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Administrators, Officials, and Staff of Our Realm

Welcome to the ZDK Hierarchy! Part of settling into a new Realm is getting to know the Officials and who is in charge of what. To help you with that, we have filed a variety of bio pages on Our Web Site. And, to help you locate them, we have put together this Bio Directory. Please, make good use of it, and get to know us all better! We are all just one big happy Family! (Full of Mediavel mirth and merriment!)


Here is some of the basic structure of the ZDK Organization along with some of the officials who are in charge of the various departments. To access their bios, click on the Links below:

ZDK Parent Organization:

SHADDOX KoNSVaRa--The Shaddox Viking Clan (Officers and Leaders of ZDK--PHOTOS) ***

DANIEL SHADDOX--Our Founder's Biographical Chronology (for photos, see Clan Page, above) ***

NORDESEL (Nordic-Christian) Outreach:

Rex Valiant--(The Veritable Viking) The Nordesel's Leader's Brief Biography (and Personal Testimonial) *** (for Ed's photo, see Clan Page, above)

EMUSPATEL Messianic (Jewish-Christian) Outreach:

HaRaV PsaToQ--(The Priest's Priest) Emuspatel's noted Levitical Leader's Brief Biography (and Personal Testimonial) *** (for Chaim's photos, see Clan Page, above?)

APPIRU Ishmaelite (Arab-Christian) Outreach:

Shaq Ravanni--(The Desert Sheik) The Appiru's Abrahamic Leader's Brief Biography (and Personal Testimonial) ***

KoReY (Sci-Fi and Interstellar--Space) Outreach:

MStarDan--KoReY's Spaced-Out (Sci-Fi Freakin') Leader's Brief Biography (and Testimonial) *** (for Marc's photos, see Clan Page, above)

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The Religious Roots of the Family Foundation

Where did that weird Family name come from? And what has been the longstanding religious tradition and heritage of Our Clan? Well, there, indeed, many legends and mysteries associated with the Family, so come and take a look! Or, use the handy link, below:
HOLY HOUSE--The Mysteries and Legends of the Religious Heritage of the Shaddox Family ***

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REALM SECURITY - Law Enforcement?

Defending Our Flock!

We are very zealous for the Safety and Security of Our Members! So, if you have been mis-used or abused in Our Realm, let us know. Or, if you just want to know what is keeping you safe and secure in Our World, come and have a look. Use the handy link, below:
REALM SECURITY--Our Security, Guards, and Law Enforcement Departments ***

In addition, RELAM SECURITY has a branch called TEMPLE GUARDS that will take complaints if you think that one of Our Officials has mis-treated or abuse you (or you run across something that you think is corruption among Our leaders). For we want you stay among us to be a pleasant one--filled with an atmosphere of Law & Order, and dealt with in a fair and just manner.

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Getting to Know Us Better...

Our REALM HERALD does a good job of linking people up with those within Our World that they might like to get to know better. So, look his services up in the Directory, or us the handy link, below:

REALM HERALD -- The Fellowship Facilitator of Our World (linking members to Family, Clans, and Tribes).

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Further Contacts with ZDK.F:

Can't find what you are looking for?

OR, have a comment or suggestion? Then try the contact routes, below:

E-MAIL us at: zdkf@gorge.net (Mark subject box Biographies.)

Our mailing address is:

Official's Biographies
ZDK (Shaddox) Foundation
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Our phone number is: (509) 493-1674


Use of ZDK Articles (or other Literature from this Web Site or Directory) is RESTRICTED. If you would like to use it in your Home Study (or Congregational Courses) or hand it out on the street in your witnessing, be sure to contact us BEFORE you do so. Authorization may be given for you to use it. But, it must not be assumed that it is free and clear for you to use in any way you chose. Note the copyright message, below.
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