Installing QuickDog on Windows Based Computers - 95/98/ME/XP/NT/2000

Click our QuickDog Banner to begin downloading Quickdog, then follow these detailed instructions to install QuickDog on your Windows Computer.

When you click on the DOWNLOAD ICON shown above you will be prompted to "Save" the file "dogs.exe" to your hard disk drive by a pop up menu looking something like that shown below:

Figure 1 - Save File Display

Note, in the above Figure - 1, the CURSOR, in the "Save As" window popup.  It is sitting upon the "change folder ICON".  Simply keep clicking on this ICON until the "Save in:" Window reads "Desktop" as shown in Figure 2.  

Figure 2 - Locating the "Desktop" Folder

Once the "Desktop" folder is displayed, simply click on the "Save" button.  See Figure 3.

Figure 3 - Ready to Click "Save" to Download QuickDog

After the download is complete, look for the dogs.exe ICON on your desktop. From here, "Double-click" the Dogs.exe ICON.  A small POP-UP Window will appear as shown in Figure 4.  It is titled "Winzip Self-Extractor [dogs.exe]".

Figure 4 - The QuickDog Installation Pop-Up

Just Click on the "SETUP" button and QuickDog will install "in the blink of an eye"!  If it does not, click here to view additional directions which will setup your WINDOWS 98 or WINDOWS ME so that QuickDog will install.

Once you exit QuickDog the FIRST TIME, QuickDog will place an ICON on your desktop.  To startup QuickDog again, just look for the RED, WHITE and BLUE Greyhound on your desktop.  Double-click it and you'll start up QuickDog again.  DELETE the DOGS ICON so you do not get confused.

If the QuickDog Greyhound ICON doesn't appear on your desktop you may create an ICON by creating a shortcut to the \jaidogs\quickdog.exe ICON and dragging it to your desktop.  For help on doing this, please write to us - and mention your problem.  You are now finished with the "dogs.exe" desktop icon and you may delete it by dragging it to the TRASH icon on your desktop.  Do not use the dogs.exe icon to start up QuickDog.

Congratulations!  You've completed the QuickDog Installation and are now ready to proceed to the "HELP" Tutorial.   Click HERE to continue this tutorial. 

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