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History of Ancient Northmen Sheds Light on Goths (Hebrews?):

Record of Revivals Among Ancient Scandinavians Indicates Trail to Their Israelite Beginnings

The history of the origin of the early Ancient Northmen has long been a mystery to most of those of Western Civilization. As the story usually goes, Europe was supposedly in depths of the Dark Ages during the rise of the Ancient Scandinavians, so we usually have very little real information on what actually went on then. So, Nordic Antiquities has remain a clouded issue for centuries.

Even worse, with the commonly held Mediterranean prejudice of modern historians, nobody really seems to care what went on, up North, either! It is a part of history that many feel is better off forgotten (and just swept under the carpet).

However, for us of the Nordic RETURN (and others descended from these Ancient Northmen), this time period of Nordic Antiquities is extremely fascinating! And, though complete histories cannot be found, what scraps of records that can be uncovered provide a most tantalizing picture. There is a whole world and a great civilization just waiting to be discovered here--and uncovered for the world to see! So, let us begin to look.

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The reign of IVaR ViDFahDMy (or Ivar Vidfadmi) is held, by legends, to be the Golden Age of Ancient Northmen (much in the same way that Camelot and the reign of King Arthur is held to be the Golden Age of Britain). This Scandia Era was approximately in the mid to late 600s A.D. (while Arthur is now placed at about 480 to 520 A.D.--a good century, earlier).

According to the sagas of the Nordic Antiquities, Ancient Northmen legends (and probably reasonably close to actual history) holds that IVaR conquered the 12 Kingdoms (or major Nordic Tribes) of the Northern Nations or Nordic Peoples, subduing all of Scandia under his reign--and eventually most of Northern Europe (including the British Isles), and a good deal of Western Russia, too. So, as his name implies, he really was a far-grasper or wide-ranger!

(The, legend also holds that he married 12 Princesses, one from each of the 12 Northern Nations he conquered--what a romancer! And, as he seems to have had numerous children thereby, his descendansts keep popping up on the Thrones of other Countries for centuries afterwards.)

And, at about this time, the form of the great Viking Longships came into being, along with their far ranging trade network (for by 700, they were more than well known abroad).

Needless to say, this wonderful Golden Era of Scandia is all but buried and forgotten these days. Or, villified in the historical accounts of the rest of Europe as mere barbarianism or Paganism. (But, we, of the Northmen Movement, will remember it! And honor it! And we would hope that are fellow Vikings and Nordics will also.)

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The modern media is fond of poking fun at the so called Paganism (and barbarianism) of the Northmen (Vikings), the founders of modern Scandinavia (and Northern Europe).

However, what true facts that can be found of this early Era greatly dispute that view! IVaR ViDFahDMy (or Ivar Vidfadmi) was unquestionably Christian, for the flag that he developed according to the legend (a version of which is still flown by all the Scandinavian Nations, today) features the Cross of Christ (in varying color combinations). Moreover, what shreds of evidence that can be found on him verify his strong Judeo-Christian Faith (much in the same way that King Arthur is well established in historical records as being a Christian King).

So, how come the typical sterotype of Pagan Vikings, then? Well, actually, there does appear to be something of a logical, historical explaination for that. History shows that as Revivals come and go, people get on fire for their Faith for one or two generations and then they cool off in the next three or four, so by the fifth generation, they are often terribly backslidden and perhaps even returned to Paganism. Thus, while the Scandia Era of Ivar Vidfadmi seems to have had a great Revival of the Faith in around the 600s A.D., by the 800s and 900s (when the Vikings were attacking Western Europe), this had waned and their religious fever had cooled off.

Moreover, there appears to have been a split then among the Ancient Northmen or People of Scandia at this time. The Judeo-Christian ones (of the more Hebrew style heritage) tended to migrate Eastward with the VaRayNGeYaNs or Varangians into the Lands of RuRRiK or Rurrik (Ancient Russia). But, on the other hand, the Pagan ones tended to raid (and then settle) Westward, into the rest of Western Europe (which we are more familiar with).

Thus, most Western History is tainted with a slanted view that all Northmen (Vikings) were Pagans, because that was what mainly came their way in the West. But, what about the Eastern Vikings?

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The ancient legends tend to support the fact that RuRRiK was also of the Judeo-Christian Faith (and that he was also a descendant of IVaR). And, there are suggestions that a great Revival also broke out among his followers in Ancient Russia (in the mid to late 800s). But, as the shreds of evidence become more clear as the records of history get more detailed (as time progressed), we begin to see that the VaRayNGeYaNs or Varangians (Russian Vikings) were Messianic (Jewish-Christians)! Which, in turn, would suggest that the Ancient Northmen (before them--Scandia) were also Messianic. How can this be?

Well, one of the most dramatic evidences is that KaZahReYa or Kazaria shows signs of orginally being something of a Messianic State, though in its later stages, in slid into more of a totally Jewish State. It began in around the 700s A.D. and lasted until about 1100 and its domain stretched from the North Coast of the Black Sea all the way to the gates of China, laying astride (and controlling) the Silk Road. Most notable, its founder or rulers were reputedly a descendant(s) of IVaR, too. (Yes, not only did he get around to all the ladies, but his sons seem to have gotten around a lot, as well!) So, the Messianic thread, seems to run all the way back into those dimly recorded Golden Days of his. Thus, Scandia and the Ancient Northmen must have been Messianic, too!

Is this possible? How could the Ancient Northmen or Scandia (the Peoples of Nordic Antiquities) have been converted and become Jewish-Christians (or Messianics)?

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In tracing this Messianic thread of the Ancient Northmen, we need to go all the way back to the orginal Apostles. Without question, Jesus or Y'Shua was Jewish. Corespondingly, most of HIS original followers were also Jewish. And, when they travelled to spread the Good News, they tended to go to other Jews. So, though Paul's missionary work among the Gentiles (in Greece and Rome) is well known today in the West, the Messianic missions of the other Apostles have basically been ignored or forgotten.

Perhaps the most famous of these, that we have record of, is Joseph of Arimathea. Being a Saducee or Son of Zadok, he was very wealthy and as the rich young ruler, was recorded in the Scriptures (Luke 18:18-23). But, in his later days, history shows that he forsook his wealth and went as a missionary to Britain to establish the early Celtic Church there. The end results of his work was that King Arthur was reportedly one of his descendants, not to mention the long history of the Christian Kindgom of Britain.

In a similiar manner, other Messianic missionaries seem to have gone directly Northward, from the Holy Land, into the Lands of Ancient Russia and Eastern Europe, shortly after the fall of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. These workers appear to have penetrated all the way to Scandia, making converts and bringing Revival there among the Ancient Northmen (the Peoples of Nordic Antiquities). Some of the later ones (in following centuries), we even have some famous names of--such as the followers of Arius and the Nestorians. Now, while these Nordic groups were condemned as heretics by the Mediterranean (Southern) or Latin churches (mainly because they would not accept the immaculate conception of Mary nor her Divinity), they found ready followers in these areas of Northern and Eastern Europe, among the so called Goths. Thus, the Goths, also, appear to have become Messianic,as well, through these missions!

What? How could the Goths or GahTSK have become Jewish-Christians (or Messianics)?

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So, then, as we trace this Messianic (or Jewish-Christian) thread back, we have to ask, just who were the Goths (the Ancient Northmen of Nordic Antiquities)?

The word Goth or GahTSK comes from Got or Gudt, meaning God. Thus, these were the Ancient Northern Peoples of God. And, from what we can find out about their social life and customs, they appear to be a Hebrew Peoples, walking in the Laws of God--Israelites. So, were they Jewish?

The answer to this lies even farther back in the dim recess of Ancient History (beyond Nordic Antiquities). And, to establish their foundation we need to turn to the Bible. As you may recall, Abraham was married to Sarah who produced Isaac and then Jacob, from who the Jews claim descent. But, he also had a slavegirl named Hagar, who bore him Ishmael, from which the Arabs (and Muslims) claim descent. Now, he also had a concubine, named Keturah, who bore him a whole batch of children (Genesis 25:1-6 and I Chronicles 1:32).

Yet, the children of Keturah were sent away by Abraham into the East (Genesis 25:6) and many settled in Northern Mesopotamia (which became Assyria). But, a branch of them, the Midianites, stuck around in the Sinai, and there Moses stayed with them (with Jethro, their Head-Priest) and was set on fire by the Revival that the Midianites were having then! Thus, Revivals tend to follow these Peoples. (And their history is very closely bound up with ancient Hebrew History.)

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THE NORTHERN KINGDOM OF ISRAEL - Northern Peoples of God (Goths?)

Then, as Moses brought the children of Israel to the Holy Land and they established the Kingdom of Israel, the Revival cooled off. As centuries passed, the Israelites slid away from God and the Kingdom was split in two: the Northern Kingdom of Israel and the Southern Kingdom of Judah. And, for their rebellion against God (mainly Idolatry), HE gave the Israelites (or Northern Kingdom) over to conquest by the Assyrians and they were carried away as captives and served as slaves for the Assyrians.

Now, the Descendants of Keturah, who were also living in Assyria at this time, bought extensively of these Israelite slaves and mingled with them to form a new People of God (or GahTSK)--the Ancient Goths.

(NOTE: Incidently, the Southern Kingdom of Judah endured for many more generations, but eventually slid into idolatry, too, and was subsequently conquered and carried off to Babylon, where they formed into what became the Jews--those of Judah. Consequently, this split Kingdom of Israel still experiences rivalries between the Northern and Southern branches, today. However, they are ALL Hebrew Peoples or Israelites in God's eyes! And, consequently, Our brothers in the Faith of Abraham--that is monotheism.)

Next, from Assyria, the GahTSK or Goths then migrated Northward, to the Northern Coast of the Black Sea, and from there, on up the Rivers into Eastern Europe and Russia. By Classical Times (Greco-Roman), they were firmly established in the Baltic Region and Scandinavia, as the Svear. And, there, they became the founders of the Ancient Northmen (later, Vikings)--and hence, modern Scandinavia (and other Northern Nations or Nordic Peoples).

Now, here, history becomes more clear and we have something of a record of migration. For, the Visigoths or Western GahTSK as Messianics (from the missionary works above), swept over Western Europe at the collapse of Rome (circa 400s A.D.), destroying what they called were Pagan and Idolatrous heresies of the Latin Church (which had then mixed the Roman gods with the Faith, not to mention the issue of the Magna Mater--Mary's godhood). For, historically, the Latins had fallen into what, theologically, is called a syncretistic heresey: mixing local Pagan beliefs and gods with Orthodox and Scriptural teachings. Consequently, the Latins countered, labling the Goths as Arian heretics (as they denied Mary's godhood) that must be rooted out and destroyed. (Ah, such name calling among brethren!)

Also, later, the Ostrogoths or Eastern GahTSK, pushed into the Balkans and even came to settle in Northern Italy, attempting to purge the Latin church of its heresies.

Then, later still, the Yugogoths or Southern GahTSK went Eastward and help develop Kazaria (discussed, above, in about the 700s).

That left the Norigoths or Northern GahTSK in the Baltic and Scandinavia. These Goths, or Northern Peoples of God, developed into Ivar Vidfadmi's Scandia and then into the Ancient Northmen (or Vikings)--thus the trail of Nordic Antiquities becomes clear.

Therefore, as the track of history shows, the Northmen or Nordics (and Vikings), from their descent from the earlier Goths or GahTSK, are Hebrew Peoples or Isrealites, similiar to the Jews (and Arabs).

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This concept, that the Northmen or Nordics (Vikings) are the MAIN trunk of the Descendants of the Northern Kingdom of Israel, is referred to as Nordanity. And, it is one of the key elements of Our Northmen RETURN. For, we hold that the Northern Nations were once Hebrew Peoples (or Israelites)--the Northern Peoples of God (Goths or GahTSK). And, we (NORDESEL) are now trying to bring them back to God, once again. For, this is the Nordic ShuVaH or RETURN (or Northmen Renewal), prophesied about in the Holy Scriptures (Jeremiah 16:14-15). And it also fits with the RETURN of the Assyrians (Isaiah 19:23-25), too!

(NOTE: While we share something similiar of this Judeo-Christian Theology with the so called Christian Identity Movement, our interpretations of it are quite different. Christian Identity tends to see themselves as a pure race and becomes rather White Supremacy orientated--and a good deal anti-Semitic as well. However, NORDESEL sees themselves as a mixed race, cosmopolitan Nation, composed of many Peoples and various racial groups--and tends to be rather Philo-Semitic! The main difference here seems to be that Christian Identity see Nordics as the ONLY branch of the Northern Kindgom of Israel. Whereas we of NORDESEL see Nordics as the primary branch, but lots of other Peoples got mixed in along the way--and it was a long and twisted trek from the Holy Land (with many smaller branches going all over the world)! And ALL of them are more than welcomed and adopted into us!)

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Thus, as we have seen, the Goths or GahTSK are Hebrew Peoples, descended from Abraham, much like the Jews and Arabs (or Muslims). And, as such, these Northern Peoples of God have tended to have a variety of Revivals or RETURNS to God down through their history. For they tend to walk in the Faith of their fore-father, Abraham (and hold firmly to the belief in a ONE TRUE GOD, as opposed to Paganism and its polytheism).

Now, we have covered the Revivals of the Messianic Missionaries in the 100s A.D. And, we have seen the Great Revival of Ivar Vidfadmi and his Scandia Era in about the late 600s. Then, in about the 1000s, the Roman Catolic Church was blooming (cleaning up their previous problems) and brought a Revival among these Northern Peoples, also. Moreover, in around the 1500s, the Protestant Reformation broke out (as the Catholics backslid), finding fertile soil among the Nordics and bringing in the Lutheran Revival among them. So, as you can see, in recent history, there have been Revivals or RETURNS to God among these Peoples about every 500 years.

Now, as we are rounding the year 2000, isn't it time for another Revival among these Northern Peoples?

Well, that is exactly our point! Now, is the time for the Northern Peoples or Nordics to get revived again--to get on fire for serving God, put away their idols and false gods, and make their RETURN to God and His Ways.

So, won't you yield to that moving of God's Spirit in your heart? Let your the conscience of your heartstrings tug on the reins of your mind. Hear God's cry to RETURN!

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And, come with us, back to God.

RETURN, Oh Israel!

Come back to the Lord!

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