Downloading Programs/Charts using the New ROSNET Website

Before using these directions, please download the latest QuickDog revision is at - QuickDog Software Update Page and the revision is at least 9.1c - this revision is designed to be used with the following directions.

The New ROSNET website URL is -

On Holloween, October 31, 2003, ROSNET did a TRICK ON all computer software handicappers!

ROSNET began enforcing SIGN UP, and LOG IN, prior to downloading the programs and charts from their site.  So, you MUST SIGN UP, and then LOG IN before accessing any track data from ROSNET...then follow the directions below:

Unfortunately, this new site will require some users to manually download and save their data using the procedures outlined below.  Perhaps, this will become easier later, as we did receive an email from ROSNET which indicated that they are working on making this less of a problem.  Bookmark this page and we'll keep it updated.

November 1, 2003 - Downloading Entry Data Links and Chart Data Links From ROSNET

PART 1:  Internet Explorer Setup

1)  Let QuickDog attempt to get your ROSNET data automatically.  You must update to revision 9.1a or later for this to work - QuickDog Software Update Webpage  (update to 9.2 or later).  Then use the automated features of QuickDog to download data automatically.  QuickDog will log the names of the tracks it has downloaded and the dates.  If you are missing data (from ROSNET) then continue below.

2)  ROSNET requires the latest in Internet Explorer, and this info is shared at the website. 

PART 2:  Surfing the ROSNET site - Selecting Programs and Charts

1)  You may have to sign up, and then login from the first page of ROSNET

2)  Next you must locate the PROGRAM DATA pages.  Then learn how to use it to display ENTRY DATA LINKS and CHARTS DATA LINKS.  This display will popup programs and charts in another window of Internet Explorer.  Simply display all the programs/charts that you wish to IMPORT to QuickDog one at a time and save them to the \jaidogs\inpfiles folder as you do.  Step 3 explains the SAVE AS procedure.

3)  Ok, there IS A WAY to save the data manually from this new site. In the meantime, QuickDog will attempt to access the data. Unfortunately, QuickDog must learn how to access each file, so the first QuickDog user to access an entry/chart file has to do so manually.  After that, other QuickDog users will be able to access the file automatically because of QuickDog's ability to LEARN how to do this.  If QuickDog doesn't access the track data you want, then you are the first person, and have to manually download the programs/charts as follows:

a - Using the new ROSNET, go about selecting 1 program or chart at a time.  With each display, you will then do a FILE menu bar select for your Internet Browser, then a SAVE AS operation to copy from the ROSNET window into a text file in your \jaidogs\inpfiles folder so QuickDog will find it.

b - One the program or results chart is displayed, select FILE, then SAVE AS

c - Now, the most critical step, you must SAVE THIS FILE as you used to using the naming convention below and save it in the \jaidogs\inpfiles folder so QuickDog will find it.  So, first things first, locate the entry that says "SAVE AS TYPE".

d - Set this "SAVE AS TYPE" to "TEXT".

e - Now in the FILE NAME entry type \JAIDOGS\INPFILES\ and follow this with the naming shown below depending on if the file is an ENTRY DATA LINK or CHART DATA LINK file.

ttmm-dd-yyyyEENT or ttmm-dd-yyyyERES for evening entries or charts. 

BE SURE to include the HYPHEN character after the MONTH, and after the DAY, otherwise QuickDog will not find the file.

And ttmm-dd-yyyyAENT or ttmm-dd-yyyyARES  for matinee entries or charts.

BE SURE to include the HYPHEN character after the MONTH, and after the DAY, otherwise QuickDog will not find the file.

The small letters in the examples above must be replaced with specific data as follows: tt is the TRACK CODE for example FL for Flagler,  mm is the month, dd is the day, and yyyy is the years, So, a FLAGER entry file and chart for 11-01-2003 Evening Program would be:

\jaidogs\inpfiles\FL11-01-2003EENT and the chart would be \jaidogs\inpfiles\ FL11-01-2003ERES

REMEMBER!! In the SAVE AS popup which windows displays, you must change the file type to TEXT file  otherwise WINDOWS will NOT ADD a .TXT to the end of the filename and QuickDog will not process it. If you do a convert and QuickDog fails to find these file, then they are NOT NAMED PROPERLY!

Once you have gone through this painstaking approach to the NEW SIMPLER and EASIER to use ROSNET site, you may want to send a comment to them and they've made that EXTREMELY EASY TO DO!! so there is a silver lining here!

"Help is on the way??" - ROSNET does have a version of its GAP available but I tried installing it here and it doesn't work. Actually the site does say UNAVAILABLE but I downloaded it anyway. So, perhaps that will be available soon.  Do not purchase this product until further notice from us.  Let us examine what it does so that we can determine its value for QuickDog users, or whether it is necessary at all.

BOOKMARK this page, and we'll keep it current.

Mike Groves, JONSOG associates, Inc.