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Dealing With the Aftermath of UFO Abductions!

CLOSE ENCOUNTERS FOUR: Practical Guidelines for Helping People Cope with E.T. Abductions

FINALLY, HELP AT LAST! Well, we certainly hope so. Going through an abduction experience is bad enough, on it own. However, the event can be so traumatic to many people, that its emotional effects linger for a long, long time. And, while this paper should in no way be taken as a subsititue for good, professional medical help in this area, it can give you some practical, every day things to do (and watch for) that will help in you dealing with whatever abduction situation that brought you to us.

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FIRST: Facing the Facts

UFOs ARE FOR REAL - Did you have an encounter with one?

The common attitude of the general Public is that UFOs are not for real! So, if you think that you have had an experience with one, then you are not in reality. (And your mental health comes into question for all the gossips!).

However, the REAL scientific evidence does not bear this common myth out. Rather, the piles and piles of data on UFOs show that they are more than real! Moreover, the case files continue to grow, of people having a variety of close encounters with them, many even being kidnapped or abducted by them. In fact, one popular magazine (with a circulation in the millions), a few years agao, asked its readers to write in if they thought that they had experienced an Alien Abduction incident. Well, they were expecting to get a dozen or two letters, and then write a story or two on the better ones. But, at last count, the mail has brought in over 2,000 from all over the Country. So, something is certainly happening out there! AND FOR REAL!!!

Therefore, if you THINK you may have had such a Close Encounter Four (UFO abductions), then the odds are very good that you probably have. So, now, let's set about to properly deal with it!

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While some people have been wide awake and fully conscious during their Close Encounter Four (C.E. 4), and thus know for certain that they were abducted--unfortunatley, it appears that the vast majority are not! Instead, all too many were first plagued by vague feeling of anxiety or a general feeling that something was very wrong (but did'nt know exactly what--or were too afraid to even consider it)! And, it was only later on, that the details of their experience came forward, to their conscious mind. For, it seems clear that some kind of mind altering technique is often used, so that the abductee has part of their memory erased, concerning the experience.

Consequently, if you have any such suspicions, then you need to search for missing time. That is, memory lapses or blackouts that you can't remember what happened. And, some times it is more subtle than even that. For instance, one woman thought she was drunk and had just passed out, but later, she turned up pregnant, and after the child was born, began to have flashbacks of the abduction experience. Another lady was in an auto wreck, and thought she was unconscious for hours, until she was found--but later the abduction experience came forward, and it became clear that the auto wreck had been faked! (Yes, there is some really nasty, deceptive stuff going on out there!)

Therefore, if you are having strong feelings that something along these lines is what has happened to you, then the odds are good that it has (but you just don't fully remember it, yet). So, don't just sit there, suffering. Take action to deal with it. And get help to recover from it.

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While we would like to think that the world is a nice, safe place, out there, the reality is VERY DIFFERENT! And, if you are hurting, and need help, the predators will swarm in on you like buzzards! So, that old saying: BUYER BEWARE is doubly true in the area of shopping for help with an Alien Abduction experience.

So give some serious thought to our timely advice:

[Divine Enlightenment (BooK) Shield] 1-READ OTHER ACCOUNTS:
Not only will this give you a better frame of reference to help you cope with what actually happened to you, but the more you know about it, the less likely some worm will be able to take advantage of you and your situation. Moreover, finding events that match your own experiences can be very comforting and re-assuring (that NO, you haven't really lost you mind--and YES, this ugly thing has happened to you--and others--and now you have to deal with it).

Can't afford to buy such books? Hey, visit your local library. They have lots. (And what else have you been paying your tax dollars for, to suppor them?)

While we all like to fall back on our family and relatives to help us cope with disasters in our life, the UFO phenomena all too often produces bizarre results with those close to us! And, bear in mind, that in many States, all it takes is a phone call from a relative to State Mental Health, and you can be drugged and carted off to the other end of the State (while the relative you thought you trusted gets revenge for that sandbox episode in 4th grade, or conveniently gets you out of the way so that they won't have to share the family jewels or inheritance with you)!

Along these same lines, remember what the military always tells their personnel: DON'T TELL YOUR SPOUSE ANYTHING! For, while your marriage partner may have the potential to do you the most good here, the sad facts of life are that they also have the potential to be your worst enemy! And, unfortunately, all too many so called Abductees are ending up in Divorce Court, where their bizarre experience becomes an all too good of an excuse for the leaving spouse to justify the divorce-- and get the kids, and thereby get the house, and the bank accounts (to support the kids), and even suprizingly all too often, all the assets of the Abductee (after all they are mentally unbalanced and can't manage their assets on their own--the claimed Abduction experience being put forward in Court as proof of this!) So, even if you think your marraige is rock solid, WAIT until later, when you have a good support group that can check any wild designs that your spouse might be tempted to here. (And you might be surprized to find out just how much your spouse has thought about divorce, before this, and it becomes an all too convenient excuse! So, don't give them grounds!)

Being able to talk with others about what you experienced is very good for your mental health. For, verbalizing it helps get it out in the open, where your own, conscious mind can deal with it better. And sharing common experiences or even tips and clues can be very helpful. So, search for a group that will be supportive of you and your experience.

However, we would caution you about Alien Abduction Support Groups. While some do offer good help, themselves (plus connections to good, qualified professionals), there is, unfortunately, a growing number of Saucer Cult Groups, that publicize Abduction help, but, in reality, only draw the victim into this little totalitarian world, that the cult seeks. And this is just not good for anyone's mental health! Let alone someone trying to cope with the emotional trauma of an Alien Abduction!)

So, rather than looking in a newspaper or magazine for the local chapter of a Saucer Cult, we would suggest you call your local hospital. And, rather than ask for Abduction Therapy (which may make their eyes roll), just tell them that you have had a very emotionally traumatic experience, and ask for a recommendation to some good local support groups, such as Crime Victims Support, Sexual Assualt, or even a mental health support group. And, you may not find an acceptable support group the first time or two, but keep looking. For good ones are out there! (And don't feel that you have to settle for what may get thrown your way. If it doesn't help you--MOVE ON!!!)

[Celestial Nobles (Star-Lords) Shield] 4-SEEKING PROFESSIONAL HELP:
What! Well, yes, BUT I am not saying this in the classic sense. For, no, we do not believe that you have lost your marbles and are just seeing things! However, the emotional trauma of an Alien Abduction (and often the nastiness of the medical style examin that many undergo) creates a very bad, festering emotional sore in your mind. It is not craziness or lunacy. But, it is often a very bad emotional wound that can take years to heal. And, in this area, a good, professional counselor can work wonders! So, don't be afraid to seek professional counseling. (Good ones are worth their money!) And, if the one you run across does not help you, find a second or third opinion, until you do get satisfying help!

And, if you can't afford one, then most Churches have some kind of counseling staff. Or, perhaps their Pastor or Minister is trained to help people with emotional problems? If not, it is likely that he can refer you to someone that is. (And seeking God's help can be a real source of inner, emotional strength, to help your over-come the emotions of what you have been through.)

[Revival Chapel (Cathedral) Shield] 5-DIVINE HEALING???
Well, perahps it depends on how desperate you are (or how poor your are). But, there are a variety of Faith Healers around. And while I definately would NOT recommend you go to someone in the Occult or using Magyck Powers to effect strange healings, the churches have a long standing record of a variety of Faith Healings and so called miracles. Hey, if it works for you, do it! (A miraculous healing can save you bundles in medical bills!) And, while the more traditional churches tend to shy away from Faith Healing, there are a variety of Pentecostal and Charismatic Churches that do believe in Divine Healing, and will pray for you to recover from this nasty experience. (And for some strange reason, many people seem to recover and feel better from this!) So, if you have an open mind to this, go and do it!

[Cloud Castle (Admin) Shield] 6-AVOID ESTABLISHMENT AUTHORITIES!!!
Unfortunately, all too many people seem to think that the Police are appointed to deal with this. And, after they have had a C.E. 4, they immediate run to the Police for help. Sadly, most policemen have NO training nor experience in this area! And, mostly likely, all you are going to get is a more embarassing situaiton. (Even worse, Kolob's Secret Service is very strong in some areas, and reporting an Alien Abduction to the Authorities may only bring the Men In Black into your life! See the previous Article on the Men In Black or what we refer to as Kolob's SECRET SERVICE!)

The same would basically hold true for the Military, too. Avoid getting them involved. Or, you may find yourself in a much mor tangled web--that will make recovery even more difficult.

On the other hand, if you have had a conscious C.E. 3 or C.E. 4, where you have either talked with or communicated with E.T., then it may be wise to contact you nearest embassy or consulate--epsecially if the E.T. indicated that they may return. For, in such a case, it is the jurisdiction of diplomats to make contact and establish relations with foreign powers. (Don't let the Military do this, or we may be in an Interplanetary War with the E.T., when a few kind words of those skilled in tact and diplomacy might have gained us good, friendly relations with the E.T.)

Finally, in this regard: AVOID PUBLIC WELFARE LIKE THE PLAGUE! Use your own private resources, as much as you can, and private counselors, too. However, all too many find an Alien Abduction so mentally crippling that they end up needing Public Assistance. If that is you, DO NOT SAY ANYTHING ABOUT YOUR C.E. 4 TO THEM! Unfortunately, most government social services bureaucrats have a one track mind: get you drugged (so that you don't know who you are or what happened to you) and ship you off to an institution, where you will be on the public support rolls forever (thus, insuring them of a continued job with the State). Consequently, they have a vested interest to NOT help you deal with this situation! So, avoid giving them the opportunity to make a guinea pig out of you.

[Cloud Castle (Admin) Shield] 7-SORTING OUT YOUR EXPERIENCE:
Well, the bottom line is this: while it certainly is nice to get help with what you have to deal with, the hard cold facts are that it is YOU that is going to have to face, and deal with it!

Yes, I know that means effort (and that nasty four letter word--WORK). But, you are only going to heal and recover from this experience in proportion to the amount of effort, that you, individually, put in to it. So, when the rubber meets the road, like now, you had better get out and start pushing your vehicle--or it is not going to go much of anywhere, otherwise!

And now, at least you have some hints and clues as to what to do (and not do) and where to go for help.

So, as we wrap this up, let me give you this strong word of advice: DON'T DO ANYTHING THAT ANY SPACE ALIEN TELLS YOU TO DO! True E.T. do not need to command you around nor run your life! However, the Para-Military are likely to be using this as a trick, to get you to do things for them. (Perhaps, even espionage! Or, giving your wealth away to them?)

[Realm Security (Sword) Shield] 8-DEALING WITH IT:
Now, how you actually deal with your own, individual, Alien Abduction experince is going to depend on exactly what kind of experience you really had.

Now, what does this mean?

Well, if you have read a fair amount of literature on Alien Abductions (as we recommended, above), then you ought to now realize that there is more than one kind. (And, even worse, the controversies over them are raging--tearing apart many UFO groups!) But, despite all the hot air (and red faces), the truth is: how you end up coping and dealing with what happened to you, will greatly depend on just which Abduction experience you have really had.

Now, there are many groups out there are reasonably good at dealing with the classic, true E.T. Abductions. However, there is a growing number of nastier, para-military type abductions going on, now, too! And, unfortunately, there aren't many groups that will face and deal with these! (So, you may have to contact us here, for help in this area.)

Not sure which you really had? Well, don't be concerned. Most people are confused on this! For, the para-military ones show a growing skill at pulling these FAKED Alien Abductions off, and all too many people think that they have had a True E.T. Abduction, but were only fooled my soldiers with Alien Mask--and other deceptive techniques! (And they are really getting all to convincing at pulling off this masquerade!)

Mindboggling? Well, yes! And, if you have any inkling that this may account for what you experienced, then you NEED to read Our next Article. (And, even if you don't think it applies to you, it might be a good idea to read it, anyway. THE TRUTH MAY SUPRIZE YOU!)

So, be prepared to cope--and deal with whatever the TRUTH really is.

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The Para-Military Deception!

Is it possible that you might have been fooled, or tricked? Many people hate to admit that they have been taken in by such a scam. But, the cruel facts are that all too many have been (and will be yet). So, take a hard, cold look at the facts of your own case!
To get PARA-MILIATRY ABDUCTIONS (Click Here): [Para-Miliatry Abductions]

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But, we would like to encourage you to...

Well, obviously, Our bias is plain! We are calling on people to make their RETURN to the Culture and Life-style of the Judeo-Christian Heritage. (The Heritage that is wrapped up with the History and Culture of Earth--and most notably Western Civilization! And not something of the Occult or E.T. origin!) So, come along with us! Our Realm Revival Course will give you the basic details of the main concepts of the Judeo-Christian Faith. You can access it through Our Revival Chapel, or use the handy link, below:
To get Realm REVIVAL COURSE (Click Here): [Realm Revival Course]

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However, whatever you do, don't stop here. There is more to learn, and to grow into in the Spirit World of God--and become a good Citizen of Our Realm!

To get the next Article in this UFO Literature series on dealing with the rising E.T. Power of Kolob, and their RANI domination of Western America, use the handy link, below:

To get RESIDENT ALIEN NATION (Click Here): [R.A.N.I.]

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Well, Our KoReY Introductory Literature is just for you! It gives you the details on what Our New World out among the Stars will be like (and why it will form that way). To get Our Articles on Astaria, use the link below:
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