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Nordic Christianity's Light of the Dark Ages:

Ancient Judeo-Christian Theology yields Fundamentals of Our Nordic Return

The Dark Ages is MADNESS!!! (Or, is it Enlightenment???) So, what actually happened then? And why is it so controversial?

Well, if you read a good deal of history, you will realize that most modern historians have a disgusting attitude towards the Middle Ages. For, they tend to hold a dreadful Mediteranean bias in their thinking. In this discriminatory view, the Classical World of Greece and Rome was all that there was to real Civilization. This so called golden era basically spans the time from around 500 B.C. to about 500 A.D. or a thousand year reign of Classical Civilization. And, then, when the City of Rome fell, in 476 A.D., there was suppose to be a crash of Civilization that did not reappear until around 1500 A.D., with the rise of the Renaissance (and a rebirth of Classical Civilization). Thus, this intervening period is often refered to as the Dark Ages! (With all of its nasty implications.)

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Mediavel Heritage or Medieval World?

So, what went on in this time that was so dreadful? Well, to reveal that bias even more, this Time is also often called the Medieval Era, because its Times were EVIL! However, the proper term Mediavel comes from the Latin: Med Avenum, meaning Middle Ages. So, what were these Ages between? In the minds of Mediavel scholars, themselves, they were living in the Days between the Ascension of Christ or Messiah and HIS Second Coming or Return to the Earth. Now, that was the real definition of the Middle Ages or Medieval World! (Consequently, we tend to use the more correct term, reflecting our true Mediavel Heritage, rather than the misleading Medieval World spelling, with its wicked connotations.)

[Realm Herald Shield] And, most mysteriously, by that definition,

Can this be so?

By this view, Our true Mediavel Heritage began in about 30 A.D. with the Ascention of Christ or Messiah back to Heaven, as the Apostles witnessed (Acts 1:9-11). And its power rose untill about the 1400s, when the Classical Learning of Greece was reborn in the Mediteranean World (supposedly ending the Dark Ages). However, it would seem that as the Rebirth of Learning moved North, its orientation swung from Classical Civilization to the more ancient (and more powerful) Judeo-Christian Theology and Culture. Thus, the Great Reformation was begun (1500s) and swept over most of Northern Europe, perpetuating the main Mediavel Heritage concepts and ideas that had been previously developed in Nordic Christianity!

By extension, then, the current so called modern world, from the 1700s to the 1900s, seems to be just a temporary collapse of the Medieval World (and good riddance?). Moreover some scholars are even proclaiming that we are entering an entirely New Era, now (sometimes called the Contemporary History Era)! However, in light of all we have seen here, and the impact of Nordic Christianity, it seems more likely that it is a Rebirth of the Mediavel Heritage or Culture that is on its way BACK!

And, indeed, even as we speak, some groups are now out there proclaiming that the Medieval World is returning! (So, is it surprizing that we tend to view ourselves, and Our Realm, as a Mediavel Society--and thus part of Nordic Christianity!)

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LIGHT in the Dark Ages??? (Nordic Christianity)

So, can we really accept the lable that these were the Dark Ages? Well, Mediavel scholars, themselves, did not think that they were in the dark. Rather, they felt that they were walking in the LIGHT because they were walking in Faith towards God. However, the modern world views Judeo-Christian Theology and Faith as so much lunacy! So, the question basically boils down to who are you going to believe and follow: the spokesmen of the modern world (with their corruption and immorality) or the Prophets of God. Well, Our choice ought to be obvious, for we intend to follow God and the Mediavel Heritage HE developed!

So, what happened to the Nordic Peoples (or Northern Nations) at this time? How come Nordic Christianity is such as mystery? And why has it been hidden for so long? And kept as such a deep, dark secret from the world?

Well, as you recall, from about 790 A.D. to 1100 A.D. was the so called Viking Era, when the Western Vikings descended on the rest of Europe (Western Civilization?), with raids, conquests, and then settlements. Unfortunately, the same Mediteranean bias (of above) views this Movement of Northmen as so much corruption and barbarism! (And we could spend volumes writing on this great intellectual debate--and prejudice!)

However, to keep the scope of this short Article managable, we wish to focus on what the Mediavel scholars, themselves referred to as the Dark Ages. This was the time frame between the Fall of the City of Rome (476 A.D.) and the rise of the Holy Roman Empire of Charlemagne (800 A.D.). Why was this called the Dark Ages by Mediavel Scholars? Because there was so little written record of it in Latin. Many of the great Latin libraries of the Roman Empire were destroyed by the various Goths that swept into the collapsing Empire, burning and destroying Pagan and Idolatrous books and scrolls as they went. And, extensive writing (in Latin) was not restored again until Charlemagne built many Scriptoriums throughout his realm.

[Scandia Faith Flag] But, are these Days really Dark? Well, as you may recall, the Golden Age of King Arthur (about 480 A.D. to 520 A.D.) was during this time! And, the Great Reign of IVaR ViDFahDMy (Ivar Vidfadmi) over all of Scandia (Scandinavia and most of Northern Europe) was around then, also. Moreover, what real historical evidence we can find of these Kingdoms indicates that they were built upon the traditional Judeo-Christian Theology and teachings, for both Arthur and Ivar were self confessed Believers. (And, no doubt, did as much as they could to further Nordic Christianity in their Lands.)

Moreover, while not much was written in Latin, there appears to have been a good deal written in Nordic Runes at this time! As history records, St. Cyril (about 850s A.D.) found copies of the Scriptures written in Nordic Runes among the Varangians or Eastern Vikings of Ancient Russia! And this inspired him to write his own Slavic alphabet to provide a translation for the Bible to the Slavs!

So, rather than being Dark, this Era was filled with lots of Light! (God's Light--the Light of Nordic Christianity).

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The Dark Ages Shroud of Fog About the Goths

There is no question that there is a great deal of difference between the Classical World and the Mediavel World! (Volumes could be written on this.) But, how did feudal Europe change from one to the other? This procees seems, indeed, shrouded in darkness. For, it was during this time of the Dark Ages, that the institutions of the Classical World were swept away in Europe, and by the time the Latin writing was restored, we find a whole new Civilization and Culture in operation. One where the institutions of the Mediavel Heritage and World of Faith are firmly in place. So, what happened?

This major change in Europe appears to be largely the work of the Goths (and especially the GahTSK). As the Roman Empire weakened, the Visigoths, or Western Goths swept into the vacuum and overran the Roman Provinces. Being Messianic (as we have seen before, in Our brief study of Ancient Revivals of Nordic Christianity), the Goths viewed the corrupt Roman Civilization as being Pagan and Idolatrous! For, though the Romans had accepted a form of Christianity by then, they had gone to great lengths to mix the previous Pagan beliefs and Idols with Christian teachings, forming a syncretistic heresey (that ends up being all too popular in most missionary movements). Therefore, the Goths, with their Messianic Idoloclastic attitude, destroyed much of the Roman civilization, including its extensive Latin libraries (which housed mainly Pagan and Idolatrous works--in the Goth's view).

So, what did they replace it with? Well, as we have seen the Goths appear to have been Messianic, so they replaced the corrupt and Pagan Roman Christianity with a Reformed (and more Scriptural) version, more along the lines of their own Nordic Christianity and its Messianic or Judeo-Christian Theology.

Now, there is little question, in anyone's mind, that the so called Dark Ages was, indeed, an Age of Faith (especially among the Northern Nations). And, if you wish to follow out the cause and effect, it was this adherence to the stronger Messianic or Judeo-Christian Theology and Heritage that empowered the Goths to conquer Rome. And later, as these Religious traditions and teachings were carried on in their Nordic Christianity, to sweep over Ancient Russia as the Varangians or Eastern Vikings, as well as later on terrorizing Western Europe (where they seemed to have slipped back more and more into the corrupt Pagan form of those syncretistic beliefs--sliding away from the purity of their Nordic Christianity).

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Now, the big question becomes:


The answer, we believe, lies in the Holy Scriptures. For it is very plainly written:

And, indeed, if you regard the lessons of all of history, it can all be summed up in that statement! Or, its more ominous form:

So, if we (Our Realm) seek to serve God (and follow this Northmen Mediavel Heritage, developed by HIS Judeo-Christian Theolgoy), then we will prosper and rise in power. Therefore, a Renewal of NORTHMEN Power is more than possible! It is Promised by God, if we obey HIM.

Now, how is this to be done? Well, we must clear out our old thinking and put in new thoughts. We must remove the old attitudes that resist God and implant new attitudes of servanthood to HIM. We must turn from the modern Paganism and embrace the Faith of Our fore-fathers. So, what is this Faith like? What is it all about?

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The Mediavel Heritage is unquestionably founded upon the Judeo-Christian Theolgy, philosophies, and beliefs. (Perhaps most clearly expressed in Nordic Christianity.) But, today, there are so many differing beliefs (and churches) out there, and unfortunately, they often even conflict with one another. How do you tell what is what is what? Or, when can you tell it is right?

Well, over the centuries, there have developed 5 (or perhaps 6) central beliefs or fundamenals of the Faith that are usually common to most Truly Christian organizations. These are often refered to as Christian Fundamentalism. Correspondingly, these also form the Pillars and core teachings of Our Faith. So, we encourage you to know and adhere to them! To enumerate them:

  6. (Also) The Engiftment of the Holy Ghost

Now, for greater clarity, let us examin each one, in detail, so that we will be clear on what is Christian Fundamentalism.

[Holy Scriptures Shield] Number One: THE TRINITY OF THE GODHEAD
The Hebrew Peoples, even from most ancient times, have been monotheistic and worshipped the One True God. This is clearly seen in the writings of Moses, for the Sh'MaH (Deuteronomy 6:4-5 and Matthew 22:36-38) and the Meyh KhaMoKhaH or Mi Chamocha (Exodus 15:11 and Revelations 4:2-9) attesting to God's uniqueness (Isaiah 45:5 and 46:9 and 48:12-13). However, God is not a monolithic whole, but is rather composed of a cluster or eKhahD (echad) of 3 Parts (or Personages): 1-GOD, the Father; 2-GOD, the Son (Jesus or Y'Shua); 3-GOD, the Holy Ghost (Genesis 1:26, Isaiah 6:1-3, Matthew 28:19, Luke 3:21-22, and I John 5:7). And, this 3-in-1-ness is refered to as the Trinity.

[(Spiritual) Information (Sun) Shield] Number Two: THE VIRGIN BIRTH OF THE SON
Central to the whole teaching about the Messiah or Christ is HIS miraculous birth. HE was not born of woman in the normal or natural way (for then HE would have inherited Original Sin, as all Mankind does). Nor did God (nor any other god) have sex with Mary. She was a virgin and conceived Jesus in her womb as a result of a miracle. Otherwise, HE could not be the Messiah or Christ, nor the Son of God (and, hence, part of the Trinity). The Holy Scriptures are quite clear on this (Isaiah 7:14, Matthew 1:18-25, Luke 1:26-38 and 2:1-21). HE was God in the flesh (Colossians 2:9).

[Scandia Faith Shield] Number Three: THE BLOOD ATONEMENT OF THE CROSS
The Holy Scriptures teach us that Mankind Fell from being in the Holy Presence and Fellowship with God (Genesis 3:22-24). Subsequently, all of Mankind, born naturally of woman, inherit Sin, the natural tendancy to do evil (I Kings 8:46, Job 25:4, Psalms 51:4-5, Ecclesiastes 7:20, Isaiah 53:6 and 59:2, Romans 3:23). Something had to be done to pay for or atone for sin, so God set up the blood sacrifice of animals (Leviticus 9:1-4 and Hebrews 9:22), under Moses. This seem to work temporarily (several centuries). But, a more permenant cure was needed, so Y'Shua or Jesus, as the Christ (or Chief of all High-Priests), offered HIMSELF as a Blood sacrifice upon the Cross, to pay for or atone for ALL our Sins. (HE died on the Cross as our proxy, in our place, to pay for all of our sins! Thus, HE was our Passover Lamb.) Indeed, this is the GOOD NEWS or Gospel:

And, this is perhaps THE MOST CENTRAL of all Judeo-Christian Theology and doctrines (John 3:3-7 and Romans 10:8-10)! Heed it! Learn of it! And spred it!

Another major teaching of the Faith is that once Christ was dead on the Cross, and then burried in the tomb, that on the Third Day, HE arose from the grave! Now, the bodies of normal men, when they die, are going to remain in the grave until either the Second Coming, and its concurant Resurrection (Ezekiel 37:12-14, I Thessalonians 4:13-18, and Revelations 20:4-6), or until the Day of Judgement before the Great White Throne of God (John 5:27-29, Acts 24:15, and Revelations 20:11-15). But, GOD, the Father, gave Christ, the Son, the Divine Power to retain HIS Life and thus raise from the dead, HIMSELF (John 5:21 and 26, and 10:17-18). Moreover, the ocurrance of the Bodily Resurection of Christ was a FACT attested to by ALL the Apsotles (Matthew 28:1-8, Mark 16:1-14, Luke 24:1-10, John 20:1-29, and I Corinthians 15:3-23). It cannot be dismissed! For, it shows that Christ was, indeed, Divine and a Part of the Trinity. (For, who else could raise themselves from the grave?).

The whole concept of the Middle Ages or a Mediavel Heritage is based on the idea that Y'Shua or Jesus will return to rule and reign over the whole Earth (and that we are to occupy the time between HIS Ascension and HIS Return--the Middle Ages). The Second Coming is strongly prophecied in the Holy Scriptures (Matthew 24:30-31 and 25:31-33, John 14:2-3, Acts 1:9-11, and II Timothy 4:1, and Hebrews 9:28). And, it becomes the earnest hope and expection of the Believer that Christ will return at any moment (Matthew 24:36-42)! And, though it has been a long time, we, of the Faith, must contiue to hope (II Peter 3:3-13)! And, this hope, is one of the main indicators of the Faithful. However, when HE Comes Again, it will not be as the meek and mild Lamb but as the Powerful and Reigning King of Kings or Messiah (that shall rule ALL Nations).

[Spiritual Engiftment Shield] (Number Six:) The Engiftment of the Holy Ghost
Anyone who has read much about Feudal Europe notes the many claims to miracles that were suppose to occur. Modern historians scoff at this saying that the people were either simply deluded or out-right liars. However, the Scriptures paint a different picture. And, Our Realm holds to the Full Gospel, which maintains that the Good News about Christ has two parts: 1-the Blood Atonement of the Cross and 2-the Engiftment by the Holy Ghost (Acts 2:38-39). Now, indeed, the Holy Scriptures are full of promises of God granting GIFTS or miraculous powers unto HIS followers (Numbers 11:24-29, Isaiah 28:11 and 33:19 annd 44:3, Ezekiel 39:28-29, Joel 2:27-29, Mark 16:17, Acts 10:44-46, I Corinthians 12:1-12, and I Thessalonians 5:19-20). However, this is currently a wildly controversial issue and many churches do not accept this teaching (II Timothy 3:5). But Our Realm supports and promotes it!

Now, these 5 (or 6) Beliefs become the central teachings of the Faith, for all those who truely Believe. Consequently, they are often refered to as the Fundamentals of the Faith or Christian Fundamentalism. Therefore, they also form the central or core doctrines of Our Realm, which if any man comes preaching against, he should be turned away by Our members (II John 1:7-11). So, consider them. Learn them! Maintain them! And teach them!

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Another key concept of the Mediavel Heritage is the view that we are ALL servants (no matter how important we may think we are). In contrast to this, the wicked world paints seritude or serfdom (slavery) as one of the worst and most deplorable conditions (and it cannot be tolerated by them)! But, in Mediavel Heritage, their World functioned on it--even required it!

Central to this Belief was that the Mediavel Teachers, themselves, insisted that there was a God Ordained proper Chain of Command: the Nobles were set by God over the Commoners, the King was set by God over the Nobles, and God, of course, was over them all. Skeptical? Well, there are an abundance of Scriptures to support this view (Exodus 7:1, Deuteronomy 1:15-17, I Samuel 8:11-13, Luke 7:2-9, Romans 13:1-7, I Peter 2:13-17). So, clearly, the Mediavel World had a well defined hierarchy (Exodus 18:21-22). And, we sometimes refer to this as an Aristocratic or Royal style of government.

[WARNING Shield] Thus, in the Mediavel Mind, no matter where you were in that Chain of Command, you still had to be an obedient and loyal servant to whoever was over you. This required the individual to humble himself to be a proper servant of whoever his master was, and of course, through the Chain, ultimately of God, Himself! And the Scriptures are full of warnings to the proud, who will not submit to God ordained Authority, nor bow--as is proper or customary (but are stiff necked and always asserting of their own independence). Yet, the Mediavel Heritage teaching was that the only real way up (to rise in status) was down (to humble yourself and serve others). Thus, most of the Mediavel people came to view themselves as but humble, obedient servants of others (I Kings 21:27-29, Luke 14:7-11, and I Peter 5:5-6). Which, in turn, gave them great power from God!

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THUS, Christian Fundamentalism serves as the central core of Our Mediavel Heritage and Faith. And these core teachings of Judeo-Christian Theology were popular in the Nordic Christianity of the Ancient Northmen (or Goths), which propelled them to great power and influence. So, we expect this Mediavel Heritage to fuel Our Nordic Return and Northmen Renewal--and help us to bring about a RETURN of the Nordic Prople (and Northern Nations) back to God. And, in coming back to God, these Northern Peoples or Northmen will Revive in strength and power, so that there will, indeed, come a Northmen Renewal! (And a Return to Our Mediavel Heritage!) But, only if you will listen, and heed God's Call.

RETURN to God, today!

If you are ready to make your own, personal, RETURN, then see Our Revival Course. (It will give you more details on what the real core of True Christianity really is!) So, get it today!
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