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NORSEMEN GOSPEL - Scandinavian Regeneration

The key to VIKING REBIRTH (and Scandinavian Regeneration) is in 7 Spiritual Facts (the Norsemen Gospel):
  1. God created the Universe and all things in it, including Man.
  2. Man was created perfect (Angelic), to be in obedient harmony and fellowship with God.
  3. Woman led Man to disobey God, so Man fell from Grace (God's Power) and Glory (Heaven).
  4. Sin (or the tendancy to do evil) enter ALL Mankind (and the World) from this Fall.
  5. Mankind invented many religions to cover up or hide Sin (and his evil nature).
  6. But, God gave a blood sacrifice through Moses (and the Temple) to hold off Sin's effects.
  7. However, Man was so Sinful, that he could not even keep up the Holy sacrifices!
Clearly, another solution was needed. So, God acted:
[Holy Scriptures Shield] For God so loved the World [Mankind], that HE gave [sacrificed on the Cross] HIS only begotten Son, Jesus [Y'Shua], so that whosoever Believes in HIM should not perish [in Hell], but have everlasting life [back in Heaven, with God]! (John 3:16)


Thus, as ALL of Mankind needed a blood sacrifice to pay for or atone for their Sins, God sacrificed HIS Son on the Cross, shedding HIS own precious blood, to pay for the sins of those who will Believe (as our death by proxy). This is the Norsemen Gospel (Judeo-Christian Salvation)!

[Divine Englightenment (Book) Shield] Now, how do you get this atonemment or payment for Sins? Just say the following prayer:
..A) Father God, I admit I have Sinned and done wrong against YOU.
..B) But, please forgive me, because of YOUR Son, who died for me (on the Cross).
..C) I now renounce the Devil (and the Norse gods) and all their wicked ways!
..D) Heavenly Father, send YOUR Holy Ghost into my heart and life (Manifesting YOUR Presence and Power there).

CONGRATULATIONS! You are now being Reborn (Saved, Born Again). Now, gather with Our Believers of the VIKING REVIVAL (and be sure to tell others about this Norsemen Gospel - or Good News)!

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Well, don't give up! We have just put some of the real simple answers here, on the Viking Rebirth (and Norsemen Gospel). But, Our NORTHMEN Intermediate Articles are designed to give answers in greater detail (and of a more higher learning level). Things that you may wish, indeed, to take some time to think about (and about Our Judeo-Christian Salvation). So, look them up in the NORTHMEN Intermediate Articles Section of Our Web Site, OR use the shortcut, below:

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Hey, don't stop here! You have only just begun to explore Our Viking Realm. There is a lot more within! So, keep on looking. For, you are not going to find it, unless you seek it! So, turn to the next document, in Our Viking Introductory Literature series, which is on receiving Spiritual Gifts from the God's Spirit.

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It is your next step on your RETURN to God. So, don't delay. Get it and read it now.

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But unsure of your Faith or Doubting Your Belief?

It seems that many Descendants of the Vikings already have the basics of Belief in God, but it just does not seem to take HOLD in their lives. They just have no power to live a Godly life. And their Faith seems weak (or dwindling). Or, they received Christ as a child (in Sunday School), but have slid away from those childhood experiences. Their Scandinavian Regeneration is slipping! If this sounds like you, then consider Our Article on Re-Assurance of Faith.

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