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Descriptive Details Of Our Meshianite Return

YoM ToV! (Good Day!) Now, Relax! Enjoy!

And learn of Our BIG MiShPoKhaH (Family).

[Jewish Shield]

The Jewish Shield

One of the common icons or symbols that you will see in Our EMUSPATEL Section is the Jewish Shield. It displays a fruit laden Fig Tree on a light blue colored Mediavel style shield. Trees in the Holy Scruiptures are often a symbol for Believers. Moreover, the Fig Tree is a Scriptural symbol of the Southern Kingdom of Judah--and thus commonly held to be of Jews as well. The light, sky-blue color is symbolic of Heaven and the knowledge of G-d, that was imparted to the World through the Jews and the Torah. (Not to mention the Coming of the Messiah to the world through the Jewish Line of David and Abraham!)
[Messianic Shield]


Another common icon or symbol that you will see in Our Web Site is Our Messianic Shield. This shows the Blue MoGeN DaBeeD (Star of David), symbolic of the Jewish view of G-D and man being in union or fellowship (like Abraham was Hah-SheM's Friend). At the Heart of this Star (or relationship) is the Morning Star or Day Star of the Messiah Y'shua. For we hold this to be very symbolic of True Believers, Messianics, who are to have the LIGHT and FIRE of HIS Holy Name in their Hearts, while they have a close Walk with HIM in their daily life.

[Holy Scriptures Shield]


EMUSPATEL (literally, God amongst or within us) centers on the prophesied ShuVaH (or RETURN) of the Hebrew Peoples (and ALL the Israelites) to the One True G-D in Our Days. For, with the fall of Jerusalem into Jewish hands in the Six Day War of 1967 we have entered the New Dispensation of the Rise of the Messianic Kingdom. And, since then, the Messianic Movement has been revealing the True Messiah to Jews in increasing numbers. The ShuVaH or Revival of the Jews is here! Consider THE MESSIAH'S MESSAGE!

(And by the way, EMUSPATEL is pronounced as: ee-moose-paw-tell. And, yes, it is from the Scriptures--Isaiah 62:2)

[Lampstand Media Shield]


While Our Spiritual Society and Religious Realm may be quite complex, it is actually centered around 3 Basic Premises.

(And this should give you the core, and a solid grasp, on what we are all about!)

For we believe that G-D has laid out Our Plan for us, in the Holy Scriptures. For, with the major sign of the Return of Jerusalem to the Jews (above), we have entered what on G-D's time table would be Shavout. (See KEEPING THE CALENDAR for a better explaination of this concept.) For, on Shavout or Pentecost, 3 main spiritual events occured. And will re-occur in Our Times!

[Divine Law Shield]

1. RETURN TO G-D'S LAW: (Torah)

The Jewish Holiday of Shavout or ShouVuhoT celebrates G-D's giving of the LAW (10 Commandments) on Mount Sinai. And the Return of G-D's People to following HIS Laws, after their wicked idolatry in Egypt!

Correspondingly, WE adamantly advocate a RETURN to the Laws of G-D! And promote the ToReL (the Divine Principles and Teachings of G-D's LAW), as found in the Holy Scriptures or Tanach (TeNahKh). (This, in turn, serves as the SOURCE of Our Divine Culture--the Judeo-Christian Heritage that gave birth to the later Mediavel World, and Islamic Culture--more on this below). For, when the Hebrew Peoples followed G-D's Laws and walked in HIS Ways, they prospered and rose in power and influence (as G-D blessed)! But when they turned from G-D, they waned and became poor and powerless (Proverbs 14:34; Isaiah 60:12). To get more on G-D's Law, see Our Divine Law Library.

To get Our DIVINE LAW LIBRARY (Click Here)!

[Shaddox Clan Shield]

2. RETURN TO ISRAEL: G-d's Culture (Astaria)

The Jewish Holiday of Shavuot also celebrates the forming (or return) of the Nation of Isreal. For, under the Patriarch Jacob, his 12 sons became the Tribes of Israel--a sovereign, independent sheikdom. But, under Jospeh, they we brought into subjugation by Egypt. Thus, when Moses led them out of Egypt, and gave them G-D's LAW, the People bound themselves together in a Covenant to form the Nation of Israel.

Correspondingly, we believe that something like that is occuring, today, by HIS Holy Hand! But, it will NOT be an overnight process. Rather, it is going to take time, and go through 3 Phases, before Israel fully RETURNS, as Hah-SheM intended her to be.

The First Phase of Israel's RETURN will be as but a mere Spiritual Society or Religious Realm--meek and mild!

The Second Phase of Israel's RETURN will be as fully recognized government or empire--out among the stars (in fulfillment of G-D's Promise to Abraham about his descendants)! [For more on this amazing concept, see KoReY Literature .]

3. ISRAEL (The Bride):
The Third Phase of Israel's RETURN will be as blushing, beautiful Bride, when the Messiah RETURNS and marries her at the Wedding Festival of the Lamb! [For more on this amazing concept, see Fallen Women of Israel. *** PG ***]

Consequently, for today, while Israel is but a Religious Realm (Emuspatel), we are building a Spiritual Society based on the Divine Culture that came from Ancient Israel.

[Abrahamic Faith (Stars) Shield] A. DIVINE CULTURE OF ISRAEL:
Therefore, WE foster submission to the Divine Will (G-D's Laws) and participating in the Culture of HIS People, such as is found in the traditional Judeo-Christian (and Islamic) Heritage. Moreover, these were clearly expressed in the concepts of the Mediavel World--especially among the Varangians (Eastern Russian "Christian" Vikings) and perhaps (for a time) in the Crusader States, where Jews, Christians, and Muslims (ALL Hebrew Peoples--and Descendants of Abraham) learned to live together in PEACE. (YES! And no small miracle, considering the past and present conflicts between these brothers of the Faith!) So, to get more on this Divine Culture and how to Intergrate it, see Our ASTARIA Section.

To get ASTARIA Time Cultures (Click Here)! ** in development

[KoReY Tri-Unity Shield] B. CULTURAL UNITY (Diversity?):
EMUSPATEL participates in other ZDK Cultural Outreaches, for the Hebrew ShuVaH or RETURN of Israel was promised to sweep in a lot of other Peoples (Gentiles), too (Zechariah 8:23)--Meshianites! Yet, as G-D seems to feel special affinity for the Descendants of Abraham, we are attempting to center on promoting understanding and mutual cooperation among ALL the Descendants of Abraham (Jews, Christians, and Muslims), for they form the Hebrew Peoples that God so desparately wants to RETURN to HIM for HIS Future Bride, Israel! We call this Tri-Unity of the Faithful.

To get more on TRI-UNITY (Click Here)!

Moreover, a variety of other Cultures are Planned to be integrated (not assimilated) into Our Future World--and its Divine Culture.

See KoReY Heritage Worlds (Click Here)!

[ZDK Menorah Shield]

3. RETURN TO G-D'S SPIRIT (Revival):

The Third Thing that Shavuot (or Pentecost) celebrates is the outpouring of G-D's Holy Spirit, the RuWakh Hah-KoDeSh. This occurred both at the Calling of the Sanhedren (on Pentecost), and the Calling forth of the Church, in the Book of Acts. And, fits with the modern Pentecostal Movement, today. For, its original proponets sought to form a Holy Israel or Assembly outside of the traditional churches!

[Messianic Shield] MESSIANIC REVIVAL:
Consequently, we spread the Revival of (or Renewal to) G-D's Holy Spirit to ALL the Hebrew Peoples (the RETURN or ShuVaH of Our Times)! For, it is NOT just to Jews, but aims to bring back ALL The Descendants of Abraham to G-d and His Ways. Yet, we especially seek those that are Jewish (or Israelite--Hebrews), for they are of the important Heritage of Abraham! For We are the Israelite Return!

In doing this, we teach the Full Gospel (with its 2 parts)

1) the Blood Atonement of Y'Shua (Our Messiah) for our sins;

2) the giving of the Gifts (or supernatural powers) by the RuWaKh Hah-KoDeSh (Holy Ghost), to those who are cleansed by HIS atonement (above);

And these with 3) the obedience to God's Laws (ToReL) and submission (Islam) to HIS Will, as expressed in them (above, under Divine Law).

To get more on Our Judeo-Christian Faith and its Messianic theological concepts and teachings, review the Emuspatel Literature in Our Directory, or...

...just get Our INTRODUCTORY LITERATURE (Click Here)!

[ZDK Foundation Shield] EMUSPATEL is also extensively involved in various projects of the ZDK Religious Realm.

We especially like to encourage the Revival of Belief in the One True G-d (monotheism). And the spreading of this FAITH that was held by Abraham, and passed on down through the generations, even to the era of the churches. For more on this Judeo-Christian Faith...

get Our REVIVAL COURSE (Click Here)! [Judeo-Christian Teachings]

[Messianic Flag]


For now, EMUSPATEL is but a Cultural Religious Organization (a Spiritual Realm), under the Parent Organization of the ZDK (Shaddox) Foundation. However, WE look forward to the Prophesied Future, when WE shall become a Nation out among the Stars--an Interstellar Empire (see KoReY). But, for now we must be content to be but a Religious Realm. And, Our Flag represents typical Jewish Culture.

In its center, Our Flag holds the traditional Blue MoGeN DaBeeD (Star of David), symbolic of the Jewish idea of G-D and man being in union or fellowship (like Abraham was G-d's Friend). At the Heart of this Star (or relationship) is the Morning Star or Day Star of the Messiah Y'shua. (For we hold this to be very symbolic of True Believers, who are to have the LIGHT and FIRE--REVIVAL--of G-d in their Hearts, while they have a close Walk with HIM in their daily life.) The 2 Purple Pillars on either side of the Star represent the Knowledge and Authority of G-d's Law (which serves as a boundary between us, as Believers, and the world about us). And, this is all placed on a field of white, symbolizing the Purifying Power of the Blood Atonement of Y'Shua, and that a G-dly Walk and Fellowship with HIM can produce.

[KoReY Futuristic Shield]

OUR FUTURE??? (Astaria)

For more details about Our Future, follow the Directory to the Astaria or Korey Section.

There you will find many Articles on KoReY (Our Spiritual Society). And many amazing details (and prophecies) of Astaria, Our Interstellar Empire--where ALL the Tribes of Abraham's Descendants (TAD) will be United, and work together in understanding and mutual co-operation.

To get Our Future KoReY - Astaria (Click Here)!

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EMUSPATEL FAQS--Answers to the common questions asked about US (and Our Realm) *** PG ***

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