Andy's Arrow Art Presents...

[Realm Herald Button]

ASTARIA Button Art

The Heraldric Buttons and Futuristic Icons of Our Computer Art

Our Web Site is extensively decorated (like Mediavel manuscripts), by a variety of Heraldric Buttons and Furtistic Icons, courtesy of Andy's Arrow Art--and serves as a presentation of Our Realm's Computer Art (with its Futuristic Icons). Below, you will find these displayed, and following them is a brief description and explanation of how they are used in Our Web Site.


[1. Abrahamic Faith (Star) Button] 1. [2. American Button] 2. [3. Appiru (Arabic) Button] 3. [4. AstrilanZ Galatic Button] 4. [5. Flaming Arrow (e-mail) Button] 5.
[6. Cloud Castle (Adm) Button] 6. [7. Down (Transfer) Shield] 7. [8. English Peoples' Button] 8. [9. Spiritual Enlightenment (Book) Button] 9. [10. F.A.R. Button] 10.
[11. Revival Flame (Campfire) Button] 11. [12. Fruitful Vine (Prosperity) Button] 12. [13. Realm Herald (Announcements) Button] 13. [14. Information Age (Sun) Button] 14. [15. KoReY Heritage Worlds Button] 15.
[16. KoReY Futuristic Button] 16. [17. Divine Law (Tablets) Shield] 17. [18. ZDK Library Shield] 18. [19. Historical Literature) Button] 19. [20. ZDK Menorah Shield] 20.
[21. Messianic (Jewish-Christian) Button] 21. [22. Realm News (Announcements) Shield] 22. [23. Nordic Peoples' (Evergreen) Shield] 23. [24. Nordesel (Northmen) Unity Button] 24. [25. Revival Chapel (Temple) Shield] 25.
[26. Right
  (Jump Transfer) Button] 26. [27. Scandia Faith (Cross) Shield] 27. [28. Realm Security (Sword) Shield] 28. [29. UP (Transfer) Button] 29. [30. ZDK University (Learning) Shield] 30.
[31. Viking ship (Norsemen) Shield] 31. [32. Women's Issues (Heart) Shield] 32. [33. ZDK Foundation (Sun) Shield] 33. [34. ZDK Institute (Sci-Tech.) Shield] 34.

BUTTON ART GALLERY -- Descriptions:

1. Abrahamic Faith (Stars) Button

2. American (Patriotic) Button

3. Appiru (Palm Tree) Ishmaelite (Arabic) Button

4. AstrilanZ (Future Star Worlds of the Faithful) Galatic Button

5. Bolt (Flaming Arrow ) E-Mail (and ECM) Button

* * *

6. Castle in the Clouds (Adm & Gov) Button

7. Down (Transfer DOWN the List) Button

8. English People's (British) Button

9. Spiritual Enlighenment (Book & Bible) Button

10. FAR - Future Age Religion (not New Age) Button

* * *

11. Revival Flame (Campfire) Button

12. Fruitful Vine (Prosperity and Money Matters) Button

13. Herald or Realm Herald (Trumpet - Announcements) Button - Fellowship Facilitator

14. Info and Information Age (Red Sun) Button

15. KoReY Heritage Worlds (12 Star Network) Button

* * *

16. KoReY Futuristic (Interstellar) Shield - 12 Star Network

17. LAW or Divine Law (10 Commandment Tablets) Button

18. LIBRARY or ZDK Information and Media Center Button

19. LITERATURE or Historical Literature (info) Button

20. ZDK Menorah (Jewish Spirit) Button

* * *

21. Messianic (Jewish-Christian) Button

22. Realm NEWS (Announcements) Button

23. Nordic Peoples' (Red Evergreen) Button

24. Nordesel (Northmen) Unity Button

25. Revival Chapel (Temple) Button - Spiritual Learning

* * *

26. RIGHT (Jump Transfer) Button

27. Scandia Faith (Cross) Button - Ivar Vidfadmi

28. Realm SECURITY (Flaming Sword) Button

29. UP (Transfer UP the List) Button

30. ZDK UNIVERSITY (Learning) Shield

* * *

31. Viking Ship (Norsemen) Button - Exploration

32. Women Issues (Heart and Emotions) Button

33. ZDK Foundation (Sun) Button

34. ZDK Institute (Science & Technology Center) Button - Nuclear

[Realm Herald Shield]

Astarian Heraldry

Further Shield Art and Realm Symbolism

As Astaria grows and expands, we have a variety of symbols that we use. These are organized into a more formal heraldry, which gives Tribal and Numerical identities to the various shields.

For more details on this, look it up in our Family Hearldry Section or click on: REALM HERALDRY.

[AstrilanZ Galatic Shield]

Astarian Shield Art

Further Shield Art and Realm Symbolism

In addition to our extensive Button Art and Realm Heraldry, we also use a variety of Shields for our Computer Art. These are also organized and designed around Our more formal heraldry (which also gives some Tribal and Numerical identities to the various icons). Many of these also represent the various Branches and Departments of Our Main Ministries.

For more details on this, look it up in Our Artworks Section or click on: SHIELD ART.

NAVIGATION BAR (Interstellar Portals or Round Shields):

[ASTARIA Cultural Directory] [KoReY (Futuristic) Portal] [NORDESEL (Nordic) Portal] [Z-Mall (Shop the Universe!)] [EMUSPATEL (Hebrew) Portal] [APPIRU (Arabic) Home Page] [ASTARIA Cultural Portal]

Copyright 2002 by Daniel Shaddox (All Rights reserved!) Published by Lampstand Media of ZDK.F!

All SHIELDS (buttons, graphics) in this Web Site are copyrighted logos, too! And Our Tradenames and Trademarks displayed herein are restricted, as well! No unauthorized duplication!

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