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Review of Our Abrahamic Roots...

and the Hebrew Cultural Orientation of Our Judeo-Christian Philosophy

While to outsiders, Jews are Jews, if you happend to be a Jew then you know that this is a very disputed classification. And, some Sects will NOT accept other groups as being "Jewish", based on a variety of definitions (despite whatever the subject may claim). So, is this a lost cause? Are we to forever wonder if EMUSPATEL is or not?

Well, perhaps we can not come to a definative enough answer for some discriminating groups. But, EMUSPATEL feels that it IS, so there ought to be some substantiating evidence. And, while not seeking a Court Room verdict here, we think that the question on whether we really are Jewish or not is a valid enough one that it needs to be answered in detail. Do we really have a Jewish Identity?

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With the coming of the Jewish Nation in the Promised Land in 1948, a definition of what a Jew really is was strongly put forth, holding that anyone persecuted for being a Jew was worthy of being classified as a Jew. Well, by this definition, then we certainly qualify! For the RAS (Radical Anti-Semitics) and the Neo-Nazis (and White Supremacy Groups) more than see us as being Jewish. And have given Our Members more than their share of harassment and persecution!

However, this definition was shouted down, as 1) it left out those who were Jewish by bloodline but were too afraid to stand up to the persecution and acted as if they weren't Jewish to avoid the harassment and 2) it allowed the Jehovah Witnesses to be classified as Jews (which nearly everyone felt were not really Jewish). So...go figure!

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Another commonly held definition is that Jews are Jews from their bloodline. Seems simple, but is it?

For example, which bloodline? EMUSPATEL uses the Patrilineal bloodline, as is used in the Holy Scriptures. Consequently, through ZDK, we can reputedly traced Our bloodline ancestory all the way back to the High-Priest under King Solomon--and from there all the way back to Moses and Aaron! Now, aren't the Descendants of Moses, Jewish? However, the Talmudists insist that the bloodline be traced through the mother, so that the mother or grandmother must be a Jewess (registered in a synagogue) for the person to be called a Jew. Thus, by their definition, the Descendants of Moses (like us) are NOT Jewish!

Yet, this gets even more twisted, as by this definition, Adolf Hitler (orginally Herman Schicklegruber) was Jewish, as his grandmother was a Jewess!

And, this runs smack up against those who were adopted into the Jewish Faith. What do you do about the BLACK Jews or Falasha, who don't appear to have a Jewish bloodline, yet certainly are and were Jewish all the way back into dim history? And, what about the Asian Jews or the Askenanzi? Their bloodline doesn't appear to be Hebrew, either!

Clearly, bloodline is not a conclusive definition!

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Another commonly put forth definition of what a Jew is, is a person who has a cultural affinity for Jewishness. Or, in other words, a person who feels that they are a Jew, is a Jew. Seems simple, but is it?

As to Cultural Affinity, EMUSPATEL feels itself closely allied to the Culture of the Northern Kingdom of Israel (and its long trek up and through Northern Europe). Whereas, most Jews feel their Cultural Affinity with the Southern Kingdom of Judah (from which the name Jew comes). Perhaps this is silly hairsplitting, like Americans seeing themselves as Southerners or Northerners, when the rest of the World sees them all as Americans? But, then, was the Civil War unimportant? On the other hand, can Israelite Culture be called non-Jewish? (And NOT Hebrew Culture?) Clearely we are in difficulty here again.

And we are not the only ones. What about the secular Jews, who have Jewish parents but do not consider themselves part of the Jewish Community, but rather part of the secular, modern world? Are we to abandon and dump them all because they won't claim cultural affinity? Worse yet, the RAS certainly consider them still Jewish (and will even trace a person's genealogy back several generations to see if there were any Jews in the family line or not).

And, for us out West, the Cultural Affinity definition appears to run us afoul of the Mormons. For, as books on their position put forth, many in the LDS vehemently insist that they are Jewish (apparently tracing their claim through the American Indians, who they hold to be the Lost 10 Tribes?). So, are Momons Jewish? I severly doubt that the Jewish Theological Union would agree to that! (Moreover, as Saint Alive Reports, the LDS insistence of building an idolatrous Mormon Facility in the Holy Land set off howls of protest among the Jews there--but at the insistance of the American government, it was allowed, which has soured the relationship of the State of Isreal with America ever since!) So, it would not seem that Mormons have widespread acceptance of their claim to being Jewish.

However, with the recent anti-Missionary Laws, it would seem that Israeli Jews don't think Messianics are Jewish, either!

So, clearly, this definition of cultural affinity breaks down, too!

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So, amid all this controversy, the definiton that has emerged as the most likely to classify Jews as Jewish is that of PRACTICE. Or, to put it more simply, are they observing the Torah or Law of God? Yes, that seems easy, too, but is it?

Well, the issue of exactly what the LAW really MEANS is not without controversy either. But, it is too lengthy (and bitter of a battle) to include here. If you are interested in this, see Our Article on the ToRaH, ToReL, or TaNaCh.

However, for arguement's sake, let us pursue this line of reasoning. And see its fruits.

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1. CREED - Sh'MaH... (Love God!)

Now, despite the sharp divisions in Judaism, nearly every Jewish group can agree that acceptance, teaching, and upholding the Sh'MaH is central to what being Jewish is all about. And this EMUSPATEL clearly does in Our Judeo-Christian Philosophy. And, if you'd like details, then check out Our Article on the Sh'MaH.
Sh'MaH... (Love God!)--The Foundation of ALL Abrahamic Belief (and Hebrew Culture)

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And, nearly every Jewish group can agree that keeping the Festivals is a very serious part of what being Jewish is all about. This, EMUSPATEL clearly does, as well. And, if you'd like details, then look up Our Article on Keeping the Calendar.
KEEPING THE CALENDAR--The Hebrew Holidays and Their Spiritual Significance

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Moreover, nearly every Jewish group can agree that study of the Holy Scriptures or Torah is a large part of what being Jewish is all about. For, Jews are well known as the People of the Book! Clearly, EMMUSPATEL does this also! And, if you doubt it, then consider Our Article on the ToRaH, ToReL, or TaNaCh???
ToRaH, ToReL, or TaNaCh--Review of Controversies on God's Law

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Moreover, nearly every Jewish group can agree that just studying the LAW is not enough. You must apply the LAW--live the LAW (breath the LAW)--in order to really be Jewish. This EMUSPATEL pursues greatly! And, if you'd like some more info on this, then consult Our Law Library.
ZDK LAW LIBRARY -- Collection of Articles on God's Laws (based on the 10 Commandments)

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Finally, another major item that most Jewish groups can agree on as being Jewish is following the Scriptural Laws on what to eat and not eat. (Kahrut and the proper preparation of food.) How does EMUSPATEL stack up on this?

Well, clearly the Holy Scriptures have forbidden the eating of blood (Genesis 9:4; Leviticus 17:10-16; Deuteronomy 12:16, 23-25) and makes diseased meat or meat of strangled animals taboo (Leviticus 22:8; Deuteronomy 14:21). This was also upheld in the Great Council of Jerusalem (Acts 15:20-21). And as it is part of the Noahic Rules of Fellowship, which WE ascribe to, EMUSPATEL quite clearly keeps THE MAIN required dietary laws, as well! And, for more details, check out Our Article on the Noahic Rules of Fellowship.

NOAHIC RULES OF FELLOWSHIP -- Review of those Conditions of Noah's Covenant (and standard for acceptance into Hebrew fellowship)

On the other hand, despite the strict Talmidic teachings on the Kosher Laws, most modern Jews do NOT keep the old traditional Kosher Laws, today--and yet they are still considered to be Jewish. Consequently, EMUSPATEL feels that these dietary laws were only Dispensational (for a set time period) and have now passed away, but Kosher Laws are NOT kept by the majority of Jews in America, anyway! Moreover, Abraham and the Angles ate both meat and milk together (Genesis 18:8). Moreover, even in the Kosher Dispensation, it was even permitted on certain Festivals to eat meat of unclean animals (Deuteronomy 12:15, 14:26). So, when the Dispensation was shown to be over (Acts 10:9-16), We (and most Jewish-Christians) felt it was no longer necessary to keep this burdensome restriction.

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Another value that has been common to most Jewish groups has been that of male dominance. The Traditions of the Synagogue have been of men, for men, and by men (and in some cases, women have even been completely excluded). Now, while we aren't exactly to that extreme, EMUSPETAL stands for a traditionally male dominated Realm. And the Scriptures clearly set the man, for US, as the head of his household (Genesis 2:18; Esther 1:22; Ephesians 5:22-24; Colossians 3:18; I Peter 3:1). And, while this value is eroding in the Jewish Community, there is still widespread support for it amongst most Jews!

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Along with traditional family values, comes the issue of circumcision. While this is a common Jewish practice (and also used by Arabs and other groups), EMUSPATEL holds it to be Dispensational, like that of the dietary laws. And, while circumcision may have had value for those who wanted to enter into the Covenant for the Promised Land in the Middle East, EMUSPATEL's Promised Land (and Future) lies with KoReY (and out in Space, among the Stars). So, we have no need to keep the old Promised Land Covenant, involving circumcision. And, indeed, many other Jewish groups have now abandoned circumcision as well!

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Well, at this point, it would seem that EMUSPATEL is stacking up as pretty reasonably Jewish. 6 (or 5.5) out of 7 isnt bad (by the Observance Definition)! However, there are those who vigorously claim that you can't be Jewish and Christian at the same time!

On the one hand, we have the Talmudists who insist that Jews cannot be Christian (and those who try to be both are to automatically be excluded from that Jewish Communuity). And they have great supporters in such strong Jewish Groups as Jews for Judaism and Magen. However, not all Jews support their efforts!

Yet, on the other hand, there are church members who equally insist that if you are Christian then you cannot be Jewish--and these are the ones who are responsible for the Pogroms and forced conversions, where Jews are stripped of their Hebrew Heritage and driven into Gentile Culture (or excluded from fellowship, as well as exiled from the country--if not killed for clinging to Hebrew Culture, their Jewish Identity).

However, EMUSPATEL listens to neither of these groups! And we strongly maintain that it is possible to be BOTH Jewish and Christian, at the same time. And, if you are skeptical, then consider the historical facts that the early Christians (in the time of the Apostles) were about 99% Jewish! For, in the very early days, only Jews were the ones who became Christians (and were held for decades to be the Jewish Sect of the Nazarenes). So, if it was possible back then, then it is still possible, now! And, this is where EMUSPATEL has placed itself--in the GAP betwen Church and Synagogue (serving as a Bridge between the two).

Nor is this Our own unique perspective. For, since the Six Day War of 1967 (with the Jewish recapture of Jerusalem), the Messianic (Jewish-Christian) Movement has exploded and expanded across the globe. And, many Jews are beginning to ascert and maintain that you can be Jewish and Christian at the same time. So, if you are skeptical on this point, perhaps you need to open your eyes and take a good look at all the Messianics that there are out there. However, this is not to say that EMUSPATEL approves of or condones ALL such groups, but rather that it is a Sign of Our Times (the Dispensation of the Rise of the Messianic Kingdom is here).

Consequently, we hold that it is not mutually exclusive--that you can be Jewish and Christian at the same time!

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The One From the Holy Scriptures!

Now, in the midst of all this controversy, we might as well consider all the disputes over Jewish Identity.

For, when Judah was born, he was named by Jacob as YaHuDaH or ONE WHO PRAISES GOD. And, it is from him, that the Jews get their Hebrew Name: YaHuDeyM -- THOSE WHO PRAISE GOD! So, doesn't God's opinion on what a Jew is count for anything? For, HE considers anyone who Praises or Worships HIM as being Jewish!!!

Now, for sure, I have just lit the powder keg! For, that would mean that all the churches, which Worship God, are, in a sense, Jewish, too! (Or, at least, certainly Hebrews!) And that is sure to set the Talmudists howling!

However, in practical reality, Christianity grew out of Judaism, so, we both (Synagogue and Church) Worship basically the same GOD (though we understand HIM in different ways). Consequently, this definition is not as off base as you might think! For, it is how God views us. So, what is wrong with HIS perceptions? (I won't argue with HIM!)

Moreover, in light of the Persecution Definition (at the beginning), the RAS (Radical Anti-Semitic Groups), such as the Neo-Nazis and White Supremists, certainly view us that way. For, in their book, anything of God (Hebrew Culture) is to be done away with. And, though they focus primarily on doing away with Jews and Synagogues, a close examination of their plans, and past history, will show that they also intend to do away with all the churches, as well (since they are out-growths of Judaism). Thus, we (both Church and Synagogue) are being persecuted by them for being Jewish!

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OK, how did we score? Well, while EMUSPATEL may not be the most perfectly Jewish group around, I think that at this point the concensus ought to be clear that we are as reasonably Jewish as most other Jewish groups. So, if it quacks like a duck, walks like a duck, and swims like a duck, the odds are good it is a duck...huh?

OK! But, don't stop here. Read over the rest of Our Introductory Literature. And get to know us better!

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