what you are looking for? OR, have a comment or suggestion? Then try the contact routes below:

E-MAIL us at: zdkf@gorge.net

Our regular mailing address is:

Shaddox OSD Literature
P.O. Box 44
Underwood, WA 98651 U.S.A.

Our phone number is: (509) 493-1674


Use of OSD Articles (or other Literature from this Site) is RESTRICTED. If you would like to use it in your Home Study (or Congregational Courses) or hand it out on the street in your witnessing, be sure to contact us BEFORE you do so. Authorization may be given for you to use it. But, it must not be assumed that it is free and clear for you to use in any way you chose. Note the copyright message, below.

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As you can see, from cruising around our Web Site, there are lots of Projects in Planning and Works in Development. They are coming, but many are held up by lack of funds. For, we simply do not have the resources to do what you will not support. For Our Realm is greatly dependent upon the generousity of its members.

So, if God has blessed you with abundance, allowing you to give, then please do so. And give generously. (And, if God has not so blessed you, then you need to get in here and study more about HIM and HIS Ways, so that HE will come to so bless you!)

When making out donations, make them payable to: SHADDOX FOUNDATION. (You may note OSD Fund, if you want it to go to the Our Office of Social Defenses.) Please use Money Orders, where possible (and outside the U.S.A. you must use them). Personal checks (from within the U.S.A) will be accepted, but their slow processing reduces us to a snail's pace. (and, we must insist on a $25,00 service fee, for all returned checks!) Sorry, we do not yet have credit card service. (Which is another project that takes more funds!) And, please realize that your donations are not, yet, tax deductible, either. (We are working on it. Have patience.) Moreover, do NOT send cash. (It tends to get lost in the mails!)

Mail your donations to:

ZDK (Shaddox) Treasury
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Thank you ever so much for your generousity. (Even small donations are greatly appreciated!) And NO, we do not charge for our literature or lessons. Rather we depend on your support and generousity to keep our lessons going.

May God bless your other Fruits for your kind support of us!

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