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A Short History and Testimonial of Our Arabic Director

The Mighty and Merciful God has been good to us! And what blessing we have, as we submit to HIS Will. For, the life of Our Director is a living Testimony of that.

Abdullah (Ravanni) was born far away from the Middle East, in very modest surroundings of America's Fjord (the beautiful Columbia River Gorge), but he soon developed an affinity for Arabic Culture.

Shaq Ravanni, The Desert Sheik

From an early age, God gifted Ravanni with intellectual skills and he has a long list of academic achievements. Moreover, God provided him some of the best colleges in the Land, including Central Washington University, University of Washington, and University of Chicago. During these studies he obtained a BA in Family Studies, a BA.Ed. in Social Science Education, a MA.Ed in Educational Media (A/V Technologies), and the credit equivalent to a Ph.D! And, there he met students and scholars from all over the world, including many Arabs and Muslims (which he greatly enjoyed).

As a child, Ravanni was turned on to Bedhoin Culture by the movie of Lawrence of Arabia (and subsequent movies of the Holy Land and the Patriarchs). The Adventures of Sinbad the Sailor and A Thousand and One Arabian Nights filed his head as he matured. And he grew up reading Arab Philosophers and studying Muslims Teachings. In his later years, he spent a good deal of time in college learning about the Middle East and its Culture and History. There, he has studied the Muslim Family and everyday life in great detail. He has also read the Koran or Q'uron.

From an early age, Ravanni has been very gifted and creative--and has written quite extensively (the Articles of this Web Site being a very good example of his talents). Moreover, much of the Appiru Literature (and the materials in the East Tower of the ZDK Library) were written by him for Arab and Muslim readers. And it has been his sincer desire to bring better understanding (and mutual co-operation) between Jews, Christians, and Muslims!

In earlier days, his parents had something of a spiritual bent, but by the time he came around, they were out of the religious mode. Thus, being raised rather secularly, the Great Thinkers and World Philosophers were his early, primary mentors--including many Arab ones. Then...

  1. In '69, his grandfather introduced him to his Family's Roots in the Middle East.
  2. In the Spring of 1972, he was REGENERATED in the Jesus (Isse) Freak (college campus) Movement. (And, if you have not been born again, we recommend it to you--see Our REGENERATION Article.)
  3. To get Our Articles on Appiru REGENERATION (Click Here)!

  4. Shortly thereafter, he was Baptized in the Holy Ghost at a Chi Alpha House meeting. (And, if you have not received the Out Pouring, we recommend it, also--see Our Article on ENGIFTMENT.)

  5. To get Our Article on Appiru ENGIFTMENT (Click Here)!

  6. In '76, during the Bremerton Revival, he received the Calling to the Northern Nations (but other matters delayed his response to God, until later).
  7. Then, in '93, he began work in earnst helping build the Nordesel Realm.
  8. In '97, we received use of free computer space, and the Viking Renewal Web Site was begun. And over the years, Our Outreach to Arabs and Muslims has developed and grown as well. So, here we are, today!
And, now, the APPIRU Revival is well on its way!!! COME, AND JOIN US.

The purpose of this Article (and of the whole Web Site) is so that you might make your own personal RETURN to God. And, whether you just need a RENEWAL to God or full Appiru REGENERATION, we heartily encourage you to turn to Our Revival Course, and set your life afire submitting to God! And join all the Abrahamic Peoples who are making their way back to God in Our Movement! You can look the Revival Course (for ALL Peoples) up yourself, or use the handy link, below:

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OR, if you perfer the more Arabic and Middle Eastern Culture and atmosphere, then cruise on around in Our Appiru Web Site!


While you are looking at our leadership, how would you like some details and explainations of Our Administrators? We only briefly covered a bit of it here. More details and facts in further depth are available throughout the Web Site, if you are interested in knowing more on Our Leaders. The MAIN BIO Page is the primary link to finding all of these and is part of Our collection of biographies held in the ZDK Main Offices. You can look them up there, or use the handy link, below:

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So, don't stop here! You have only just begun to explore Our Arabic Realm. There is a lot more within! So, keep on looking. For, you are not going to find it, unless you seek it!

Instead, turn to the next document, in Our APPIRU Introductory Literature series, which we have put here, with the rest of Our APPIRU materials. Or, us the handy link, below:

To get APPIRU Future - ASTARIA (Click Here): [K.R.Y. - the Appiru Future]

Don't delay. Get it and read it now.

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