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Defending Our Flock!

[Realm Security Shield]


Our Governmental, Safety Services, and Authorities...

NOTE: For immediate, emergency assistance, please call you local 911 (or local Police or Sheriff's Department). Consult your local phone directory for their number.

If you have matters of concern, either to you (as a member of Our Realm--or one of its banches) or to us (as things going on in Our Realm that seem inappropritate or even dangerous), please consult the listings below, so that it gets reported to the right Office of Our Realm Security Department. Thank You!

[If you have just come cruising in here from the Web, we suggest that you cruise right on out. This is a very SERIOUS Site and not a place for fun and games. Your activities here will be monitor, and if warranted, your activities after departing here may be monitor as well. Be advised--security and surveillance systems are in opperation, so your privacy and anonymity should NOT be assumed.]

[KoReY Interstellar Flag]

Realm Security DIRECTORY

Our Realm Security Services Department has many Programs, Services, and sub-Offices, for INTERNAL Security. (For EXTERNAL Security, see Our Office of Social Defenses Services.) To access these, click on the links below (or click on the Portals or Round SHIELDS at the top or bottom of the Page):

[ZDK Foundation Shield] 1. ZDK COMPREHENSIVE DIRECTORY -- LOST? Or, trying to find which Department or Office to contact? Here is the borad outline of Our whole Realm--and its governmental structure. Check through this Comprehensive Directory and see if over there, some place else, is where you really need to be! For, we are developing all kinds of Ministries and Programs. ***
[Cloud Castle (Admin) Shield] 2. ZDK ADMINISTRATION -- Who is in charge of what? Or, think you need to make contact with one or other of our leaders? Well, this is a quick overview of who is running the show. Departmental headers (and Photos) are presented, as well as a good deal of information about our Founder, Daniel Shaddox. (Meet the Shaddox Clan! And the various Rulers of Our Realm.) ***
[Divine Law Library Shield] 3. DIVINE LAW LIBRARY--Our Collection on God's Laws (the Royal Rules and Regulations of Our Realm): based on the 10 Commandments and their related Scriptures (Please consult, for appropriate references, for what you may consider to be a crime in Our Realm, before attempting to report it to Our Authorities!) ***
[Information Age Shield] 4. OFFICE OF SOCIAL DEFENSES SERVICES--Basic Info on discrimination, persecution, and Pogrom literature: standard RAS operations and methods (check and see if you are being targetted--and the victim of this kind of discrimination and harassment) (also: Raven Eye, Healer's Guild, and Prophet's Defense League): External liasons ***
[Revival Chapel Shield] 5. CONGREGATIONAL SECURITY NET--Connections to the Security Administrators of Our various Congregations: for making inquiries or obtaining statistics, reports (or filing a complaint of suspicious or inappropiate local activities at Our Congregations or by members of Our Congregations) (Use e-mail link, for now!)
[Holy Scriptures Shield] 6. WOLF GUARD--For questions concerning major Cults or their operatives or programs (or reporting suspected Cult activity or inflitation of Our Realm)

(Sorry, sub-Office not yet availiable--use e-mail link, for now.)

[Scandia Faith Shield] 7. INQUITSAR INVESTIGATIONS--For questions concerning exact definitions of Idolatry or identification of magyck items, symbols, or activities (or reporting suspected Idolatry or use of forbidden magyck by Realm members) (Sorry, sub-Office not yet available--use e-mail link, for now.) Also, please consult Current Messages Archives for recent Article.
[Celestial Nobles Shield] 8. TEMPLE GUARD--For questions concerning exact duties and responsibilities of Our Realm's Officers--and the proper limits of their Jurisdiction (or reporting ursurpation or other immoral or inappropriate action or speech of Realm Leadership) INTERNAL AFFAIRS (Sorry, sub-Office not yet available--use e-mail link, for now.)
[Realm Security Shield] 9. REALM GUARD--For questions on jurisdiction, Realm boundaries, or areas of Realm influence (or reporting High Crimes or crimes against Our Realm): MAIN OFFICES OF REALM SECURITY (use e-mail, above, to reach us) NOTE: you may wish to consult Our Divine Law Library (above) first in order to clarify the exact issue you may have ***
[Abrahamic Faith Shield] 10. THRONE GUARD--Special issues concerning the safety or jurisdiction (Divine Rights) of Our Spiritual Throne: (or reporting overt or covert operations that threaten the safety of Our Spiritual Monarch, his Family, or the Realm [or its Administration] as a whole about him) Use e-mail above to reach us--do not delay! (For this is the duty of all good Nobles [and citizens]--to protect Our Realm Throne!) ***
[KoReY Interstellar Colonies Shield] 11. ASTARIAN ARMED SERVICES -- Security, Defense, and Law Enforcement Services (Militia) for Our Star-Colonies and Navy for I-Fleet.

(Future [Astarian] Services--not available for some time, but coming, eventually!)


Pardon our dust, but the Realm Security Services Web Site is in the process of expanding and moving (and up-grading) some of its resources. So, we are in the process of considerably changing many things! Please have patience. If what you want is not yet there and functioning, please check back in a few more days. It is coming!

* Those items marked with a single star are in planning, so it may be a bit before they get out to you on the Net.
** Those items marked with double stars are in development. We are working on them, so they should be available on the Net in a few days.
***Those items marked with tripple stars should now be on the Net and functioning as a Link from this Page. If you have trouble getting there (or at that Page), please let us know. (However, Individual Pages from there, or linked from there, may still be in progress.) Otherwise, kindly hang in there. We will get it out on the Internet as soon as we can. THANKS!

[Realm Security Shield]


When Mankind fell from open fellowhsip with God, and was thrown out of Paradise in Heaven, where God dwelled, Angels were set with a Flaming Sword, to guard the doorway back to Heaven (Genesis 3:24). Consequently, it seems only fitting that the symbol of Our own Guardian type Angels be that of the Flaming Sword, which is placed on a Grey, cloudy or sky-wards (cloak and daggar?), shield--for they guard Our own Way back to Heaven (the Starry-Heavens) and are to block the evil and wicked from entrance to Our Realm, and the Paradise of a Society that we will come to build, out among the Stars.

[ZDK Foundation Shield]

Further Contacts with ZDK:


Or, can't find what you are looking for? OR, have a comment or suggestion? Then try the contact routes below:

E-MAIL us at: zdkf@gorge.net (Please, mark the subject box REALM SECURITY!)

Our regular mailing address is:

Realm Security Services
ZDK (Shaddox) Foundation
P.O. Box 44
Underwood, WA 98651 U.S.A.

Our phone number is: (509) 493-1674

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