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SPACE CULTURE: Integration of Cultural Time Periods (Heritage Worlds) for Our Interstellar Society:

[Information Age (Sun) Shield] 1. GOLDEN ERA: Ancient Babylon (Africa) -- This is an Early Primative Peoples Age with Stone Age (cavemen), Ancient African, and Early American Indian fashions, styles, and themes: which were all welded into a Universal or inter-Nation Empire (like Astaria). (Details listed in KoReY Heritage Worlds.)


[APPIRU (Arabic) Shield] 2. SILVER ERA: Ancient Persia (Arabic) -- This is a Time of the Ancient Middle East and the Bedouin Age of Abraham, the Patriarchs, Ancient Egypt, Persian, and Arabic fashions, styles, and themes. (For more details, see also KoReY Heritage Worlds.)


[Historical Literature Shield] 3. BRONZE ERA: Ancient Greek -- This is an Ancient Time of the Early Greeks and the later Hellenistic Culture, which spread throughout the Middle East, and then arose to form the basis of Western Civilization. (Details listed in KoReY Heritage Worlds.)


[Divine Enlightenment (BooK) Shield] 4. IRON ERA: Ancient Rome -- This is the Classical World of the Roman Empire with its dominion (and rule of LAW) over most of the known Mediterranean World: and the spreading of Scriptures. (Details listed in KoReY Heritage Worlds.) And, for the Royal Rules and Regulations of Our Realm, see Our Divine Law Library.


[Messianic (Jewish-Christian) Shield] 5. EPHESIAN ERA: The Early Church -- This is a the Time of Paul and the spread of the Early Apostalic (and Jewish-Christian) Church. Hence, many Jewish and Hebraic fashsions and themes, here. (For more details, see also KoReY Heritage Worlds.)


[Viking Ship Shield] 6. SMYRNA ERA: Ancient Vikings -- This is a Time Roman Martyrs, when most Believers were persecuted and fled Rome--to the Ancient GahTSK (or Goths) of Scandia and their transformation into the Early Vikings (or later Byzantine Varangians), eventually becoming the Mediavel Norse or Northmen. (For more details, see also KoReY Heritage Worlds.)


[Revival Chapel Shield] 7. PERGAMOS ERA: Byzantine (and Asian) -- With the collapse of the Western Roman Empire, this becomes an Age of the Byzantine (New Christian Roman) Empire, and Greek Orthodox Church, with its wide contacts (and trade) with the East, as well as numerous invasions of Asian Peoples. (Details listed in KoReY Heritage Worlds.)


[Cloud Castle (Admin) Shield] 8. THYATIRA ERA: The Mediaval World -- This is the Time of Feudal Europe (and the Middle Ages), with its knights, and noble ladies, and high castles, and Crusades for the Faith. [transfer to Northmen Mediavel Heritage] (For more details, see also KoReY Heritage Worlds.)


[Scandia Faith Shield] 9. SARDIS ERA: Protestant Reformation -- This is the Time of the Northern Renaissance, when the Nordics, and especially Scandinavia, became the champion of the Protestant Faith, and sent explorers (and missionaries) all around the world in search of new lands and trade (and new converts). (For more details, see KoReY Heritage Worlds.)


[English Heritage Shield] 10. PHILADELPHIAN ERA: Community Congregations -- This is a Time of the popular community churches (Presbyterian, Methodist, Baptist, etc.) that saw the settlement of America (and its Wild West), as well as the spreading of the British Empire, world-wide (and Victorian Times)--including, the Catholic Conquistadors of Latin American (and Hispanic Culture). (General details listed in KoReY Heritage Worlds.) [Also, see Hill Billy Haven for America's Country Culture!]


[Realm Security (Sword) Shield] 11. LAODICEAN ERA: Modern Peoples (and Warshire) -- This is a Time of intensive Peoples Rights and democratic struggles, spaning the two modern World Wars, with their allied Peace Times of the 30s and 50s, and the later Cold War. Here is the fucus on Human Rights, even over God's Divine Rights. (Details listed in KoReY Heritage Worlds.)


[KoReY Futuristic Shield] 12. FUTURE AGE ERA: Emerging Space Age -- This is a developing Time of Greater Israel out among the Stars, as God leads HIS followers, like Abraham, to go out to a land (in Space) that they know not of, to do HIS Will and setttle there! Our Future Space Realm of Sci-Fi Believers. (For more, see also KoReY Heritage Worlds.)


[ZDK Foundation Shield] 13. ZDK POPULAR DIRECTORY -- This is a Return Route to the Main Directory for Our Realm (with links to other branches, departments, and ministries). Perhaps you got lost? Or, transfered here by mistake? Well, backtrack with this link!


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So, where did ASTARIA'S Space Culture and Society come from? Obviously, it did not develop from a vacuum. Many other Lands and Peoples of the Planet Earth helped to contibute to it. Consequently, we expect these Cultural Sources to be among the dominate sub-cultures of Our own Interstellar Society. So, take a look at Our Heritage Worlds (based on the common Judeo-Christian Heritage that has been the basis of Western Civilization) and see where you might fit in.
To get KoReY HERITAGE WORLDS (click here): [KoRey Heritage Worlds]

(NOTE: Each of these Worlds, in the Judeo-Christian Heritage, also reflects one of the Tribes of Israel. For more details on this, consult Our KoReY HERITAGE WORLDS Page.)

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