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The track websites detailed in the following tables are supported by Quickdog.  If you know of a link which no longer is useful, please let us know and we will remove it.  Also, if you'd like another track to be added and you currently can download racing programs from that website, let us know. Please send any comments or questions on downloading to: Notes can be found at the bottom of this page. They provide detailed information on downloading files from the internet.

NEW - Here are some links to video coverage for some tracks, check them out!!

Gulf, Wheeling Downs, Phoenix, Tucson

See ROSNET 2000 Site (below) for video coverage of some other Greyhound Tracks

Birmingham Race Course Programs - Use text versions. DO NOT use .DBF files. See NOTE 1. Results-Use text versions. DO NOT use .DBF files. See NOTE 1.
Bluff's Run Programs-Use text versions. DO NOT use .PDF files. See NOTE 1. Results-Use text versions. DO NOT use .PDF files. See NOTE 1.
Gulf Greyhound Park Programs-Use text versions. DO NOT use .PDF files. See NOTE 1. Results-Use text versions. DO NOT use .PDF files. See NOTE 1.
ROSNET 2000 Sites including:
Corpus Christi, Daytona, Dairyland, Dubuque, Ebro, Flagler, Geneva Lakes, Jacksonville, Cloverleaf,
Jefferson, Belmont, Mile High, Multnomah, Naples, Palm Beach, Phoenix, Southland Seminole, Shoreline Star, St. Croix, Tampa, Tri-State, Hollywood
Programs-Use the ENTRY DATA LINK, do not use the Standard Program or Expanded Program links.

Download Directions Click HERE

Charts/Results-Use the Chart Data Link, do not use the Race Chart link. Download Directions Click HERE
Victoryland Programs-Use text versions. DO NOT use .PDF files. See NOTE 1. Results-Use text versions. DO NOT use .DBF files. See NOTE 1. Sites:
Caliente, Hinsdale, Lincoln, Plainfield, Raynham, Seabrook, Tucson, Wonderland,
Wheeling Downs, Wichita
Programs- You must select your track, then select RPAGES.  See Note 2.  Results- You must select your track, then select CHARTS.  See Note 2.
Mobile Race Course Programs -  Save as TEXT files. See NOTE 3. Results-Save as TEXT files.  See NOTE 3.

If you don't see the track you play, send an email and register your vote to have us support that track!  We'll compile a database and when there is enough interest, we'll deliver that track to you.   At any rate, please try the software and let us know if you wish to handicap another track.

NOTES on MANUAL downloading - IF QuickDog can not AUTOMATICALLY download programs and charts, and you have contacted us and we can't help you with using, then you can still download your data manually by following these directions (also see this link click here):

Note 1:  For most of the tracks we cover, the name of the file that you click on to display the program is the same name you should use when you "Save Target As" or "Save Link As" that program to your computer.  IMPORTANT - See NOTE 2 for a detailed step by step process of the simplest method of saving a website racing program to your computer.  The only difference is - for all tracks showing NOTE 1, you MUST save the file as a TEXT file, not an HTML file.  The proper file type should automatically be selected your web browser if it is Netscape or Microsoft Internet Explorer.
Note 2:  TRACKINFO Tracks - Select the track desired.  When the dates come up, RIGHT CLICK on the date (program) desired. A menu will appear, select "Save Target As" or "Save Link As".

A dialog box should appear with the filename displayed. For example, RT evening program for 11/03 would be "GWRT03A.htm" or "GCRT03A.html".  Also, make sure you name the folder that the file is to be saved to.  The folder MUST BE \jaidogs\inpfiles.  Finally, click SAVE.

Now that the file has been saved to your computer in the \jaidogs\inpfiles folder, you should be able to see it in that folder by selecting "Button 4 - Delete Old Text Programs" in QuickDog. If you see it there, congrats, select Button 3 to convert it and look at it within QuickDog!  If not, you have not followed the directions correctly and you should re-read the above NOTE 2, or access more help with the link shown below. 

Note 3: Mobile Greyhound Park - This park is not supported as well as others as we have very few subscribers (paid subscribers who use this track), and the data is poorly maintained by the track and contains inconsistencies for a computer program to manage.  However, our subscribers have reported success in using this data within Quickdog as long as the following is done -

1)  Display the ENTRIES or RESULTS within the browser

2)  Use the FILE and SAVE AS commands, and save the display as follows:

a)  ENTRIES - name them as follows MOEP????.TXT or MOAP????.TXT where EP is the name for an Evening Program and AP is the name for the Afternoon Program, and the ???? are month, day as in 0101 for January 1.

b)  RESULTS - name them as follows MOER????.TXT or MOAR????.TXT where ER is the name for an Evening Chart and AR is the name for the Afternoon Chart, and the ???? are month, day as in 0101 for January 1.  Make sure you name the file type as a TEXT FILE rather than an HTML file.


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