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All that being said, our paying subscribers tell us that QuickDog IS the best dog handicapping product available.  Here's your chance to find out for yourself - FREE with NO OBLIGATION!

QuickDog includes an automated downloading feature!  All your tracks, all your programs and charts, automatically, with a couple clicks on the mouse!  After your free trial, even if you don't want to handicap with QuickDog, you can still purchase this very handy feature for $20.  Try it out - nothing's easier!


Important - To use all of QuickDog's feature, QuickDog MUST BE ABLE to access the internet.  If the automatic download features of QuickDog do not work, or the program aborts while accessing the internet, it is probably because of your computer's ANTI-VIRUS software like Norton or McAffee.  You will have to disable your ANTI-VIRUS software during the time that QuickDog accesses the internet.

Welcome to QuickDog!  QuickDog allows you to create your own, customized and tested tipsheet.

Here's how QuickDog works - 

For a yearly subscription price which works out to roughly 25 cents per day including almost instant customer support email responses, QuickDog provides the following tools to both the novice and professional dog player (There is NO COST for the trial subscription for 30 days):

1)  It allows you to automatically download past data at the tracks you play.  No more pointing and clicking and saving web data using your web browser.  You be amazed that you only need 2 mouse buttons, the LEFT to begin a Feature, the RIGHT to cancel a Feature, to use QuickDog!  No more typing!  And it's FAST!

2)  QuickDog allows you to automatically download today's programs, and yesterday's results. The time you save each day collecting your data will pay that 25 cent daily subscription price. 

3)  QuickDog will help you develop methods of handicapping that would have worked extremely well at that track or tracks in the past.  All this can be done AUTOMATICALLY based on your entries of how far back (days, weeks, months?), and what type of WAGER you wish to test (wps/exacta/quinella/trifecta/superfecta).

4)  QuickDog also lets you create your own method from scratch using METHOD BUILDER.  Then, it automatically configures that method to be the best it can be.  However, you don't have to create your own method.  Instead you can use one of the included 5 methods.

5)  If you play from home, QuickDog includes a LIVE TOTEBOARD feature for selected tracks which shows current odds/wager pools for WPS/Quinella/EXACTA pools and last race payoffs.  This feature will display all your live tracks with color blink indications to highlight possible wager opportunities.

Bottom line - your risk of loss is REDUCED before you wager a single dollar!  And, your payouts are increased because no one else has your customized method of handicapping!  Why share your winning wagers with somebody else?

Your first subscription, for 30 days, is ENTIRELY FREE!  It costs you nothing to find out if QuickDog can make you a better, more profitable handicapper.  There is absolutely NO OBLIGATION!  After 30 days, if you don't subscribe, then QuickDog will simply quit working for you.  You can simply delete the software from your computer, no hard feelings! 

NOW, follow these 8 steps to discover how FUN and EASY QuickDog is to use (some prior internet experience required) -

1) - Make sure you are using Internet Explorer 6.  Without this, QuickDog's automated accesses of the Internet may not work properly.  Windows 98SE, ME, XP, and 2000 should work ok.  Otherwise, you should first install the latest Internet Explorer using this link - Internet Explorer 6.0 Download - Microsoft Website 

2) - Download and Install QuickDog!  Click HERE, or on the QuickDog! Banner Below 

QuickDog will save you time and download all your historical and recent racing programs including today's and tomorrow's AUTOMATICALLY! Bottom line, this feature alone will save you hours of time over the course of a month. 

QuickDog includes an "Interview" which helps get you started, and automatically downloads historical data and today's data for your track (make sure you've done item 1 or have Internet Explorer 6.0 or better).

Note that QuickDog ONLY RUNS on WINDOWS 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP computer systems. It WILL NOT work on WINDOWS 3.1 or APPLE or UNIX Systems.  It will not work on a palm sized computer.

3)    If you weren't able to download QuickDog or you'd like to look at help on all its features, BEFORE YOU DOWNLOAD IT, then click on the link below for a step by step guide to downloading, installing, and using QuickDog.  This web site also explains with pictures and words how to use QuickDog -

Quickdog Online Tutorials - Step by Step Instructions with Pictures and Words

4)    Since most QuickDog features require as much historical data as possible, you may download any past data you need from our historical website (its FREE) and QuickDog will automatically download it for you!

5)    Download the latest free racing programs for the tracks you play.  QuickDog automatically does this once you select the tracks you play.

6)    Let QuickDog CONVERT all this data into easy to read Handicapping Information (5 Handicapping Methods to choose from)

7)    Now use the QuickDog SUPERTUNE feature to find out which methods of QuickDog would have worked at your track in the past based on the wagers you want to use. No other product has "SUPERTUNE"!  It's remarkable!

8)    Finally, apply these methods, which worked in the past to today's program!  All in seconds!  Print your own customized "tipsheet".  Chances are, while you're learning at home, you can also use QuickDog's LIVE TOTE BOARD to watch the race over the internet!  Most popular tracks are covered by our LIVE TOTE feature!  Watching the wagers develop in real-time allows you to focus in on the dogs you may have missed in your handicapping.

AND........."Here comes Rusty!!!"

This is the entire QuickDog! Software Package, and you can download updates as we make them available.  Use it just like our paying subscribers because your first subscription for an entire 30 days is FREE!  

If you need more information or help with download and installation, please keep reading below.

If you rather simply try the free trial of our QuickTips Tipsheet Service - click here

Attention AOL Users - if you have trouble downloading the free subscription version of QuickDog then it is probably because AOL will not allow you to because of some settings you currently have.  You may contact them and find out how you can download software from the internet using AOL.  Just mention this web page URL,, and tell them you would like to download this software.  They will then send back information on how you can do so.

Get your questions answered promptly via email, and participate in the QuickDog forum of subscribers. 

We want you to have plenty of time to use all QuickDog's features and discover how much easier and fun it is to handicap races with QuickDog.  Therefore, be our guest to download and use QuickDog including updates, for a free 30 day subscription period.   If QuickDog makes you more profitable we know you will subscribe to QuickDog again.

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