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The Teetering Theory Toppled by Dimensionality Concepts

Evolution has long been controversial. Even when Darwin came up with it, there were even Court Cases on whether it should be seriously considered to be taught or not. And, even Darwin, himself, came to repudiate the Theory in his later life!

However, there is no way that this small Article can carry a full review and critic of this controversial Theory! Space just does not allow for that, here. But, over the years, D'Stridium Theory has collided with various Evolutionists, with some eye opening results. And that is more of what we are going to be discussing here.

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and Recent Disasterous Decline!!!

Evolution had a very modest beginning, with a relatively unknown scientist, named Charles Darwin. After 20 years of intensive, private study, he published his work and Theory in the Origin of Species in 1859. Not expecting much of it, he was very surprized to see it catch on and gain great popularity.

So, why did it become popular? The earlier Enlightenment of the 1600s and 1700s was producing a skepticism among Western Intellectuals that God even existed. Thus, the mid-1800s finds a ripe audience for those who might seek an alternative to God. And Evolution rapidly became the modern "intellectual" religion, that basically replaced God with so called simple science.

And, for the next century, there became a slow and gradual evolution of college staffing, so that more and more evolutionist we hired for prfessorships, and fewer and fewer of those who believed in God.

Then, in the 1950s, in America, the Russian lauching of sputnik suddenly made it appear that we were behind Communism in the science race. And, unofficially, the reason that many intellectuals concluded then was that we had too many scientists and professors that Believed in God! Thus, a purge of Believing Intellectuals and Believing students was undertaken for the next generation!

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Challenges to Evolution's Hegemeny!!!

Into this highly agitated atmosphere, the TDPT was born in the 1960s, and was carried into this college purge in the 1970s. And, while I was rather much a Pagan at the time, and really did not have much of any religious belief (except some pseudo-scientific occultish type stuff), the impacts of Dimensionality on Evolution made it a very unpopular Theory.

And, perhaps the worse trick in my little black bag of Dimensionality, was that Mathematical PROOF of God! (See, D'Stridium Mathematical Concepts.) And, though I was not a formal Beliver, back then, this Mathematical PROOF always fascinated me! No doubt, it drove the Evolutionists mad!

This, no doubt, contributed greatly to the hard road and cold shoulder that the Scientific Community has given the TDPT.

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The Rising Tide of Scientific Failures Becomes a Tidal Wave!!!

Then, in about the 1980s, as science continued to advance, more and more scientific discoveries started coming forward that EVOLUTION WAS NOT VALID!!! And, this trend boomed into a rumbling volcanoe in the 1990s. There were just too many scientific facts that showed that Evolution could not be.

However, rather than facing the slaughter of their sacred cow, the Intellectual Community became strangely silent about what the Scientific Community was now discovering. And, the scientists, themselves, became even more silent still, about what they were seeing in the lab. And, just recently, one famous scientist conceded that EVOLUTION WAS NOT SCIENTIFIC, but rather than openly proclaiming that, the Scientific Community was just waiting for a good Theory to come along and replace it. (Or, in other words, they were so committed to the Faith that God could not exist, that they were refusing to admit to what their experiments were showing!)

Unfortunately, the sacred grurus of Evolution in Academia have politely overlooked this, and still insist on teaching Evolution as a valid Theory. And, in fact, continuing the discriminatory attitude that if someone is a Believer in God, that they can't be much of a Scientist! (Sacred cows die hard!)

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Evolution Could NOT happen!!!

Once again, there is just too big of a body of evidence to fully review here! But, let us take a brief look as some of the main ones.

FIRST, if Evolution was occuring, then the fossil records ought show myriads of changes, over the eons. THEY DO NOT! And while some unsual species seem to have died out and become extinct, there are no fossils showing the transition of one species into another. As far back as the fossil record goes, it always shows clear and distinct species.

SECOND, missing links or changes between species ought to be occuring before our eyes. And, while the earth was relatively unexplored in Darwin's day, and the possiblity of missing links being discovered to prove his Theory a likelihood, then, now that the earth has been probed to the max, no living mixed species can be found. The missing links are really missing!

THIRD, Evolution postulates taking millions, perhaps billions of years, for one species to evolve into another. However, with the aid of computers, a mathematical model has been consturced and run that shows that for all the combinations of DNA to occur randomly, it would take many trillions upon trillions of years to happen! (Far older than anything we see in existence! Even the far away galaxies are far too young for even DNA to emerge radomly--and that is to say nothing of the added time that it would take to evolve into distinct species!)

And, there are more.

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Evolution Losses the Two Legs It Tried to Stand On!!!

D'Stridium's final blows to this sick man of the Intellectual Community are two fold.

FIRST, Evolution is based on time--that the Universe is old enough (billions of years) to have allowed gradual changes in species to have occured. Thus use to be correlated with Astronomy and the fact that the Universe (as we can see of it) is about 17 to 20 billion light years across. And ASSUMING that light MUST travel at a set rate (the light barrier), that would seemingly indicate that the Universe is billions of years old. However, if you have read any of the related papers here, you should have grasp that HYPER-LIGHT speeds are possible. Thus, the Universe could have gotten to the size that it is in a few days, perhaps even a few hours! The TIME that Evolution needs, is simply not there!

SECOND, Evolution relies heavily on carbon dating, which is an atomic process that ASSUMES radiation levels will remain constant. However, if you have looked at the D'Stridium Theory, then you ought to know that frozen-frizzies are possible. (Or, in more technical terms, Nuclear Suppression allows us to reduce the radioactivity of a substance, so we are likely to find that occuring in Nature, too. Therefore, there is NO SCIENTIFIC FOUNDATION for radiation remaining constant. Rather, it is likely to vary, and vary considerably!) Consequently, all of Evolution's so called scientific dating is thrown into serious question!

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Evolution Needs Its Public Funeral--and burrial!!!

With the coming of the New Millenium, the Scientific Community needs to do some serious thinking about its Sacred Cow being dead. Evolution needs to be given its proper burial. And a public repudiation that its concepts have any value any more, in a scientific time where it is shown to be TOTALLY INVALID!

And, in line with this, the Intellectual Community needs to STOP Teaching it as a valid scientific law, when it is not. And to cease its discriminatory practices of holding that those who do not BELIEVE in Evolution, cannot be serious Intellectuals. (And hence, can't be allowed into Academia.)

For, failure to do so, will make them look worse than the so called Inquisition, which they deplore (but are just as dogmatically insisting that they are right on FAITH, not a scientific fact). For, Evolution has become their Sacred Religion--even more important than scientific truth!

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