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First 10 FREE!  Download FREE QuickTips 4.0 (09/30/03) Software by clicking - HERE!! First 10 FREE!

JONSOG associates, Inc., creators of QuickDog Software is now using QuickDog to generate TIPSHEETS for most greyhound tracks across the United States.  Since you can now enjoy wagering on many of these tracks via the internet, we think you'll also find that getting tipsheets from the internet is also fun!  

We offer TWO types of Tipsheets.  

The least expensive is the "Single Track Tipsheet".  We simply cover each program at each track (see below for track coverage).  But we also handicap for you based on the WAGER YOU SPECIFY!  No other tipsheet service does this!  You must download our QuickTips software (for Windows) to use your first 10 free tipsheets - download directions below.  This Tipsheet is priced from 50 CENTS to $1.00 depending on how many you pay for in advance, or $125 a YEAR gives you UNLIMITED ACCESS to our service!

Our other Tipsheet is a "Simulcast Tipsheet", which will list programs from several tracks and include the best wagering possibilities based on the wager YOU SELECT!  This is a custom tipsheet based on your specific tracks and wagers, and is delivered by email so all you need is an internet email address to use it.  This tipsheet is more expensive because it is custom built based on information you select.  At $10 per Tipsheet, however, it is VERY competitively priced.  Your first Simulcast Tipsheet is FREE!  To learn more about the Simulcast Tipsheets - CLICK HERE.

This webpage describes the Single Track Tipsheets.  Please read more below -  


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QuickTips Tipsheets now cover the following tracks, and the following wagers at these tracks -

Win Pick, Box 2 Q, Box 3 Q, Box 4 Q, Q Wheel 1/234, Exacta Box 2, Exacta Box 3, Exacta Box 4, Trifecta Box 3, Trifecta Box 4, Trifecta Box 5, Trifecta Straight 1-2-3, Trifecta Key 1-23-23, Trifecta Key 1-234-234, Trifecta Wheel 1-234-ALL

Birmingham, Bluff's Run, Caliente, Corpus Christi, Cloverleaf, Daytona Beach, Dairyland, Dubuque, Ebro, Gulf Greyhound, Geneva Lakes, Hinsdale, Hollywood, Jacksonville, Jefferson County, Lincoln, Mile High, Multnomah, Naples Fort-Meyers, Orange Park, Palm Beach, Phoenix, Plainfield,  Pueblo, Raynham, Seabrook, Southland, Derby Lane/St. Pete, Shoreline Star, Tampa, Tri-State, Tucson, Valley, Victoryland, Wheeling Downs, Wichita, Wonderland. 

You simply select your track, then select the wager you wish to play today!  It's that easy!

Introducing QuickTips Tips Software (for Windows) - Now with our EXCLUSIVE "Pick a Wager Feature"

How much time do you spend looking over today's race program, adding numbers, dividing, etc.  Now, for as little as 50 cents per program, you get our picks, BASED ON YOUR WAGER, plus all the numbers we've already calculated for you.  Do you handicap based on Speed only?  Ok, use our speed column.  Is class all you need?  The use the CLASS column.  

Please these tipsheets out for free! Your first 10 Tipsheets are absolutely free to windows users.

QuickTips Tips are produced nightly for the next day's programs! While you sleep, our computers are working for you, downloading programs/results from our covered tracks, and processing each to produce a set of data filled tipsheets for each track!  You wake up each morning, simply connect to the internet and download those you wish to use!  It's very SIMPLE, and at only 50 CENTS per tipsheet, its very inexpensive, and a real time saver!  

We've applied all the features of QuickDog to provide you with helpful information on the dogs running in today's races!  Click Here for a FREE 30 Day Trial to QuickDog

Read below for information about downloading the QuickTips software.  To use our tipsheets, you will need a Microsoft Windows based computer running 98, ME, 2000, or XP.  

What does QuickTips Tips Software do?

QuickTips Software allows you to select tracks, favorite wagers, then your custom wager tipsheets from our website.  The ONLY WAY to download our tipsheets is to use our QuickTips Software.  When you run the software each morning, you will be able to choose between tracks and specify the wager you wish to play for TODAY'S tipsheets.   For each race, you'll know how well this tipsheet did on the past number of races shown.

What does a TipSheet look like?

Here are samples of several tipsheet "styles" or methods.  QuickDog software produces 5 different methods of handicapping a program of races.  Each has different information.  Just click on each link below for a sample.  

In addition to information for each type of TIPSHEET, there is one type of information that is common to each tipsheet.  The "METHOD SUCCESS" line will tell you how successful the selections have been for a particular wager over a large number of past races based on WIN%.  The higher the WIN percentage success, together with the number of races tested, the higher your confidence will be in your wager.  Then, simply play spots where the public has missed QuickTip's choices for the best potential payouts!

You will notice that each of these Methods has several pages of information when you print them out.  

If you want a single page TIPSHEET with the PICKS ONLY for each method, then Item 6 is what you will want.  

Select each of the links below for a sample Tipsheet to see what each looks like.  Also, you can get an explanation of how each is created and what the information means.

1)  Standard Method Tipsheet - Click Here for Explanation of Standard Method

2)  Knife Method Tipsheet - Click Here for Explanation of Knife Method

3)  Knife Adapted Method Tipsheet - Click Here for Explanation of Knife Adapted Method

4)  Morgan Method Adapted Tipsheet - Click Here for Explanation of Morgan Method

The following 2 methods include all the 4 methods above, mixed together.

5)  Consensus Method Tipsheet (includes scores for methods 1-4)

6)  Consensus Method Tipsheet (SHORT FORM - one page Tipsheet)

Tipsheet 6 (above) is a one page tipsheet showing all races for the program, with selections from each method and the selection of the CONSENSUS Method.  Each race is 2 lines long so this is a one page tipsheet without any additional data, not even the dog's name.

How do I get the QuickTips Software?  

First 10 FREE!  Download FREE QuickTips 4.0 (09/30/03) Software by clicking - HERE!! First 10 FREE!

To install the Software:

1)  Click on this link (above)

2)  For Internet Explorer Users - Select "Open this program from it's current location".  

   a)  After a short time, a window will appear in the middle of your screen.  Select SETUP.

   b)  QuickTips will be installed and you should follow the directions provided.

For other users - use SAVE to DISK.  Then save the file to your DESKTOP.  Once "TIPS.EXE" appears there, double-click on it to install QuickTips. 

   a)  A window will appear in the middle of your screen.  Select SETUP.

   b)  QuickTips will be installed and you should follow the directions provided.

   c)  Make sure you enter your real email address in order to use our Tipsheets

Questions?  Write to Mike at jai@gorge.net and mention QUICKTIPS in the Subject Line

3) When you close the software the first time, an ICON labeled "QuickTips" will appear on your Desktop.  You may now move the TIPS.EXE icon to the TRASH.

4) The next time you want to download a tipsheet, simply go online and click on the QuickTips ICON on your desktop.

Hints on using QuickTips - Once you install QuickTips, your online account will have 10 credits in it.  Each credit can be used to select 1 tipsheet for today's races.  Remember, for each track and event, there are several wagers you can choose from and our tipsheets are designed to maximize the success of each type of wager!

There are six methods for each track/performance/wager, and one may be better for you.  Plus, chances are you will have a different tipsheet than the next guy!  Not so with other tipsheets which are 1 per track no matter how you want to wager!

How much does a TipSheet Cost?

Now get UNLIMITED QuickTip Tipsheets for 1 YEAR PLUS a SUBSCRIPTION to QuickDog Subscription P04E for $125 - Click here for the subscription page - $125 per year Unlimited Tipsheets!

To begin your trial run we offer you 10 free Tipsheets, so you will only pay for additional tipsheets if you enjoy the freebies!   PLUS - day old tipsheets WHEN AVAILABLE are ALWAYS FREE!!  You should download some of them to better understand them BEFORE you use your 10 free Tipsheet credits.

When you run out of credits, you simply purchase more either by credit card or money order.  Each Tipsheet costs 1 credit.  

Credits cost between 50 cents and $1 when "credits" are purchased in bulk quantities (see below for order information)

Ordering MORE QuickTip Credits

Steps to ordering more credits for QuickTips:

1) Click this link to  download and install the latest version of QuickTips BEFORE submitting your order. 

2) Look over the various payment options for "credits" to use QuickTips.  The more credits you order, the less each one costs.

If you would like to try our QuickDog Software FREE and haven't yet, Click Here! 

JONSOG associates, Inc. uses the Paypal service to collect credit card payments.  PAYPAL is owned by EBAY so you can trust it to keep your payments secure. 


To pay by money order only send your money order payment to JONSOG associates, Inc., PO Box 911, Lyle, WA., 98635.   IMPORTANT -  Remember to include your email address when ordering by mail, and which order, T01, T02, T03, or P04E (unlimited tipsheets plus QuickDog Software for 1 year) you wish to purchase.!

QuickTips Credits - Order Table
Order# Online Purchase
T01 $20 - 20 Credits ($1 per Tipsheet)

T02 $30 - 40 Credits (75 cents per Tipsheet)
T03 $40 - 80 Credits (50 cents per Tipsheet)

P04E $125 - Includes QuickDog P03E Subscription Plus UNLIMITED TIPSHEETS for 1 YEAR

After you purchase your credits, you will receive an email to the email address paypal uses, or one that you specify.  This email will contain directions for downloading your TIPSHEET CREDITS.  You may then use the QuickTips Software to download the Tipsheets you want.   During normal business hours your credits will typically be made shortly after your order is placed with PayPal.Com.  During weekends and evenings, we try to get your account credited as soon as possible but it may take as long as one day.  

Email: jai@gorge.net © Copyright 2003 JONSOG associates, Inc, PO Box 911, Lyle, Washington 98635

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