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A SHORT HISTORY, BIOGRAPHY, AND TESTIMONIAL ... of the Director and CEO of Our Viking Realm.

Ever wondered if there really was a God? Then, consider HIS acts in the life of Our Realm Ruler!

Our KahNaRKh (Viking Ruler) was blessed with being born in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge (sometimes called AMERICA'S FJORD)--but oblivious to his Viking Heritage or Family Lineage (as they tried to Americanize, and forget the Old World).

[Scandia Faith (Cross) Shield] RELIGIOUS EXPERIENCES:
In earlier years, his parents had gone to church, but by the time that he came around, they were out of the church going mode.

Thus, being raised rather secularly, the Great Thinkers and World Philosophers were his early mentors. Then...

  1. In '69, his grandfather introduced him to his Scottish Ancestory (and later he found Scotland to have been a Viking colony for centuries!) and his Hebrew Heritage (See HOLY HOUSE).
  2. In the Spring of 1972, he was REBORN or REGENERATED in the Jesus Freak Movement. (And, if you have not been born again, we recommend it to you--see VIKING REBIRTH.)
  3. Shortly thereafter, he was engifted by the Baptized in the Holy Ghost at a College Campus meeting. (And, if you have not received the Out Pouring, we recommend it, also--see VIKING ENGIFTMENT.)

  4. In '76, during the Bremerton Revival, he received the Calling to the Northern Nations (but education and family delayed his response to that Call--see below).
  5. Then, in '93, God moved on him again and the Viking Revival and its outgrowth, the Nordesel Realm were born--with the Shaddox KoNSVaRa (Hebrew Viking Clan)
  6. In '97, we received use of computer space--thus, the Viking Revival Web Site began. And here we are today! (Check out Our amazing Realm!)
And, now, the Viking Revival is well on its way!!! COME, AND JOIN US. Contact us, today!
Viking Ruler
Shaddox Space Society
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Underwood, WA, 98651 U.S.A.
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Find your place in the REVIVAL of the Northern Nations!

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At a young age, God spoke to Our Ruler in a Gibeah Experience and promised to grant him wisdom and knowledge, similar to King Solomon. And, from then on, his intellectual and academic skills blossomed. Moreover, God provided him with schollarships and endowments to some of the best colleges in the Land, including Central Washington University, University of Washington, and University of Chicago. During these studies he obtained a BA in Family Studies, a BA.Ed. in Social Science Education, a MA.Ed in Educational Media (A/V Technologies), and the credit equivalent to a Ph.D!

And God gave him the gift of one of the most amazing scientific discoveries of this century! (For details, see ZDK INSTITUTE LIBRARY.)

[Nordic Peoples (Evergreen) Shield] VIKING RESEARCH AND ACHIEVEMENTS:
As a child, he was turned on to Vikings by the movie of Prince Valiant, and since then he has always had an interest in things Scandinavian. (His ex-wife was a Scandinavian major in college.) In his later years, working in and out of the various Lutheran Churches (and with Lutheran Charismatic Renewal), he got used to ministering to Nordics. And, much of the Organization of the NORDESEL and the Viking Revival is due to that experience.

From an early age, Daniel has been very gifted and creative--and has written quite extensively (the Articles of this Web Site being a very good example). In addition, for the NORDESEL, he has written some specific novels, to enhance that Viking Culture:

DaktarDan, Son of Valiant, Son of Lionhearted (Sire or H.M. do well, too, for Mediavelists!) See PICs at Shaddox KoNSVaRa.

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The purpose of this Article (and of the whole Web Site) is so that you might make your own personal RETURN to God. And, whether you just need RENEWAL or full REGENERATION, we heartily encourage you to turn to Our Revival Course, and set your life afire for God! You can look the Revival Course up yourself, or use the handy link, below:

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If you are interested in Our Leadership, would you like some details and explainations of Our Founder? We only briefly covered it here. More details and facts in further depth are available, if you are interested in knowing more of his story. These can be found throughout the Web Site. The best access to them all is through the MAIN BIO PAGE in the ZDK Offices. You can look them up there, or use the handy link, below:

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Well, don't give up. We have just put forth some of the real simple answers here. Our NORTHMEN Intermediate Articles are designed to answer more of the higher level questions. (And in greater detail.) Things that you may wish to take some time to think about.

You'll find a collection of Our Intermediate Literature in the Northmen Section of Our Web Site. Or, use this handy shortcut, below.

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So, don't stop here! You have only just begun to explore Our Viking Realm. There is a lot more within! So, keep on looking. For, you are not going to find it, unless you seek it!

Instead, turn to the next document, in our VIKING Introductory Literature series (which we have stored, here, with the Viking Quick Facts Sheets). It is on the answers to the Frequently Asked Questions of Us (and Our Realm):

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