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The Divine Culture of Our Interstellar Society!

Astarian Arts, Astarian Music, Heritage Worlds, and Foreign Cultures Liaison.

The Future of Space Age Arts, now! (Click your choice! Transfer to that Terrific Talent Troupe!!! )

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Explainations and Notes of What is What...

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WHAT IS THIS STAR MAP??? How do I find your Heritage Worlds (the sources of your Culture)? Where are the Astaria Visual Arts and Preforming Arts? Who are Andy and Leonardi? How can I get Astarian Culture, Astarian Arts, and Astarian Music? (Perfect Pink and Purple Punk--what is that?) How does SpaceDog fit in? And more... within!

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It is written: And HE (G-D) has filled them with wisdom of heart, to work all manner of artwork: of the engraver, and the cunning (skilled) craftsman, and of the embroiderer--in blue, and in purple, and in scarlet--and in fine linens, and of the weavers, even of them that do any artworks, and of those that devise (design) cunning (skilled) works. (Exodus 35:33)

And all for Our Future Worlds of the Greater Israel out among the Stars--according to the Promise that G-D gave to Abraham!

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Descriptions and Details of Our World, Organization, Philosophy...

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Here is our skinny, 411, the scoop on us, and a colage of various facts and figures that paint a reasonable picture of what We are all about!
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