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Frequent Asked Questions of Us (and Our Realm)

Well, join the crowd! Our Realm is so unique and different that many people have trouble understanding what we are (and aren't). So, before you jam up our E-Mail channels (with the same questions that everyone else is asking), let us list and answer the dozen or so more frequent ones here.



As with any dish, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. So, we encourage you to sample Our Realm. And, find out that it is, indeed, very good. Learn the FACTS! Don't just guess at what we are--and what we are NOT!

[Information Age Shield]


(After all, Northern Europeans, which you concentrate on, are WHITE!)


While Our emphasis is on Northern Peoples or Nordics, it is clear to us that those of other races and ethnic groups will be regathered or RETURNED to God, too by Our Realm. For, not only is this what the Scriptures tell us (Acts 10:34-35 and 17:26), but historically, the Vikings or Northmen, in their heydays, imported a lot of African (Black) and Asian (Colored) slavegirls (and then in their collapse, exported many Nordic blonde slavegirls to Africa and Asia). Consequently, there should be a generous mixing of Nordic blood with those of other races.

So, while Our Calling centers on the Northern Nations or Nordics (Jeremiah 16:14-15), we expect (and are very open to) those of non-white ancestory. For, as the good old song says: Red, Yellow, Black, or White (or green-skinned Martian), they are precious in HIS sight! (And Our's, too!) So if you are non-white, don't hang back. Come on in!

But, if you are looking for a white supremacy group, please go elsewhere.

[Nordic Shield]


(For you DO focus on Nordics and hold to Nordanity!)


While Our focus (and Calling) is on the Northern Nations or Nordics, as the MAIN branch of the Descendants of the Northern Kingdom of Israel (a belief called Nordanity), we do not maintain that they are the ONLY Descendants, but other Peoples (Races) are sure to be involved, too (Isaiah 19:24-25). And, while we share something of this concept with the Christian Identity Movement, we do not take it to their conclusions nor adopted their racists (and other) practices. For more details on this, see Our Article on Our Roots.


Moreover, we definately do NOT want to become involved in the errors of the Nazi RACIST philosophies. For their rejection of God (and His clear teachings in the Holy scriptures), brought about the downfall and destruction of Germany in World War II (Proverbs 14:34 and Isaiah 60:12)! And, we do not want that to happen again. (The Tysk or Germans are too valuable a part of the Nordic Realm to see them hurt or injured, again!)

*** NOTE: as to our interest in the Nordic form, well let's face the facts of life, as the show says: Gentlemen do prefer Blondes! (Ha-Ha! Gotch ya! Yes, we are full of a bit of Mediavel mirth and merriment over here! So, lighten up a bit.) ***

Seriously, though, we DO consider Ourselves Israelites--of the Northern Kingdom of Isarel. (But, NOT Nazis!)

[Appiru (Arabic) Shield]

3. ARE YOU ANTI-SEMITIC? Jew haters? Against Judea?

(If you are Northern Kingdom, then you must oppose the Southern Kingdom of the Jews?)


Rather, we are very Philo-Semitic, according to the Scriptures (Zechariah 8:23 and Romans 11:16-25). Yes, if you trace our lineage and descent, you'll find that the GahTSK or Northern Goths, who became the Vikings and Varangians, were orginally Messianic (or a kind of Jewish-Christian). So, as a Northern Hebrew Peoples, Descendants of Our fore-father, Abraham (Romans 4:12-18 and I John 2:9-11) we tend to be strong supporters of Jews. And we are very appreciative of the Jewish Roots of our Faith! And the common Hebrew Culture that we share. For, before Israel was divided into North and South, we were all ONE Nation, under God.

Furthermore, we consider ourselves part of the current ShuVaH or RETURN of ALL the Israelites back to God. (Both the Southern Kingdom of Judah or the Jews and the Northern Kingsom--mainly Nordics.) So, how could we be anti-Semitic? (That just sounds irrational and illogical to us--considering Our Past.)

[Messianic Shield]


(Are you new Jewish sect? Or, do you fit in with traditional Judaism?)

Well, unfortunately, this tends to be an endless debate. And one that cannot be easily answered, here, in this short space. So, if you are really curious over this issue, consult Our EMUSPATEL Section, which presents Our Messianic (Jewish-Christian) Cultural Outreach. Or, if you are really studious, consider Our Article Is Emuspatel Jewish?
To get IS EMUSPATEL JEWISH (Click Here):

[Revival Chapel Shield]


(After all, you aren't much of a traditional church!)


As with the Christian Identity Movement issue, we hold to a somewhat similiar teaching of the Seven Church Ages, here, which some Mormons claim is a Mormon doctrine. However, in tracing its roots, we contend that it was a standard Judeo-Christian doctrine, before the Mormons got hold of it. And as it came to us through the Jesus Freak Movement, it has no connection for us with the Mormon Church, whatsoever!

Moreover, Our regular doctrines and teachings center on the traditional teachings of the Holy Scriptures--not the Book of Mormon! And, such teachings as the Trinity, the Virgin Birth, the Bible as God's Word, etc., which we hold, are completely incompatible with standard Mormon doctrines! For more details on this, see Our basic teachings under the Article on Mediavel Foundations. (Or, look up the Articles in Our Seminary, under the Revival Chapel.)


And, in the second place, we are very vigorous in keeping Cultists or Lodge members (or any others who may have hidden agendas) out of Our Leadership (I John 4:1-6).

Furthermore, in the third place, we definately do not want to be tainted by God's Curse on the Mormons, because of their adoption of another Gospel--the Book of Mormon (Galatians 1:6-12 and Revelations 22:18-19)!

However, there seems to be something of a witch-hunt going on in our area for Secret Mormons, and all kinds of people are being accused of all kinds of things (most of which are not true). Meanwhile, the real Secret LDS (and subversives) run amuck, unrestrainted! It is bizarre.

[Abrahamic Shield]


(Afterall, aren't you guys into the supernatural?)

NO! (But, then, unfortunatelyy, all Cults claim that they aren't.)

So, first of all, our doctrines come straight out of those that are very standard among the Judeo-Christian Heritage (as we covered above--under Medivael Heritage).

Secondly, in our view, totalitarian mind control or brainwashing associated with Cults is of of the Devil (II Corinthians 4:1-7), and among our People there is a certainly plenty of liberty and freedom to think for themselves (II Corinthinas 3:17). (Moreover, see Our Rules for Intellectual Freedom, found in Our Law Library!)

Thirdly, while we have done (and will do) Outreaches and Campaigns to bring people from the Occult and Pagan Magyck users to God, Our Idoloclastic Policy (which prohibits such parctices among us) ought to more than convince anyone that the New Age Occult and Magyck has no place among us.

However, as we are Pentecostal or Charismatic, and believe in the modern supernatural Manifestions of God's Power and Presence (ie miracles), some continue to insist that we are New Age. And, if you are interested in this raging controversy, see our teachings in the Revival Chapel, under the Articles on Engiftment.

To get ENGIFTMENT Articles (Click Here):

[Historical Literature Shield]


(Come on--you are just a front for homosexuals?)

Absolutely not!

In the first place, the Noahic Rules of Fellowship, which we ascribe to (Acts 15:19-21), specifically prohibits practicing homosexuals from membership (Leviticus 18:22). Consequently, if we should find any of Our members engaged in homosexual relations, they will be excommunicated. So, if that is what you are looking for, you won't find it here!

Now, in part, this nasty rumor got its big start, because some of Our members wear Mediavel costumes or feudal style uniforms, so that those who are not use to drama or historical simulation mistakenly think that tunic and tights is only for gays. Hey, open your history books!

On the other part, RAS (Radical Anti-Semitic) Groups, as a matter of standard policy and practice, alwasy accuse Jews (or those of the Hebrew Culture) of being gay or sex perverts. This kind of organized slander is all too common. For more details on standard RAS operations, consult Our Articles in the OSD Section.


However, let us also be clear that neither are we gay bashers, out to lynch everyone we find. For God can deal with them! (As in Sodom and Gomorah, Santorini, Pompeii, and Lisbon.) And we need to keep in mind that all sin is repentable of (and forgivable)--that is, except the Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost. Moreover, all sinners (no matter how bad) can come to God, if they choose! (They just can't continue to practice their sin!)

[News (Announcements) Shield]


(Hey, you guys have got to be Communists or something!)

No! (What craziness!)

For if we were into greed, there are certainly better ways (and more profitable, too) to make money. For, with the World's modern attitude, all you have to do is say the word RELIGION and people run from you. So, if you think a Cultural Religious Society is just a front for ripping people off monetarily, you need to go see your shrink! (Your own avarice is beginning to get to you.) And, consider the warning of the Scriptures (I Timothy 6:10)! Personally, I don't see how people can even think this (as we always seem to be strapped for funds). The Works of God here (which drain Our finances) should be more than obvious, if you'll just open your eyes and LOOK.

As to being Communist, can we really take such a complaint seriously enough to consider answering it? And, if you care to follow Our economic teachings, you'll find we advocate a mixed economy. That is the plan for Astaria, Our Future Realm.

To get ASTARIAN ECONOMY (Click Here):

[KoReY Futuristic Shield]


(Hey, you must be out to establish a Totalitarian Dictatorship? Through violent Revolution?)

OH, Boy!

In the first place, the NORDESEL is a Cultural Religious Organization (a Spiritual Realm) and has little interest in current politics or ruling parties. And, while we do look forward to the Day when we shall become an Empire out among the Stars (Astaria), we emphasize that this is a FUTURE Realm (and not one to be brought in overnight, nor by violent political revolutions). For more details on the RELIGIOUS rise of this coming Realm in Space, consult Our works on KoReY.

To get KoReY HOME PAGE (Click Here):

In the second place, Our so called Throne is a Spiritual Monarchy, on the Traditional, Mediavel model--not the modern autocratic dictatorship model. (Is the Pope a dictator? Of course not! But, he claims to sit on Peter's Throne! Is the Queen of England a dictator? NO! But, she sits on the Medieval Throne of England.) So, give it up!

And thirdly, since we Believe that Our Realm (and Our Future) is out among the Stars, we have little interest in overthrowing or replacing established govenments here on Planet Earth (for they are soon to perish anyway). On the other hand, we certainly DO encourage Our Members to be active political participants in their own Country and to be the salt and light (conscience) that keeps their govenment functioning morally and ethically.

Furthermore, we are firm believers in Law and Order (not Anarchy)! To get more on Our politics and government structure (as well as civil and patriotic behavior), consult Our Divine Law Library for all the details.

To get DIVINE LAW LIBRARY (Click Here):

[Scandia Faith Shield]


(You sure seem to attack the Holy Mother Church a lot!)


Well, it certainly is NOT our intention to make this a Catholic bashing Web Site. For, historically, the Roman Catholic Church had a big influence upon the Northern Peoples and the Catholic Revival of the 1000s A.D. cannot be discounted. In this same vein, the Catholic Church needs to be commended for its support of the Nordic Mediavel Culture, which it spread throughout most of the rest of Europe. For, credit must be given, where credit is due!

On the other hand, realize that this is a Protestant Web Site, so the common errors and heresies of the Catholics are going to be exposed, too! (Hey, in case you haven't noticed, we also condemn some of the Protestant groups, too, for their errors and heresies!) Moreover, having a strong Hebrew influence, we don't admire the Catholic Church for its horrid treatment and persecution of Jews during the Feudal Period of Europe! So, not only is credit to be given, where it is due, condemnation must also be meted out where correction and retribution is needed.

Consequently, in this vein, we greatly applaud the Pope's recent plea for forgiveness for the Sins of the Catholic Church--not only against the Jews, but also against the Protestants. (See Foxe's Book of Martyrs!) And, since it is humbly asked, it must be given, in true Christian love! (And, we can't help but wonder why some other churches out there aren't big enough to admit their errors and ask for forgiveness, as well!) Perhaps now, true REVIVAL can now go forth!

[Celestial Nobles Shield]


(You sure sound Patriarchial! Are you women bashing?)

Oh, well, 11 of our 12 ain't bad! (ha! ha!)

Seriously, historically, the Vikings and Nordics were very patriarchial. And, the Judeo-Christian tradition has for centuries been patriarchial. Moreover, the Children of Abraham (Jews, Christians, and Arabs - Muslims), as bedoins, have a very patriarchial Family. So, is it any suprize that Our Realm is male dominated?

On the other hand, women are NOT without Rights here. It is just that their place is NOT as highly exaulted as it is among the wicked of the world--who worship an earth-mother, whereas, we as Hebrews, worship a sky-father! Consequently, we tend to encourage women to abandon their worldly pride (and female power network) and humble themselves, and to submit to God and HIS Ways as good women of the Faith--not as worldly power broker Matriarchs, which we view as sex perverts. (For more details on this, see Our Law Library.)

[Cloud Castle (Admin) Shield]


(Seriously, we get that a lot!)

Well... We are just as sane as the guy next door. The problem lies in the natural fact that one man's religion is another man's nuttiness. And, while our Realm is certainly new, unique, different from what you might expect, (and perhaps a bit eccentric), it is all very logical and rationally put together. So, if you dare to exercize a bit of brain power and study Our foundations and teachings, you will find Our World to be quite scholarly. But, then that requires some brain work on your part, doesn't it?. Yeah, it is just easier to dismiss us as nuts! But, as any sane person knows, you can't really make a good rational judgement until ALL the facts are in. So, if you won't bother to look at the facts, your own mind must not be working too well, huh? (So, perhaps the pot is calling the kettle black?)

So, dust off those comb webs in your brain. And take a serious look at what we are saying in here. Rather than just refusing to look at the TRUE facts. (Yeah, hey, my mind is made up--don't confuse me with the facts!!!) But, then it is easier to take the lazy route with the base, vulgar mud slingers and their gossip, rumors, and name calling, etc.--instead of logical discussion and rational debate.



Well, don't give up. Our NORTHMEN Intermediate Articles are designed to answer more of the higher level questions and deal more with the true philosophical (and theological) issues involved, here.

So, turn, now, to the documents in Our Northmen Intermediate Articles series:

To get NORTHMEN ARTICLES (Click Here): [Northmen Intermediate Articles]

Don't delay. Get them and read them now.

[Viking Shield]


If you aren't really studious (and are afraid that the NORTHMEN Articles may be too heavy and detailed for you), then consider Our lighter and more simple Viking Introductory Literature (which is stored with Our Viking Quick Facts Sheets). They are designed to give you quick facts, without a brain strain.
To get VIKING QUICK FACTS (Click Here):

But, whatever you choose, keep seeking in Our Realm and growing in the Knowledge about us and the RETURN. (God is Calling you to it!)

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