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Bernert Barge Lines is dedicated to providing the best possible tug and barge service to our customers at competitive and sustainable rates. We will do so by encouraging a conscientious and efficient work force who operate safely, maintain our equipment to the highest standards, and who are innovative and attentive to the needs of our customers.

Bernert Barge Lines is a closely-held corporation that has operated as a Bernert family business for well over 100 years. Although it is our primary responsibility to answer to our shareholders, the family has traditionally plowed corporate profits back into the business, seeking to improve and add to our equipment and give us the flexibility we need to respond to ever-changing market conditions.


We have responsibilities to our employees, most of whom are not family members, to treat them fairly, to pay a competitive wage, to provide health and retirement benefits, and to provide a safe and productive work environment. Our employees are our most valued assets; without their dedication and professional ability, we wouldn't be the company we are today.


We are committed to supporting our industry's efforts to promote safe and efficient navigation on the Columbia-Snake waterway. As a family company with strong ties to the river system, we have a great appreciation and respect for the region's natural resources. We support reasonable efforts to protect the environmental health of the river system, including fish recovery efforts, and we actively participate in salmon recovery efforts with groups both within and outside our industry. However, we strongly oppose breaching the Columbia or Snake River dams. Weighing benefits against the cost of breaching clearly shows this particular proposal to be unreasonable.

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