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[Realm Herald (Trumpet) Shield]



The Mediavel Shields and Hebrew Symbols for the Israelite Tribes.

Interested in Heraldry and Medieval Shields with Coats of Arms? Then you surely want to see these Hebrew Symbols used for the Israelite Tribes. And the other artworks that we use throughout Our Web Site to stand for and distinguish certain things (like a sign language). You will find Our Realm Heraldry fascinating! [Lampstand Media Shield]


One of the more popular sets of symbols, used throughout Our Web Site, are the Medieval Shields that represent the various tribes of Israel.

In addition, many of these Mediavel Shields stand for other ideas or concepts, as well. These will be listed along with the Shield emblazioning (the written description of what a Coat of Arms is all about)--as well as in the general Shield listings (below).

[Fig Tree (Prosperity) Shield]

1. Israelite Tribe: REUBEN

TINCTURE (primary field color): deep red, brick red

CHARGE(s) (main shield symbol): water, strength, beds

Reuben was the eldest of the sons of Jacob and tended to get the first son's strength and blessings--prosperity. As a result, this Shield is also used throughout Our Web site to denote PROSPERITY, especially Hebrew Prosperity (and especially Jewish Prosperity).
[Realm Security (Flaming Sword) Shield]

2. Israelite Tribe: SIMEON

TINCTURE (primary field color): yellowish-greenish

CHARGE(s) (main shield symbol): edged weapons (sword), instruements of torture

Simeon was the hot-headed avenger of the sons of Jacob and was always trying to defend the Family and make other pay for the injustices that they did to the Tribe. Consequently, this Shield is also used throughout Our Web site to denote Our own Realm Security Services and Law Enforcement. (Beware, the Realm Avenger is watching you!)
[KoReY Heritage Worlds (Flower) Shield]

3. Israelite Tribe: LEVI

TINCTURE (primary field color): bright red, scarlet

CHARGE(s) (main shield symbol): blunt weapons, buds or flower(s) [Aaron's Rod]

Levi Reuben was the 3rd son of Jacob and, unfortunately, tended to follow in the angry footsteps of his older brother, Simeon. But, from this Tribe came Aaron, the High Priest, whose rod budded or flowered to show God's favor and selection of his dynasty. Now, this FLOWER is actually the symbol of Our coming Interstellar Empire of ASTARIA, with its historical links to the 12 Primary Heritage Worlds of Earth (and the Judeo-Christian Culture).
[Divine LAW Shield]

4. Israelite Tribe: JUDAH

TINCTURE (primary field color): deep green

CHARGE(s) (main shield symbol): lion, sceptre, LAW (Jewish Judgments)

Judah was the 4th son of Jacob and tended follow both Simeon and Levi into trouble. But, from his descendants came the Lion of Judah (Messiah) and many of the Kings of Israel (sceptre). And, when all the other Tribes drifted away from God, Judah tended to cling to God's Laws (and the Jewish Judgments developed from them), and thus emerged as the main Tribe from which the modern Jews came from. Consequently, it is used as a sign of this Divine Law.
[KoReY Tri-Unity (Serpent) Shield]

5. Israelite Tribe: DAN

TINCTURE (primary field color): deep blue

CHARGE(s) (main shield symbol): judges-courts, serpents, horses

Dan was the 5th son of Jacob and as the middle child, tended to be independent, and of his own mischievous (twisted, serpent-like) nature. However, he was also the Tribe orgnaizer who got all the other sons of Jacob to co-operate and work together. As a result, this Shield is also used throughout Our Web site to denote UNITY, and in particular the Tri-Unity of the Faithful (Jews-Christians-Muslims working together).
[ZDK Menorah Shield]

6. Israelite Tribe: NAPHTALI

TINCTURE (primary field color): white, clear

CHARGE(s) (main shield symbol): hind, deer, antelope (Menorah)

Naphtali was the 6th son of Jacob and being easy going, he simply went with the flow, so long as in ensured him of a good supply of fresh meat! The Menorah looks something like deer antlers, and is also a reference to some obscure Jewish myth that someone from the Tribe of Naphtali made off with one of the original (silver?) Menorahs from the Temple at the Fall of Jerusalem?
[Historical Literature Shield]

7. Israelite Tribe: GAD

TINCTURE (primary field color): orange-red

CHARGE(s) (main shield symbol): troop, gangs, bands (Literture)

Gad was the 7th son of Jacob and while Simeon and Levi tend to just be into anger, he was the professional soldier of the Family and tended read and study about how others conducted their military affairs and battles. Thus, this Shield is also used by Us to denote LITERATURE, particularly Historical Literature or Official Records.
[Word of God (Breads) Shield]

8. Israelite Tribe: ASHER

TINCTURE (primary field color): dark yellowish, tan

CHARGE(s) (main shield symbol): bread, pastries, (Word)

Asher was the 8th son of Jacob and his descendants tended to be known as the Scripture Scholars of the common people (the Levites were the official, temple scholars). Moreover, as we need the nutrients of our daily bread for our bodies, so we need the danties of the Word of God for our souls.
[Praying Hands Shield]

9. Israelite Tribe: ISACHAR

TINCTURE (primary field color): pinkish-purplish, lavendar

CHARGE(s) (main shield symbol): donkey, twin burdens, saddle or water bags

Isachar was the 9th son of Jacob and and his descendants were reputedly the praying Tribe. Hence, this Shield is also used throughout Our Web site to denote PRAYER, especially praying for the burdens of others (intercessory prayer).
[Viking Ship (Sea) Shield]

10. Israelite Tribe: ZEBULON

TINCTURE (primary field color): greenish-blue, teal

CHARGE(s) (main shield symbol): ships, seas, ports

Zebulon was the 10th of the sons of Jacob and liked being a fisherman, and sailing and exploring the sea. Consequently, his Tribe tends to be the one that is strongly linked with the Vikings (and early Scandinavia), so this Shield appears as a Viking emblem throughout our Web Site.
[Fruitful Branch Shield]

11. Israelite Tribe: JOSEPH

TINCTURE (primary field color): light bands with dark (grayish, brown) stripes

CHARGE(s) (main shield symbol): branches, fruits

Joseph was the 11th of the son of Jacob and the most favored by his father, primarily because of his trustworthiness and his diligence in accomplishing the tasks his father gave him. Moreover, Jacob blessed his son EPHRAIM, so that he would receive his father's blessing, like the first born (though he was the 2nd son of Joseph).

[Flaming Arrow (E-Mail) Shield] Israelite Tribe (?): MANASSEH

TINCTURE (primary field color): dark bands (grayish, brown) with light stripes

CHARGE(s) (main shield symbol): arrows, walls

MANASSEH was the first born of Joseph, but Jacob adopted both him and his brother Ephraim as his own sons--hence members of the Tribes of Israel. Ephraim inherited his fathers position, while Manasseh seems have been given an independent one of his own.

[Gray Wolf (Star Crown) Viking Ruler Shield]

12. Israelite Tribe: BENJAMIN

TINCTURE (primary field color): tourquise, sky-blue

CHARGE(s) (main shield symbol): gray wolf, dogs

BENJAMIN was the 12th of the son of Jacob and received almost as much favor as Joseph from Jacob. In addition, from Benjamin came the House of Kish and King Saul's dynasty (hence the crown). Later, as the Tribe of Benjamin moved North, to Scandinavia, the gray wolf become a popular symbol among them, with Ivar Vidfadmi reputingly using it as his royal crest! Consequently, this STAR CROWN is often used by us to symbolize the new Monarch of Our coming ASTARIA.


Numerical order!

In the Mediavel World, as each son of a noble was born, he was given a mark on his coat of arms or shield to indicate where he was in the order of birth (for dynasty control and succession). In addition, we often use these shields as sybmols of the number that they represent (as a symbolic numerical system).

1. One 2. Two 3. Three 4. Four 5. Five 6. Six
[Information Age (Sun-1) Shield] [Praying Hands (Twin Burdens)] [KoReY Tri-Unity Shield] [Scandia Faith (Cross-4 point) Shield] [American (Star-5 point) Shield] [Messianic (Mogen David-6 point) Shield)]
[ZDK Menorah (7-stick candlelabra)] [Future Age Religion (8 side) Shield] [Fruitful Branch (9 Fruits)] [Cloud Castle (Adm-Gov) Shield (10)] [Fig Tree (11 Figs)] [KoReY Heritage Worlds (Flower-12 Planets)]
7. Seven 8. Eight 9. Nine 10. Ten 11. Eleven 12. Twelve



The Mediavel Herald had to not only know which shield went with which Family or Tribe, but he also had to recognize that some shields had their own meanings in themsleves. As such, they were a symbolic language of signs, and as signal flags, they could provide communication across a noisy battlefield. So, what do some of our shields mean? Well, check them out...below:

British Peoples Divine Enlightenment REVIVAL Flame Charismatic GIFTS Realm HERALD Lampstand Media
[English Peoples Shield] [Divine Enlightenment (Holy Book) Shield] [REVIVAL Flame (Campfire) Shield] [Engiftment Flame (Charismatic Gifts) Shield] [Realm Herald Shield] [Lampstand Media (Publications and Productions) Shield)]
[Men Issues (Patriarchy) Shield] [Celestial Nobles (Aristocracy) Shield] [Revival Chapel (Teachings) Shield] [Flaming Scrolls (Holy Scriptures) Shield] [ZDK University Shield] [Women Issues (Tender Heart) Shield]
Men Issues Realm Nobles Revival Chapel Holy Scriptures ZDK University Women Issues

NOTE: Other shields are used, but they are either self-explanitory, or they are detailed and explained in their own ABOUT section.

[Shaddox Clan (Messianics) Shield]

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And, be prepared! For the Mediavel mirth and merriment is just around the corner! (And will strike when you least expect it!) So, come on in, make yourself at home, and enjoy yourself, with the rest of Our Family.

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